Playdead dot com Part 4

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Posted by Barbanne on March 26, 2002 at 22:05:10:

Early SOW this week. Partly because it's coming up to a holiday weekend, partly because Dave wants it early and partly because I am getting so wrapped in this story that I am working on parts 5 6 and 7 as well.
Hope you enjoy.



I was surprised to find that when I arrived at the Playdead studio on the following Friday I was nervous and filled with apprehension as to whether I could pull this off. I mean I knew I could do it and I knew how I wanted it to go but I was still really nervous and had a butterfly tummy.
I knocked on the wooden door and Mandy called out, "Come in it's not locked.
I went in.
I said hi to Mandy who was sitting behind the desk. Three girls were sitting in chairs in the waiting area.
"Barbanne, this is Judith and Anne and their friend Laurise. Girls this is Barbanne."
Judith was a blonde. A heavy girl, not fat but strongly built and curvy and soft and quite tall and she had a purposeful look about her and I figured she would be maybe slow but really steady and well, purposeful. Her blonde hair looked natural and she wore it in a very short cross between a pixie cut and a buzz cut. She had a dress on that showed heavy(ish) thighs and a big round bust with prominent nipples quite close together and very evident. I was sure she was wearing a bra but her nipples poked through as though she weren't. She had an open, honest, pretty face and I liked her straight away.
Anne was slender, maybe slightly thinner than average and about my height and had long straight brown hair and her face was pretty in a sharpish way. She had a wide full mouth and soft brown eyes and her nose arched like what's called a Roman nose but then kicked out at the tip and it was very straight and narrow. She had high cheekbones and a pronounced overbite, very prominent actually, almost buck teeth and I saw an underlying hint of surliness and figured that Anne could definitely have her bitchy days. She had jeans and a short top and her tummy was showing. Her figure was really nice, quite admirable to tell the truth.
Laurise was much younger than Anne or Judith and very slim with straight black hair. She was nicely built and knockout pretty with deep dark eyes and a full mouth and classical features. She wore a tee shirt and knee length shorts.
After saying Hi, I explained that I was taking the pics that day and we talked around the subject of what was involved. I soon realised that none of them were models as such, just girls who found themselves out of work and out of money and who, like me, had answered an ad and fallen into being photographic models. I also realised that both Anne and Judith, despite having done a session for Alex before, were very, very nervous about what they might be asked to do and that Laurise had been brought along for moral support.
I showed the girls inside to where the studio set up was.
Mandy came through and as I put the jug on for coffee I said, "Where's Alex?"
"Upstairs," she jerked her head towards the back.
I had noticed a stair leading up to a loft area before but had never bothered to ask where exactly it went figuring it was just some leftover from when the place had been a warehouse.
"Yeah he's moved in."
"Go on up he'll be expecting you."
I went up. Narrow wooden staircase barely wide enough for one. At the top I found myself in a small entryway with another door, wooden flush type. I knocked.
"Come in Barb."
I opened the door and went inside.
I was in a lounge room. Built into the loft with a small kitchenette one side and with carpeted floors and some so so furniture. Off to one side was a bedroom, I could see that through another open door and to the other side was what looked like a well equipped study. PC's and photo stuff and props stacked on shelves, the lair of the puppet master. Alex was sitting in front of the PC. To one side a glass panel, one way I realised, gave him a view of everything that happened below.
"Come in Barb."
I went in and sat on a stool.
"Know what I thought when I saw this room?"
"No, what?"
"Lair of the puppet master."
"Not exactly fair Barb. Do you consider yourself a puppet."
"No, of course not but it is like here you are and we are under your microscope."
"You are a little paranoid at times Barb."
"That's me."
He looked through the glass.
"I see the girls are here. Who is the young one?"
"Her name's Laurise and I suspect Judith and Anne bought her along as backup."
"She's interesting."
"Yeah I've already decided to try and talk her into doing some modelling, I think she'd have a lot of appeal."
"She's a pretty girl."
"Hey don't you go looking at pretty girls."
He laughed that deep, throaty, lovely laugh.
"You bet," I leaned forward and kissed him. "I'm the girl for you and don't you lose sight of that."
He laughed again.
"So what are you going to do?"
I had been looking through the script notes for today's shoot which he had given me. They called for a jealousy scene and I could relate to that. Two girls in love with the same guy and one girl smothers the other. Then some handling.
"Well, now that I have met them I'm going to go with Judith as the smotherer and Anne as the victim and the actual smother scene will be done with both girls nude and then I'll have Anne arranged thus." I sketched some rough poses.
"Lot's of legs apart Barb."
"You shot pictures of my privacy."
"Yeah because some guys like them but I didn't use many in the final presentation."
"Well I will."
"Barb, I don't really like too much camera up the pussy stuff, it's turning fantasies into porno."
"I think, speaking as a girl, that if the victim ends up with her legs spread that's like showing that for her it is really over. A girl's best kept secret is her womanhood and she only normally shares it with someone intimate to her. By showing our girls, our victims, posed with their legs apart we are showing that they have lost control. They are really beaten, finished, their secrets open to the world and they themselves unable to do anything to prevent it. Ultimate submission, it makes the set very erotic."
"Hmmm, yeah well.....I just think it's invasive and well demeaning."
"Of course it's demeaning that's the idea."
"What do the girls think?"
"They think they are getting paid to pose for some pictures. It isn't really them anymore, not Judith or Anne. They just become a body, a victim, an erotic fantasy."
"Ok do it your way."

I tromped downstairs.
The girls had finished their coffee and were looking expectantly at me.
"Here's the plot guys," I said, "fairly simple, Judith and Anne are in love with the same guy, jealousy rears its ugly head and Judith smothers Anne. Its all make believe and I am going to treat it as fun and I'd like you to treat it that way too. Just a giggle, nothing serious. I'll tell you what I want you to do and we'll all play pretend awfulness."
They still looked nervous but smiled and Laurise said, "Sounds exciting."
"You want to play Laurise?"
"Ooh no," she giggled.
"Maybe another day?"
"Mmmmnnn, yeah maybe."
We had the tried and tested studio lighting scheme in place and the same bed on which I had died at Mandy's hands.
While the girls sat around I spent a few minutes familiarising myself with the digital camera. Most of my previous work had been done with a thirty five mill single lens reflex. When I was happy that I had it mastered I checked the disc and connected the flash synchronisation lead.
I got Judith to sit on the end of the bed and Anne to sit near the pillows.
Some establishing shots showing them talking and Judith getting angrier and angrier.
She stomped off and started to undress. Anne undressed beside the bed.
It was like Judith was getting ready to take a shower and Anne was looking for her nightie.
I was in and out among the girls, giving encouragement, suggesting poses and facial expressions. The way I have always produced my best photos entails me becoming fully involved with my subjects. Both Anne and Judith were still a little bit nervous about their ability to model. Anne was biting her lower lip between her overhanging teeth. I suspected she did that a lot. I gave them encouragement and together we worked on both pose and camera angle with them only actually adopting their final position and correct facial expression when I was about to fire the shutter. I like to fill my frames with what I consider important, in this case the girls. I like tight composition and no waste space and nothing much in the way of wastage around the edges of my shots. Although of course I allow for the fact that what is seen in the viewfinder is not always what is seen by the lens and too tight a composure can result in bits being cut off in the final photo.
I found that both girls were keen to get it right and this willingness was enough to overcome their nervousness as long as I kept up the encouraging comments and suggested where suggestions were called for. We giggled a lot at the silliness of much that we were doing and I worked on getting them to ham their expressions often going over the top. The backdrop as I have explained was quite plain and the bed was covered with a plain sheet. I didn't want patterns or clutter to detract from the bodies of the girls. This together with a certain o.t.t. hamminess by Judith and particularly Anne would, I hoped, make my finished photo set an overacted and intensely erotic murder set.
So it was words words words from Barb, giggles all round and then an all out effort by all involved to get it just right.
Bothgirls were now nude and Judith disappeared out of shot for a couple of scenes while Anne stretched and curled while holding her scrap of a nightie in her hands.
A nightie she was never to wear as Judith now lunged back into shot a look of violent hatred on her face (she did that beautifully) and jumped Anne forcing her to the bed. Anne's look of terror and "why me?" was great and I had Judith clamp her hand over Anne's face with the palm of her hand blocking Anne's mouth and her fingers squeezing Anne's nostrils closed. This enabled me to come in very close, making sure I didn't get myself in a position where I cast a shadow over the girls, and concentrate on Anne's face most of which was visible around Judith's smothering hand. Anne managed to get some bucky teeth into the shot and as I coached her through it she showed terror, panic, blind terror and then slowly allowed her eyes to lose focus and stare into nothingness as her tongue slid out under those nice white teeth.
I explained to Anne that dying had to come across like sex.
She giggled.
Not just sex but an orgasm I told her. She giggled even more.
So I coached her into twisting and turning, writhing and moaning as if she was highly aroused and experiencing a mounting orgiastic climax. I whispered really sexy stuff in her ears and after a bit the giggling was replaced with some seriously sexy moves.
She looked great and she looked as if being smothered to death was the ultimate turn on.
Well done Anne!!!!
I interspersed some shots of Judith looking murderous with those of Anne dying. In the pose they were in, the girls' breasts were nipple to nipple and I moved them in so that both nipples just touched and got side shots of that. I was chuffed to see that both Judith and Anne's nipples were erect and realised that the girls were getting into the spirit of the shoot and finding it at least somewhat arousing.
Laurise watched open mouthed and at one time when I snuck a look I noticed she was unconsciously touching herself in a rather intimate way. I felt sure she would be able to be talked into modelling for me at some time in the future.
It was time for Anne to expire.
I got shots of Judith's bare bum resting near Anne's legs which I helped her spread apart allowing her furry pussy to become apparent.
I then got Anne to roll her eyes up for me and then Mandy and I circled her eyes with blue eye shadow to make them look hollow and dead and "finished."
Judith held her hand in place smothering Anne as I had my victim close her eyelids to half mast allowing only white eyeball to show underneath them. She had trouble with this and they fluttered a lot and she apologised heaps but I know its really hard to do and I shot off a half dozen shots knowing that at least one or two would be good.
I let Anne close her eyes and Judith withdrew and I posed my "dead" girl over the bed.
I had her lying with her head back eyes closed and bluish, mouth just open, prominent teeth exposed and tongue poking out sort of pressing pinkly out from under those teeth.
Her arms were away from and beside her body, palms upwards fingers curled. Her legs I pulled apart and got her to roll her knees exposing her inner thighs and opening up her womanliness to my camera. As I had explained to Alex, to me this represented ultimate surrender by Anne and made her dead body shots intimate and submissive.
I shot her from every angle I could think would look good, moving in and out.
Now I had Judith lift and drag Anne off of the bed and each pose had to be set up and when I was happy with each one I had Anne take a breath or two and then just flop so that she achieved a really limped out look.
Judith dragged her away and my set was finished.
I knew most of it was pretty good. You know how it is when you look through the viewfinder, take a deep breath, hold the camera real steady and hit the shutter button and think "YES!"
Well that had happened a lot.

Alex came down, I guess he had been watching me perform and he down loaded the photos into the studio computer and we ran them. Anne and Judith had dressed and together with Laurise and Mandy we all crowded around the screen to see the results. I hung back, confident of course that I had gotten what I wanted but ready to bolt just in case.
No need to. They weren't perfection but they were pretty good and every shot was filled with Judith killing Anne. I felt sure that if I could work with the two girls again I would only get better.
And then of course there was Laurise.
I knew we were onto a winner if we could get her to agree to modelling.
Alex paid the girls and we said goodbye and I walked them to the door and they were giggling about lots of the posing and stuff, but underneath I detected they were pleased with what they had done.
We hugged goodbye and I turned to go back inside.
Just then a tall dirty blonde girl came through the door into the reception space. I looked her over and had one really strong impression.
She drooped.
Her upper body from neck to butt bowed backward and her breasts (very full considering she was fairly slender) drooped down into her low, scooped top. She had long, skinny but shapely legs and a nice butt. She was plain pretty, nothing outstanding, and she gave me the overwhelming feeling that she was wilting. She wore a short halter, bare tummy and a miniscule denim skirt and sneakers.
"Hi Jas," said Mandy whom I hadn't noticed had come into the reception, "Jaslyn, this is Barbanne, Barb this is Jaslyn."
"What's up Jas?" said Mandy.
A scenario was forming in my head.
"Got any work I'm really truly short right now."
"Barb, Jas has worked for Alex before."
"Oh great that's good."
"Sorry Jas, nothing right now."
"Mandy have we got Jas's phone number I think maybe we might have something soon."
"Sure Barb."
"When?" Asked Jaslyn.
"Next week, latest."
"OK," she drooped out.
The set was almost fully formed in my head. "Found Dead" it would be called and Jaslyn would be the title part. Throughout the set she would be nude and draped, lolling dead on a couch, the bed wherever, the victim of a sadist and she would be found and moved around by another girl (Laurise!!) who unbeknownst to her is only minutes away from becoming a vic herself. The set would wind up with both girls nude, dead and entwined together.
I couldn't wait to tell Alex.

Upstairs in his "den" I burbled on about my ideas for Jaslyn and Laurise.
"Jaslyn is pretty wooden Barb and as for the girl Laurise do you think she would be prepared to do a playdead?"
"I'm sure of it darling and as for Jaslyn well, I'll jolly her into giving the performance of her life and anyway I only want her to be a dead body. Its just that well, she wilts so wonderfully that I know I can make her the corpse supreme."
"OK, we'll try it."
"Barb, I know what you are aiming to do with your plain sets and close cropping and ham acting but don't you think we ought to do some insitu stuff too. You know outside and in realistic settings."
"Yeah but we'll need portable lights and reflectors and a really good light meter and all of that stuff. I reckon work up to it."
"We aren't Hollywood Barb."
"No Alex, but," I wrapped my arms around his big strong shoulders, "Playdead dot com is going to be quality."
He smiled. He is a wonderful guy. I kissed him on the lips.
"Come on Barb, work to do."
"Right, you're going to edit what I did today?"
"Then I'll start scripting "Found Dead."