Now here's a fantasy.

Posted by Barbanne on September 01, 2001 at 00:08:35:

This story guys is a REAL fantasy.
If you think I'd do any of this stuff.......
You'd probably be right.
Hope you enjoy.


The cop burst through the door, kicking it open so that it crashed against the wall behind.
Barbanne was on hands and knees gobbling dick. Tonsil deep.
She jumped up, bare assed and the guy dived sideways.
The cop slammed off a shot and it caught her whack in the forehead. Her hand flew up. Third eye just above the bridge of her nose! She stumbled backward, hit the wall, arms spread, legs apart, labial lips wide open, pubic hair wispy and curly.
Eyeballs rolling up.
Mouth open.
She nose dived onto the carpet.
The cop entered fully, arms extended, gun held out in front.
No-one else.
The guy was snivelling in the corner.
Barbanne was face down, spreadeagled and dead.
The cop holstered his piece and dragged the dead girl up by the hair.
He rolled her onto her back.
Spread her legs.
Fumbled with his trousers. Big. Fully erect. Springing free. Needing her. All she was good for now.
Panting now with desire.
Raging arousal.
He went down on her.
Sank it into her hot, wet cunt.
The cop busts bandit girl routine.
It was one I didn't mind at all.
Since I got the job at Death World I have played many parts.
Dave comes in every Wednesday and books me for the whole afternoon. We play gunfighter games. I get shot down over and over, again and again, in everything from a full cowgirl outfit to nude except for boots and a gun belt.
He loves it Dave does.
And he does me every time I bite the dust.
Death World is a sort of theme park cum brothel.
Guys pay out good money to play out their fantasies and kill us girls in any way they want. Then they get to have sex with our "dead" bodies.
I'm good at playing dead and when a customer is screwing me I pride myself on not showing the least flicker of life.
That would spoil it and they hate that.
We have Western World and Gangster World and Amazon World and Pirate World and just plain Fantasy World where you can name your own game.
That's where I started.
As a fairy helper in Fantasy World. Guys get to pop a few fairies on their way to the main game and I got shot, stabbed, strangled, beaten to death and drowned lots and lots of times in my little fairy tutu before I graduated to the main action.
When there's shooting, like in the cop busts bandit girl routine, I have little stick on bullet holes, all wrinkly and puckered like the real thing and when the customer shoots me I clutch at where I'm supposed to be hit and that's when I stick the hole to my skin. They love that.
Stabbing and stuff they just got to wait until the make up girl runs in and fixes me up with bloody slashes and whatever.
Tying me up is popular.
There's the Ted Bundy serial killer game where the guy gets to tie me to a bed and then torture me before having sex with my corpse and there's also the Thanksgiving game where the guys get to truss me up like I'm someone's turkey roast and oil me and then fiddle with me before screwing me as I lie in the pan presenting my upraised backside to them. Those games, the ones where I or any other girl gets tied up, there's always two of us in the room with the customer. The other girl watches and has a beeper that brings security running if the punter gets carried away.
I've had that happen when a customer gets really hot and realises that as well as playing dead the girl, me lots of the time, is also helpless because she's all roped up and they sort of lose it and start in hurting you.
I don't mind the play acting and I quite like pretending to be dead and the sex is usually good, although that depends on the guy, but being hurt sucks and I draw a firm line at that.
Different sort of job eh?
Being a Death World dead girl, but its pretty good most of the time and it pays OK and I get the chance to try out the little games I write in my head.
I like that and the punters like something new too.
Of course they all have to wear condoms, the customers I mean and yeah, sometimes the play is a bit boring.
Like the Rorke's Drift game.
The customers play soldiers and hide behind a stockade and us girls come rushing down dressed like warriors (mostly nude with a feather or two here and there) and we wave our spears and bows and arrows and they cut us down with volley after volley. The game climaxes with all of the girls lying "dead" in one big sweaty heap, draped every which way over each other and the defenders come out from behind the stockade and select a prize and drag her off for sex. Because they don't know what good sex I give and because I am breast challenged I often get left behind in a lonely little pile with Kath who has even flatter tits than mine and Yarna who has really whiffy BO.
Mind you I give super head and the boss writes that into some of my scenarios. Like in the cop busts bandit girl routine where I am sucking off one of our guys when the customer comes in, well when I am shot down dead in that scene the customer gets to have sex with my mouth if that turns him on.
Death World, its a job for a girl and it is an enormously popular niche theme park but with a rather limited clientele, the great majority of whom are men. There are women who come here but they tend to be either tough butch bikie types who get off on hurting the likes of me or girls who like sex with other girls and find this place ideal for acting out their fantasies. In my experience the tough girls usually go for the shooting me down and hauling my dead ass around type games and the other girls go for the strangling me on silken sheets and then playing around with me while I play dead type games.
The guys like anything where I end up dead and submissive.
And so do I.
Dave, he's a repeat customer and one of my favourites, I told you he loves meeting me in main street at noon for a western gunfight game play. I am amazed at how often we play this and he never tires of it.
Like yesterday.
He booked me and we made our way to the Western World set and he was inside the saloon drinking likker. (the drinks are real and on the house) He had paid for the deluxe game and so had a drinking buddy who was one of the guys here who fill small parts in the scenario and two dance hall girls. (Yarna and Gillian actually)
The girls were doing high kicks with no panties (tee hee) and Dave was all dressed up Wyatt Earp style and armed with two six guns.
I arrived out in the dusty street playing my Black Barbanne role. My costume this time consisted of a black g-string and black boots and a black vest with Mexican silver buttons and this vest was flapping open and I was bare breasted otherwise. I had a black hat, gun belt and guns and a lariat type necklace to finish off.
I stood in the street and called him out.
Like "Hey Dave, ya yeller livered rat come out and face me like a woman!"
He said like "Thar's Black Barbanne outside."
The girls giggled and his drinking buddy slapped him on the shoulder and he moseyed out hitching his gun belt and looking mean.
"Slap leather Barbanne," he said.
I did but as always I was way too slow for him and his guns barked death and I grabbed my chest (and whacked two bullet holes onto my left tit) and then I looked like stunned and staggered this way and then that and fired my gun into the ground and then straightened up and squinted at him and brought my gun up slow and shaky and then my eyeballs rolled backwards like I was trying to study something inside my skull and I teetered back and shot the sky and then my knees crumpled and I slid down and fell flat on my face biting the dust.
The girls giggled some more and Dave's drinking buddy slapped his back and said, "Good shootin' pal, that there Barbanne is dead as meat."
Dave walked over to where I was playing dead in my inimitable style and used his boot to flip me over. (I helped in case he bruised me or anything) Then he tossed my hat aside and unbuckled my guns and grabbed my vest and, lifting me half out of the dirt, pulled it off.
Boots, g-string and necklet.
Otherwise I was buck naked and shot with two little puckered bullet holes.
Dave waved the girls over and Yarna got me under my armpits and Gillian hoicked up my ankles and they carried me all limp and droopy inside, head dangling, hair swinging.
They plopped me onto a long table and Gillian removed my boots while Yarna rolled my g-string down and off.
While Gillian got Dave naked and stroked his manhood which was getting awful stiff, the guy thumbed my nipples and Yarna fingered my pussy.
It didn't take a whole lot of this and both me and Dave were ready and he climbed aboard my poor corpse.
The guy and the two girls left and Dave had a dead Barbanne for the afternoon to handle and move around and do whatever he wanted with for the rest of his time.
He truly does love that game.
There's another guy, Peter, he loves the Marquis de Sade game.
In that I start out dressed in a heap of old fashioned French finery and he gets to strip me down to nude using hands and teeth and anything else that turns him on and then when I'm naked he uses silken cords to tie me to a big old bed and then strangles me really slow and sexy with another silken cord.
Kath sits in on that one.
When Peter has kilt me he then has his way with my trussed and spreadeagled body and he can just keep himself amused with that for hours.
Those guys, I tell you they are different!
In the Undersea game both me and my customer dive into a tank of water, me in a teensy bikini and him in swim trunks and he holds me under. That one could be dangerous and there's a lifesaver with oxygen tanks on standby but I usually give in pretty quick and blurp bubbles and then the customer drags my poor sodden body out and gets on with the stripping and fucking.
Now this was something!
A guy had decided to try for the five hundred dollar challenge.
To win the five hundred the customer played the "Plague" game. This was spread over both Amazon World and Western World, both of which were closed to anyone else for the duration of the attempt and fully half of the girls working the shift at that time took part. The money would get paid out if the guy did twenty girls in an eight hour time period and so long as sixty percent said they felt aroused he got the big half grand.
The way it went was us girls sprawled ourselves out chosing where and how we had died to suit our own fantasies and the idea was we had died of the plague. The contestant then set off and when he came on a dead gal he had to do her and move on and get through twenty in the time allowed.
I went for the stairs in the saloon in Western World and he was going to find me in my underwear lying head down over five steps, on my back with my bra unsnapped and hanging loose and my panties scrunched down over my hips, stockings sort of wrinkled and hair all loose and witchy and wide eyed and unfocussed and tongue drooling and quite limp and flabby and dead.
The other girls posed themselves in whatever way turned them on most.
I got lucky and he started in the saloon so I was his number two girl and he was really vigorous and I sure got off and squirted my own love juices when he fucked me.
I was a yes on both counts.
The edges of the stairs pressed indents into my back and ass but it was good and different and real sexy.
Best part was after he moved on I got to stay dead for the rest of the game.
Death World always videoed these challenges and the video guy kept coming back to the plague victims throughout the challenge.
The contestant was really excellent but sadly he ran out of puff after sixteen (all of whom gave him a tick for arousal) and he lay down to take a spell and went to sleep and time beat him.
Poor guy.
Another enormously popular game was "Slut Slayer."
Played in two parallel rectangular spaces, one made to look like a darkened and lonely park, the other made to look like a trash can filled alley, the victim (in this case me) walked around and around these until her slayer (the customer) struck, croaking her.
I have to tell you it was pretty creepy to play for us girls.
My outfit for this one from the inside out was garish, cheap and slutty underwear, nylon, lacey, see through and my fav colour was a pukey purple. Over this I wore a micro mini red vinyl skirt and a black rayon shirt with ruffles and a shiny black nylon/rayon jacket with fake animal fur collar and cuffs.
Talk about a tart!
To reinforce the look I teetered on alpine high heeled sling back "fuck me" shoes and was made up to look like a bad doll. You know bright red lipstick, oodles of black eye make up, shadow and mascara and my hair was combed out and permed in tight frizzy curls.
Dressed like this and screaming SLUT at anyone who saw me I clattered around from park to alley and back again until the customer, who had hidden out earlier got me.
The favourite manner of slut slaying was bare handed choking followed closely by garrotting with piano wire and strangling with a silken cord or scarf or even stockings.
When he got me (or she, a couple of those bikie chicks liked to play this game) I would struggle and scream and kick and punch but mostly I succumbed pretty quick and went down with popped eyes and poking tongue and lay still and dead in the alley or park. The alley was their favourite by about four to one.
Now that I was dead the player got to drag me off for sex.
The preferred way was by my ankles and Death World advertised this as the way to haul your victim's ass off in their brochures, as this caused my skirt and shirt and coat to bunch up around my hips and under my armpits and revealed a lot of bare flesh.
Once the player had towed me into a safe place where he wouldn't be disturbed he stripped my clothes to whatever turned him on (shirt and coat unbuttoned and spread, bra shoved up and skirt pulled off and panties around ankles was the recommendation) and then he fucked his slain slut.
For fifty percent more of the game fee the customer could have the morgue add on.
If he chose this we moved to an adjacent room set up with a stainless steel autopsy table and a few other trappings.
My dishevelled body as found by the cops was lying on the table and the customer (nude under a lab coat) played a morgue assistant together with one of the other girls, usually Gillian, also in a lab coat and nude underneath.
Together they peeled off my rucked up clothing until I was totally bare assed nude and then the customer used a flexible wash hose to wash my body down with warm soapy water and Gillian helped encouraging him to use his surgically gloved fingers to probe my mouth and pussy and rectum, slopping lots of warm water into everything.
Then he took Gillian and they had sex together sprawled against the table and my wet naked corpse. Some customers preferred to have sex with my corpse while Gillian urged them on and provided extra stimulus from the rear.
Slut Slayer, a very popular sex play.
Amazon game play is well supported especially by those who like a physical close up struggle with us girls, near enough nude and oiled up and when we succumb which we do on command the customers often like to engage in fondling, handling and cuddling of the limp victim.
Pirate World is for those who like girls in floppy shirts and tight SHORT pants and boots who hack and slash with wooden swords until skewered or chopped by the customer and then lie around limp and dead until they are hauled away for screwing.
Death World!
Everything for the necro freak.
I recommend it to you.
Here want a couple of free passes.
Now what games would you like to play..........or, would you like to tell us your own.
We're DYING to please.