The harem holocaust

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The man slipped over the outer wall and dropped silently to the ground.
The hounds came out of the darkness growling. They stopped short of him sniffing at the air. They bared their fangs and moved closer and then his hands floated through the air and they sank to the ground stupified and senseless.
The man moved wraithlike across the ground, seemingly gliding through the velvet cloak of darkness. He saw the lights at the entry to the harem and dropped to the ground becoming one with the blackness. He watched as the sentry came into view.

I hated the midnight shift.
I'm a day person and having to do guard duty in the middle of the night when I'd much rather be in bed, either sleeping or "sleeping" with someone, preferably Gant from the Sultan's elite guards, (at least this month) I considered a bummer. Having my woman's slit filled with male cock appealed much more.
Much, much, more!
I gripped my short spear and peered into the dark.
Behind me, inside the warmth of the harem the women of the Sultan slept, naked, perfumed and massaged into somnambulance.
The breeze blew over my bared breasts, chilling them and bringing my ever anxious nipples erect.
The strip of gold embroidered cloth that hung from my gold waistbelt, dangling between my legs front and back, which together with my gold sandals constituted my "uniform" might have been personally designed by the Sultan and might, when we all paraded together, have given the old guy some sort of thrill to see a host of young females clad only in these brief loincloths, but for night duty it sucked.
I moved to the edge of the light and strained my eyes, peering into the stygian gloom.
The man rose up in front of me as though he had emerged from the out of earth itself. Glorious, soft, brown eyes were all I could see. He was clad in black from head to toe, only a strip above his nose revealing those yummy eyes.
"Oi, what are you doing?" I said.
"Time for bed babe," he said in a deep melodious baritone and I felt a tingling, a gush like warm water flowing up from my calves to my thighs.
"I wish, but I'm not tired."
"Oh yes you are babe."
I didn't see his fist until it landed on my chin and I felt myself falling forward, my naked breasts crushing against his hard chest and my nose inhaling man smells of sweat and strength and then my lights snapped out.

The man held the girl slumped in his arms.
Some sentry!
But she was cute.
Pert little breasts and a small diminutive but condensed body that oozed femininity. Lovely ass, flat tummy, shapely arms and legs and slender feet and hands and a plain but not unpretty and very interesting face crowned with a mane of crinkly hair. A sprinkling of freckles covered her forearms and face and tumbled down onto her chest.
Yeah she was sweet alright, probably a little fire cracker in bed, but as a guard she stank.
He dragged her over to one side, under some bushes, and peeling her loincloth off, he tore it into strips and used it to tightly bind her ankles and wrists and wound one strip around her mouth as a gag. Her eyelashes were so very soft and lacey, drifted down onto her cheeks, and tenderly he leaned over her and kissed her lips and smiled to hear that she was snoring softly through her nose.
He rose from the recumbent sleeping beauty and slipped into the harem.
His name was Death!
The Sultan's women were all uniformly tall and beautiful and although there was an even distribution of blondes and brunettes they all shared the classic features of the fortunate winners of the battle of being a woman in a man's world and all were without exception gorgeously endowed.
They lay on their beds, many naked, others covered in only the wispiest of sleeping attire and as they stirred and turned in their slumber, dreaming of power, money and sex, the man called Death moved amongst them, his hands bringing the promise of his name to all. A neck cracked here, a soft gurgling sound of strangulation there, the muffled cries of one suffocated over there, the small snuffles and other noises that emit from freshly dead corpses everywhere. He was quick and he was efficient and within moments only the body sounds of the deceased disturbed the still night air.
He dragged their bodies together and made a pile of them, arranged for maximum effect when the Sultan came either to fulfill his night's desires or to waken them for early morning romps. In all twenty of the most beautiful women to have ever graced the palace of the ruler lay piled obscenely in a heap of perfumed flesh.
His job was done and he slipped as soundlessly away as he had silently come.
Now to deal with the sentry.

Ow that man could punch.
I came back into it with a really sore chin and a thumping headache and a monumental desire to pee!
My hands and feet were tied with what seemed to be the remnants of my loincloth and otherwise I was naked in gold sandals. I scrabbled onto my knees and tried to squat but my tightly bound feet meant that I couldn't get upright without falling sideways. Finally I grasped a low branch and managed to piddle without drenching my heels. I found that grass makes rotten toilet paper and got myself back under the bushes.
Wow had I stuffed up!
I wondered what my conqueror had gotten up to in the harem and realised that the ease with which he had laid me out would qualify me for the Sultan's beheading block. I felt sick.
I heard him (I hoped it was him) coming back and decided that unconscious would be my best option. I lay there limped out and breathing noisily.
It was him. He stopped beside me and I could feel him looking down at me.
"If I leave you here then I can guarantee the Sultan's going to be royally pissed and I reckon you might be for the chop girlie. Not that I care, but geez you are a crap sentry babe and I suppose I'd better give you a chance."
Yes please I thought.
He dragged me out and lifted me up in his arms, big strong muscular arms to go with that deep, sexy voice. I felt myself getting roilies in the tummy. I made pretend I was out cold and sagged bonelessly.
I heard a soft whistle and a horse was there. The guy dumped me, none too tenderly, across the saddle and retied my hands to my feet and to the girth strap so that I wouldn't fall off. Head down, ass up I was draped there like a saddle roll and he mounted up behind me. He clicked his teeth and away we went. We galloped along and despite my sore head being bounced around outrageously I dropped off to sleep.
I woke up and it was dawn.
Cold, clear, sunny dawn and I was freezing.
I decide it was time to "come to."
"I'm bloody uncomfortable and I'm naked and I'm freezing cold," I said.
"Ah, sleeping beauty wakens." The deep, rich baritone washed over me like a wet dream.
"You gunna let me up."
It's impossible to have a decent conversation with someone when you're head is under a horse's belly.
"Why should I Miss?"
"Because I'm really fuckin' uncomfortable like this and besides you kidnapped me."
Kidnapped you? Seems to me I'm saving your ass because you are one crap sentry and HRH the Sultan will be looking to separate you from your head this morning."
"Did you do truly awful things back there?"
"Umm, hmm, yep."
"Shit! Well you may be saving my ass but you're not stopping it from freezing."
"It looks great from where I'm sitting."
His rough warrior's fingers stroked over my buttocks and he ran one finger down my crack.
My tummy shivered and my pussy went really hot and quivery and my nipples crawled against the horse's hide.
"Please," I said.
He whoaed the horse and got down and untied me and dragged me off. My feet landed on the dirt but I stayed doubled over with cramps. Ever so slowly I straightened up.
"Can I have something to wear, I'm sick of being naked?" I whined.
"Ah, you're spoiling my view but try this."
He tossed me a rough shirt which he had taken from his roll.
I dragged it on gratefully only to find it was about ten sizes too big. It sagged a bit and kept falling off one or other of my shoulders but it reached my knees and it was warm.
"No panties?" I said hopefully.
"Girl's panties? No sorry."
I used one of the strips of my loincloth as a belt and tightened it around my waist.
I was getting my first good look at my captor and I have to tell you I was experiencing a lot of flushes. The man was big and dark and he was gorgeous.
"OK mount up we can't waste time here. Your former employer might be along soon and we don't want that!"
"Villain. I should want them to catch you."
"But you don't," he leant over and kissed me and my knees went watery.
"No I don't," I managed to whisper.
He mounted up and extended a hand to me and grabbing it I let him pull me up behind him. I wrapped my arms around him and snuggled into his back. The saddle leather was cold on my bare backside.
Away we went again.
We rode for most of the day and he grumbled when I asked for repeated peeing stops but my cold butt and the wind around my kidneys was the problem I reckoned.
In the late afternoon we stopped and made camp in the shelter of some rocks.
I started in making a little nest for the night. I spread blankets out and nagged him to get a fire going and looked askance at the rations he produced. Dried up strips of meat and some grains and some mouldy looking bread and two of the saddest looking tomatoes ever seen. I found a small tin billy amongst his stuff and went and filled it with water from the silvery stream that meandered down amongst the rocks. He produced two earthenware bowls and I got the meat and grains cooking to soften and searched for herbs that I recognised to add to the whole thing in the hope of making it palatable and when it had cooked through and thickened I toasted the bread and peeled and sliced the crap tomatoes to add to it. I dumped my concoction into the bowls and served it up making sure to give him twice as much as I kept for myself.
Amazingly it wasn't too bad and he wolfed it down as though it were his first meal for days.
(Which it may very well have been)
Afterwards I cleaned the bowls and brewed up some tea from leaves I found in his quite appalling supply pack.
He damped down the fire to avoid smoke escaping and we sat there with our tummies full and a hot drink in our hands.
"I reckon the Sultan's men won't find us here," he said.
"Hope not," I replied over a mouth full of cup.
"So how come you were posted as a sentry. Excuse me saying this Miss but you would be the most hopeless sentry I've ever had to get past."
"Not real good eh?" I said.
"Total crap actually."
I sighed. "Well I guess my heart wasn't in it. I'm more a lover than a fighter I think and anyway I came into the Sultan's household as a child captive and haven't been treated all that flash ever since."
"So your loyalties to HRH aren't really rock solid."
"Are you kidding. Lord knows what sort of mass murderer you are but here I am with you in preference to being back there where I've spent the last twelve years."
"Anyway if I turn up there they'll chop my head off."
"I can see that would be a strong disincentive."
"What'd you do anyway? Who'd you kill and why?"
"Well first up I only kill for money, I'm a mercenary and a good one and in answer to the other part of your question I killed the harem girls."
"All of them?"
"All of them."
"Makes you hate me?"
"Struth no. Those fucking bitches had it coming if anyone did. Do you know what they did for me eh? Do you want to know?"
"You're going to tell me anyway."
"They're or at least they were harlots and dykes and vicious bloody ones at that and the number of times I've been given to them as sport and been reduced to a blubbering mess and hurt, really hurt, well I can't tell you, but believe me I have no reason to mourn those cunts, none at all."
"Not your favourite babes?"
"No way."
"And you more of a lover than a fighter and all."
"That's what I said."
"Going to show me?"
"What do you want?"
What he wanted was a blow job and I'm good at that, queen of the jism swallowers if I say it myself and then he wanted to do me and I can accomodate that too even though he wanted me to assume positions that I needed to be an athlete to manage.
Later we lay together in post coital ennui and I said, "By the way what's your name?"
"That's it? Not Mister Death or Death Smith or something?"
"Just Death."
"So what's your name?"
"What do you want it to be?"
"I think I'll call you Destruction."
"Does that mean we're a team? Like Death and Destruction?"
"Does that men you're not going to kill me?"
"Not for now, no."
"And we're a team?"
"What are we going to do?"
"What do our names suggest?"
"Wow I like this, when do we start?"
"Tomorrow. Tomorrow Death and Destruction ride forth to wreak havoc on the world."