The Message

Posted by Barbanne on January 03, 2004 at 22:26:19:


I won't beat around the bush. My name is Kurt Weild and I'm in espionage.
My mission here was simple. To stop a message being delivered from the Russian embassy to the Kremlin in Moscow. Our chiefs were certain that secrets had been stolen, which, if they reached Moscow, would wreck world detente and throw us all back into the bad old days. The courier, I was told at my briefing, was one Anna Petrovski and she had the secret hidden on her body or in her clothing. In what form they couldn't tell me. That would be for me to discover.
I watched as the slides clicked up. Hidden cameras had photographed the girl from many angles. So this was Anna Petrovski. A girl about a hundred and sixty five centimetres tall. Small build, quite slender in the upperbody, wide hips and shapely legs. An unremarkable but pretty face with a tendency to show bitchiness when not aware that she was under observation. Shoulder length, reddish brown hair, with one of those ripply perms that younger women favoured. Wearing makeup and dressed in a short day wear frock, she was the typical girl in the street. Worth a look, but another would be along in the next few minutes.
As the operative who had taken the pictures talked about Anna, I smiled to myself. I knew something she was obviously unaware of. I knew Anna Petrovski well.
But I knew her as Barbanne. International terrorist and one time head of an organisation called PDG. Women spies and assassins who had given security forces world wide a run for their money for several months before the whole thing came to an explosive end in China. Barbanne was supposedly killed and her body destroyed in the blast. "Well, well," I thought, "welcome back bitch!"
When asked at the end of the briefing if I would take the assignment I said "Gladly sir." I shook hands on the deal and smiled inwardly, Barbanne and I would soon be resuming a contest that had started years before.

The Hilton in the city centre had been designed a year or two previously by an internationally acclaimed architect. Its luxurious atrium interiors had made it the premier place in town. I strolled into that atrium and looked toward the upper floors where "Anna" was staying. I had to meet with her. I wondered if she'd show any recognition at all. We had been lovers before and I guess I had wanted her more than I've ever wanted a woman before or since. The sex we had had together was the best imaginable. I'd always known she was rotten through and through, but she was sweet and charming and very cute. She was also completely deadly. I remember coming back to the agency that day in summer when I found Carmel and Jenny. Barbanne had killed them for a file she had needed. But that wasn't just it. People die in this lousy business, but these two girls were only cipher clerks and the way they had been killed! It was barbaric. It showed I was dealing with a sociopathological sadist. And I had loved this woman!
I nursed a drink in the lounge bar and kept watch.
About eight she came down in the glass lift and went in to dinner. She walked straight past me without a second glance. I was not surprised, in fact I had expected it. After my face was minced by that shark during the Bahama's mission, I was lucky to be recognisable as a man at all. It was only thanks to incredibly skilled surgeons that I was able to walk amongst my fellow humans without having to be masked. Yes, I was lucky, but the sardonic face that looked out from under my thick black hair was not the face of the man Barbanne had loved. I finished my drink and followed her in. She was sitting alone by the windows. I tipped the waiter a C note and he led me over.
"May I join you?" I asked.
She looked up from the menu she had been studying and eyed me up and down. The same bold scrutiny she had always shown. Nothing demure about her. She looked, she decided if she liked what she saw, and then she devoured it.
She nodded OK.
The waiter held my chair and I sat.
"Thank you for that." I said. She'd gone back to the menu and just nodded slightly.
"I'm Kurt." I offered my hand.
"Anna," She took my hand, "funny, I knew a man named Kurt once." She stared at my eyes for a moment and then went back to her study of the menu.
"The apple stuffed quail are superb." I offered.
"Oh." She said.
She snapped the menu closed and took a drink and looked at me. She still drank water I noticed but she had it in a small glass with ice, perhaps hoping it would be taken for vodka. "Do I know you?" She asked suddenly.
"No, I don't think so." I lied.
"Funny, you're eyes remind me of someone."
"Someone you liked I hope?"
"I don't know. I can't recall who you remind me of."
"I am in the import export trade."
"That's nice."
She gazed at me through heavily made up eyes. "Why did you ask to sit with me?"
"There were few seats and this one was the only one next to the most beautiful woman in the room."
She laughed. "Heard 'em all now."
"Anna." I said "What is that?"
"Russian. But I'm Australian. My parents were Russian."
I smiled and said "My only word of Russian is nyet."
"A word I rarely use when I am seated with such an attractive man."
I smiled again and said "You are too kind."
The waiter came and took our orders. She asked for the quail.
"It had better be good." She looked at me.
"It is."
We made small talk through the meal which she certainly appeared to enjoy. I was as always amazed at her ability to act a part. Had I not known who she was, and why I was there, I would have been captivated by her easy charm and seemingly naive naturalness. After dinner, over coffee, she looked at me from under her long eyelashes and said. "A meal I had considered was to be boring has been made most pleasant by your company Kurt."
"That has been my pleasure."
"I am in your debt."
"No, I AM indebted to you and I like to pay my debts. You may come back to my room if you wish."
"I wouldn't impose."
"No imposition. This time it will be my pleasure."
We finished up and I held her chair for her and we left and walked to the lift.
Riding up in the lift Anna took my arm and held on tight, squeezing my biceps. She looked up at me from lowered lashes and grinned impishly in a way I remembered only too well. My heart skipped a beat and I felt again the old love I had once had so strongly for this girl. Down in my trousers I stirred also as my other head remembered all too well where that little grin usually led.
We got out of the lift on the fifteenth floor, her floor, and she led me to her room.
She fumbled with her key and let us in.
The lights were on low and the bed was turned down. A note from management and a rose wrapped in cellophane were on the pillow. She went to the mini bar and mixed me a drink, scotch ice and a dash of soda. I'd drunk one at dinner and she got it just right. Then she poured herself a dry ginger ale. She came over to the bed and sat holding out both drinks. "Over here Kurt."
I joined her and took my drink. She held up hers, entwined our arms and said "Down the hatch."
"Down the hatch. Not really Russian."
"More Aussie than Russkie I fear."
We drank.
She took our glasses and put them aside. Then she undid my tie. She tossed it and moving into me unbuttoned my shirt. I felt the stirring at my groin. My shirt came off and she tossed that too. Then she took my hand and guided it around her back and placed it on her zip, "Undo me Kurt." she breathed and I pulled the zip down. It went forever until I finally reached the bottom, way down past the waisband of her panties. She hunched her shoulders and wiggled and the top of her frock fell down, she pulled her arms free and the material lay around her hips like a deflated sail. She stood and wriggled her frock off completely. She was dressed in a bra that pushed her small breasts up and together. Above her half exposed nipples it was all froth. Matching panties covered her pronounced pudenda. A similar suspender belt held up sheer nylon stockings that sheathed her shapely legs down to her feet which teetered in ultra high heels. She pulled me up and kissed me, her tongue exploring my mouth. She broke free and fumbled my pants undone and pulled them down and off.
"Hurry." She said.
I undressed and she struggled with her bra , got it undone and off, unclasped the nylons and peeled them down like a snake shedding its skin, kicked off her heels and stripped off stockings, belt and panties. By now I was nude also and she clasped me in her arms and pulled me onto the bed. I kissed her lips and our tongues met wetly and slid across each other. I kissed down the side of her throat and stroked her breasts with my hands, finding her nipples and rubbing them ever so gently, being rewarded with the rubbery spring as they grew and grew and popped right out from her salaciously curved breasts. I ran my hand down her tummy, lean, flat and quivering and touched her inner thigh, just a light touch and let my hand flicker over the lips of her sex. She grunted and thrust her groin at me. "Kiss me here damn you.....quickly." I kissed her inner thigh and felt it shivering in anticipation. I sank my tongue into her warm moist slit amazed at how swollen and wet it was. She groaned, a long groan of pleasure suppressed. I tongued her and felt more wet slipping out. Her slender fingers had sought out my cock and were playing with it's engorged length. She wrapped her fingers around my shaft and groaned again.
"Put it in me, my darling, shove it in me, ram me, fuck!"
I obliged and her hips jerked up and down as I drove and drove. We slammed together and I felt my orgasm beginning down in my tight aching scrotum and then rushing, rushing until I could hold no longer.
She was with me completely.
"Now, nowwwwwwwwwwww." she screamed.
I fired, shot my load squirting cum into her wide open receptive cunt.
"agh, aagh, aagh." she sobbed.
We collapsed together spent.
I kissed her gently. Looked at her as she gazed dreamily at me. I leant forward to her parted lips. Her hand lashed out, fingers curled into claws that raked my chest, drawing blood.
"Kurt Weild you bastard!" She shrieked, "Think I don't know you?"
"Anna." I grabbed her hands. She fought me like a wildcat, scratching and clawing. I tried to hold her hands but it was impossible. She was as though possessed.
"You're after it aren't you, you bastard?" She was almost crying such was the intensity of her fury.
"What Anna?"
"You damned well know what, don't fuck with me."
"Give it to me then Anna, tell me, where is it?"
All the time she was kicking out, pummelling me with her fists and trying to scratch at me. We were both nude and our bodies were slippery with sweat and it was all I could do to keep her from me. She wasn't very big but she fought me like a maniac.
Her breasts heaved as she sucked in air and then she spat words at me, "That's for me to know and you to find out."
She attacked me with renewed strength and she managed to hit me a couple of low blows that hurt. I tried to hold her down but she was twisting and writhing and my hands slipped off of her shoulders. I got my arms around her waist and she pulled me up. She had the strength of two, such was the fire of her frenzied fighting. I grasped her wrists and kept her claws centimetres from my eyes. I started to push her down, my larger body weight forcing her to the bed. She heaved upwards and we both teetered on the edge of the bed, I was trying to force her back down. She lashed out another kick and her foot caught in the bedclothes and we both toppled over. I tried to stop myself but my full weight fell on top of her and her head crashed into the bedside table. There was an awful crunch noise and we both hit the floor. Suddenly all of the fight was gone and she was still and silent under me. I was holding her so close I felt her body go limp. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was just open, lips slightly parted. I touched her face and it rolled to one side, loose and unnatural on her neck. A trickle of blood slid out of her mouth and dribbled down her chin.
I felt for a pulse at her neck, her wrist. I felt for a heartbeat.
I was lying on top of a dead body.
Anna was dead.

I thought for a moment. Whatever else I did, I had to find that message.
It was either in Anna's clothes or on her body. I had to keep both until I found it.
Anna's nude body was sprawled onto the floor. She was lying more or less on her back and her foot was still caught up in the bedclothes. Her other leg had fallen off the bed and her legs were spread wide at her crotch. Her vagina was gaping and I could see the silvery remnants of my ejaculation glistening amongst the pubic hairs that sprouted from her cunnie. I knelt down and turned her head from side to side. It was floppy and I surmised she had died from a head wound trauma. Whatever it was she was most certainly dead. I got off the bed and unhooked her leg from the bedclothes. I pulled down the bed clothes and getting behind Anna I lifted her under the shoulders. She flopped limply in my grasp. I got a hand under her knees and lifted her up off the floor. I laid her on her side in the bed and covered her with the bedclothes. I turned her head so she would appear to be asleep to anyone who looked in. I also hoped to delay the onset of rigor mortis by keeping her warm. I dressed and then collected all of the clothes she'd been wearing when we came in. The message was in these clothes or it was on her body. I had to take both until I found it.
I had a quick search through her clothes.
There was nothing apparent. I hadn't expected there to be.
I got the large plastic bag from the wardrobe, that the hotel had provided for collection of laundry. I put Anna's clothes and belongings inside it. I carried it down and put it into the boot of my car in the basement car park. I went back up to her room and searched the place thoroughly to be sure I hadn't missed anything. I could find nothing more. I stripped the bed again, exposing Anna's still, dead body. I spread the top sheet out on the floor and lifting her supple corpse, lay it on the sheet on her back and wrapped the sheet around and around, folding the excess at top and bottom, over and down to make a neatly wrapped parcel.
Locking the door I went down the corridor until I found a laundry room. One of those large baskets the maids used to collect dirty laundry was inside. It was almost empty and I purloined it and wheeled it back to Anna's room. I lifted my parcel off the floor, she jack knifed in the middle, and I slid her into the basket. I searched the room again and then, when I was satisfied it had nothing of interest left, I checked the corridor and then wheeled my basket with Anna dead inside to the basement car park lift. I pushed the button and the lift arrived. It was empty, thank goodness. I wheeled the trolley inside and pushed the button for the car park. The lift set off. It stopped at the ninth floor and a young woman got in. I smiled at her. She looked bemusedly at the laundry trolley and then assumed that blank expression people have in lifts. She got out at three and I continued down to the basement. It was unoccupied except for cars at this time of night and I wheeled the trolley to my car. I popped the boot lid and, lifting Anna from the basket, laid her inside the boot. I shut the lid and disposed of the trolley.
I climbed in behind the wheel and drove out.
I had gotten away with that part of the exercise.

I drove to the safe house.
Once there I parked my car in the garage where it would be out of sight.
I carried the plastic bag and the sheet wrapped Anna inside.
I cleaned off the dining table and put Anna on there.
I poured myself a scotch and started on her clothes. The dress I searched carefully, ripping seams and shredding material, carefully feeling through every scrap until I was sure there was nothing there. I felt her bra. It had no underwiring so nothing there, again I pulled it to bits before discarding it. Her stockings, it was fairly apparent they hid nothing. Her panties were brief and slightly soiled where her excitement had stained the crotch. I could hold them to the light and see through, there was nothing there. Her shoes, they were sling back low heeled pumps. I searched them carefully, using a knife to peel off the soles and check the heels for hollows. After twenty minutes or so I was sure it wasn't there. Her suspender belt and her handbag I subjected to a thorough search.
The message was on or in Anna's body.
I unwrapped my sheeted parcel and laid her out on the table, stretched out on her back. I reckoned I had about four hours before rigor mortis started.
I started by combing through her hair. I could see nothing. I felt around her head. I didn't know what I was looking for, but figured I'd know it if I found it. I lifted her eyelids. Her eyeballs were filming over and had a fixed stare. I used my smallest finger to feel in and around her nostrils. Just nostrils as far as I could determine. I opened her mouth and looked in. There seemed to be nothing unusual so I felt around the inside of her mouth with my fingers. Nothing out of the ordinary that I could find. She had a couple of small fillings in her teeth. I'd come back to those if I had no joy elsewhere. I scrutinised down Anna's shoulders and chest, fingered and studied her breasts, looking particularly for signs of breast enhancement, scarring, anything like that. They were nice breasts with large firm nipples but they held no secrets. I ran my hands down her rib cage, counting her ribs. I felt all over her tummy and down. Still nothing at all. I came to her pussy. Maybe in here. It was time to don gloves. Thin plastic disposable surgical gloves. I felt inside with my probing fingers. I've had my fingers inside a lot of womens' vaginas over the years and this one was no different than any of those. Oh, not that is unless you consider that this one was dead. I don't usually play with dead pussies. I felt all over Anna's legs and feet.
I could find nothing.
I rolled her onto her face.
Then I repeated my careful scrutiny of her body, the back this time. Despite spending quite some time probing inside her anus with my fingers I could still not find a thing. I turned her back over so that she was face up. I looked again at her hands and feet, paying a lot of attention to her finger and toe nails. No false ones.....nothing.
My mobile phone rang.
It was control. They wanted to know if I'd found it.
I asked to be allowed to use the facility at control central.
I rewrapped Anna in her sheet and, hoisting her up, draped her sheeted corpse over my shoulder. I carried her to my car and dumped her in the boot. I drove her to control central and, parking in the screened bay, carried her inside. I got her uncovered again and lay her on the table. The techs rolled her through and the cameras X-Rayed her from every angle. I stood by her body while she moved through and with the operator we studied the images on the monitor. Anna had a nice skeleton but no foreign bodies inside her own body.
Taking her chin in my fingers, I turned Anna's face toward me. Her lips were parted and her eyes closed. She looked peaceful. Peaceful and very beautiful.
"Where is it Anna?" I asked her corpse.
She maintained the silence of death.

We laid Anna on a search table and started again.
This time I used an ultra violet light and looked for any signs of impregnated messaging on her skin. Nothing. The techs X-Rayed her fillings. Nothing.
I finished up and rewrapping Anna carried her back to my car.
I got her back to the safe house and carried her inside.
The mobile phone rang.
"Listen carefully."
"The house is blown. Russian agents are watching. They know you have Anna but they don't know she's dead. They think she's with you willingly. They will probably be in place by now or very soon. Give them a show."
I got Anna stripped again, well out of the line of sight of the windows. Then I sat on the lounge and draped Anna over my lap as though she and I were fooling around. I lifted her up and got her head against my shoulder as though we were necking. I put my arms around her and pulled her cold, limp body to me. I kissed her on her dead mouth, one hand behind her head holding it from flopping back. I stayed that way for a while, embracing poor, cold, dead Anna. Funny thing you know, Anna, even cold and dead, was very exciting. I felt myself becoming aroused and then very aroused by this naked stiff in my arms. Well, at that stage she wasn't actually stiff, just cold and floppy. I felt uncomfortable, but good, with an erection and the cause of it, laying against me, quite, quite dead.
The moby rang.
"They're gone."
"You can stop mashing that dead cunt."
"They bought it it seems, but they're confused that Anna's with you and they're totally pissed with her for getting naked, down and dirty with the enemy. I think you'd better get out of there."
"I will, but..............."
"But what?"
"But until I can find the message Anna's got to tag along."

I carried Anna back to my car.
Laid her in the back and covered her with a blanket.
I drove to a seedy motel just outside of town and took a room for mister and missus. The guy on reception looked around for missus and then looked at the car. He smirked and took my money. I pulled over in front of my unit and waited until I was sure there was no-one around. I carried Anna draped in the blanket inside.
I lay her on the bed, just stark mother naked and still very dead.
I noticed she had started to get stiff around the face and the neck. I turned the air conditioning down to chilly and sat in a chair. I made sure Anna was prone and relaxed looking and watched as she stiffened up.
Where did you put it? I wondered. I said it out aloud.
I looked at her.
Her face pointed ceiling wards as did her perky little tits. Her eyes were closed and her mouth open. I'd known the mouth to be open plenty of times before, as she sucked eagerly at some part of me. The closed eyes were sad though. None of that mischievousness that had sparkled so often in her eyes. Those bright blue eyes. None of the vicious bitchiness either. She had been a woman bubbling with life, so alive. She could be sweet and she could be funny and she could be the world's greatest bitch. One thing she couldn't be though was dull.
Except now.
Pretty dull being dead Anna? I thought, or did I say it aloud?
Where is it Anna? Where? Where?
Poor Anna, stiffening with rigor. Still hiding her last secret.
Where is that message.
You're still very pretty Anna, I thought.
I always loved your white skin and those sprinkled freckles.
Those freckles!
Anna, you cunning little bitch.
I jumped up and crossed to Anna's body, lying on her back on the bed.
She'd always had most of her freckles on her shoulders, upper arms, and between her breasts. I studied each freckle minutely. Touching them, scraping my finger nail over them. There! Between her breasts in the lovely valley of desire was a freckle that had lifted a tiny bit. I got a thin bladed knife from the kitchen and slid it under the raised freckle. A slight push and it came off completely. I wrapped it in a tissue from the box in the bathroom and slipped it into my wallet. I covered Anna with the coverlet, the poor thing was now quite stiff. Then I rang control and told them what I had and what I wanted. I turned the air cond up full and hung a "Do not disturb" sign on the door, locked it and drove to control.
I unwrapped my freckle.
It went into a microdot reader and there it was. All of the information that had been stolen. Everything was there. Bingo!
"Great work Kurt."
"Thank God that's wrapped up."
"Oh chief, one thing..........."
"Which is?"
"Anna. What do I do with Anna?"
"Where is she?"
"In a motel room, and..........."
"And what?"
"She's still dead."
"Of course she's dead. Of course she's dead. Go fetch her."
"Get rid of her."
"I don't know where. Just get rid of her."

I drove back and got Anna, stiff as a board by now, back into my car.
I drove north for a couple of hours and stopped on the windswept cliffs overlooking the Pacific. I got Anna out. She was like a cigar store Indian. I dragged her to the edge. It was about a hundred metres straight down. Rocks, angry, angry surf.
I looked at Anna's face. Kissed her.
"God knows I loved you woman. Why did it work out like this?"
"One of us stuffed up."
"Maybe both."
I kissed her again.
Then I lifted her rigored corpse high and threw her way out.
She tumbled and twisted and spun around and splash! hit the water.
I could see her there. White and small. Splayed like she was crucified.
The waves tumbled her and sucked her out. Then lifted her and threw her in. Boiling surf smashed her onto the rocks and she was gone.
Dammit I had loved that woman.