Land of Z

Posted by Barbanne on November 01, 2000 at 16:48:32:


So that is what you look like when you are dead!
Its awful, I mean it looks so really ghastly.................
...........and its so bloody embarrassing.
"Oh hello. Didn't see you there. Sorry."
I was preoccupied looking down there.
I'm dead you see and this is the planet Zaardozz. I suppose its what humans think of as heaven. You die see and then you are sort of reborn up here. Except you don't have like a solid body but not to worry, you can look like whatever you want. I look like a cross between Pammy and Cher. It was all I could think of. I've only been dead about an hour you see and I haven't got the hang of it yet. Oh and another thing about Zaardozz you can see what's happening on earth. You just look down and see whatever you want. No windows no screens nothing. Just sort of gaze down and there it is.
See down there.
That's me and I'm dead.
Naked too. Well nearly except for those strappy clunky high heeled black shoes. Face down and ass up at the edge of that shallow watery swamp land. That's where they left me. Lying face down and dead in the muddy water.
I was walking home after college and I know I have been told a hundred times that its stupid for young girls to walk home alone after dark but I knew better. I suppose wearing that short skirt and sleeveless crop top was pretty dumb too. Not that I'm much to look at, but I was baring a lot of pale girl flesh. You know arms, legs, tummy and in the dark well, I probably looked available.
There were four of them in a car.
Young fellers and all filled to the brim with piss and first they drove past and yahooed me and I gave them the finger and then they came back the other way and whistled like mad and I turned my back on them and flounced off and the third time they came up behind me and the first thing I knew was they screeched to a stop with the door open and two of them pulled me into the car. I got off a squeal, hardly a scream and then they had me on the back seat and one was holding me with his hand over my mouth and I could smell the booze and the other was fumbling with my clothes and pulled my crop top up and popped my bra strap and forced his hand under my skirt and inside my panties and jammed his fingers into my cunnie. I struggled and mmphed but they were way too strong and this one guy was all over me and kissing me and everything and then they drove out here to this swampy wasteland.
I struggled like mad and started screaming and crying, but out here there is no-one within cooee and of course no-one heard me and despite my struggles and my kicking and scratching and biting I had no hope.
I mean one guy would have over powered me but with four I stood no chance at all.
They pushed me down onto the ground and actually ripped my clothes off of my body. That's them lying scattered about five metres from where I am lying.
Then they raped me.
One after the other.
Somewhere about between the third and fourth time I went sort of catatonic and just lay there whimpering while they had their fun and used me again and again.
Then one guy, he was the biggest and really nasty, he started choking me and the others told him to stop but it was all half hearted and he strangled me, squeezing my throat really hard and it hurt a lot and then when I was almost blacked out he dragged me down to the water's edge and held me under while he kept strangling me. I'm not sure if I died of strangulation or if I drowned but I am sure as hell dead!
Then he dragged my nude corpse back up the bank with those ridiculous (I now realise) shoes scoring the mud and him and one other guy fucked me even though I was quite dead. Then they rolled my white and naked and cold and dead body down to where you can see it lying now.
The guy who had strangled me said, "Had to kill the bitch. She woulda blabbed to her mum or the cops or someone."
The others nodded and mumbled and they all got into the car and drove away.
I haven't got a mum or a dad to blab to but they didn't know that. And I probably wouldn't have blabbed to the cops either. Well, not if the whole thing had been handled differently.
Too late for that.
I was dead. Defunct! kaput!
About twenty minutes later a guy walking his dog late found my body. Actually the dog did and snuffled around where my hair was spread out and then ran to his master whining.
The guy just stood there looking at my bare ass for a while. He didn't touch me or anything. Didn't have to. It was really obvious I was beyond help.
Then he hurried away.
Now the cops and the medical examiner and the meat wagon are all there drawn up around the scene and using their headlights to illuminate me. The photographer has shot pictures of me from every angle and the soco techs are retrieving casts of tyre tracks and footprints and the ME has had a preliminary look at me and now two young cops have hold of my arms and they turn me and drag me up onto the bank.
If I'd known so many people were going to stare at me I'd have preferred to have at least had my panties and bra on.
The cops have got me now and my tummy and breasts are all streaked with mud and weed and my tongue is lolling out of my mouth which is open and my lips are quite blue and my eyes are like half open sort of heavy lidded and only my whites of my eyeballs are showing and I look really wrecked and ruined and wasted and dead. My hair is damp and stringy and my pubes are muddy and matted into clumps and rigor hasn't started and I am all limp and floppy. My legs drag and my arms flip flop and my head rolls around on my neck and now they have me stretched out on my side and the ME (she's a nice and seemingly caring lady) uses her thermometer to check my body temperature rectally and shakes her head and speaks notes into a small tape recorder and the photographer gets more shots of me as I lie there and now the ME turns me onto my back and the photographer shoots my face (no beauty queen entrant I can tell you) and my front.
They stand around where I am lying sprawled out on my back and occasionally they look down at me and a tech bags my hands and another collects each item of my clothing and bags them separately and now they bring a green plastic body bag and unzip it fully and wrestle my corpse into it and I am bagged too.
Into the back of the meat wagon I go, just another unidentified victim for the morgue.
Now my body is driven away and they start finishing up.
They'll be back in the daylight to comb the area more carefully.
Yellow crime scene tape surrounds the edge of the swamp and a constable stands guard.
Hope they get those bastards who snuffed me.
Now. Its not so bad here on Zaardozz.
I've gotta choose a better appearance.
Maybe I'll look like Elle McPherson.
Or Naomi....................wouldn't mind being a black girl..........................