Playdead Dot Com-Part three

Posted by Barbanne on March 14, 2002 at 21:59:58:



I was planning on going in to work with Alex on the coming Friday. On the Wednesday night he rang to tell me Anne couldn't make it and as she was necessary for the set he had in mind he had put her and Judith off until the following week.
"OK," I said.
"I would like you to come in and model a morgue set for us though if you wouldn't mind?"
"Love to, no worries."
:I guess I'll have to play the part of the mortician though," he was thinking, "I'm not sure how good Mandy would be and really I want a guy for the part."
"I play like a mortuary customer is that it?"
"Yeah and the mortician does a certain amount of handling."
"I've got a friend who could do that for you perfectly and you'd be free to shoot the pictures."
"Hey that would be great. The lighting is working really well and it allows me to concentrate on the composition of the shots."
"Compose, focus and expose," I laughed.
"Would this friend want a lot of money?"
"No, he'll do it for me."
"Great, see you and mmm............., on Friday."
"Josiah, but call him Jos."

When I walked in on Friday with Josiah Mandy's eyes popped wide open.
Josiah, that's his christened name but his real name is something like Matakini Nukuloafah (I've spelt that wrong for sure) weighs 108 kilograms and is brown skinned and fuzzy haired and he is a South Sea Islander and he is really big. I call him my big dark dude and he calls me skinny white girl and we are really good friends. I met him at my aerobics class and don't ask me what he was doing there but he took to me like a duck to water and we went for coffee and have been great friends ever since.
"He's huge Barb," Mandy whispered.
"You're safe Mandy and so am I but Alex may have to watch out."
"Is he........??"
"Gay as a carnival Mandy and super sweet with it too."
I introduced Jos all around and after some pleasantries Alex explained what he wanted to do.
"You surely do get up to some wierd shit skinny white girl," Jos said.
"But you'll do it?"
Alex had set up a long stainless steel table in front of our backdrop. When the money got better he wanted to get an actual autopsy table but for now this one was perfect. Using the backdrop meant that we never really tried to shoot in a "real" environment. I think though that by keeping the sets concentrated on the model and very obviously not what they were pretending to be made the sets manifestly setup and unreal with an almost cartoonish feeling and emphasised that this was a fun sex fantasy and not something darker. It also saved a lot of money and hassle.
I hopped up on the table and lay on my back. I had explained to Jos that as I was for the purpose of this photo set "dead" I wouldn't be doing anything, just lying around limped out. I mean dead girls don't make moves do they? I also had decided that to ensure I didn't get a wrong expression on my face I was going to be eyes shut and mouth just open. Jos, I explained had to do all the active moves in accord with whatever Alex asked him to do and I was going to be totally passive.
"Wierd shit skinny white girl," he said.
I was wearing what I had arrived in, a cotton dress and shoes and underwear and a few items of jewellery.
It looked super.
Jos was this huge brown guy wearing a white coat over his tee shirt and jeans (Alex provided the coat and it was a good thing it was OS because even so it strained around my big brown friend and couldn't be done up.) Standing over my 48 kilogram figure he looked so large and threatening it was fabulous.
Appearances are deceptive because Jos is an incredibly sensitive and gentle guy and his touch on me was lightness itself.
He started by removing all of my jewellery and then taking my shoes off and placing them aside. Then he rolled my dress up my body and worked it off over my head manipulating my floppy arms to do so. He popped my bra and took it off and peeled my panties down and off.
I lay nude and "dead"
Jos now snapped plastic gloves on and started working over my body.
He lifted my eyelids and stared into my eyes and forced my mouth open and studied that and stroked my breasts and whispered in my ear, "You smell gorgeous skinny white girl, whatever is that perfume?"
"Obsession," I hissed out of closed lips.
"Definitely wierd shit," he said and then at Alex's direction he spread my legs and probed my pussy, but not before he had complained.
"I ain't doing that to my Barbanne, no way."
"Please Jos, it's all just make believe."
"It ain't right. Not dignified at all."
Poor Jos he's a mission boy and a good christian.
"I let you," I told him.
So he did it and then he was giggling in his oddly high way.
"Skinny white girl," he giggled, "You is the hairiest girl down here I ever did see."
Which wouldn't mean much because I don't imagine he'd seen a whole lot of girl's twats.
Jos held my pussy lips apart while Alex managed a whole heap of quite gynaecological pictures and then Jos rolled me from side to side and turned my legs this way and that and lifted my arms allowing my hands to droop limply from the wrist while my fingers curled in a convincingly dead way. After he had manipulated my body in every way possible to gain maximum shots of every stretched and flattened and spread body sinew he finally laid me out neatly on my back again with my arms by my sides and my legs out straight and my feet splayed and my breasts sloping away pulled apart by the gentle force of gavity. He placed a neck block under me and tilted my head backward and then with a flourish covered my nakedness with a white cotton shroud. Lifting this he exposed my right foot and attached a toe tag with my name written boldly in felt pen on cardboard.

When Alex said he had enough I rose from the dead and pulled on my clothes. Jos wrapped his arm around me and said, "You is into some wierd shit Barbanne and personally I prefers you alive."
"Me too mate," I confessed.
"Wierd," he said.
"Sorry if it worried you."
"Not that Barb, its just, well, what would my mum say if she saw me doing this?"
"Probably tell you to kick my ass and never see me again."
"Can I count on you again another time then?"
"Miss Barbanne I is like putty in your little hands. if you wants me again I guess I'll have to come."
We both laughed some at that.
Alex had the pics loaded in and we watched them scroll through. They were really good. My standard lighting setup worked a treat and the lack of detail in the backdrop concentrated the interest in the figures. Alex had composed well and filled the frames but the real clincher was the contrast between Jos's vast and threatening bulk and my relatively tiny and vulnerable, submissive figure. That huge man fondling my limp and helpless body was powerfully erotic.

We finished up.
Mandy offered Jos a ride home and I had made a decision in respect of Alex and what my next move was going to be.
I asked him back to my flat for tea.
He looked as though he wanted to beg off and then agonies of indecision crossed his face and finally he agreed to come.
We walked back to my place together and I held his hand.
Inside I led him into the lounge and sat him down and got him a drink. Putting it on the side table next to him I leaned forward and kissed him.
"I'm going to make somethng to eat and then I have something special for you."
I could feel him shivering, big guy though he was.
I had planned all this in advance and my biryani rice and butter chicken only needed heating up while I prepared a garden salad.
We ate and talked and I told him my ideas about photography and set ups and lighting and the Rembrandt lighting system I had organised with his lights.
Supper over I cleared away and dumped the dishes in the sink and then came back and put my arms around him and kissed his cheek and said, "Coffee and then your surprise or surprise now and coffee afterwards. He decided he wanted coffee and I worried myself sick that I was pushing this too hard.
We had lattes and I cuddled and asked him sneaky little questions about the photosets we were doing. I knew from his answers that for him, as for me, it was a powerful fantasy.
I quivered my way through the coffee and mints and then said, "Now............"
"Is this my special?"
"Sure is."
"Weeeeeeeell..........................," he said.
"Now lover," I said, "I'm going to introduce to you to my playing dead game."
"Isn't that what you've been doing all day?" He was genuinely and endearingly confused.
"Oh no, this is sort of like a game of hide and seek. I hide and you seek."
"And then?"
"Ah and then indeed. Let me explain."
I took his hands and looked into his lovely eyes.
"You wait here while I go away and hide."
"Oh I won't be hard to find but when you find me I will have arranged myself to be "dead.""
"And then you must say "Poor thing she's dead", something like that, that's very important."
"And then?"
"Then you must strip my body naked that's also very important."
"And then you may handle and fondle me and then you make love to my "corpse." Have sex with me."
"And what will you be doing?"
"Ah that's the most important part of the game. I can't move or do or say anything although it is acceptable for me to shudder and twitch when I orgasm."
"You think I'll make you come?"
"Oh darling, this game guarantees a girl fantastic orgasms."
"Alright," he said. I could see he was tense but highly aroused and excited. So was I.
As I left the room he called after me, "I like panties Barb."
I had decided to let him find me dressed down to my waist and naked below but I reckoned I'd best leave my panties on given he liked them.
I chose my bedroom for this first encounter and pulled my dress off and put on a silk shirt and buttoned it up and then pulled off my shoes and posed across a corner of the bed arms outstretched and bent back across the bed with my head and hair hanging down and my pantie covered crotch the first thing he would see.
After a bit he came in and said, "Oh the poor thing she's dead."
Good Alex, good.
Then he crossed to where I was and lifted me up and onto the bed.
I played dead like mad.
He slowly unbuttoned my shirt and slid it away. He popped off my bra and nuzzled my breasts. This was going fabulously. He left my panties until last and peeled them down and off carressing my inner thighs and legs. It was all I could do to keep playing the game. He handled my body fondling me and arranging me and it was just the greatest foreplay ever.
At last when I thought he would never take me he entered me smoothly and slowly and built his motions to a rushing climax. I heard him grunt his release as I orgasmed in a burst of orange flame.
I didn't move, didn't even moan. I was proud of myself. I am a great player of this game.
When he had calmed down he leaned over and Said, "Barb?"
And I resurrected from the dead and we kissed and hugged and I realised I loved him oh so much.
We held each other close and kissed and cuddled and he asked me, "You like playing dead my love?"
"Oh yes, very much."
"One thing I've got to know. When I come in and find you lying there "dead" what is it that you died of?"
"Old age," I said allowing a huge grin to spread over my face.

I was now Alex's partner both in work and sexually.
I had put in my penny worth regarding lighting and stuff.
I had modelled for three sets.
It was time for me to show what I could do on the other side of the camera.
Anne and Judith had been lined up for the coming Friday.
I was full of ideas and I was ready.