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Chapter One.

"This is her Ma'am, she's the one."
Kitty and Sally held me by an arm each as they marched me in front of Mrs Collerston.
"Barbanne, tell me this isn't true." Said Mrs Collerston.
"She done it Ma'am. She pinched the money and spent it on hersel'. She did. Rotten little convict she is." Kitty was triumphant in her self righteousness.
"Is it true Barbanne?"
"No Ma'am, never Ma'am." I lied.
"Tis Ma'am. She done it."
"Five shillings is an enormous amount Barbanne. What would a girl like you do with such an amount?"
"Didn't take it Ma'am." I lied again.
"But some was found in your possession."
"Them other bitches planted it on me Ma'am." I was getting good at this.
"Ooow Missus. She's lying. Rotten Aussie convict."
"Oh Barbanne, when I gave you this job you promised me you would work hard and stop thieving."
Well, I would wouldn't I. But I said. "I have Missus, I have."
"I'm afraid not Barbanne. Kitty call Mister Adamson."
Mister Adamson, the overseer. He was called, came, listened to the charges and the facts of the case and then after discussion with Mrs Collerston, they decided on twenty five strokes of the cane. I was marched outside, stripped to the waist and shackled to the barn wall and the caning began. It hurt, hurt like hell and I didn't want to let Sally and Kitty see me cry, but I couldn't hold out and tears streamed down from about the fifteenth blow and those two bitches smirked in self satisfied pleasure. When it was over I was chucked into the barn to recover and lay on the straw hurting a lot and still crying, damn my female weakness, and bleeding quite a lot from where the cruel cane had cut my back.
The worst thing was they were all right. Damn them. Mrs Collerston, Mister Adamson and bloody Kitty and Sally. I had stolen her money. It wasn't the first time, it was just the first time I got caught. Mrs Collerston was about the richest lady in Baltimore. Her husband owned all manner of things and had squillions. They lived in this big house on a hill and when I had come looking for a handout, I had been offered an under parlour maid's job and had taken it. I had scarpered from Sydney town a year ago and bummed my way half way around the world. I had been doing alright selling my charms in New York but some trouble with money (other peoples) had attracted the police there and when my accusers turned into a flood of gentlemen who had been relieved of their dough while screwing me, me and Jacko decided to scarper and he'd gone his way and I'd ended up in Baltimore. Here at Mrs Collerston's. Now I was blown. I'd admitted to being less than perfect and Mrs Collerston had decided to rehabilitate me, but now she knew the truth and I had been punished and humiliated. Well, that was due to fuckin' Sally and Kitty and I knew I'd have to get square with them.
Lying there on the straw I started to plot.
I decided I might as well sin big time.
First thing was to fix them two bitches.
After a bit they came and told me to get back to work. I pulled up my clothes and went back to the kitchen. I plotted and planned. I knew how I'd do this.
I decided no time like the present.
That very night I'd do it.

I finished up my chores that evening and by ten o'clock I was ready for bed. Well, that's the impression I gave, yawning and stretching in front of the others. Nobody much was talking to me after my punishment and nobody had anything of value where I could see it. We each slept in a tiny cell like room in the servants' quarters and I went to my room. I clattered around as if I was undressing and getting ready for bed, but instead I packed my miserable belongings. The whole lot were on my back or in a small bundle I had wrapped in a towel. I lay on my bed in my clothes and waited. After about an hour the place settled down and everyone was in bed. We had to be up at four am the following morning so there was not much chance of socialising. I waited an extra half hour after it all went quiet and then cracked the door of my room. Not a sign of movement. I carried my belongings out and put the parcel by the kitchen door. I walked down to Kitty's room and opened the door. She was asleep and breathing heavily. I snuck in, closed the door, and crossed to where she lay. She was on her back in her nightie and she was making bubbling noises. Kitty was about thirty and quite slim and had hair as red as flame. She was a pretty girl and I had rather fancied her when I first arrived, but she had had it in for me from day one and we went nowhere. I think because I was four years younger and a bit freer with my favours she saw me as competition she didn't need. I looked around for something and saw her woollen scarf on the chair. She felt the cold first thing of a morning and was always wearing it. I picked it up and slid it under her head and pulled it around her throat. She snuffled and seemed on the verge of waking up. I gently tightened it and then pulled it as tight as I could. She snuffled loudly and then woke up in terror. Her eyes bugged open and she looked at me in the moonlight. By then I had cut off her air and she opened her mouth but could only make gasping breathless noises. I twisted the scarf and pulled on it with all my strength. She was choking and her mouth was open wide and drool was dribbling out and her eyes were bugged and staring. I squeezed really hard and she made choking noises. She knew what was happening and I could see in her eyes that she knew me and fear, loathing, pleading, all went past her eyes like shadows in the background. I didn't let up and she was bucking under me like a foal being broken. We were hardly making any noise and I was relentless. I watched her eyes go blank and opaque and her lips went very blue and she was dribbling blood now. I kept strangling her even after I thought she was probably dead.
She was.
Eventually I let up and she lay dead under me.
I searched her room and found her money and some jewellery. Not much but I took it anyway. Then I stripped off the bedclothes and pulled Kitty's nightie off over her head. When her body was nude, I lay next to it and sucked and kissed her on her full breasts, her tummy and slit, her thighs and feet and then I kissed her blue, dead lips. It was very exciting and I became powerfully aroused. I lifted my skirt and pulled down my knickers and played with myself at the same time as I played with Kitty's corpse. I orgasmed and then sniffed and sucked my love juice off my fingers.
I closed Kitty's eyes and, gathering her stuff, adjusted my clothes and went down the corridor to Sally's room. I still had Kitty's scarf. Sally was about seventeen and she was a wishy washy blonde. Her body was just passing from pubescence to maturity and she was quite lovely. She was sleeping on her side which made slipping the scarf around her neck much easier than had been the case with Kitty. I pulled back on it and Sally bobbed awake. She said "Barbanne?" before my hands cut off her wind and then she didn't say much at all except "uunngh." and "eeerrcch." until she was dead. I undressed her corpse and defiled her before robbing her of all she had. I found that killing Sally had made me wonderfully aroused and masturbating myself on her dead body only just relieved the need I had built up.
I figured as a murderer twice over, in for a penny, in for a pound, and I armed myself with a kitchen knife and went up the stairs to Mrs Collerston's room.
She was asleep on her own in her big double bed. Mister Collerston was away. I crossed to where she lay and plunged the knife into her breast. She awoke and cried out. I kept stabbing her until she was just all bloody and dead. Killing her, I had splashed myself with blood and washed it off with her jug and basin. I took whatever I could find of hers. Quite a bit of jewellery and about five hundred dollars. I looked back at Mrs Collerston where she lay in a pool of redness on her blood soaked sheets. I had left the knife sticking in her chest and it protruted upright from the vale between her breasts. She had been good to me and I felt a momentary pang at what I had done. No matter, I was spurned by all and must take my opportunities where they came. Look after thyself girl, was my first and only commandment. I carried my loot downstairs and added it, plus what I had stolen from Kitty and Sally, to my bundle and left by the kitchen door.
By dawn I was far away.
It was the morning of June Thirtieth, Eighteen Hundred and Four.

It was hot and sunny as I walked along the road which led more or less west and would eventually see me in Pittsburgh. As the day progressed, others joined the road until I was but one among many, walking or riding towards the western horizon. I endured a good deal of banter, mostly light hearted, from other travellers, especially young fellows who made comments about a girl walking alone. I heard my abilities as a bed mate discussed and conjectured on and occasionally one or other would make some especially ribald remark whereupon I would stare at them and flip them the finger which inevitably resulted in a great burst of hilarity. At such times I would grin broadly and the jesting would begin again. About midday I was beginning to feel the effects of the sun and my dress was becoming drenched with sweat and walking was anything but pleasant. Head down, I was plodding along when I heard a woman's voice.
"Ho there girl."
I looked up. A wagon with a family of settlers was only metres behind me. From their dress and her accent they were German immigrants probably bound for the German towns further west.
"Talking to me?" I squinted and covered my eyes with my hand.
"Ya. Would you like to ride?"
"Come along then."
I waited as they drew level and hopped up onto the front board of the wagon.
"What I gotta do for this?"
"Nothing gel. Well, maybe help with the young uns." Two kids, a boy and a girl, both about six or seven, peered from the folds of the wagon cover.
"Vat is OK?"
"Like alright, like yes, ya..........unnerstan'"
"Oooooooh, OK den."
"OK." I slapped her hand and she invited me to sit on the seat next to her. Her husband was driving. He was a big guy with a massive black beard and a big broad hat. She tapped her ample bosom. "I am Gelda, this is Hans and these are Manfred and Gretel." She indicated first her hubby and then the kids.
"Barbanne." I said.
"Velcum Barbanne."
We plodded along and Gelda and the kids plied me with questions. I told them a fanciful pack of lies that made me out to be a poor but honest waif headed west. Hans said nothing but I caught him eyeing me off in a way that maybe Gelda wouldn't have approved. As we travelled Gelda served up bread and cheese and various German meats which were all delicious. They washed it down with beer, but I told them I didn't drink beer so they gave me water from a barrel on the side of the wagon. In the heat of the afternoon Gelda dozed and I leant back and shut my eyes and rested. By peeking I kept a watch on Hans who kept a watch on me. When he was sure I was asleep, he stared openly at me and eventually his big rough hand came snaking over and rested on my breasts. I stirred and pretended to be restless, but he left it there, gently flexing his fingers. I popped awake and he pulled it away. "I thought you vas slipping Baarbaanne." He rolled the a's. "Oh thanks." I said and looked straight into his eyes like, OK Hans I know you want to grope, you know you want to grope, what we gonna do about it?
He smiled in his beard.

At sunset we stopped and set up camp.
We made the evening meal. I helped Gelda while Hans checked the horses and wagon. The meal was stodgy and filling and they consumed more beer. When it was finished they settled down for the night. They told me they were headed for Cleveland where they had relatives. Everything they had was on the wagon. Their money was kept in a little sack in an iron chest in the front of the wagon. They settled down to sleep. I made my bed on the other side of the wagon. I could hear Gelda snoring and the kids tossing and turning.
I waited.
After a bit Hans shook me. He smiled down.
"Only fair you pay for ride Baarbaane."
I laughed. I was naked under my blankets but he still wore his clothes. He dropped his trousers to his hips and slid his hugely erect cock into me. Bugger all foreplay. He grunted and pumped and shot his load into me. I hadn't even started to get aroused. He pulled up his trousers and went back to Gelda. Soon he was snoring too.
We went on this way for several days. I played with the kids and helped with the cooking and did a few chores. Each night Hans came and fucked me in a repeat of the loveless ceremony of the first night.
My last night with them we camped in sight of Pittsburgh. I gave Hans the ride of his life that night and he went back and crashed. After a half hour I got up, dressed, gathered my stuff, stole their money, and lit out for Pittsburgh.
Pittsburgh, a bustling busy city in the shadow of Fort Duquesne. It was my sort of place and within a week of my arrival, I had gotten a position as one of Madam Carling's girls in a rather posh brothel overlooking the confluence of the Alleghany and the Monogahela where they joined together to become the Ohio River, which then flowed westwards into the mighty Mississipi.
Madam Carling was a big lady, with big appetites, and she always wore black, which made her henna-ed hair look frighteningly spectacular. She knew more about the trade than the rest of us put together and she could belt the daylights out of any customer who failed to observe the house's etiquette, which was not to bash us girls around (too much) and always pay up on demand.
"I like their wallets to ejaculate cash as soon as their cocks have finished doing so." She was fond of saying.
"Barbanne," she said to me on my first day. "You're fresh meat and the boys like fresh meat, so be prepared to work hard and long my dear."
And I did. I started early and nearly got bed sores from the time I spent on my back being ridden by more jockeys for more furlongs than the Derby winner. I got some sleep between about four in the morning and noon and had to be ready to start again as soon as the clock announced the afternoon. Mrs Carling fed me when the customers allowed and when I looked like I was about to faint from hunger. I lived in my room and worked there and saw ought else but the four walls. And the door opening and shutting more regularly than the first city bank.
So a day off was a luxury of the first order and, when I finally got one after about a month of solid screwing, I couldn't wait to get out and hit the shops of Pittsburgh. I had money, Mrs Carling was paying me fifteen dollars a week, money the likes of which I had never dreamt, so I put on a dress (and underwear) which was a real treat in itself and headed up town. I bought some nice stuff and was moving from shop to shop when, as I passed the police station, my eye was caught by a poster which described me in pretty fair detail and announced in really big letters WANTED FOR MURDER! It went on to describe the murders of Mrs Collerston and Kitty and Sally and tossed in that I was a thief as well. There was a description of the jewellery I had in my stash and generally it made me out a bad lot. Hans didn't rate a mention but I figured if he read this he'd soon join the queue. I had let my hair grow from fairly short when I was at Mrs Collerston's to really long and frizzy and I decided I'd best try and change my appearance in other little ways, like the clothes I wore when out and about and stuff like that.
Mostly however I decided to lie low. And how better than to stay at work where I litterally lay low all day. Mrs Carling was pleased at my dedication and one day she said to me, "Barbanne, I've a customer wants a special and you're my best girl for such things. Will you do it?"
"What's IT consist of?"
"Well his fetish is for the gal he's making love to, to be a dead'un and as there's some things even I won't allow I want someone to play at being dead."
"Hmmmmnnn" I was thinking how turned on I'd been by Kitty's death.
"Sure. Send him in."
She did and he, (he was tall and skinny but well built) and I talked about what he wanted and I got myself laid out on the bed with flowers and stuff and just did a real good impression of my being a corpse, dead as dead can be. Dead as a Dodo. That turned him on enormously and he played with me before climbing on and screwing me witless while I lay there thinking I was dead. For the first time in yonks I climaxed during sex with a customer.
I developed this string to my bow and Mrs Carling helped out by giving me black candles and some church icons and crocheted cloths and stuff so that I could present myself to the customers as their ideal fantasy stiff. It proved enormously popular and my "dead" body played host to city aldermen, a bishop, sundry punters and two of Pittsburgh's leading lady socialites. I found that I enjoyed this game and invariably got very aroused during such sex. My customers tended to take longer to become aroused to the point of discharge during these games and it was a big improvement over the normal 'wham bam thank you ma'am' that was my stock in trade. I varied the game and they could have me dead on the bed or in the big copper tub, dressed or nude or they could pretend strangle me and I'd die very convincingly for them. One of the ladies liked that one the very best, and killed me again and again with her lovely collection of scarfs, some of which found their way into my possession.
One day in early August I was doing a normal day's work and was sitting on my bed dressed only in the loose silk gown I wore when working, prettying my toes and waiting for my next client. The door opened and I heard the man's boots hit the floor. I looked up and there with his pants half off was Hans.
"Baarbaanne." He cried.
"Shit." I replied.
"Thief, murderer!" He shouted.
"Vere iz my money?"
I jumped up and rushed him as he hopped on one foot, trousers down. I shoved him with both hands and he went over the tub and landed in it with a whump that knocked the breath from him. I grabbed my paisley bag with my treasures from under the bed and fled out the door and down the corridor. I ran to the back door and out onto the landing and down the wooden stairs. Robe flying, bag firmly grasped in hand, I raced down the dirt road in my bare feet and turned toward the river. I was really sprinting and, with my hair streaming behind me, hit the landing platform running. A keel boat was just pulling off and I leapt across the gap and landed heavily on the deck. A huge guy with a black beard down to his waist and one eye and a badly broken nose towered over me. I looked up. "Where ya goin'?"
"Saint Louis."
"Wanna Passenger?"
"How much?"
"Six dollars."
"Six bucks, ya robbin' bastard."
"Want to swim?" He looked at the ever widening gap of muddy water between boat and landing. I looked back. A group of people were running down the road.
"OK, six bucks."
"Welcome aboard." He was looking at my bare legs and my half naked bosom that was showing through the inadequacies of my robe. I pulled it together and offered him my hand. "Barbanne."
"Adolph Krietschmeier." He grabbed my pinkies in his huge calloused hand.
"Thanks Adolph."
The boat poled swiftly into the main stream of the river. On the bank a group of people were standing shouting and waving. I recognised Hans amongst them.
"Seeing you off, Barbanne?" Said Adolph.
"Something like that."

Adolph gave me a tiny cubicle in the back section of the boat where I had a small bunk thing to sleep on. Not much else but it would do. Because my cabin (Hah) was so small I spent most of my time on deck looking at the shore go past. Adolph and the ruffians he had for crew spent a lot of time looking at me. We went on that way for ten days and nights and I figured we must be getting close to the Mississipi. So, one afternoon, I was sitting on the front deck catching the lovely late August sun and still wearing my robe which I had made into a somewhat more serviceable garment. The rest of my clothes were back at Mrs Carling's. It was still pretty revealing and I was aware that the boys were staring openly at me. Suddenly Adolph emerged from the cabins with my bag in his hand. He had it open and held up a bundle of cash and a necklace that had belonged to the late Mrs Collerston. "So Barbanne, what is this?"
"Gimme that." I grabbed for it.
"I think not." He drew his hand away and dropped the bag. I jumped him and started beating futilely at his huge barrel chest. "Gimme that, gimme that, it's mine. I earned it."
"I doubt it."
"You bastard!"
Without warning he landed a roundhouse punch on the side of my face and I reeled away. His other hand was grasping my gown and I heard it rip. He hit me again and then once more and those two blows bashed me unconscious. I crashed out, spreadeagled on the deck, out cold. He ripped away my clothing and raped me where I lay. Then the rest of the boys all had a go. Then Adolph had me again. Through it all I was in cloud cuckoo land. Then Adolph and another crew man hoisted my unconscious body upright and dragged me to the railing and holding an arm each and, with their other hands under my ass, flipped me, stark naked, out and over the side.
I hit the muddy, cold, water with a splash that brought me around. I swallowed half the Ohio and spluttered and started to drown. I hate water and can't do anything but panic when surrounded by it. I flailed my arms and went under. I came up, flailed again, swallowed more and went down again. I came up once more, sluggish and sodden and was hit in the back with a pile driver. No, not a pile driver although it felt like that, a half submerged log. I wrapped my arms around it and sort of lay over it. I recovered my breath a bit and floated that way for what seemed like an eternity but was probably an hour or two, when I heard a hailing voice. "Ahoy." I turned to look and saw another keel boat. "Help!" I shouted, waved, lost my hold on the log, whacked at the water with my palms and went down and down into the dirty, gloomy depths. "Here comes hell." I thought and wondered if Kitty and Sally and Mrs Collerston would be waiting, and then the water claimed me.

I spluttered and coughed and spewed like a torrent of water over the wooden deck of a boat. A young fellow was sort of pumping me out. I was face down, still stark, bollocky naked and covered in slimy mud and weed. He lifted me and dropped me tits first onto the deck again and I puked my guts out, water, mud, my last meal, everything, and then I kept puking. I fully expected to see my intestines unravelling out of my mouth I was puking so bad. I wished I could die.
But I didn't.
An hour later I was cleaned up and wrapped in a blanket and sipping hot tea while they asked me questions. I just smiled and sipped and hoped I'd keep it down and then I was looking at them trying to listen and I must have gone out. Dropped the mug and toppled over.
I slept for hours.
A day later I had recovered although I could barely walk for the soreness between my legs where Adolph and his crew had repeatedly raped me. I was dressed in clothes the guys had given me, canvas trousers and a cotton shirt, both about twice as big as I needed. So, despite a lot of rope ties I looked like a bundle of rags that walked. There were no ladies undies on the boat so I wore nothing underneath. The rough cotton scratched my skin and sensitive bits like hell, but I wasn't feeling too sexy anyway so learnt to put up with it. These guys had asked few questions and I had concocted a story about falling overboard whilst bathing and being swept away by currents too strong to swim against.
I don't think they believed me.
However they also didn't want to rape, rob, or kill me so I just went along with them and we mutually left each other alone.
We turned into the Mississipi on the second day and made our way upstream to Saint Louis, where we arrived the first week of September. I thanked the skipper who was the young fellow who had pumped me back to life when I was all but drowned and he smiled and said "Pleasure Ma'am." On an impulse I kissed him and he held on a bit longer than you would allow proper for a parting farewell from passenger to crew member. He was maybe a bit shy of thirty, a few years older than me, and his name was Dave and he was tall and thin, but wiry strong and had wavy black hair and a really really handsome face and, for the first time I could recall, I felt truly fond of him and didn't want to rob him or anything and felt I'd like to see him again in a way I'd never felt for another man.
I figured maybe I was in love a bit.
He let me keep the clothes and I made my way ashore. As I was leaving the dock I saw Adolph's boat tied up there and revenge swept all other thoughts from my mind. I went into town and found an establishment run by a Belle Whiting and after she'd asked me to strip and pirouette a bit and stared at my face for a while, (the bruises from the beating Adolph had given me were almost faded) she offered me a job at my old trade. I told her I'd start tomorrow and she gave me some money and told me to get some decent clothes. She never once asked how I came to turn up bare foot and dressed like a gal impersonating a sailor twice her size. I went out and bought a couple of dresses and another silk gown and some real nice knickers and a corset and bra or two, as well as shoes and stockings. I also bought a thin bladed knife.
That night dressed in my sailor clothes I snuck down to Adolph's boat. I peeked in the cabin window and there he was drunk as a skunk. There was another guy with him but he seemed to be passed out. I went and stood by the door wondering how to handle this when out came Adolph and going to the side of the boat he started pissing into the river making a loud splashing stream. I walked up behind him and judged where his heart would lie on the front side of his body and just as he was shaking his cock, slammed the knife into his back. He went like "Oooooh." and he half turned and saw me and his eyes looked surprised and hurt and then he opened his mouth and a gush of blood came out and he toppled into the water with just a quiet little splish. I had managed to pull my knife out before he fell and now I went into the cabin. The other guy was still out and was bent over the table. I stabbed him in the back and he jerked and groaned real loud and I stabbed him again and he died without properly waking up. I looked around and found my bag stashed in behind a set of shelves and checked and found it had everything still there. I also found a bundle of cash in a drawer and added that to my bag. I slipped out. If anyone had seen anything they weren't to be seen now. I went back to Belle's and destroyed my old clothes and got some sleep.
The next day I started work and was soon servicing a full complement of customers in a day's work. And they were long days. Belle was good to me and it was what I knew. At the end of the week I was getting my pay and Belle said "By the way Barbanne, there's a feller here to see you."
"When isn't there." I said.
"Not like this one." She smiled.
She beckoned with her finger and over came Dave.
"What'll you take for her Belle."
"Aw, ten dollars'll do."
"Hey wait a minute." I said.
Dave grinned and slapped down ten bucks and gathered me over his shoulder in a fireman's lift.
"Hey hang on." I shouted.
"Got her stuff?" Said Dave.
"Yeah." Tim another of the boat guys was standing there with my bag and my new clothes over his arm.
"Let's go." Said Dave. "See ya Belle."
"See ya Dave. Look out for her."
"Sure Belle."
"What about me?" Plaintive, draped over Dave's shoulder.
Belle smiled. "Barbanne, you sure don't want to hang around here getting screwed when a man like Dave wants to show you the great rivers, the great plains and the mighty mountains from here to the Oregon coast."
"Oooooh." I groaned in mock despair and collapsed onto Dave's shoulder.