Posted by Barbanne on March 22, 2002 at 22:40:14:

I'll just try again.
I held this back for a while and now oh well........
Here goes again.


My nipple was on fire.
Like a little volcano it throbbed and burnt and throbbed and then erupted, spewing lava from its erupting cone.
I woke up with a start.
His face was only a few centimetres from mine.
I sleep nude and I was lying on my back, the bedclothes kicked away and he was bending over me crushing my nipple between his fingers and as I watched him through ever widening eyes he grinned and I saw the face of death.
His crooked teeth, his gaunt cheeks, his high forehead and receding hairline and his long hooked nose combined with the uneven gloom in my bedroom rendering his face skull like and cadaverous.
"Hello Christy," he said.
"You're hurting me," I whimpered.
"I like hurting you," he said.
"I always hurt girls."
"Please don't hurt me."
"Oh, would you prefer I killed you?"
"Jeezus don't make jokes like that."
"I don't make jokes."
"Who are you, why are you here and for crissakes let my nipple alone."
He laughed, a hollow mirthless laugh and released my nipple. I ouched and rubbed it with my thumb and he gripped my pubic hair and yanked it so hard he ripped some out. I squealed and tears bulged in my eyes.
"Who are you?" My voice sounded faint and whispery.
"You can call me Hank."
"And......................?" I already knew the answer.
"And I kill people."
"Are you going to kill me?" My tummy was cold and twisted and I thought I was going to wet myself.
"Maybe not?" I said.
"Maybe not, depends what you can do for me."
"Ask me. Tell me what you want."

Even when I am kind with myself I have to admit I am plain.
My nose ends in a sort of bulb and my brown eyes are flat and boring and my eyebrows are too heavy and need constant plucking and my hair is brown, straight and lifeless. My chin is too square and my face is covered in blemishes, a sort of never ending acne. Most kids grow out of it after puberty but not me. My body is too thin and my breasts are like jokes and my hips are too wide and my ankles are fat. The curly hair I would have liked on my head grows in profusion between my thighs and I am constantly at war with depilatories and my armpits and pubes.
And I am dumb.
I tried out for a job at Hooters and the guy took one look at my tits and laughed me out of the joint. I fled in weepy embarrassment as my more generously endowed sisters looked on and giggled.
I got a job as a barmaid at a slime palace and the owner guy always undoes my shirt buttons down to my navel before I go on duty. He reckons, "Christy you got nuthin' but at least let 'em find out for themselves. Anyway yer nipples are worth a look."
My breasts are mostly nipple.
Huge aureoles and nubby brown bits that crawl in and out as I grow more or less aroused. I spend half my waking hours aroused. I may be a dog but I get constantly turned on by good looking guys. I think its the very unavailability of them and the realisation of just how impossible it would be for one of them to notice me.
I lust for a guy to notice me.

Hank had noticed me.
I wouldn't really call him a good looking guy but he had NOTICED me.
He had grabbed my pubic hair again (why hadn't I shaved it all off) and was holding it just short of yanking on it again. My ass quivered in anticipation of more pain.
"You know Judy Mason and Tod Winkler?"
I nodded.
"Is that a yes?"
"Sure, they come into the bar at times. He's supposed to be a bigwig in the city but everyone knows he's the man when it comes to dealing around here."
"I want you to point them out to me."
"I can do that."
"Good, then maybe, just maybe you can stay alive a few more miserable days but Christy......"
"Get it wrong and you are dead now."

Judy Mason, she was a tall, thin blonde and Tod Winkler, he was a good looking young guy, always dressed in real flash threads, came in most nights but Mondays they would always be at table fifteen. Mondays they dealt and if you wanted them table fifteen was the place.
Hank told me what to do and Monday night when they came in I went over and took their order, they both said "Hi Christy," and then I got it and exactly a half an hour later I went over and said, "Hey Tod, Judy, got someone wants to say hello."
My shirt was hanging open and my tits were showing and I was nearly wetting myself from nerves.
"Who's that then Christy?" said Judy and I stepped aside and PHUTT!!, PHUTT!!, Hank shot them both between the eyes.
Tod slumped forward bleeding heaps into his veal schnitzel and Judy shrieked a little girl shriek and slid off her chair and her skirt rode up and she ended on the floor showing her crotch and panties and a big wet spreading stain all over them.
I stood there going, "oh, oh, oh, oooooooooooooooooooooh," and Hank grabbed my arm and dragged me after him out of the bar.
He had a car outside and threw me into the front seat and we burnt rubber leaving the joint and I could hear the sirens in the distance.
I was scared, horrified and very, very excited and really, really aroused.
The way Judy's head had exploded and then the silky, sexy way she slid down and exposed herself and died, that was really something. I was shaking and sort of whimpering and hot for Hank. Hard to explain but I wanted him as I'd never wanted another man.
We stopped and he changed the plates on the car and while I waited, shivering in the front seat, I got hotter and hotter. He went on to a dump of a motel about twenty kilometres out of town, one that had hoped to get traffic coming and going but had become a fringe fuck pad.
As soon as we were inside I was ripping my clothes off and scrabbling at his and then I was on the bed wearing my scrap of a panty thong only and screaming "Fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!!" and he tore my panties away shredding them and then he fucked me and fucked me and then he beat me unconscious.

So started my relationship with Hank.
Hitman, killer and beater of his stupid, slavish girlfriend.
For the first time ever in my life I knew what it was to be hunted. After the killings of Tod and Judy my photo from my work application had been enlarged and was printed up on wanted posters all over the place.
I could never return to that life. From now on my destiny was entwined with Hank's.
We worked together at times but mostly he worked alone. He was good at what he did and the corpses started piling up.
The media got onto the fact that unlike so many hitmen he had a female companion. We were promoted as the "Bonnie and Clyde" Killers.
We never stopped moving.
Always on the run.
He excited me and he repelled me.
I wanted sex with him and I felt I deserved the beatings he gave me. I don't know which he enjoyed more, fucking my very willing, nude body or beating it black and blue and pulping my flesh.
Then I noticed changes and finally a test proved it.
This would make everything different. I was so very happy.
Hank came home mean and more than drunk and when I tried to tell him he started in hitting me. Worse than ever before.
Later that night as he snored in out campervan bed I felt the cramping pains and only just made it to the toilets before the bloody mess exploded from between my legs.
Sick, shaking and sick in my heart I cleaned up as well as I could and crawled back into the van.
In the morning I was whiter than the dead and felt worse.

Hank said we needed money.
He had staked out a branch of the City Bank and told me what we had to do.
He gave me a gun and showed me how to use it but I knew it was all over. I could see the dead blackness in his eyes and knew that for him I was finished.
Then the hatred started and grew within my breast like wildfire.
We hit the bank mid morning.
It went wrong from the start and when one of the tellers hit the concealed alarm Hank shot her through the mouth. Another girl started screaming and he shot her in the chest. The security screens slammed down and Hank went mad. He shot a young woman customer through the head and grabbed a little kid from her mother.
For me something snapped.
"Hank," I said.
He looked over and yelled, "What!"
I shot him in the thigh.
He let go of the little girl and her mother grabbed her away. That woman was desperately brave.
Hank fired and I felt the slug slam into my side.
Coldly, without thinking, I shot him again, this time in the belly. He grunted and dropped to his knees. I shot his balls off. He screamed and I shot him in the mouth. I was emptying my gun into him when the first cops arrived and I was tackled to the ground and it was over.

I got life imprisonment without parole.
It doesn't matter.
I deserve it.
I'm glad I saved that kid's life though.