GW 6

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Chapter Six

Settled in, we awaited the onset of winter.
One day dawned bright and clear and became surprisingly warm for the time of year. Everyone took advantage, the men going out to hunt for fresh meat, us girls pottering around camp. I decided to go and search for some of the fantastic root vegetables that I had learnt to dig for during my time with the now wiped out redskins. I walked some way from camp and found a spot by a small creek where I dug up a basket full of succulent veggies. It was warm work and I got quite hot in the sun. I sat down to rest and noticed that a large flat rock shelf overhung the creek. The rock surface was beautifully warmed by the sun and on an impulse I shucked off my boots and slipped my buckskin frock over my head and then my underwear floated down to complete a little pile of clothing on the rock. I stretched out in the sun, feeling it warm my now nude body, caressing my breasts and my tummy and pleasantly warming my nipples and my pussy.
I must have dozed and my dreams turned lascivious and then, in my dream, I felt soft lips covering mine and kissing me and I stretched and shivered in delight and then I felt a hand stroking my breast and I realised this was no dream and Wendy was by my side on the rock. I opened my eyes lazily and stared into her big brown orbs. Like me, she was naked and her hands were exploring my body. She had long fingernails, something I'd never been able to keep, and those long nails scratched ever so lightly across my, by now, very awake skin. We neither of us said anything and she continued kissing me, our open mouths locked together while those long fingernails moved across me like the touch of a fairy. I remained stretched out on my back, arms and legs spread wide, while she moved down me, her mouth now open on my breast, the whole upper half, nipple and all enclosed by her warm, wet, suckling mouth. The feelings I was experiencing surpassed my most erotic fantasies and I just lay there, the totally passive recipient of this attention. She was now licking the insides of my thighs, her tongue flickering around my pussy. Her long fingernail tickled my navel and then slid down my tummy causing the soft downy hairs to stand on end. Her hands were now at my slit, her long, fine fingers parting the lips of my love pouch and then those scratching, long fingernails were inside and were finding my most sensitive trigger. My clitoris, that small, highly sensitive mound of tissue at the front of my vulva strained to respond to her touch and I felt myself losing control. Now her tongue was flickering at me and I knew my goose was cooked. She was holding the lips of my vagina wide apart with those yummily scratchy fingernails and her tongue was totally inside me. I rolled my hips upward and spread them wide to bring my clit up and open and she tongued it wetly and sloppily and I was a goner. My pleasure started to grow like a shining warm glow inside me and the walls of my vagina released wet slimy love juice and it flowed out and down. Wendy's tongue scooped at me like a spoon and she sucked noisily as I came, my hips now jerking back and forth as the full totality of my orgasm overwhelmed me and I jerked and twitched and writhed absolutely unable to control my body any longer.
I collapsed, gloriously wiped out.
Her brown eyes were next to mine again.
"You are heppy Barbra?"
"Oh yes Wendy. Oh yes."
Her soulful brown eyes looked through me, right into my innermost being.
"Then I am heppy Barbra."
We dressed each other and wandered back to camp, arms around each other's shoulders, sneaking a kiss now and again. Therese watched us return and looked strangely at me. I held up my basket. "Veggies!"
"Good. We'll see what the boys get and then plan a feast."
I smiled. "I'll cook."
They got rabbit and deer and we roasted and boiled up a true feast. Have I told you I don't eat meat. I don't, neither do I drink alchohol. Pretty weird eh, for a slag like I had been. I ate well though and not as much as the others and when they celebrated by breaking out some rum, I avoided the effects of that. So, as my companions settled down for a post prandial snooze, Wendy and I cleaned up. I loved her, but I loved Dave too. I'm not sure, I think I loved him best. Once again my mixed up nature was presenting me with confusion. Confusion that led to enormous happiness and considerable heartbreak.
Shit I wished I were normal.

So we settled down to outwait winter.
Life became pretty routine and being in the foothills we found ourselves snowbound for a good part of the time. This was cosy but everyone started getting sort of fed up with each other and I found myself spending my time reading or snoring off in front of the fire. That is, when I wasn't chopping the wood or cooking meals or making love. Or sleeping. Sleeping seemed like a great idea a lot of the time and I became something of a sack rat.
I decided we needed a game to liven us up and my thoughts turned to playing dead. This was not something I felt I could invite Wendy to play as I didn't really know if her culture ran to this type of weird fantasy, neither could I invite most of the crew, so I confined my little game to me, Therese and Dave. In this particular scenario, which took place in a mythical empire of far distant times, Therese and I would be battling for the favours of Dave. He was a warrior type and we were two lesser females who would fight for the right to have him. A fight to the death! The twist was, we would end up killing each other and he would have both of us, but dead.
We shut ourselves into our quarters and stoked up the fire so that the place became really warm. Therese and I stripped off and clad ourselves in a few belts and a wrap round mini toga each, and Dave was naked except for a loincloth arrangement. Therese and I grappled and wrestled and put up a great showing, going from sort of wrestlers' holds to struggling on the floor, wrapped around each other. By this stage we were both nude and greasy with sweat. Dave watched disinterestedly, well, that's what the script said, but he seemed to get pretty interested and, I suspect, turned on by our play acting. Well Therese prevailed and slowly but inexorably she strangled me to death. I loved this part and went for it in a big way, writhing and twisting and hanging my tongue out and bugging my eyes until finally, she had me down, I was all but done, my naked body was twitching feebly, my eyes rolled back and my mouth opened and I died. But, as I breathed my last, I grasped a sword (poker) and in a reflex, dying motion, finished Therese with a fatal thrust. That was it for me and I lay stripped and randy as anything, while Therese did her dying scene, writhing around and fluttering and pulling out my pretend sword and then her wet, sweaty body slid down onto mine and we lay together dead on the floor. Somehow her open dead mouth had managed to cover mine and our breasts were flattened against each other and we were grinding our pussies together. In this highly erotic pose, I limped out and played dead, loving it.
Dave rolled Therese off me and, so excited was he, that he took her there and then. I lay, wet with my own and Therese's sweat and thought dead and helpless and loved the feeling. I could hear Dave's grunting as he pounded into Therese and, goodness me, the corpse was making little mewling sounds of delight. They finished and he turned to me. So turned on had he been by our performance that he was instantly erect again and he slid his big hot cock into me and started in punching it into me while rubbing my slippery body all over with his hands. Therese was lying over my legs and I was in fantasy heaven and when he emptied his full load into me I came so violently I couldn't stop bucking for a full minute.
Well, that filled some time in.

Still, we were all glad when winter gave way to spring and we could start getting ready to move. We had the six horses and three ladies and ten crew. Four of these guys were to stay and look after the camp and the other nine of us were off to the coast. We took plenty of supplies and we had one of the injuns along who was going to show us the way over the mountain pass. These mountains had snow on their high peaks in summer we had been told, so we didn't want to go via the high road, we wanted the low, slow and easy road. On a glorious spring morning off we went, waving and hullooing and just full of beans. That injun guy had his own horse and he led off. He never once looked at Wendy and if his eyes passed over her, he acted like she wasn't there.
It was easy going at first and then after a bit it got steep and it was hard work. We took turns to ride the horses and walk and my little legs discovered muscles they didn't know I had. At day's end I'd just fall down and lie there a bit before I could help with meals and stuff. Therese was as fit as a mallee bull and she just plowed over those kilometres, eating up the mountains. Wendy, like all injuns, had stamina to burn and just walked and walked. Point her in a direction and off she went, wouldn't stop walking until she fell off the end of the earth I reckon. Or met herself going the other way. Me though, I was a wimp. But no-one was waiting for me, and I didn't fancy being left alone, so I kept up. I sure as hell wished I'd spent less of my life working in the horizontal position though.
There was still snow and it was plumb cold. But we were all getting plenty of excercise and at nights we'd light a big fire and huddle around that.
That I reckon was probably a mistake.
You see, that was how Petra found us.