Playdead Dot Com-Part one

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Posted by Barbanne on March 14, 2002 at 21:56:15:



I saw the ad in the paper and wasn't doing anything all that earth shattering that week and so I decided to go along and check it out.
"Wanted," it said, "Girls to do photo modelling. No previous experience but should be willing to be adventurous."
Hey that's me.
It gave an address and said to come along on Wednesday afternoon between one pm and five pm.
I went and the place turned out to be an old warehouse in the western end of town and it had a small entry hall with glass and aluminium doors set into what was basically an old brick barn. Inside the hall I found a small hand lettered card saying, "PLAYDEAD DOT COM. ROOM 101. I had worked for PLAYDEAD MAGAZINE for a while once so reckoned I knew what to expect. I climbed the stairs to the first floor and found room 101. Just a plain wooden door.
I knocked.
I had decided for my interview to wear a white tank top and a faded denim mini skirt which was all the rage and my strappy mid heeled shoes. Underneath I had cheap, Target brand, satin bra and bikinis, it's all I can afford. (shiny purple, I totally love purple underwear) I had applied quite a bit of makeup to look like what I thought a model applicant should look like and had combed my hair into a ponytail and used a matching white scrunchie to hold it in place. After much thought I had decided to wear my glasses rather than blunder into the furniture and hoped they didn't have a thing about short sighted models.
I knocked again and the door opened.
A big guy stood holding the door and he was handsome and had flaming red hair and when I say he was big I mean he was tall and solid and my tummy melted.
See, I have this thing for big guys who look like they could overpower me. Its hard to explain and I'll try in a little while, but the thing is I get totally and very hotly aroused by the feeling of being utterly helpless and controlled by another person and when that person is someone I'm attracted to well, its like a huge aphrodisiac to me.
I felt myself getting aroused.
"Hi! Have you come about the modelling ad?"
"Here at Playdead dot com, we do photos that involve you play acting at being dead or unconscious, does that worry you?"
"Marvellous. You're the only girl I've seen today who it doesn't so come in."
I came.
"Barbanne," I said.
"Oh yeah, Alex," he said, like he forgot you had to swap names in polite society.
We shook hands a bit awkwardly.
"Hi Alex."
There was a desk and a couple of chairs and behind them a curtain cut off the rest of the space but it looked like an empty warehouse.
"Sit, please sit," he waved to the chair.
I sat down and my mini rode up and I grabbed the hem and attempted the impossible. When I'd finished everything up to and including my thighs was still on view.
"Well," he began, "you're comfortable with the play acting poses?
"Sure. Flaked out you mean. Pretending I'm out cold or karked, yeah I'm happy to do that."
"And you'll do nude?"
"No worries."
"Are you a good actress?"
"Hopeless I'd say."
He laughed, a lovely baritone laugh, soft and warm and tingly.
"The pay's twenty five, twenty eight or thirty three dollars an hour. Depends what you do.
"That's OK with me."
"Right." He was looking straight at my crotch. I tugged at my denim skirt and squirmed in the chair.
"Want to start now?"
"I have to start my shift at the restaurant at six o'clock so if you can do it by then, fine."
"What do you do there?"
"OK." A pause. "Let's go then."
He smiled. My heart skipped a beat.

Behind the curtain it was set up like a photo studio and there were backdrops and studio flashes and cameras and stuff.
There was a wash basin and small kitchen and another curtain and the walls were all painted sky blue and the ceiling was painted out black and the only window was closed and draped.
"Put this on," he handed me a tiny red g-string.
"This is my costume???"
"We're doing a bear hug shoot and they love their girls wearing something like that."
"The customers."
"Like to see tits do they??"
"You've got it."
"Jeez they're only biological milk bottles I'll never understand the fascination."
He laughed again and I got goosey.
"Has this been washed," I asked holding up the g-string. "not worn before by some chick with cooties??"
"Nope, brand new actually."
I looked at it closely. Yep it was brand new alright.
"So what's the plot?"
"You're wrestling with a guy and he bear hugs you and you go down and out, simple eh?"
"Who's the guy."
"Even contest eh? So you're the actor here?"
"Producer, writer, sometimes cameraman and actor that's me."
"So if you're bear hugging me how do you work the camera?"
"Oh Amanda will do the photography today."
"Hi!" a black haired pretty girl about my age plus three years popped out from behind the kitchen wall.
"Oh Hi, I'm Barbanne."
"Amanda but you can call me Mandy."
"Hi Mandy!"
"Come on Barbanne let's get you changed."
"Call me Barb but never Barbie."
There were more curtains backing the one separating the front office from the back studio and in behind here was where the models changed. I thought this was cute because afterwards out you'd pop all but naked and showing everything, but people are strange that way and like privacy at odd times. I went in behind there and Mandy came too. I removed my clothes item by item and folded them neatly on a chair. I took off my specs and closed them and placed them on top of my other stuff. I said to Mandy, "Tell me how you want me to play this."
"Well, you and Alex do some sort of wrestling hold poses and then he gets you in the bear hug and squeezes and you pass out and..............."
I interrupted, "Does he squeeze real hard?"
"No, he's a pussy."
"Good cause I won't be hurt even a little bit."
"OK. So you pass out and then he lays you down and removes your panty thing...."
"This?" I held the scrap of cloth up.
"Yeah and then I photograph you lying there and you know shoot up your front."
"The customers like seeing plenty of my front bum as well as my milk jugs eh?"
"You got it."
"Well as you can see," I said turning and showing her my curly bush, "I'm not one for shaving my pubes and so they're going to have to look at the beaver pelt and you are going to have to photograph around it."
"That's OK, although maybe you could trim it Barb, that lot is going to hang out around your g-string."
"Oh alright you can do that."
"Then he carries you off like his prize."
"Trophy girl that's me."
We both giggled a bit, partly from embarrassment and partly from the silliness of it all.
Mandy gave my pubes a trim and I pulled the g-string on and we went out. Alex had changed into a pair of tight leggings and I openly admired the impressive bulge at the front. He looked half embarrassed by the whole thing and I realised that despite being the head honcho at Playdead dot com, he was rather a sweet (maybe a little shy) man.
The set was a plain backdrop in front of which was an oversized futon, a sort of padded mat. Mandy set up with her camera and Alex and I took position on the mat facing each other. He was such a big boned guy and I was so slight that I couldn't help giggling.
"What Barb?" said Mandy.
"Sorry, it's nothing just........." I giggled again, "This contest ain't exactly by weight division eh?"
"Just act Barb," said Mandy, "and Barb, try not to squint so much."

We did a few setups posing in holds, me grasping Alex's leg and looking like, "Sheesh, but he's big." Then him twisting my arm and me going, "Eeeearkkk." Then us with our hands on each other's shoulders. (hard) and then him spinning me around with an "Eeeeerrrk, this is going to end badly," look on my face.
When Mandy was happy she had enough establishing shots, we went into the bear hug pose and Alex gripped me around the back pulling me in toward him. He was very gentle and kept asking was that OK, was I alright etc. I said yeah and we got photographed with him appearing to crush me against him and my breasts nicely squished against his chest. I could smell him and was sure he could smell me. Smell my animal arousal. My whole body was reacting to his closeness and his enveloping grasp. I tingled and my nipples sparked and my pussy was hot and I was aroused by being in the embrace of a man (whom already I liked) who could have crushed me senseless in seconds. I love it. I could forego penetrative sex for this. I would orgasm on my own if we went on too long. It's the way I'm wired and its sex in the head that's better than sex in the bed. (although I was having thoughts along that way too)
Alex crushed and I looked at the camera and went like, "EEEEE, he's got me."
Alex crushed me closer and I went, "Oh Oh It's curtains for me."
Alex pulled me even closer so that my chin was against him and I went like, "Aaaagh, the pain, I'm finished."
I pummelled him weedily and then let my arms fall away and my head fell backward on my curved neck and I went a last "Oh sigh, he has defeated me," look at the camera in Mandy's hands and then I went totally limp and let my eyes flutter closed and my mouth drop open and hung there in his grip, knocked out cold.
Mandy shot that pose a lot, from every angle.
Then Alex laid me down on the mat and I posed arms outflung, crucifix position, totally beaten and limply senseless.
Alex slowly slid my g-string off and muttered "Sorry Barb."
I said nothing as I was knocked out.
Mandy photographed me stretched out and got plenty of shots of my front bum (that's my pussy btw) and I wasn't disappointing the customers there I hoped.
Finally Alex draped me over his shoulder and Mandy photographed me drooping there with my pussy tight and slick between my thighs. Why the dudes want to look up a girl's ass and cunt I am not sure but it turned me on and its all about me allowing my intimacy to be photographed because being "out" and helpless I can do nothing about it and its also all about them having control over this unconscious girl who can do nothing to defend herself from the invasion of her most secret places.
The final pose had Alex down on one knee and me propped up against his other leg, slumped against him, head bowed and hair veiling most of my face and breasts crumpled onto my chest and tummy rippled and my legs outstretched and spread and my hands draped in my lap, fingers curling against the backdrop of my pussy.

When it was over I freshened up in the basin and got dressed again.
Alex gave me some money folded over and I said "Thanks," and shoved it in my purse.
"Aren't you going to count it?"
"I trust you."
"Can you come again?"
"I have Fridays and Wednesdays off on alternate weeks. I could come then....if you want me."
"We sure do don't we Mandy?"
"Great. I'll see you on.....................??"
"Friday this week."
"OK Friday it is. We'll have today's photos on our site by then and you can look at them and maybe you'd like to help with a profile of yourself as an intro to the fans."
I smiled and nodded.