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Chapter Ten

The first raid by Barbanne's Bandits was a great success.
At least I thought it was.
We happened upon a small village comprising a school, a saloon and a few shops. Some scruffy houses completed the place. It was a stopover for caravans on their way from Los Angeles to Mexico and was in dry country to the south west of the village of the angels. Here, caravans would stock up on provisions and stuff before heading out, over the mountains and into the dry deserts on the other side. One shop, much bigger than the rest seemed to be the main stopping place and was very well stocked with goods and also seemed to be something of a bank. I went into the village on my own while my "desperados" camped outside in the foothills. I cased the joint and decided we would rob it as I was sure a fair sum of cash was kept on hand. The storekeeper was an old grey haired guy and there were a couple of Mexican chicks helping out plus a few more guys sort of stooging around. The girls looked at me like they could recognise a slag anywhere and the guys looked at me like they knew I was a slag and all slags should be on their backs with their legs waving in the air and a big Mexican guy using them as a mount.
I smiled sweetly at them all and bought some buttons.
I went back and rounded up Barbanne's bandits and we drifted down into town in ones and twos and converged on the store. I had decided to let my pals do any shooting or stuff as, despite my success in killing people during the ambush, I was pretty much a dud with guns and knives and stuff and more likely to shoot one of my pals than anyone else.
I went back into the store and smiled sweetly at the storekeeper and the two gals.
"Can I help you again madam!" he asked.
"Cash withdrawal please." I said.
"I begga your pardon......"
I smiled and held out my hand and waved at my friends. Mike had an arrow slotted and pointed in their general direction. Rick had a pistol held loosely in his hands. Lisa was thumbing a particularly sharp knife. Ripper just looked real nasty and Carl was standing there mumbling to himself. I think he was praying. I really would have to work on him some more.
"What is this?"
"Now sir, I'm just going to come in back there and relieve you of some of your excess cash. My friends agree and they are easily upset."
"You robbin' us."
"Seems like it."
"You bitch."
"Been called worse."
"That too, so just show me where the cash is."
One of the Mexican chicks shrieked and made a dash for the door.
Mike's arrow passed right through her breast and hurled her backward until it spiked her to a wooden post holding up the roof. She hung there, pinned to the post, her blouse going red with the copious flow of blood and her head hanging forward, arms dangling. She was pissing herself and dribbling stringy drool, mucus and bloody phlegm from her open lips. She was sure dead!
I looked at Mike and raised my eyebrows like Wow!
He slotted another arrow.
The second chick fainted. Just rolled her eyes right up and back and went all slack and floppo down she went. The old guy looked sickly. he turned really slow and took out some keys and opened up a cupboard and a safe and passed over some bags. They rustled and clinked encouragingly. One was really heavy and contained Mexican Reals and I passed it to Rick. The other I kept. It was full of dollar notes. I said thanks to the old guy who was weeping and walked out. Mike yanked his arrow from the dead chick's body and she collapsed in a pool of blood, muck and piddle. I chucked a bucket of water over the sleeping beauty and we walked out, mounted up and skedaddled.
When we counted the money we had a hundred and twenty silver Mexican coins and five hundred dollars.
A fortune.
We divvied it up. It was equal shares all round and I ended up with about eighty odd dollars American and twenty silver coins. Into my bag it went and my wealth was growing. Soon I'd be a rich enough trollop to move on to better things. I felt so good and I felt so friendly towards my motley mob that I decided a celebration was in order. I cooked up a feast and we ate well. Some of the guys washed it down with liquor, or likker as they called it. Afterwards, I changed into one of my brothel frocks, short, swishy, red and satiny and the top went no higher than half way up my breasts and stayed up by willpower alone. Around the friendly warmth of the campfire I moved amongst them, really pally like and tousled guys hair and kissed them and squeezed them. When I reached Lisa who was dressed in a frock too, a thin cotton number, I took her in my arms the way a guy takes a gal and bending her backward, I kissed her full on the mouth and held on and on. She was in the spirit of things and kissed back, hard and exploratory. The blokes whistled and cat called and someone, Rick I think, started a chant of "Get it off. Get it off."
"What do you think Lisa?" I peered into her eyes.
"Let's give it to them." She grinned.
"Yeah, why not."
I twirled on my toes and bowed low so that my bosom only just stayed in my dress. They stomped and cheered. I wriggled around and unbuttoned my dress from behind, button by button. Then swaying from side to side I let it fall down and down and stepped out of it. This left me in a bustier and panties, stockings and shoes. I unlaced the bustier and popped it open. At first sight of my unencumbered breasts the stomping and whistling reached a crescendo. I popped my panty girdle and tossed it aside and wriggled snake like out of my panties. In stockings and shoes only, I circulated again and as I kissed the boys I felt hands in all sorts of places, but one in particular.
Between my legs.
I felt sexy and giggly and leaned against Ripper while we all watched Lisa doff her gear. She did it with heaps of panache and finally ended up starkers. She looked bloody fabulous naked and her little body was just so perfect, it turned everyone there on. I grinned at her and blew her a kiss and she crooked her finger at me. I shimmied across and we groped each other and kissed again.
That did it.
There was hollering and grunting and shirts and trousers and boots and long johns went all ways and Lisa and I went down under the combined weight of Ripper and Rick and Mike and Carl.
Then it was on for young and old.
I had Carl inside me and Ripper's pride and joy in my mouth and someone's finger in my ass and Lisa's tits in my face and she had Rick and Mike in tow and we all writhed naked and hot and sweaty and grunting and groaning and coming and going, only to come again, in just about every combination of partner and position I could imagine and I orgasmed so many times that night that when we finally all fell apart and lay there puffing and panting and whooping and hollering, I was fucked. Literally and figuratively. And every other which way.
Oh boy! Did I ever sleep soundly that night.
Or what was left of it.
Next morning I woke a bit shaky, feeling like I'd copulated with a herd of elephants. I peeked out at the dawn and Ripper, feeling chipper, (that's dreadful) sang out, "C'mon Barb. Get breakfast."
"Get stuffed."
"Done that. Lets get breakfast."
Moaning and whinging I got up and gathered my scattered finery and dressed in panties and bustier I cooked food for this insatiable mob.
Chucking it on plates I gathered a cotton frock and some clean undies and headed for the creek. I was splishy splashing there and arms encircled me and Carl said, "Hair of the dog lady?"
I said "Sheeeeeeeesh." But, too tired to argue, I succumbed to his charms and we made slow and gentle love there by the stream. Which became fast and frantic love and then whacko..................Let's face it. I'm hopeless.
I finished washing and washed Carl and we dressed and joined the others.
Clean up, break camp, mount up and off we went looking for our next fortune.

We ran into a band of crims about three days later.
These crooks were all ladies. Lady convicts who had escaped from a prison in Santa Fe and were making their way towards the Pacific coast with much the same agenda as Barbanne's bandits. That is, steal at every opportunity from any and everyone they came across. They were tough chicks and not above killing folks, and when they saw us come riding into view, they bushwhacked us in a dry gulch through which the road ran.
There were nine of them and we didn't even know they were there until they started in shooting at us. I was riding out front feeling like I'd show these smartasses behind me who was the boss of the gang. So, I was first into view, and them lady outlaws banged off a veritable barrage at me. Two things saved me. One, them gals were truly rotten shots. And two, when their bullets started whizzing all around me, I plain fell off my horse in fright. I lay on the ground feeling distinctly loose in the bowels and wishing I hadn't been wearing this cotton frock as most of it was around my ears and I felt mighty naked and unprotected with lots of bare skin and my pantie clad ass on show.
I was probably safest just lying there paralyzed with fear because they were aiming at me and that saved my butt. These ladies truly could not hit the side of a barn. The rest of my gang heard the shooting and saw me crash to the ground and didn't show themselves but dismounted and scarpered into positions of cover where they could best get a good sight of the enemy and a great view of my bum.
Soon they were banging away returning fire and I realised Lisa had not been skiting when she said she was deadly with a rifle when, within the time it takes to say bang, bang, bang, she dropped three of those villainesses. One caught it between the eyes and just sort of dropped out of view. One got it in the left tit and tumbled forward and bowled head over heels down the bank of the arroyo, ending up crumpled in a pathetic heap. The third took a slug in the head and spun sideways and top like kept spinning until she ended up face down at the bottom, ass in the air, chewing dirt.
Seeing three of their pals sprawled out dead really stirred the others up and they started shooting like crazy people. Two made the mistake of standing up to get a better sight and Mike buried arrows in their plump bosoms like whang, whang. One girl, skewered thus, fell onto her backside and slid down the rise on her ass until her feet ended up jammed in the rocks. The other pinned one, dropped sideways and rolled down the bank and flopped out dead.
I was still lying where I had fallen and like a kid scared of the dark, was holding my hands over my head and peering through my fingers at the carnage. I was on my face in the dirt, tits pressed to mother earth and ass in the air.
Five down and two of the others turned and ran. As soon as they broke cover, they were shot down. Bloody rosettes bloomed on the bare skin of their backs and the scrabbled at the wounds with their fingers and dropped to their knees and then feebler and feebler, a twitch here, a kick there, and they were still. I think Ripper and Rick got one each.
The remaining two surrendered and raised their hands and stood up and called out pitifully. Lisa shot them both. See she thought I had been killed first up and she was spitting mad.
Well, nine dead girls and one other dead scared girl who'd watched it all.
I stood up shakily and dusted myself down and Lisa ran up hollering and hugged me and kissed me.
"Thought you was dead."
"You and me both." I let myself be hugged.
"Well done Barbanne." It was Rick.
"Waddaya mean?"
"Well you suckered them into showing themselves and then fought well.........down there." He laughed and the others joined him. Except Lisa. She was my pal.
I formulated the most stinging riposte I could think of.
Get stuffed." I said.
I walked over to where the dolly who'd been shot in the head was kissing the dust. Her ass was sticking up and I grabbed the back of her pants and jerked her over onto her back. She flopped lifelessly and her arms flabbed out and hit the ground, palms up, fingers curled. She was dark haired and pretty in a sultry way with a full figure, dressed in pants, shirt and boots with lots of ammo belts criss crossing her bust. The bullet had gone in just above her right eye and come out just behind her left ear. She had a vacant, surprised stare on her face, her sightless eyes looking into nowhere. There was blood dried around her wounds and near her nostrils and lips. I knelt down next to her and noticed a funny square shape near her left breast. Not wanting to appear to be enjoying myself I tucked my fingers inside her shirt and found a leather wallet full of cash.
Wow. The robbers were to become the robbed.
I felt around a bit.
She was bare under her shirt and her breasts were big and heavy and flopped a bit when I touched them. Her nipples, which felt enormous, were hard nubbed and upright and I wondered if it were true that the moment of death was the ultimate sexual thrill. Had been it seemed for this girl. I felt lower and slipped my hand under the waistband of her trousers searching for evidence that she had wet herself in orgasm as she died.
She had.
But more, there was something else there tucked into her panties. I pulled it out. It was a roll of banknotes. This chick's body was better than the bank.
I started stripping her. The others wandered over intrigued by what I was doing.
"Enjoying yourself Barb?"
"She's not a bit too dead for you Barb?"
"Like 'em to not have too much to say or too much resistance, Barb?"
"Look at this." I said, showing them the money.
"She's got it stashed all over." I held up another wad I had found in her back pocket. By now I had the dead girl stripped topless and unbuckling her belt I pulled her pants down to her hips. I grabbed the legs of her pants and pulled them down and off. Getting an arm behind her bare back I lifted her into a half sitting position. Her head flopped forward her hair covering her face. I put my hand in the back of her panties next to the crack of her ass and came up with another hundred or so.
"Wow. Money to burn."
I had her panties off. I felt inside her boots. There was something there. Silver coins in a little drawstring purse. I pulled off her boots. She was now lying there in the dust, stark naked. I had found something like two hundred and fifty dollars.
"They hide it in their cunts."
"Eh?" I looked up at Ripper.
"Money. The real valuables. They shove it in there." The toe of his point hovered over the dead lady's pubic bush.
"Yeah. You feel around in there."
"Me, aw yuck."
"You're a girl, you can do it."
"You sure."
"Cross my heart."
"You heard this?" I looked at the others.
"Sure thing."
"That's right Barb."
"Lisa?" I looked at my pal.
"If they say so."
I wrinkled my nose and slid my fingers inside the girl's wet slit.
"Further in."
I swallowed distaste and shoved my hand right inside.
Peals of laughter. "Oh boy Barb, if you could only see yourself."
I jerked my hand out, sniffed it, wiped it on her belly.
"Bastards!" I said.

We dragged the other dead girls over and the guys collected the rest from up the rise. Soon all nine were stripped and their clothes were in a pile and they were in another pile. A pile of dead bodies. We had found another six hundred and seventy two dollars.
I divvied it all up.
"Sure you don't want to check them other dead pussies, Barb."
"Ripper..............go fuck yourself."
More general amusement.

My share was another hundred and fifty odd dollars.
I was getting seriously rich.
We turned back toward the coast and rode back in the direction of Los Angeles.
Carl was still very sombre. We still had great sex, but he wasn't happy. Lisa had paired off with Rick and I sort of shared myself with Carl, Mike and Ripper. I loved all of them. It was while lying in quiet, post coital contemplation with Carl one evening that he said. "Barbanne, I'm leaving you."
"But Carl. I need you. I depend on you."
"Honey, the only person you depend on, is you."
"That's not true."
"Oh yes it is."
I thought. Was it true?
"So I'm going in the morning."
"Aw shit. What'll you do?"
"Go back to the church if they'll have me."
"Aw shit."
"Barbanne, at times your conversation is breathtaking."
Aw shit."
In the morning he went. Gave me back his share of the loot and just went.
Oh well, it was another forty plus bucks.
Lisa came to me and told me she was pregnant. She wanted to marry Rick and make a home here on the west coast. I asked her to stay but they went anyway. Took their dough too.
Oh well, Ripper, Mike and me.
I cried a lot though. When the boys weren't looking.