I knows I kin do this....................

Posted by Barbanne on September 25, 2004 at 23:40:42:

......I CAN write a bad story

It was a dark and stormy night when I kilt Barbanne.
I woz peering in her window and she woz standing there wearing only a filmy bra.
I fingered my Glock, like an erect cock in my hands. Hot, throbbing cock gun.
I shot her through the tits.
She fell face down and I climbed in through the window and rolled her on her back and fucked her good.
That fixed her, fuckin' bitch. Its what she deserved.
(inexplicable jump to another totally irrelevant scene)
This time she woz in the shower.
Soapy tits, soapy belly, soapy legs and soapy cunt. Soapy wet cunt soapy drooley pubic hair. My cock woz throbbing. I grabbed her long, wet hair and bashed her head against the tiles. Kilt her stone dead, bashed her brains out. I dragged her wet body out of the shower and fucked her good on the floor.
Fuckin' bitch its what she deserved.
(another inexplicable jump)
She woz nude on her bed, playing with herself.
Fingering her cunt. Her hot, wet, drippy cunt. I twitched the rope in my hands and jumped her. Her eyes saucered wide and then I had the rope round her neck.
I tugged and tugged and she struggled and fought.
Fuck I like it when they fight.
She fought good gulping and gerping but I kept the pressure on hard. I thought my cock would burst.
Then she went like Owweer and went limpo and I rolled her on her back and fucked her proper.
Fuckin' bitch its what she deserved.
(not much plot development here)
I seez her standing there nude as anything and I pops her, shoots her between her baby blues. Capped her once't and for all.
Corse she's dead and all so I fucks her good.
Its what she deserves the fuckin' slut.
(good continuity eh?)
I think maybe I'm some sorta pervert. But then again she woz the one leading me on. Bitch. Slut.
Got what she deserved.
(and now for a great finish)
The End.