The Wet Noodle Killer

Posted by Barbanne on September 04, 2007 at 16:22:12:


(with thanks to Sam)

I guess what you could say about me is that I am adequate.
I arched my back in front of the full length mirror and mentally critiqued my body.
Fullish, not really big breasts, getting a trifle pendulous, quite large, dark nipples that were easily aroused, "slight" tummy bulge, hmmmmmmnn, wide hips and, let's face it, a big bum. Short legs, still shapely but the knees are showing signs of the wobbly knobblies, nice feet, a big pudenda, source of both pleasure and pain, and a dense, pubic bush that I periodically trim or shave off altogether, stubbly right now. Face okay, neither pretty nor plain and long dark brown hair. My nose is too big, I think, and sort of bulbous and my eyes are blue and I could use slightly less facial hair and my mouth could be a lot fuller, more pouty, sexy, you know that look!
And I have fading freckles yuuuuuuuuk.
Oh well, guess I'm alright for an old chick who never had it much anyway. Adequate, that's what I am.
I cupped my breasts in both hands and let my fingers creep over my nipples and fondle for a moment.
Strewth its been yonks since I got laid and I'm as horny as hell.
My eyes cut to the drawer where my old friend lay and I let myself imagine it inside me pulsating and driving and................I sighed and put the thought away.
I dressed in a frivolously lacy bra and panties and high heels, not very practical and not all that comfortable but they made me feel sexy and right now I wanted to feel sexy. I picked out a book I had wanted to read for a while and stretched out on the lounge to read. I pushed my specs up onto the bridge of my nose and settled in. I held the book in my left hand and concentrated on the print but found that my right hand had wandered across my body and had started stroking and fondling my breast.
My mind had wandered from the book too and was now focussing on pleasure.
Stroking, fondling, getting excited, becoming aroused, very aroused, I tossed the book aside and while my right hand worked on my nipple, squeezing, stroking, carressing, my left hand slipped into my panties and found my swollen, wetness and my well practised finger slid inside and met up with its bestest friend my clitoris and started stroking that with extremely well rehearsed motions, motions I well knew were guaranteed to provoke an argasm.
My eyes were unfocussed as the whole of my attention was given over to my pleasure and so I did not, of course, see or hear the killer until he struck.
The wet noodles snapped around my neck.
Long, white, gooey, chinese rice noodles braided together into a thickish rope which as it rapidly shrank constricted like a band of steel around my soft white throat.
Just below my chin in the region of my hyoid the noodles gripped tight, biting into my neck and closing off my trachea completely.
I aarked and haaawkkkkked and went pink in the face, pinkness tinged with purple and my eyes bugged out and my tongue lolled around over my lips spraying saliva everywhere and my body bucked and jerked and my legs pistoned and scissored and my sexy high heels went flying.
The noodles tightened, shrinking, completely closing off my airway now and totally robbing my lungs of breath. My mind became cloudy and my eyes lost focus and glazed over, my pupils shrinking to pin points whilst tiny red pin pricks of petechiae popped out over their surfaces.
My body arched backward, bending like a tautly drawn bow and ligaments crackled throughout. My face was rapidly empurpling as red blotchy bits popped out and my lips drained to white, my tongue had flopped out altogether, drooling dribbly saliva, and my hair fanned out around my darkening face like death's own halo.
The face of my tormentor and murderer floated into my shrinking view and I gurgled, glugging wetly and gasped out amongst the drool, "You......???" It was a plaintive question to which I already knew the answer.
Fog swirled through my brain and my lungs heaved in one last violent spasm as my body convulsed, ticking and twitching uncontrollably and then darkness rushed in.
My killer looked down on my sprawled, cooling corpse and smiled.
The noodles had relaxed back into gooey, white, wet strings.
He unwound them from my blackly, blue ringed neck and carried them out to the kitchen.
Returning he rolled my limp body to one side and unpopped the catch of my bra and letting me roll back onto my back he slipped that off up my arms and then, with practised expertise, tugged my panties down and off.
Naked except for my specs. Somehow throughout my violent demise they had stayed firmly on my nose.
Naked and dead and myopic.
He grabbed my heels in two strong hands and tugged, dragging my naked corpse into the bedroom where with some slight difficulty he lifted my dead weight up and onto the bed and spread my arms and legs so that I lay stretched out, legs apart and arms outstretched, and face up, sightless dead eyes gazing through Vittadini specs at the ceiling.
He quickly undressed himself and then moving on top of me drove his long, lovely, tumescently engorged cock into my still warm, creamy cunt and shagged my corpse relentlessly.
When he finished and leant backward with a long deeply satisfied sigh I cracked an eyelid and said, "Well that was fun Sam."
Sam laughed, "You're something else Barb."
"I am aren't I," I giggled.
He smiled like a well fed cat.
"I do dead good don't I?" I giggled again.
"You're OK," he said.
I slid off the bed. I had carpet burns on my bum and shoulder blades where I had been dragged and they stung like mad, I liked that, I like a bit of post coital pain, well a little anyway.
It didn't stop me though, getting up, still buck naked and showing and carrying the signs of Sam's sexual invasion of my body, and going to the kitchen.
"How'd you like your noodles Sam?" I called out, "Steamed I think with black bean sauce and maybe some stir fried veggies eh? Maybe some diced chicken too eh??"
"Maybe," he said, "but maybe I might fuck you again."
"Only after you've kilt me again," I said, "stuffed with creamed pumpkin this time I think."
"You'll get stuffed alright Madam."
"Eat first, gotta keep up our strength."
Ah food it's a wonderful thing, so versatile too.