Lyn's Revenge

Posted by Barbanne on June 22, 2005 at 01:22:10:


Rotten little bugger.
That Barbanne, she tells people anything. Junoesque indeed! I am just filling out the way a real woman does and my body is by no means fat in any way. Oh, by the way, I'm Lyn and I'm Barbanne's flat mate and pal and yes we do mess about a bit although I consider myself straight and my amorousness with Barb is nothing but loneliness and some experimentation. She's hard to resist when she comes on strong and she is much more into it than me. I reckon Barb is one of those truly bi-sexual people you hear about. Even then I think she's not entirely sure what she wants, she's certainly had some spunky boyfriends and they all seem to be kept pretty happy when they're with her. Also I know she got right into the whole gay and lesbian scene a while back and she got involved with one particular big butch and that ended badly and she was pretty well bruised by that experience.
Struth though the little minx writes stuff for the internet and I reckon she's fairly casual with the truth, you've probably read some of it and I get lots of mentions and most of it is sort of exaggerated, quite wildly at times. For instance that ULTRA DELUXE SENSATIONAL SUPER SUPREME INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH MAINS POWERED ROTATING VIBRATING ORGASMATRONIC MAGIC WHANGER SCHLONG DILDO she had me using, well, OK, I was playing with it a bit but no way I had the BIG BOY POWER HEAD on it, matter of fact I was only using the HAPPY GIRL SILKY HEAD.
That Barb.
Anyway Barb should call me Junosque. At least I'm not border line anorexic like her. I mean she fiddles with food and is always talking about dieting and all I have to say is "Hey Barb those pants look a little tight," and she gives up eating completely. Barb has always been breast challenged and sort of skinny although if she keeps her supplies anywhere it's in her big bottom. Hey she's got knobbly knees and short legs and she's flat chested and her hair took fright years ago and never recovered and see, I can be rude too. Truthfully though I know Barb had some shit as a kid with a very unhappy childhood and she was a ward of the state all through puberty and while we only ever skate around it I know she was molested when very young and she has done well to be as normal as she is.
I suppose.
Enough sympathy though, she is still a little creep and I'm going to fix her good.
Barb has blue eyes, slightly slanted like a pussy cat (although she's more of a pussy hound, is that the right expression for a girl?) a sort of turned up nose, shoulder length fly away hair and kind of a pale pixie face and lots of freckles and she is quite cute really although you'd never call her a beauty, (she looks quite aenemic actually and never wears much makeup, only pale pink, almost white lipstick and when I asked her why she didn't colour up a bit and try to look less wasted, she said she liked looking pale and aenemic because that's how she felt) but for all her angelic looks she has a wicked sense of humour and needs bringing down a peg or two.
I was going to fix her though and this was the day.
Barb's no kid anymore but that doesn't stop her wearing sort of slutty clothes and that day she came in wearing a short denim skirt way too short for a woman her age and a skimpy top and nose bleed high heels and I just knew she was wearing a thong and that suited my purpose.
"Hey Barb what do you reckon this is?" I said peering over the back of the lounge.
"What?" she said and bent right over to have a look baring her big bum (and the thong string buried in the crack of her ass, I was right about that) and I said, "You're going to feel a little prick girlfriend, like when you're with Al."
And with that I jammed the syringe into her butt and pushed the plunger down.
I hadn't known how much sedative to use and in retrospect I probably had too much, like enough to kayo a horse.
She whipped around and said, "Whaaa...." and I could see her going under and then her mouth fell open and her eyes rolled up and back and she went down in an untidy heap on the lounge.
Got her!
Now to humiliate you mate.
I stepped over to where she had landed face down and bum up, her ridiculous skirt riding up and revealing her bare ass and its tiny thong strap. She was dribbling onto the vinyl lounge and making sort of snorty noises. I checked the pulse at her throat and then at her wrists and it was strong and steady but I had laid my flat mate out cold. I checked the dosage on the bottle of sedative I had used and whoops. Oh shit, I had hit Barb with about three times the recommended dose, it wasn't going to do her a lot of harm but she was going to be out like a light for about twelve hours.
That would give me plenty of time to do what I wanted so I went and got my camera and spent time setting it up on a tripod.
I turned back to my victim. Poor Barb she sure didn't look too comfortable nose dived onto the lounge. I got her under the arms and dragged her off onto the floor. I peeled her top off, propping her up while I did and no, she wasn't wearing a bra and having scrunched her top up under her chin I played with her nipples until they strained hard against my fingers, threatening to burst right out of their skin. Having had that fun and recorded it all, I worked her skirt down her legs and off and pulled her thong off as well. It was a bugger to get off as it rolled up on itself and became a tight little scrunched up ring and stuck several times. I decided that with her panties down around her knees she sure looked pretty pathetic and took a few shots of that. The fact that she was looking stupidly and unconsciously out of a slit between two eyelids that were lowered like blinds not pulled all the way down and still drooling made her look even more shameful.
At last she was nude except for her "fuck me" shoes and a wrist bracelet and chain around her neck. I laid her out on the floor arms and legs outspread and got the camera.
I photographed her like that from lots of angles and then putting the camera back on the tripod I got naked as well and then fired off some shots of myself standing triumphantly with my foot planted between her tits and also holding her arm in my hand showing the camera just how much the victor I was and how defeated she was. Then I hauled her up and onto the lounge, posing her sort of sitting slumped and crumpled. Holding and moving her warm, limp body and smelling her skin and stuff started turning me on and I stayed pleasantly aroused throughout.
I struggled with her again and flopped her over the arm of the lounge, head down, ass up and then, using the close up focal length, shot pics of her ass and pussy spreading her buttocks with my hands to get really pornographic. I moved the camera around to where her head and arms were hanging down and grabbing a fistful of her hair I dragged her head up so the camera could record just how much in control of my senseless pal I was. Her slitty eyes and dribbling mouth totally emphasised just how humiliated she was.
I was enjoying this and the photos of a thoroughly abased and mortified Barb were piling up.
I got my pink plastic hand model dildo and shot pics of my hand holding Barb's head up by the hair with that sex toy poking from her mouth.
Next I rolled her onto her back across the lounge arm and spreading her legs shot close up pornographics of her pussy stretching it wide with my hands and then with the dildo firmly inserted. She was going to hate me for this.
I wrestled her limp body (she was really out for the count) back into a sitting position although she was slumped over and her hair had fallen forward obscuring her face. This would never do as I wanted the photos to show her face and tell the viewer who it was that was being so completely debased.
"Gawd," I thought to myself, "Lyn you are an utter bitch."
"Yes," myself answered, "and aren't I enjoying it and how I love getting Barb back for all that shit she dumped on me."
I replaced the camera with a video and filmed myself climbing all over Barb and shagging her mercilessly with my dildo and then using my fingers to do all sorts of stuff.
Back to the still camera and before shooting I lifted her head to see her face. She'd stopped actively drooling but a whitish scum like residue showed around her mouth and down her chin. She was still right out. I shot pics and then a bright thought popped into my mind and dragging her legs out so that she was sort of half lying on her back with her head alone propped up against the back of the lounge and with her legs spread to once again show her cunt I went and got my bright red lipstick and wrote in fairly big letters on her tummy, starting just beneath her breasts, "I'm a BITCH and I deserve even worse."
I admired my handiwork and then put it on film.
I studied Barb posed like that sort of slumped on her back on the lounge and another idea occurred to me. I cleaned my message off her tummy and used my lipstick to write "creep" in neat letters across her forehead. Not that it would show much because my camera was focussed on her mons and vagina. A woman's vagina is the opening to her love tunnel and to her deepest pleasures, it's also the gateway to procreation and the creation of new life. As such it is her greatest treasure as well as her greatest vulnerability. How better to show Barb's helplessness and defencelessness than to concentrate on this. Posed slumped on her back as she was Barb's anorexic tummy had sunk into a concave little bowl thrusting her mons upward and displaying her sex openly and unashamedly. I spread her thighs even more to emphasise this. She had shaved recently and a light brown stubble covered her mons. The slash of her pussy and the crinkly soft crepe of her inner lips nestled in a tiny thicket of unshaven pubic hair below the stubble. I focussed the camera on this bringing it to pin sharpness. Her body and breasts and face drifted progressively out of focus and "creep" could only just be made out.
I photographed her female part from every angle.
I cleaned the word "creep" off and with some difficulty got her up enough to get my shoulder into her bread basket and then hoisted her up in a fireman's lift. That enabled me to get more shots of her big butt and her pussy and pooper.
I hoped so.
I took her in and dumped her on her bed and took off her shoes before I covered her nudity with the doona.
She still had about five hours of total unconsciousness to go before she rejoined the living.
I had been downloading my pics as I went and now downloaded the last of them and spent some time choosing the best before uploading them onto our website under the title "What do you think of Barbanne now boys?"
Oh wow had I had my revenge!
Barb staggered out later that evening, still naked.
"Shit what happened to me?"
"You fell asleep."
"Did I?"
"Shit, give me a coffee."
"Get it yourself girl."
She was groggily stirring coffee and sweetener together when suddenly she turned and said, "I remember, you stuck me with a needle. Shit! What was in that? What have you been doing to me?"
I smiled.
Barb looked at me and said, "What fuckin' deviltry have you been up to Lyn?"
"I'm not saying."
"Fuck you. Hmmm, well then, did I enjoy it?"
I started giggling and Barb was grinning and then she groaned and, downing her coffee, stumbled back to her bed and went out cold for another eight hours.
The following day she quizzed me again about what had happened.
I said nothing.
Then around lunchtime she found the pictures on the web.
"Lyn!!!!!"she screamed.
"Yes Barb." All innocence.
"So this is it!!!!"
"Well I reckoned it was about time you got yours."
"Jeez Lyn and I thought we were friends."
"You know what I think about this?"
"No, erm, you hate it and you hate me?" I hesitated.
A big grin spread over her face.
"I LOVE them."
And then we were both laughing fit to bust.
Later that day Barb saw the video I had shot and I couldn't tell from watching her what she was thinking, but she was smiling.
Later again, when it was dark outside she lay on top of me, my lips tingling from the longest unbroken kiss I had ever had and other parts of me tingling from, well, she's very skilful Barb is.
She whispered in my ear.
"Lyn my curvey little friend, yours is coming don't worry about that and my lovely friend what you did to me will look like a primer lesson."
Then she giggled a bit and so did I.
I also shivered in anticipation of her threat and that shiver felt wonderful.