Posted by Barbanne on December 07, 2006 at 21:31:00:

HE DONE ME.........

He look at me and think, "That there's a nice piece of ass.....I'd like me to do that and then fuck it."
He think, "She remind me of Britney, I allus wanted to do Britney."
(Yair, like an old, short, flat chested, big bummed Britney.)
He got like a fantasee about that there Britney and making her his prey and I become his substitute like victim, like his proxy or is that poxee, hee hee. He decide as far as it all goes I'll do for what he wants.
I s'pose I look like somethink of a slut, but my short skirt and skimpy top be just my way of looking what I think izzum sexee.
He gotta hard on for me, huh, whoood believe that, but he does, he does gotta real bad hard on for me and he wants my body bad. He plans ahead and he waits where he knoes he can get me alone and vulner....er, vunner...er, vunnable.....er well helpless anyway. I din't know, I'm dumb anyway, and I walked into his amboosh all unsuspecting like and like a real sucker and like hizzum victim. He's hidink and as I goes sashaying past wagging my ass he grabs me from behind and gets his big strong hands around my throat, oooower I luv this bit and he squeezes and strangles and jerks me back and forth and I go like urk, urk, urk and dangle my tongue way out and thrash around and twitch and gurgle but he strong, way way stronger than me and I thrash and thrash and my thrashing does me no bloody good and eventually gets more and more feeble and he keep squeezin' and my tongue hanging down about a foot by now and I droolin' and dribbling and gunk trailing down my tongue and snotting out my nose and he deliver the koop de grass and I go eeerrrgghhh and it all up with me, all over red rover and I go all limpy and saggy and he put me down right there on the ground. Just as I kark I piddle my panties and that ud be embarrasing if'n I wasn't too dead to care.
He hot for me now, now I be dead and he look at my rolled up eyeballs and dangly tongue and he think bewdy, she mine now, she dead and she mine. And he think she not much like Britney, in fact she not much at all. But his hard on doing pretty much most of his thinking now.
He strip my body naked.
He don't much care for my loverly Target clothes either and he rip my shoes and skirt and top and bra and panties off tearing them in the process so as even if I wasn't dead I'd be like badly dressed when I put them on again.
But I ain't puttin' them on again I be's dead as a maggot. Strangledead.
Rolled up eyeballs trailing tongue and nekkid as the day I's born 'cept this is the day I's dead.
Then he fuck me.
His big shiny drippy cock jam into my dead cunt and he do me hard.
I sorta like bein' done hard even when I be dead.
And he done me HARD.
He don't even mind that I pissed myself when he finish me off. He don't even notice, he sure had a hard on for that there Britney.
Now he dragging my naked corpse into the bushes. I'm not looking my best being dead and covered down below in dried cum and starting to become more attractive to flies rather than men and all.
Ah well, s'pose I should be grateful, he done me, he done me good.