GW 9

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Chapter Nine

I knelt in front of Carl, worshipping at his altar. I still had the ice in my mouth although it was nearly melted. I had his belt undone and pulled his trousers down around his ankles. I swallowed the last skerrick of the ice and then I swallowed his erect penis. Taking it into my cold mouth made his erection grow suddenly from promising to rigidly throbbing. I slid my tongue back and forth, swirling it around and along the soft skin on the underside of his penis and holding him firm in my mouth I rocked my head back and forth, all the while humming softly. The movement and the vibrations from my humming and the initial shock of the coldness of my mouth and my tongue movements, all combined to prove irresistable, and he came violently, his white jism spurting forth and splashing down into my throat.

I called to Carl and he came into my small bedroom to see what I was calling about. He was presented with the sight of me, nude, lying on my tummy, my backside thrust into the air and facing him. All of my genitalia was thus on full view. This was real monkey in the zoo stuff and he couldn't wait to pound across the room and mount me from behind. Thrusting furiously with piston like movements, he rammed his cock into my waiting body and discharged his full load into my warm, welcoming slit.

I lay on my back, stripped, my breasts dripping with oil. Carl knelt over me. I pressed my slippery breasts together and he slid his engorged penis into my pretend pussy, the valley between my oily sweaty breasts. He jerked it back and forth, the look of utmost joy on his face a testament to the pleasure I was providing. The head of his cock appeared darting in and out between the twin mounds of my breasts as I held them firmly pushed together. Suddenly white sticky jism squirted forth and covered my face and splashed my open eyes and ran up my nose and dripped into my mouth. I extended my tongue and licked all around, sucking down as much as I could of his magic emissions.
Then I squeezed my oily thighs together making another pouch for him to enter and work himself up to orgasm once more, followed by another explosive jacking off.

We lay together on my tiny bed.
Both beautifully naked.
His cock was engorged and erect yet again. I used my hand loosely cupped around him to masturbate him. My hand flew up and down barely making contact but firmly brushing his tight full balls and the underside of the head of his penis on every stroke. The gentleness of my technique had him groaning with delight and he hardly realised it when he came all over my hand and arm.
I made a ring of my thumb and third finger and using it with a steady, rhythmic, even but loose motion up and down the stem of his cock I masturbated him to another major orgiastic emission.

I had Carl where I wanted him. He couldn't get through a day without using me. And I let him use me. I employed all of my skills to keep him on tenterhooks. After I would finish with him, he would often fall on my naked body and weep bitterly and rail and curse that he was unworthy of the title priest, so debauched had I made him. I comforted him at these times and whispered to him that he had to have us both. His God and his whore. When he was selected to travel south to Los Angeles visiting the churches along the way and he accepted on the understanding that I must accompany him, I knew I had him where I wanted him and that everything was falling into place. He shook when he had to put his request before the Abbot, but I knew his wish would be granted.
The Abbot, you see, was also a man.
Carl and I set out for Los Angeles, via the rather primitive road along the Pacific coast of America, about a week later. We had two horses on which we were riding and a third which carried our supplies. We had enough to keep us going and planned to keep renewing them along the way.
I was in high spirits and Carl, I suppose I should call him Father Carl, was in a light hearted mood also. We chatted as we rode along and I told him some of what had led to my meeting up with him on the upper reaches of the Missouri. I gave him my sanitised account as I didn't think he'd miss my leaving out a few murders and a few killings as well as my bi-sexual love making and my death fetishes, although this last was something I hoped to get around to with him at a later date. In turn he told me how he had been the orphaned son of missionaries from Virginia who had come to the Spanish Territory via the cape, many years before and how his parents had been killed by drunken Spanish soldiers and he had ended up being raised by the monks. Prior to meeting me he had had no experiences of women and had struggled with his natural lusts even while he hardly understood them.
I had changed all that and he told me his first attraction to me had been a carnal stirring and when he had satisfied that, nay satiated it, if I say so myself, he had awoken to find me gone and church property stolen. The other monks had been disgusted with him when it became apparent to them that his weakness had opened the door to Jezebel. A Jezebel who stole. On the trip to Canada he had been ostracised and constantly criticised until finally he and his brethren agreed that he should return and do pennance for his weakness. Returning to San Francisco he soon found out from his parishioners about Barbanne the new arrival at Sei Donne Muerte and had come around to confront me hoping to reclaim the church's property. He admitted to such rage, mostly occasioned by his lustful stirrings, when he saw me naked and in bed with another that his uncontrollable temper led to him knocking me senseless and then, remorseful, carrying me away with him then and there. Since then he had, he said, grown fond of me and had found such pleasure between my legs that he was a slave to his sexual desires while still retaining his love of God.
I talked to him about us, trying to get him to see that we could have a life together. It would mean his leaving the priesthood but I said he could do that without becoming less of a man who loved God. It would mean vast changes for him but I explained that I would be the compensation for what he renounced. He was torn I could see that. Certainly he loved me and I cared greatly for him, but he was not yet ready to lose everything for me.
I let it rest there and I certainly didn't explain to him how I hoped we would find a joint partnership a faster way to riches than I alone could achieve. I'd work on him and he would come around.
The first night we camped together in a grove of pines a little off the road. I cooked his meal and then set out our sleeping arrangements and then I stripped off in front of him, my body lit by the campfire. As my dress floated down and off me I could feel I had his attention and I removed item by item of my clothing until I was stark mother naked. I walked to him, his eyes following my every move and the swaying of my body. I helped him undress and we made slow tender love under a panoply of stars and an inky sky. Then I snuggled into his body and slept as though I had no conscience.
The next morning I scampered around in a cool, light fog and cooked him a hearty breakfast to start the day.
After about a week of travel we came to a nunnery of Carl's church where we were to spend a couple of days. We arrived about mid afternoon and were met by the mother superior. She was a very handsome, even beautiful, lady of mature years and in her soft, calm voice she welcomed us to her home. We were of course, priest and domestic servant again and whilst Carl was shown to a room within the main complex, my quarters were a room slightly smaller than a cupboard and located in a small cold stone lean to out at the back of the main building. The nuns settled me and then I was shown to the kitchen and told to help prepare the evening meal. The other cooks were nuns who had earned detention in some way and their love of their task was anything but vigorous. I wondered how awful their meals must be when their cooking was done as a punishment. As they proceeded to produce a watery stew and a cacky gruel I realised that the meals reflected the preparation. Without being too pushy, I showed them ways of improving things a little. More vegetables, of which they had a lot, here, and some flour for thickening there, and some herbs from their garden for flavour and some sugar in the gruel and gradually the messy potage became better.
Considerably better from the way in which they hopped into it, finishing it off completely and wiping their plates with the thick crusty bread, which was the best item in their food selection.
"Carl." Said Mother. "Your girl is handy in the kitchen."
"She is indeed Mother."
"Perhaps she should stay here and learn the life of a true penitent."
"Not this one mother. Not Barbanne."
I didn't hear the rest of this exchange as having gathered the dirty plates I returned outside and washed and dried them before eating my own small meal, alone and somewhat lonely.
By then it was dark and I slipped into my small, hard, cold and damned uncomfortable bed. I tossed and turned for a while and realised that what I was missing was my man. I wondered if I could find him. Oh well, what the hell, the most they could do was chase me outside, maybe beat me. I'd endured that plenty of times before. I got out of bed and put a gown on over my nakedness and headed for the main building. The gown was one I had worn in Sei Donne and had feathery collars and cuffs. I wondered what the nuns would make of this whorish attire, to say nothing of the way it kept falling open and my titties would pop out and I'd pull it tight and oops they'd pop out again.
Oh well, might as well earn a beating if you're going to get one.
I headed inside. The building was dark and I was not that familiar with the layout, having to go by what I remembered of what I'd seen when we arrived. I climbed the stairs to what I thought must be the bedroom areas. A light was coming from beneath a door half way down a darkened corridor and I snuck up to it and eased it open. I slipped inside and found myself on an upper landing overlooking a large room below. The room was lit by candles in sconces and was floored with polished wood and was bare of furniture. Lying on the floor on their backs were all the nuns, at least as far as I could tell it was all of them. They were all stark naked and seemed to be in a drugged state and were intertwined all over and around each other. It was an orgy!
I looked closer, my specs helping me see what was happening. The nuns were all over each other. Hands slid across flesh, fingers disappeared in and out of cracks and crevices, mouths met mouths and tongues flickered in and out of any and all body orifices. The effect was like watching one creature, one huge female being of many hands and legs and many, many breasts and the whole thing pulsated as though the creature was consuming itself in sexual pleasure. I leant forward quite fascinated by the spectacle. I have to admit it was extremely exciting. I found myself becoming aroused and remembered why I was here.
This was just the hors douvre I needed before finding him.
I turned to go and ran into the waiting arms of two naked nuns. They grabbed me and then I saw Mother standing in the corridor behind them.
"So, little one. You spy on us?"
"Hold her." This to my captors.
Before I knew what she was doing she grabbed my mouth and squeezing very hurtfully from both sides, forced it open. She emptied a paper capsule full of powder down my throat and I choked and coughed as I swallowed it.
The stuff, whatever it was hit my tummy and must have been instantly absorbed. I floated away. God I hated this feeling. The drug, whatever it was, robbed me of my consciousness. I had always hated the thought of losing control of my mind. Its why I wouldn't touch alchohol. I gladly surrendered my body to my lovers and gave myself into their control as I submissively lay and let them do what they would with me, with my body. But control of my mind. Never. I had never yielded control of my mind.
Until now.
I only vaguely knew what was happening to me. I drifted somewhere. Not an unpleasant feeling. But deep down I was terrified. They hustled me along the passage. I remember stairs. I was below, amongst the women. Like them I was nude. I remembered thinking they were like one huge female entity as that entity attacked me. But my mind moved like it was mired in treacle. Hands were all over me. I was penetrated again and again. I was stimulated to orgasm over and over. My love juices flowed. The drug heightened my orgasmic pleasure until I knew nothing else. I was screaming, whether in pleasure or agony I don't know.
Then I remember seeing Carl's face and the entity withdrew. I was lying in his arms. I was standing and being dressed. Light and darkness came and went. I was outside riding a horse. No, I was slumped in front of Carl while he rode. I looked at the stars and they were spinning and being sucked into a vortex. My mind spun with them and I slept.

I woke and found Carl next to me. I was in blankets, and outside and it was dawn. Just very, very early dawn. I ran my hand down his back and he grunted and stirred and I felt loving and sexy and then I felt nauseous and sat up and just managed to turn away from him as he looked sleepily at me, before I vomitted explosively. I went on throwing up until there was nothing left to throw up and then I went on after that. I heaved and heaved until I couldn't heave anymore and then I lay on my side looking at the contents of my tummy while it spasmed and spasmed wanting to rid itself of the drug even after it had. He dragged me up and towed me to a stream where he washed me down and then made me drink water and spew until I finally started to feel better.
I half sat and half lay on the blankets and drank tea and apologised for not being able to make breakfast. He laughed it off and presented me with some cooked beans and an egg. I studied it for a few seconds, went a pale shade of greeny white and waved it away and looking into the distance wrestled with a heaving, roiling tummy while I fought to avoid puking up the tea. Once more under control, although shakily, I watched him eat breakfast and sipped more tea, black and hot and sweet.
"So what was that. Back at the nunnery I mean."
"An evil addiction to the drugs coca and morphia afflict the poor sisters and I fear it has led them far astray."
"Was that what I..........................?" I heaved a little at the memory.
"Yes. They didn't expect you to butt in when they were far gone in their pleasures and so they decided you should join them."
"Coca? Morphia?"
"Quite a cocktail of everything I suspect. They feared you might be inured to the sort of doses they normally had and so elected to double dose you."
"Very strong."
"Sure floored me."
"I should have told them you don't even indulge in drink."
"Yeah an aspirin knocks me out."
I sat looking at him.
"So, drug addicted nuns?" I said.
"No longer I'm glad to say. Its what the bishop suspected and so even now they are being broken up and sent to new postings where they shall be denied their drugs. Some will be going away for a while to be renewed and refreshed in their faith by other stronger sisters."
"Yes, the bishop suspects that some of our sisters are straying from the path and thats what I am trying to seek out so that changes may happen."
"So you knew they were druggies?"
"I suspected it."
"Thanks for telling me."
"I had no idea you would blunder along as you did. I was ready to confront them when you arrived."
"Why did you come into the main building at that time?"
"Me?" I blushed bright crimson.
"Yes you missy."
"Yes, errrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh."
" was looking for you." I rushed it out in a very soft voice.
"Oh I see."
"Well I was lonely."
"I see."
"So where we going now."
"Another nunnery further down the coast."
"And what do they do?" "There's talk of witchcraft."
"Oh great!"
"Here's what I want you to do."
I fell back onto my blankets. "I'm a sick girl Carl."
He laughed uproariously.

Well a couple of days later we arrived at the second nunnery and Carl introduced me as a virgin girl, daughter of a good family, accompanying him to Los Angeles. So desperate were they for virgins that they swallowed the idea that I was a virgin, albeit a rather battered and bespectacled and debauched looking one. They fell upon me after dark with the intent of turning me into a virgin sacrifice. Oh yes, they were a cabal of satanists alright. Unfortunately for them, Carl was prepared and now they are scattered and undergoing renewal of their faith.
I ended up with a bloody nose and a black eye (not just black rings but a beaut all over shiner) and Carl and I continued on to Los Angeles. There we settled into quarters at the Bishop's palace and Carl was summoned into the presence of his holiness.
He returned a shattered man and it was with difficulty that I got from him that he had been dismissed from the church. His work in ferreting out the drug fiends and the satanists had been greatly praised but had not been enough to save him from a charge of living in a licentious relationship with a woman. Who that woman was, his accusers had not determined, but evidence of his weakness and failures were strong and the Bishop threw him out. He sank into despair and prayer and I decided to do something on his behalf.
I dressed in a revealing frock and presented myself for an audience with his holiness. I ensured my being received by fabricating a story about wishing to donate to the church. I was shown into the presence of a small fat man magnificently caparisoned in his robes of office. Learingly he showed me to a chair, both of us regretting that my cleavage was so modest. I spun him some bullshit tale about wanting to hand over a small fortune and he, never asking from where it had come, accepted gleefully, rubbing his hands and getting quite agitated. He came to me asking in his oily voice if he could do anything for me in return, all the time stripping me with his eyes and pawing at me with his hands. I played along and brushed my breasts against his chest and helping myself to a very large, heavy, brass candelabra from his desk, waited until his eyes were following his nose into my decolletage and swung it as hard as I could and bashed him on top of his fat skull. His head split and he cried out and I bashed him again. He crashed heavily to the floor and lay there stretched out on his back. I wondered if he was dead. I helped myself to his rings, his chain of office and a few other baubles that looked expensive and slipping outside told his secretary, who also had his eyes fixated on my bust, that the bishop was not to be disturbed for at least an hour.
I sprinted back to Carl and told him we were leaving. He looked a bit dazed but I hassled him into getting ready and away we went. I changed back into my buckskin dress and boots. It was time for action.
I gathered up our stuff, my bag (quite heavy now) and we mounted up and rode away.
Within hours we were on the road south and well away from the village of Los Angeles. That evening we camped in a grove of olive trees planted by the Spanish who ruled this land. I sat with Carl while he railed against his unfair treatment. Then he wept and prayed and asked for guidance.
"Its here." I said.
"What. What are you saying woman?"
"Guidance. Your path. Why do you think I came into your life?"
"Oh Barbanne." He took my face in his hands and looked into my eyes.
"We have tried your way Carl. Your church has forsaken you. Now we'll try my way."
"What do you mean?"
"My way. Love of me, not love of some prancing peacocks who profess religious faith and then discard a good man because he wants what every man must have."
"Oh my love if it could only be thus."
"It can. It is."
"But I love God."
"Then love him...........and me."
I kissed him and felt him respond.
"Besides." I said. "I bashed your Bishop and stole his jewellery."
"What!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" He held me at arms length and stared at me wild eyed.
"Its the truth."
"Oh. Oh my God. We must return. Oh God forgive me. Oh woman what have you done?"
He looked at me.
"Come here." I took him and held him close and slowly we undressed each other and then we made slow, beautiful, love.
He lay sated and sleepy. "I must return tomorrow."
"Of Course my darling whatever you say."
He didn't. I let my loving mix with his indecision and we travelled further south.
On the third day we rose early and rode out. We had been on the road an hour or two when we were accosted by a man who rose from behind some rocks wearing a kerchief over the bottom half of his face and holding a pistol.
"Your money or your life." He said in a rather shaky voice.
"Money for preference." I said as Carl watched bemused.
I pulled up my skirt and fumbled in my panties. "Here." I said. His eyes glued themselves to my thigh and I edged my horse closer. His gun wavered and I pulled my panties down at the front. His eyes were wide open and glued to my crotch.
"Nasty looking snake there. Is that one of them rattlers?"
"Wha............where?" He looked around and I kicked his gun out of his hand with the grace of a ballet dancer. I jumped from my horse and knocked him to the ground. Carl dismounted more leisurely and came around and held him in a powerful grip.
"Pretty inept crook Mister......................?"
"Rick. My name is Rick and you're right. I'm not very good at this."
"Making money at the robbery trade Rick?"
"Hell no."
"Join us Rick mate. We're going to become famous. Aren't we Carl?" I looked at him. He was shaking his head. "I no longer know."
"Barbanne's bandits. Hmmn, I like that. What da ya reckon Rick?"
"Couldn't be worse than on my own."
"Course I hate people what try to rob me. But I could make an exception."
Rick I must add, having removed his pathetic mask, proved to be awfully cute.
We introduced each other and shook hands and laughed together. Carl was still miserable. "Carl don't look happy." said Rick.
"He's undergoing conversion." I told him.
"Conversion? What like to religion?"
"No. Away from it."

So. Barbanne's bandits continued on their way. In the next week we picked up Ripper, a knife wielding pussy cat, and Mike, a bowman who assured us he was an ace. We also collected Lisa, a tiny gal who had every reason to hate mankind, being born a woman and all, and a whizz with a rifle. We were now ready to hit the big time and realise my dream of making some money.
Barbanne, prostitute and general no hoper. Carl, failed priest. Rick, so so crook. Ripper, tough outside weaky in reality. Lisa tough and sweet and Mike, all round nice guy. Actually all the guys were really cute and I felt sure I was going to have fun while getting rich.
One problem.
I was still the general cook and bottle washer despite being the boss.
Mind you, when I told them I was the boss, they all pissed themselves laughing.
Harumph! Watch out Spanish territory.