Lyn................( a story) :)

Posted by Barbanne on June 14, 2005 at 01:21:31:


"Ooooh, Ooooh, Ooooh, Oooooooooooooooooooh............................"
Sweat, lots of sweat, skin, friction and more grunting.
An orgasmal scream and Al shot his load inside me, past my highly engorged clitoris and deep, deep inside my cunnie.
I subsided limply onto his chest, my somewhat inadequate tits squished against his powerful pecs.
"Jeez I luv being shagged by you lover boy," I mumbled.
"Speshully when I'm randy."
"Speshully, speshully when I'm real drippy, hot randy."
(And that's all the friggin' time I didn't say)
"I'll go check on Lyn."
Lyn's my flatmate and pal and occasional lover and when I'm screwing guys like my boyfreind du jour, Al, she has to make way for us and use the second bedroom, the one with the little single bed.
Lyn's a few years older than me and struggles with her weight. While I'm a skinny bitch she's chubbying up and, while by no means fat, she's becoming junoesque and it's plenty sexy.
I knocked on the door.
No answer.
"Lyn?" I whispered.
I pushed the door open and cringed back gobsmacked.
Lyn was lying on the bed, or should I say backward across the bed. She was nude and her spine was arched in a rictus of death. Her mouth was open, lips snarling away from her teeth, her eyes wide, wide open and staring fixedly and unseeing at the ceiling. Her plentiful breasts sagged sideways, big brown nipples thrusting hard and erect. Her ULTRA DELUXE SENSATIONAL SUPER SUPREME INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH MAINS POWERED ROTATING VIBRATING ORGASMATRONIC MAGIC WHANGER SCHLONG DILDO was inserted way way inside her, set to maximum power and smoking whispily and it had obviously shorted out electrocuting the poor darling.
"Eeeeeeuurrkkk!!!!" I scampered, squeaking and gabbling and gibbering back to where Al was lying in my bed in a post coital haze and grabbed him by the dick and dragged him back to Lyn's room.
"Jeeesus Barb!"
We both stood there naked and gazed down at her.
"What happened?"
"Fried herself, what you might call the ultimate frying fuck," I said.
"What a way to go."
"Yeah lucky bitch."
"What we gunna do with her?"
"I dunno."
"Well what?"
"Well she's sorta too good to waste, I mean, well, she's dead."
"And I'm not, is that what you're saying?"
"No criticism of you babe, but you see I got this fantasy...."
"I know I've played dead for you hunnerts of times, well, maybe not hunnerts."
"But this is different."
"Yeah Lyn's dead, kapoo, gone, deceased for real."
"Am I gunna throw up at this idea?"
"Are you?"
"Guess not. Whaddaya want to do?"
He grinned, "Like I said she's too good to waste. So we mustn't waste time either."
"Waste time, hey it's not like she's going anywhere soon."
"Love ya Barb."
I crossed over and switched off and unplugged the ULTRA DELUXE SENSATIONAL SUPER SUPREME INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH MAINS POWERED ROTATING VIBRATING ORGASMATRONIC MAGIC WHANGER SCHLONG DILDO. I mean it was as dead as Lyn was, but no taking chances eh?
"She loved this thing," I said.
"Don't all you girls?"
"Hmm," I peered at where it protruded from Lyn's pussy, "maybe I might give it a go. Better get it fixed up first or I could end up all lollopy and naked and dead too."
"So you'd like that would you you wierd sicko fuck."
"And what are you?"
"OK I'm a wierd sicko fuck myself but still........"
"Barb you'd definitely be my favourite fuckable corpse."
"Hah, might be good at it come to think."
I stooped over Lyn's body and grabbed the end of the dildo. "Hey she really buried this thing in herself."
Al grinned, "Nothing if not capable our Lyn."
I worked the latex business end of the dildo around inside Lyn's dead cunt. Squishy, slooshy noises and I eased back pulling it gently. Slurpy, slippy, sucky noises like walking through a bog in Wellies. It started to slide, sucking loudly and then POP, out it came like a cork from a bottle. I rolled up the cord and put it aside. Lyn had opted for the BIG BOY POWER HEAD and my respect for her grew.
"Way to go girl," I whispered to myself.
I leaned over and kissed first one proud nipple and then the other. I tried to fix Lyn's face but her snarl was permanent.
"Fraid she's gunna look unhappy."
"Tough luck Lyn," said Al grinning.
We got her into the middle of the bed and I put her arms down by her sides and spread her legs apart.
Al watched as, naked, I did amazing things with Lyn's freshly dead body. Amazing. I mean we two were as one and I made myself come and come again and again. I was insatiable. I kissed her full on the mouth which was kind of difficult as her bared teeth scraped my lips, especially two rather sharp almost fangs to either side of her front teeth. Mind you, she sort of freaked me a bit, the way she was looking right through and past me from dulling, wide open, staring eyeballs. Undeterred though and in the grip of searingly hot sexual arousal, I kissed and sucked at her cute chin and down her neck and onto her front. Her soft, fleshily plump breasts sagged away from her chest, her really large brown nipples were hard and upright and I slid my tongue over both breasts before sucking vigorously on her nipples. Down her thorax my busy tongue went and onto her bulging abdomen with her little love handles creasing away in her gorgeous flesh. Her mons, the inner depths of her thighs, the secret hollows of her groin and her bristly pubic bush, recently shaved and then my mouth found her pussy and my tongue flickered prehensilely inside her still warm and wetly glistening vagina, finding her dead pleasure centres and making myself come again. Her thighs, her knees, her lower legs, calves, ankles and feet, I loved them all. Back up top and I buried my face in her shaven armpits sucking in the odour of her body. And then I was back at her groin and my tongue was inside her love canal as my own cunt burned and my nipples tingled and I orgasmed kind of continuously.
Exhausted I rolled aside and Al mounted my recently departed pal. I helped him while he gave her a fuck to remember while I pleasured him and her together.
Except she couldn't of course.
Remember that is.
We looked down at her beautiful corpse.
"What we gunna do with her?"
"Get rid of her I suppose."
"Better put her in something so as not to leave any traces."
"Good thinking Barb."
"I'll get the cling wrap."
With Al's help I sat Lyn sort of half up and started coccooning her in clear plastic, winding it around her head and shoulders, pinning her arms to her sides and then, lying her down again, we lifted her ass and legs and bound them around and around finishing off with a neat package at the feet. The plastic was sucked in against her flesh and her nose was mashed flat, her lips squashed against the plastic with lippy smearing where it hit and her tongue was pressed slug-like in the middle of her gaping mouth. Her bared teeth looked like they wanted to bite their way free of the clingwrap. One eye was open and the other shut. The plastic emphasised the horrible flat dull deadness of her one accusingly gazing eyeball. Her breasts were pancaked in their mummy like clear plastic sheath and her pubic hair showed scratchily were it too was bound tightly in place. Amazingly her nipples were still hard and erect and thrusting up in their own little plastic cones.
She was still limp but when we lifted her between us the plastic held her in place only letting her body droop slightly. Al took her shoulders and I followed with the feet. Strewth she was heavy and I had the thin end.
We carried her out to the car and put her in the back seat and covered her with a red chequer patterned travelling rug.
Al drove and I kept watch on our stiff.
Well, OK, our limp then.
We found an enormous dumpster way out in the boondocks and Al and I carried Lyn's shrink wrapped corpse over to it. By now she was living up to her new role as a stiff and had definitely become much more plank like. Together we struggled her up and heaved her in, she landed with a meaty schlerplop on top of the rest of the sloppy contents.
Why dump her?
It would have been way too embarrassing to explain her sudden and very wierd death.
So here I am back home in the very room where Lyn died.
Its been fixed by Al and I'm pretty sure its OK now.
Got myself nude and got it going and inside me. Nudity allows me to work on my tits and nipples with my hands and let the ULTRA DELUXE SENSATIONAL SUPER SUPREME INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH MAINS POWERED ROTATING VIBRATING ORGASMATRONIC MAGIC WHANGER SCHLONG DILDO deal with my clit.
Oh my gawd it oscillates and vibrates and rotates and thrusts in and out.
What a little bewdy.
Like to meet the man who could do this, all night too if I want.
"Its like the greatest, like an electrically charged orgasm, like an electric sho............."


Barbanne sprawls across the bed very still.
Except for an occasional twitch.
The twitches stop.
Barbanne is now totally still.
Faintly in the distance a radio plays.

Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Within the sound of silence

The body on the bed is as still and silent as the cold, dank, darkness of the grave.

In restless dreams I walked alone
Narrow streets of cobblestone
'Neath the halo of a street lamp
I turned my collar to the cold and damp
When my eyes were stabbed by the flash of a neon light
That split the night
And touched the sound of silence
...the sound of silence.....of silence......silence.....silence......silence

Acknowledgements and many thanks to Simon and Garfunkel.