GW 8

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Chapter Eight

I had a nice view over the harbour when I was at work.
To see it I just had to look out a bit to one side.
This wasn't hard as, if I looked straight ahead, all I ever saw were, hairy, sweaty, smelly men, mostly wearing a look of sublime stupidity on their faces, lying on top of me, squeaking the old bed springs, while they grunted their way to fulfilment, encouraged by my non stop patter.
"That's lovely sweetheart..........Oh my you're a man and a it as good for you as it is for me darling..............yes your punching my buttons now.........Oh but you're a tiger aren't, I'll never tell Missus (Insert appropriate name) that we even know each other..............Oh yes, yes, that was the best ever."
It was a living. I was getting twenty dollars American a week and considered myself well paid. I had bought dresses and undies and stockings and stuff to tart myself up and look the part and had put my buckskins away in the bottom of my bag together with that episode in my life. It was just like New York, Pittsburgh or Saint Louis, only on the other side of the continent and my customers were more Spanish or Italian or Indian than white Anglo Saxon Americans.
Anyway, I had just given an acting performance supreme, convincing a stinking Spanish limp dick that he was God's gift to women, when I heard a ruckus like you wouldn't believe downstairs. Then there was the pounding of boots on the stairs and my door was flung open and in came Father Carl, all wild eyed and red faced and pretty worked up, with the female half of my Italian employer duo swinging off his arm and mouthing off in rapid fire Italian. Limp dick scuttled off me and scrambled away pulling on his filthy long johns. Maria, that was her name screamed "You getta outa here!" to Carl, and he shouted, "Not until after I settle with this whore!" which I took it meant me. I stood up, stark naked and hands on hips and shouted. "Get outa my bedroom you bastard!", which wasn't nice and Carl came over until he was like about a centimetre from me and hollered, "You're a rotten thief, woman." at me.
Now like most men I have fancied, Carl was about thirty centimetres above me, so I had to bend my neck and point my chin upwards to talk to him.
"Fuck off you creep!" Was my offering. The height difference was what really beat me. Carl's balled fist travelled about five centimetres only and smasho!, hit me right on the point of my upturned chin. Well, lights out!!!!!!!!.........I went beddy byes right there and then. It was just like someone had pulled out my plug. My body lost all semblance of animation and jelly like went down like a sack of spuds. I hit my head on the bed post (which didn't help) and lay flaked out, half on and half off the bed.
I was in dreamland. Out colder than a dead mackerel.
Carl chucked my dress and my stuff into my bag and carrying that in one hand hefted my limp body over his shoulder and walked out. Once again I was leaving a brothel draped over a man's shoulder. Only this time I was nude and I was deeply, blackly unconscious. Maria was screaming and the customers in the saloon got an eyeful of me and mostly of my bare ass. Carl just kept saying "She's got a lot to answer for."
Maria screeched "You can't justa take her."
"Oh yes I can."
"She don't wanna go."
I was not having anything to say just dangling there having beddy bye.
"She's gotta lot to answer for."
"She belongsa here."
"She's coming with me."
"You can't justa take her, she'sa belongs here."
"Here's twenty, now she's mine."
"Twenty eh! OK she'sa yours."
Exit Carl triumphant with his prize, Barbanne the sleeping beauty, out cold over his shoulder.

When I came to, I was still naked and lying on a narrow bed. My dress and some of my delicates were tossed over a chair. My bag was lying open in the corner of a small white washed room. Carl was sitting on the side of the bed looking at me sort of worried. As my eyelids flickered open his look changed to one of disgust.
"Ah, you're awake."
"Ooooooooooooohhh............." My head hurt where I had banged it on the bedpost. My chin ached something cruel. My lip was split and one of my teeth felt loose. I rolled my tongue around it, feeling for damage, very gently.
"Ooooooooooooh, shit. What'dya have to hit me for?"
"Saved a lot of explanation."
"Well it hurt, and you embarrassed me and now I'll just go right back."
"Oh no you won't Missy. Now I've gotten you out of that place you're staying out of that place. Permanently"
"Yeah? Who says?"
"I says that's who says."
"Oooooooohhh" I was too sick to argue.
I looked at him. The sort of worried, compassionate look had come back. I became aware I was naked. I looked down at my thin, white body, painfully aware of how thin I was (my ribs were quite prominent), and how white. The dark hair of my bush, the pinky brown nipples on my breasts, contrasted starkly with my white, almost corpse like, flesh.
"Hey!" I said.
"I didn't think priests were supposed to ogle naked shielas. How about something to cover up?"
"Use the sheet."
"Oh yeah." I hadn't noticed I was lying on it. I pulled it out from under my bum and got it over me so that I was covered to the tops of my breasts.
"Well if I'm not going back to Sei Donne, where am I going?"
"You're staying here."
"Staying here. Hey Father, I don't know if you've noticed but I'm a prostitute."
"Oh I've noticed. I've noticed all right. A night under the stars, God forgive me, made me aware that you were anything but chaste."
"Well you didn't seem to mind."
"No. To my shame I didn't only not mind I darned well had the time of my life."
"Its what you need Father. All that celibacy is for the birds."
"Don't remind me of my weakness."
"Father you're a man..........and a priest. Don't know if you've noticed, but as a man you're equipped to fit a woman. That's me. And Father I'll tell you, you're a lot of man and a good tight fit."
"Dear God woman."
I looked around. "What is this place."
"The rectory. And you've been given the job as general do all for the priests."
"Yeah. When'd I get that job."
"I interviewed you in that dreadful place and you were the chosen one."
"Don't remember that. D'ya interview me with your fist?"
"Indeed. Now, don't quibble, I'll allow you to rest for the morning and this afternoon you start work. Cleaning, cooking, washing and ironing. A salary of ten dollars a month."
"Hey Father, I was doing better down the road."
"Yes, but here you're doing pennance for being a thief as well. Unless you'd prefer the San Francisco gaol at nothing per month."
"Ah alright."
"Have you something decent to wear?"
"I'll find something."
"Good. I'll see you after lunch then."
"OK damn you. Hey father................."
"What about my woman's needs?"
"One thing at a sweet Jezebel."
He left and I lay down and curled up and drew up the sheet and went off to sleep. With all due respect to my dear Father Carl, the smack he had given me on the jaw had not only knocked me senseless, but had shaken me up quite a bit. I wasn't in great shape due to my tummy complaint and my not eating well, and a good hard belt on the jaw and the subsequent bout of unconsciousness had really flattened me. He was back in the early afternoon as promised, and when he woke me from a deep sleep, I was pretty groggy and not at all well. I got out of bed and dressed in panties and a simple cotton shift and put on sensible flat heeled shoes and found my specs. I had hunted him out of the bedroom while I dressed (didn't want him getting sick of the sight of me in the nude yet) and so I opened the door and called him in. As he entered, I was hit with the worst spasm of pain in my tum that I had ever had and I cried out from the agony and doubled over and hit the floor yet again. I dry reached and dribbled blood.
"For God's sake woman, what's the matter?"
"Crook guts."
"Where I got shot."
"I didn't know you'd been shot. Here let me help you."
"No argument from me."
He got me up and helped me lie on the bed. I loved the feeling of his strong arms encircling me and the power with which he lifted me.
"Are you alright?"
I spat out more blood and said "Yeah."
"Obviously not. I'll get Brother Ignatius."
"Whatever you say."
"Stay there."
I lay on the bed and he went off and came back in fifteen minutes with an old white haired guy in monk's robes.
"Brother Ignatius will help you."
"What is the matter child?"
"Got shot in the tummy Brother, some while ago and I think it rearranged my guts and not for the better."
"Hmmmmnnn. Lift your skirt."
"Jeez you guys!"
I pulled up my skirt and exposed my tummy. Along with my legs and my panties and the bottoms of my tits. Brother Iggy placed his lovely gentle hands on my tum and palpated it back and forth. He listened to my tum rattling and rumbling and studied the blood I had spat up. Then he looked in my mouth.
"Young lady. You have ruined the irrigation of your body.........."
"I ruined it!"
" a result of which you have blockages which prevent you eating properly and other things I imagine."
I didn't want to discuss my bowels in detail, so nodded.
"We could cut you open," I went white and faint. "or we could start you on herbal medications."
"The herbs." I said, real weak.
"Very well. Herbal medicaments four times a day. Starting now. Come with me."
I tidied my dress and followed Iggy and Carl to a sort of infirmary where Iggy mixed the most foul, thick, green mess and made me drink it. I dry chucked a couple of times, but kept it down, and then found my tum was less painful than it had been for yonks. Within a week, I was feeling good and eating poorly, which for me was good. Also I'd stopped having other problems (without discussing my bowels) although every time I visited the privy, my efforts were bright green.
In two weeks I was my old self, although the dark circles under my eyes were with me forever.
So I pottered around, dressed modestly and peering through my specs, and looked after ten priests. I liked it after a bit, and got the opportunity to practise my cooking and all the Fathers said that that was OK. Mind you, I think they'd been eating their own cooking which was pretty ordinary. Also I washed their stuff and ironed as little as I could get away with. I HATE ironing. And I cleaned the place. After a while I got rid of the grime of flick, flick cleaning that they had obviously been doing and took a pride in the cleanliness I had achieved. And when I had time left over from that I helped in the garden.
Oh that garden!
A trap for young girls.
Let me explain.
The Fathers asked, one glorious, hot, sunny afternoon, if I could go to the bottom fields and help Father Carl. Off I went. When I arrived, there he was, stripped to the waist and scything grass. Well, he was all hot and sweaty and his torso shone and gleamed and his flat washboard tum and his pecs and his strong muscular arms were all covered in hot sweat, and his Oh, so handsome face and long black hair..............well, when I saw him like that, I just stood there, quietly perving on him and I got randy, yep, r-a-n-d-y!! randy! He hadn't seen me so I just allowed myself the luxury of standing watching him work. (rotten little perv I was) And I got hot!
Eventually I had to show myself and did and when he saw me coming, he stopped what he was doing and stood there looking gorgeous. I walked up to him and by now I was feeling incredibly sexy and when I was real close, I jumped him. Just leapt at him and wrapped myself around him. His sweat drenched my dress and I shoved him to the ground and straddled him and hoisted my dress over my head giving him a full frontal of my tits pushed out by my raised arms.
"Barbanne!" he said.
"Shut up." I said.
I fell on him and covered his face with my mouth and wriggled my panties down and off and tore at his belt like a demented woman and jerked his trousers off and pounced on him, our two naked bodies entwined and warmed by the sun and stretched out on the fragrant fresh cut grass. I swallowed his cock whole and sucked and sucked and felt it grow within my mouth until it spasmed, knocking my head around and I never let any part of it escape from my mouth until he came and his jism squirted down my throat.
Then I started in again on him and straddled him and came down on his, once again erect cock, lowering my widely spread pussy onto his shaft, my hips straddled like I was duck walking. Once I had him inside me I just pumped myself onto him until he exploded once more.
Well, how about that for gardening.
Father Carl had done some digging with his spade anyway.
I rolled off him and lay by his side. We were both as naked as mother nature intended us to be and the day was mother nature at her best. Warm sun tickled my skin and the beautiful clean air was scented with the sweetness of the cut grass on which we lay and the flowering plants around. I closed my eyes and felt enormously relaxed and I ran my hand over that glorious man's body. I felt his hard lean musculature under my fingertips, his hairiness in places a girl never has hair, his lovely handsome face and his powerful strong corded legs.
"You're beautiful." I said,
"Yes you are." My hand was on the front of his thigh,lying on his yummy leg. I let it drift down into the space between his legs and found his magic cock.
I touched it lightly and felt it stiffen and rise to my unspoken command.
"For pity's sake leave it alone."
"Oh. Thats not what he thinks."
"He.........doesn't think at all. HE is too easily swayed by naked women playing with him."
Yes Oh."
"He likes ME."
"HE doesn't know you like I do."
"Witch." He said and rolling over he took me in his arms and kissed me so long and so hard.
Well, it was a wonderful afternoon and I knew that Carl could fix parts of me I had thought broken forever. Iggy had fixed my tum. Carl was fixing the woman in me.
I loved him for that.

But I am evil.

I hatched a plan to bring Carl onside and to fix my poverty trap once and for all.
It would mean corrupting him.
But I was well along that path.
I knew I could do it. "Oh Carl, beautiful, beautiful Carl.", I thought.
"You don't stand a chance."