Playdead Dot Com-Part two

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Posted by Barbanne on March 14, 2002 at 21:58:07:



I showed up Friday wearing the same outfit I had worn when I got the job.
Alex opened the door to my knock as though he had been waiting for it.
"Come in Barb. Mandy, Barb's here."
"Hi Mandy."
"Howya going Barb."
"Come and see how the shots turned out."
I followed Alex to where Mandy sat at a PC.
I watched as Mandy ran a slide show of the photos of my "bear hugging" KO and although the pics were alright and I was quite pleased with my performance, I thought they could have been better.
"You're not exactly enthusiastic Barb."
"Well.........far be it from me to criticise."
"C'mon Barb," said Mandy, "I'm no great photographer so let's hear it."
"Well, the backdrops and everything are really good and most of the poses are convincing but there's one here that's fuzzy and a couple where the lighting is too dark."
"Nobody's perfect Barb."
"I'm only telling you because you asked."
"Go on then."
"Well, I'd chuck anything that wasn't perfect, anything out of focus or badly lit just has to go. Photography the word comes from photos and graphos and means painting or drawing with light so lighting is all important. Then the rules of photography are, or should be, compose, focus and expose. So the other big factor is composition. To me these pics, most of them have too much nothing around them when we should be filling the frame with what's important. Your customers are paying to see girl's playing dead and so girl's playing dead is what they should get."
"Oh yeah, you sound like you have thought about this before."
"I'm just an amateur, portraits and flowers, but yeah I have had photos that have won prizes."
"Maybe we've got you on the wrong side of the camera."
"Maybe you have. Anyway Alex I didn't come here to be difficult I came to work, what's on for today?"
A stabbing, you get stabbed. Mandy's gotten the fake blood ready, haven't you Mandy?"
"Sure have Barb. Buckets of it."
I rubbed my hands across my body unsure how to put this. Nothing for it but I had to just spit it out.
"Look guys I quite like doing this and I don't at all mind playing dead but to me its all about sexiness not gore. I don't like blood even faked. What I am saying is I don't want to do stabbings. I'll do being shot if I can wear those little fake bullet holes but they have to be bloodless and I'll jump at being strangled or smothered or drowned or conked out and I'll do my very best with tongue poking out and bugged eyes but no blood."
They both looked at me like I had farted.
"Demanding little thing isn't she?" said Mandy.
"Hmmmnn," said Alex.
I was looking at them, prepared to stand my ground.
"Feisty too," said Mandy, "thing is do we need someone feisty and demanding?"
"Feisty, demanding, self opinionated and adamant, I think she's wonderful," said Alex.
"So do we work on my terms?" said I.
"Yeah, sure, but that stuffs our plans for today.
"You can strangle me."
"I think he'd like to Barb,"said Mandy with a grin.
"Lets do it then," said Alex.
As we walked over to get changed he said to me, "Some of what you said about our photos was right too. Would you be prepared to shoot a set for us?"
"Love to."
"That's great."
"Oh and Alex.................."
"Mmmmmnn," he was thinking.
"When you're strangling me don't be frightened to get as intimate as you want with my body."
"I wouldn't want to offend."
"You won't and if you do I'll let you know."
"I feel sure you will."

Just to be sure he wouldn't offend Alex decided to let Mandy be the strangler to my stranglee and he would do the photography.
I set about fixing up the lights.
They were pretty good. Two studio flashes firing into umbrella diffusers fixed to an over head pipe rail that allowed for flexibility and other sundry lights that weren't being used. With Alex's help and a ladder I settled on a focal point on the posing area and set up the main studio flash so that it was to the right and angled across at forty five degrees and down to illuminate this spot. Then we positioned the second, less powerful spot from the left and at the same angles to act as a filler for any shadows cast by the first. I located a downlight above the exact spot chosen in case any detail needed highlighting. A wall washer was located above the backdrops to wash illuminate this when necessary. Finally we positioned a third spot behind and below the area of action and fitted this with colour filters to backlight as required. This spot was slaved with the other two but could be disconnected if not wanted. Then with only the two main lights operating we took a reading with a hand held light meter and found that a camera setting of one sixtieth of a second at f8 would produce excellent results at all times.
Time to resign as a lighting technician and start in as a model.
We proposed to use only one prop for this set, a double bed which we placed centrally under where the lights were and another quick check showed that on the bed gave the same meter readings as the floor.
I had had some thoughts for this strangling photo set and ran these past Alex and Mandy and with a pencil and pad we storyboarded some of the main shots.
Now I stripped down to my purple bikini panties and hopped onto the bed.
One establishing shot, taken by Mandy showed me sitting on the bed holding Alex's hand (most of him was out of shot) and looking lovingly at him.
Alex and Mandy changed places and I rolled onto my side and curled up amongst the crumpled bed clothes.
Mandy had stripped to her underwear and entered stage right.She wore a flower patterned light mauve and yellow, rose and brown toned paradise print bra and string sided bikini set and when I had seen her in these I had gasped in all my breath at what a really superb body she had. Alex admitted that although he had used Mandy as a model at times she was anything but happy in that role. I hoped that working together with me she might find it more enjoyable.
Mandy crossed to where I lay sleeping topless and shook my shoulder.
I woke sleepily and opened my arms in welcome and she and I embraced fiercely and kissed passionately and open mouthed. I contemplated a little tongue action but decided not to push my luck. My bare breasts were against her upper body and I rotated myself in awakening arousal. As we kissed she broke for a second to whisper in my ear "Hey Barb that's kind of nice, not what I expected at all, mmmnn definitely yummy."
I giggled.
I also filed Mandy away in my brain's "Future Projects" file.
Alex looked at us quizzically and I winked broadly at him.
Now Mandy and I cuddled on the bed.
She whispered a secret idea in my ear and I nodded enthusiastically.
She fished around and found my pantyhose where I had tossed them earlier. I helped her while she wrapped them lightly around my neck and tightened them, reducing the flow of oxygen to my brain and shooting my arousal up in quantum leaps.
My right hand slid under the front of my panties and my finger found my clitoris and rubbed vigorously. As I played with myself Mandy gradually increased the pressure on the pantyhose tightening them and reducing my air flow and (forgetting the idea was a photo shoot) my arousal flared and I felt orgasm time approaching. Mandy was playing her part and now a look of hatred crossed her face and she tugged the pantyhose into a tight noose. My pretend masturbating had gone way beyond what the script called for and what with Mandy's closeness and the provocative pose we were in and her perfume and my own clitoral stimulation which had never been pretend I felt the tingling eruption of the shiveriness and the hot wetness of discharge and knew I had orgasmed. Mandy knew too I think, but she didn't let on.
Now she was strangling me for real. (pretend real)
I let my eyes pop open and a look of terror cross my face.
Mandy tugged tighter and tighter. I started bucking and arching. My hand stayed inside my panties throughout, my finger inserted in my pussy. (for dramatic impact of course and also because I was frightened to pull it out and maybe reveal my naughtiness)
Mandy's strangling, inspired by rampant jealousy, became intense and I stuck my tongue out, determined to give Alex a great strangulation death. I tried to get that look Maori warriors doing the haka get and poked my tongue out until the tip was touching my chin. Mandy strangled away and I twisted and writhed and jiggled my body and then rolled my eyeballs back until they almost hurt and were kind of out of sight and poked my tongue out to its limit and then gave an almighty shudder and relaxed totally limped out in Mandy's hold, dead as a doornail.
She kept up the pressure some more and I just wobbled lifelessly in her embrace.
She was looking triumphant and evilly pleased and I was lying against her, my hand inside my panties, finger pleasuring myself even though dead, tongue hanging out and eyes rolled back and everything else slackly inert.
Alex fired off heaps of shots.
The final touches.
Mandy laid me out on my back and closed my eyes although she left my tongue drooling and then she posed me with my right hand still at my groin, my middle finger inside my slit and my left arm across my chest, my left hand cupping my right breast. Having satisfied herself that that looked OK she peeled my panties down and left them looped around my ankles and then she gave my corpse the finger as she exited.

Alex reckoned it was good.
As we dressed Mandy looked at me funnily and said, "Did you get off on that Barb?"
I'm not much of a liar and blushed scarlet and said, "Well, you had me in a very sexual pose."
She grinned and said, "I did too! Got off I mean. When you "died" and slumped back against me all warm and sexy and smelling good enough to eat."
"Hey we're wicked," I said, "no telling Alex."
"Poor guy I reckon we probably made him cream himself too."
"Oh Mandy we wouldn't have done that, not to Alex, oh no."
"Poor guy's only human Barb and you are a sexy dier."
We both giggled uncontrollably for a while.
By the time we re-emerged Alex had down loaded the photos into the PC and a quick run through showed the lighting was spot on and he had really framed the shots well.
I still reckoned I could do a tad better though.
We decide to all go out for a meal.
Italian Feast.
Cannelloni, spaghetti, bruschetta, scallopine da funghi and all washed down with chinotto. Beer for them.
We were becoming good friends and I really liked Mandy and couldn't make my mind up about Alex. I mean I liked him but did I want it to be more than that? Only one way to find out and so after we had paid up (dutch) and Mandy had headed off for wherever she lived, Alex was saying goodbye and I took a deep breath and asked him home for coffee.
He hesitated and I could see that he, like me, wasn't sure where he wanted this to go.
I persisted and he agreed.
We walked home and I snuck my hand into his.
Inside I made coffee and we sat together on my ratty lounge and I willed him to kiss me.
He didn't.
He talked about the photo shoot and how happy he was with what I had done with the lighting. Then he asked me would I really like to shoot a photoset and I said I would love to. He told me he would bring in another girl called Anne and maybe one called Judith and I could do a set he had in mind.
I said yep yep and had my mind on other things.
Then he flabbergasted me. He asked me would I like to become part of Playdead dot com.
I said yes I'd love to and he said, "Partners then?"
"Partners," I said and had my opening and kissed him.
I lingered over that and he seemed to enjoy kissing his new partner and then he said, "Well, must go."
"Are you sure?" I asked and kicked the bedroom door open.
"I'm sure," he said.
I pouted and he took me by the shoulders and said, "Another time Barbanne. Let's not rush things."
"For sure another time?" I said.
"For sure.........promise."