Playdead dot Com - Part 5

Posted by Barbanne on March 28, 2002 at 15:19:15:



I settled on making Friday my photo day at Playdead dot com and Wednesday my thinking about it and preparation day.
We had a short hiatus between photo sets for a variety of reasons, but I came anyway, Wednesday to work on plots and storyboards and Friday to polish the lighting and camera techniques. I found that some of the other girls arrived on Wednesdays (and sometimes Fridays) too. Being unemployed and a bit bored they just rocked along for some gossip and some company.
One Wednesday Judith and Laurise turned up about an hour after I did and together with Mandy we drank coffee and talked. I was watching Laurise, admiring the way in which her superb body moved and flexed quite unconsciously, and a really strong compulsion came over me.
As I collected the cups and rinsed them in the sink I said, (trying to act totally innocent and as if the thought had just occurred to me) "Hey guys I have been thinking about this idea for a set and would like to try some preliminary setups and wondered if you'd mind helping me."
"Sure," said Judith, "how about you Laurise?"
"Love to."
Mandy was watching bemusedly. She had become quite used to my having odd conceptions and wierd ideas which I almost always shared with her.
I explained my idea to Judith and Laurise while Mandy listened in and they both looked at each other and then Judith said, "OK. After all its mostly going to be you Barb."
We grinned conspiratorially. I got the polaroid camera which we sometimes used to check shots before going to the real thing.
"Mandy can you get the shots?"
"No problems."
I got the table we used for the morgue shots and quickly stripped down to my powder blue bikini panties.
I hopped onto the table and posed lying backward, legs stretched out in front of me, arms dangling by my sides while Judith held me half propped up with my head hanging backwards and my neck arched and my hair cascading onto the table surface. My eyes were closed and my mouth was just partly open. Laurise fondled my nipples which became very hard (causing her to giggle) and then as per my instructions she used the long fingers of one hand to arouse my already hard nipples while the fingers of her other hand crept inside the waistband of my panties and found my tight hot slick slit. Mandy shot polaroids. I was panting through my parted lips and I was in heaven.
What photo set did I have in mind?
None at all I was just having a pure fantasy arousal.
"What do you girls think you're doing?"
It was Alex.
Laurise jumped backward and my elastic waistband snapped onto my tummy and Judith turned and dropped me in one movement. My naked back schlupped onto the table and my head went bonk. Mandy skipped around trying to look uninvolved the camera by her side.
"Just trying something," I said, propping myself on one elbow and rubbing my rather sore head.
"It looked.....................well it looked.....................," said Alex.
"Just an idea for something......................." I trailed off.
"Hmmmmph," he said and stomped upstairs.
We all looked sort of silly and I got down and dressed myself again.
Later Mandy called me over and showed me the polaroids.
It was clear from the look on my face in the shots what had been going on.

I felt I'd better worm my way back into Alex's good books.
The dear guy is sort of very straight and although we do this wierd fantasy stuff he is a real up front dude.
I was sure he knew I had been getting the girls to pleasure me and I wanted him to know that he was and always would be my mister number one, despite whatever else I might occasionally do.
I knew he got up each morning quite early and half an hour later he would be at his PC working on editing or playing with the web site or doing something like that. I also suspected he didn't have a proper breakfast before starting work.
Friday I was up in the dark and on the bus headed for the warehouse. I had his breakfast in the form of a grocery carry bag and I was wearing a shift dress and beneath it I had no underwear on, not a skerrick. Sitting on the bus I felt awesomely (and very erotically) naughty knowing that if anyone could see me straight on they'd see a short skirt riding over plump thighs and a pelted pussy peeking out.
I used my key to let myself in and dumped my stuff in the kitchen and snuck upstairs.
I could hear the shower running.
I kicked of my slides and hoisted my dress over my head and off.
I crept into the bathroom.
He was in the shower, eyes full of soap.
I got in with him and pressed myself against him.
"Hooooweee," he said.
"The breakfast lady is here," I whispered.
"Barb? that you?..........Barb what................??"
I slid down his soapy chest my open mouth gliding over his pecs and his tummy and I could feel his erection growing rapidly, poking and thrusting imperiously against my wet skin. When my head reached his groin region I swallowed him whole.
If I have to say it myself, I give good head.

A little later, still with very damp hair I cooked him a breakfast to remember. Not super healthy but plenty substantial. I even ate some myself.
As we chewed we looked at each other across the little table and he said, "What was that about?"
"Me telling you you are and always will be my numero uno."
"Did you need to tell me?"
"Hmmmnnn," he nodded and we went on eating.

Mandy came in at eight thirty and Jaslyn and Laurise arrived at nine o'clock.
I was already set up.
Today was "Found Dead" day.
Laurise was dressed in a short shimmery skirt and a sleeveless scoop necked cropped top. Jaslyn stripped down to nude.
Mandy and I worked on Jaslyn's make up giving her a rather tarty trashy look and we ruffled her dirty blonde hair into a sort of wind blown mess. I fixed two of my bloodless little bullet holes, one just down slope from her left nipple and in the valley of her breasts (wow she had nice but droopy breasts) and the other smack dab in the middle of her forehead.
I set Jaslyn up on the couch we had and arranged her with her legs stuck out and her body slumped in a corner with her head bowed over her breasts and her arms dangling in her lap. I opened up her thighs a bit so that she conformed to my idea of a girl who had surrendered to death's embrace.
She looked great!
After a raft of shots showing Jaslyn slumped on the couch obviously shot to death, I had Laurise come in and look like horror of horrors and then she approached Jas and felt for a pulse and checked her eyes (open and starey) and then shifted her around some, getting her onto her back and trying futile resuscitation attempts and then a noise distracted Laurise and she looked toward the camera and a bullet hole appeared in her forehead too.
Laurise fell backward and hands (person unseen but it was Mandy) tugged and pulled Laurise's clothes off of her limp and unresisting body until she too was nude and draped across Jas's tummy.
I finished up with a heap of shots of the two of them together sprawled out dead as dodo's.
Mandy and I downloaded the results and I trotted upatirs to see Alex and tell him this fabulous new scheme I had hatched up.
Full of enthusiasm I told Alex my somewhat crazy idea and he looked at me like I had lost all of my marbles and then slowly explained the very real dangers and then told me I was NEVER EVER to attempt that and sat staring at me as though he was seeing me for the first time.
I was crushed.
Then I was pissed.
I said goodnight and trudged off home brain working over time.
Hmmmph, was he ever in for a surprise.