Jealous Love.

Posted by Barbanne on May 10, 2000 at 00:10:57:


Bethanne smiled at Linda.
They really were best friends.
Bethanne thought how lucky she was to have a girl pal like Linda. Petite at one sixty centimetres and fifty kilos, Linda was blonde and beautifully tanned. She had a gorgeously compact body and there were times when Bethanne had felt stirrings of something other than best girlfriend friendship towards Linda. Something far more physical, a deep in the tummy lust for one of her own sex. Bethanne consumed lovers of both sexes with an endlessly burning appetite for the new and the forbidden.
That, she was sensible enough to realise, was why she had to have Carlo.
Linda's husband Carlo.
And that was why Linda had to die.
Bethanne was truly sorry about that. She really loved Linda and hated the thought of having to kill her but, "needs must when the devil drives", she thought with a smile.
They were sitting in Linda's kitchen. Coffee was on the table and while drinking that and snacking on some plain cracker biscuits, (both girls were painfully aware of the need to punish their appetites in order to maintain their anorexically youthful figures) Bethanne had been trying to batter her long, crinkly, wire like hair into subjugation with a long handled, plastic hair brush. It was symptomatic of the easiness of the deep friendship the two girls had, that a social occasion like this could involve such an intimately personal act as the hair brushing.
"So how's Carlo?" asked Bethanne.
"Wondered when you'd get around to that."
"Don't mmmmnnn me you bitch! Think I don't know you and Carlo are having it off behind my back. Think I haven't smelt you all over him when he comes home from "late nights" at the office. Office my fucking ass."
"Linda!" Bethanne looked truly shocked.
"Don't Linda me Bethanne. I know you're screwing my beloved fucking Carlo and I've been wondering when you'd get around to mentioning it. Or him, but that fucking shit would never tell his wife he's jamming his cock into her so called best friend."
"Linda, its not true."
"For christ's sake Beth, don't treat me as a bloody fool."
"You what? You deny it? Want to see the reports I've been given by the dick I hired to sniff you two randy shits out?
"Jesus Linda."
"You can see them, juicy reading they make too.." Linda rose swiftly and turned towards the passage leading into the bedrooms.
Behind her Bethanne was on her feet and the heavy hair brush was swinging in a wild arc. It cracked into the back of Linda's head and she swore and stumbled. Knocking someone out isn't as easy as it looks on TV or in the movies and Bethanne struck Linda a second and then a third time. Each blow made a sickening, thunking noise as the heavy brush connected with her hair and the skull beneath it. The third blow finished her and Linda crumpled over the table sending a coffee mug flying as she scrabbled and fell to the floor. She lay there moaning softly and Bethanne grabbed her under the armpits and dragged her down to her bedroom. Linda was snuffling and making small hurting noises but she was almost out. Bethanne dragged her into the bedroom and half flopped her onto the bed so that her upper body lay on the covers and her ass hung down with her legs splayed out on the floor.
"Ooooooooohh.........." Linda groaned.
Bethanne ripped the coverlet aside and yanked out a pillow and shoved it over Linda's face. She pressed it down hard, desperately moulding it to cover Linda's mouth and nose.
Over the top of the pillow Linda's eyes were open and skittering madly back and forth. From behind the pillow she said. "Bbbtthhhh...................."
Bethanne pressed down hard, both hands pressed to the pillow, one knee in Linda's belly and the other between her legs.
Linda tried to struggle but her efforts were feeble and Bethanne kept up her efforts driven by murderous strength.
Linda's eyes went very wide and then lost their lustre and slid back and upwards until only a sliver of glazed pupil could be seen.
Bethanne kept pushing the pillow into her face but it was over.
Unwilling to concede she kept up the pressure for five more minutes but when she finally pulled away, Linda lay limp and still. Her eyes were vacant and dribble snaked down her chin. Her splayed legs had fallen apart and her arms sprawled to either side.
Bethanne threw the pillow back onto the bed.
Getting to one side she put her arms under Linda's shoulders and lifted her until she could get a better purchase and then hauled her up onto the bed. She dropped the limp body and, moving around to the bottom of the bed, grasped her ankles and pulled her legs over and out straight until Linda lay stretched out, on her back, on one side of the bed.
Linda was wearing a cotton summery dress and strappy shoes. Bethanne unbuckled the shoes and removed them. Lifting Linda again, she unzipped the back of the dress down as far as it would go. She slipped it over Linda's shoulders and wriggled it down past her hips and off of her legs. She folded the dress and put it to one side with the shoes. Turning Linda's upper body she unhooked her bra and pulled it off of her arms. Her brief panties she rolled down and off of her legs. Linda's body was now nude and stretched out on her back, face upturned and mouth partly open in an expression of pert surprise. Her partly opened eyelids showed the sightless white of her uprolled eyes and destroyed that impression of pertness, making her just look very dead.
Bethanne put Linda's underthings with her dress and shoes and, going back to the kitchen, she used the phone to call Carlo.
When he eventually picked up she breathed into the phone, "Darling its me, Bethanne."
"Hi gorgeous."
"Darling, I've solved our problems."
"This is very mysterious Beth. What do you mean, solved our problems."
"With Linda darling."
"What with Linda?" he was guarded.
"Come home now. Your place. I can't say more over the phone."
"Beth, I just can't walk out now."
"Please Carlo. It really is important."
"Oh damn it. Alright give me a half hour."
Bethanne put down the phone and, going back to the bedroom, stripped herself naked.
Carlo drove into the garage and killed the engine.
What was that nutty girl up to now. He wanted to be rid of Linda with her endless nagging and stupid jealousy but what did Bethanne intend? And Bethanne. He loved the way she fucked in bed but she was so demanding.
Carlo was a very handsome man and women always responded to his presence in subtle ways. A surreptitious application of makeup. Sidelong glances when they thought he wasn't looking. Brushing against him in the crush at a bar. Bold direct invitations, sometimes spoken, sometimes with their eyes.
He was used to it.
He opened the door from the garage.
Bethanne totally nude, and holding two champagne flutes met him and putting aside the glasses, enfolded him in her naked flesh and kissed him hard. She pulled back and he could see the dew of arousal on her upper lip.
"What's this?"
"Drink darling?" She sipped champagne and held his out to him. He swallowed a mouthful and looked at her hard.
"Bethanne what the hell is this all about?"
"Come with me darling." She took his wrist and pulled him into the bedroom.
"Oh my god."
He didn't have to be told to see that Linda was dead.
"Darling don't you see. We're free now. Free to do what we like."
"Jeezus Bethanne."
He sat on the bed. An idea formed in the back of his head.
"Carlo," Bethanne was all over him tearing at his clothes, "Christ I'm horny."
He let her undress him his mind working hard.
Linda was dead, well too fucking bad. Bethanne was crazy but this was his big chance. Linda was dead, great! He couldn't have wished for better and with Bethanne here an opportunity to be rid of not just one, but two stupid bitches, was asking to be taken.
Bethanne pulled him onto her.
She was in a frenzy and as he went through the motions the idea crystallised. He felt himself growing erect and despite himself, his arousal grew into orgasmic hardness. Bethanne was so excited she could have fucked on her own and he wondered if she realised he was there. He came and she came a second later. She seemed to go on and on, coming again and again. She was moaning and screaming obscenities at him until suddenly she finished and lay like a limp rag beside him, her body covered in sweat and her heart beating like a hammer. Her breasts heaved and her tummy fluttered and the evidence of her excitement dribbled into her fine strip of pubic hair.
He kissed her and rising went for the glasses.
"Fuck me more lover."
He looked at Bethanne's lusting, hooded eyes.
"Sure babe."
He dropped four tablets into Bethanne's glass and carried both back. He passed her hers and she tipped it down in one move. He sipped champagne and watched Bethanne.
Suddenly her eyelids fluttered and her mouth flapped like a fish out of water. Her body jittered and she fell back onto the bed. Linda's corpse jiggled.
He went to the kitchen and brought back the tablets and a glass of water.
With an arm around her shoulders he lifted Bethanne and let her head fall back.
Using his fingers he forced her mouth open and fed the tablets in, washing them down with water. When the bottle was empty he wiped it clean and wrapped her fingers around it. He wiped the glass clean and then pressed her other hand onto it.
He dressed and went back to the kitchen.
When he returned to the bedroom, he checked Bethanne's pulse points. There was nothing there and she was already starting to go cold. He stooped over her and his lips touched her breast in a soft and gentle caress. His mouth moved lovingly over her upright, hard little nipple, thrusting defiantly from her dead flesh. "You were a great fuck babe," he murmured.
He left the way he had come but not before he had taken a long look at the bedroom tableau. Linda stretched out naked and smothered. Bethanne sprawled on the bed, arms dangling down, full of barbituates and stone cold dead.
"Perfect." He thought.
He said. "Goodbye you two loser bitches."
As he drove back to work he thought of maybe taking a holiday somewhere when all of this was over with. Somewhere where the chicks were easy and a newly widowed guy who was cashed up would be appreciated.