One Night Stand

Posted by Barbanne on December 28, 1999 at 22:45:19:


Jodie stretched luxuriously feeling the soft satin sheets sliding against her skin and slipping across her pussy.
Her breasts rubbed themselves on the sexy material, nipples twitching electrically and pushing out as she lay face down and moved her hips, rubbing her whole body length along the sheet.
"Mmmmmmmmmmnnnnnnnnnnnnnn," she thought.
"Mmmmmmnnnnnnnnn, I'm shagging this sheet the way I shagged that gorgeous bloke last night.............................."
"That one nighter...........shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!" She pushed herself up, her ass tenting the sheet, "I'm still in his bed, what the fuck time is it?"
"Nine o'clock............Christ!"
She stumbled out of bed. Her clothes lay in a tell tale line from the front door to the bed, skirt by the door, panties crumpled by the bed. Nude she staggered into the bathroom and fell onto the toilet. As she peed she rubbed her hands over her face.
"Christ what was I doing? What am I doing?"
She got up, flushed and went to the mirror. She looked wrecked.
"You slut!" she told her reflection.
Jodie stood admiring her reflection in the mirror.
How was she going to go to work in this? The tiny black dress that had seemed so right last night, low neckline, shoe string straps, hem to mid thigh only, looked, in the light of day, incredibly tarty and cheap. The teetering heels only added to the impression. I'll have to go home and change. She thought of the embarrassment that would involve. Cab driver leering at her, neighbours snickering behind half drawn drapes. Oh shit!
She took one last look at her ravaged face and tried to hide the bags with another application of blusher but realised that there was little she could do to hide the dissolution that showed through her futile attempts at makeup.
She went to the door of the apartment. It had a series of locks and she opened them one after another. She pulled on the handle. Shut firmly. She looked harder.
Damn it!
Double locked using a key.
She was locked in. The idiot had gone off and locked her in.
She searched around the apartment. It was sterile, unadorned. Nothing remotely resembling a key turned up. She felt a hint of panic. Get a grip of yourself girl, she thought. She went to the desk in the corner and opened the drawers.
What was the bloke's name? Where was this place anyway?
She hunted through the drawers. There were three and the first contained nothing. Some pens and a letter opener, nothing. The second contained envelopes, paper general stationery. No help there. In the third she found a letter addressed to Simon. Nothing else. There was a folder, partly open and something sticking out of it.
The phone!
She looked at the phone on the desk. Why hadn't she thought of that before. She picked it up and turned it over, the little card was neatly lettered with a series of numbers, one said work. Number five.
She dialled five.
"Simon please."
"Hi. It's me......Jodie. You know last night..............?"
"Sure. How are you?"
"OK, except I seem to be locked in your apartment."
"Oh jeez, Oh I'm sorry. I'll be right home. It's just around the corner."
She put the phone down and opened the drawer again. It was an instant photo, sticking out of the folder. Intrigued she took it out and looked at it. At first it didn't register and then it did. A woman, naked, her eyes closed. Blood on her face. She looked dead. Jodie pulled the folder out and opened it. More photos, many more all of the same woman, all naked and she was dead! Dead! Cut, ruined, bloody dead!
Jodie scrabbled with the folder and dropped it. The photos went everywhere. On hands and knees she scrabbled picking them up. She put them back, put them away. She picked up the phone and dialled 000.
"Help, I want to report a murder. I'm frightened he's coming and I think he's killed a girl."
"Where are you ringing from Miss?"
"I don't know, can't you trace it?"
"Not from this phone. What do you mean you don't know?"
She heard the door opening and dropped the phone.
He came in.
"Don't touch me. I've seen the pictures, I know what you've done. And I've called the police, they're on their way."
"Jodie, I am the police. You saw those photos? That's just a particularly brutal murder I am working on. Jodie, you must have been so worried. Jodie come here."
She came to him and he folded her in.
Then he strangled her.
Later that night he looked at Jodie's nude body lying on the table. She was, had been, a real good looker. Still was. A bit pale, a bit blue but a looker.
He took out the knives. And the camera.
Not for much longer Jodie.....................