Greedy Girl

Posted by Barbanne on February 07, 2002 at 21:45:32:

GREEDY GIRL.......................BAD ENDING.

Tony's cock was huge.
Like his muscular arms and legs it was hard and virile.
I hummed as I sucked and my mouth's vibrations quivered along his length and I felt it stiffen even more and then it jerked and spasmed and fired repeated bursts of jism deep into my throat.
He loves when I suck him off.
Afterwards he screwed me.
He likes to do that doggy style and I hunched myself face down on the bed with my knees tucked into my breasts and my ass thrust high in the air exposing my fleshy cunt for his pleasure. He rammed his rejuvenated cock inside me and fucked me with his usual vicious enthusiasm.
With Tony sex is always rape.

Later we lay together and he told me how much he loved me.
He always loves me after he has fucked me.
That's OK, he is paying plenty for the pleasure and I'm happy to have him love me.
"I love ya babe, I love ya more than anything."
"That's nice Tony, I love you too."
"Do ya babe, do ya really?"
"That's cool babe, real cool. Soon I'm gunna be rich, real rich and then me and you babe, we can go somewhere nice, like the Bahamas, would you like that Babe?"
"Love it Tony."
"And we'll do this all day."
"You can screw me 'til I drop lover."
I looked at Tony, mostly he's bullshit but now and again, sometimes he knows things, "So where's the money coming from lover."
"It's a secret babe."
"You can tell me lover."
"Promise you won't tell."
"You know me lover, only thing I'll open my lips for is to suck your cock."
He laughed.
"Al's gunna hit the City Bank. We'll take millions. Its a certainty."
Tony giggled.
"Lover you're one amazing guy," I said. Here was something I could use.
"Come here big guy, fuck me again, this time do me hard."
Tony bared his teeth and his erection started growing.

Ms Kowalski, she's my employer, she watches and listens to everything that happens in our rooms. I should have realised she'd be listening in to what Tony was saying.

The House of Love is a classy brothel.
Not over the top but really nice. All of the suites are like five star hotel rooms. Self contained and really nicely decorated. Upmarket, classy, yeah that's the word.
Ms Kowalski stopped me as I was heading home just after one am.
"Thinking of shaking down Big Al?" she asked in soft menacing voice.
"Pretty dangerous Barbanne, I know your a slick operator girl, but don't you think Big Al is sort of out of your league."
"Think you can pull it off eh?"
"I reckon so."
"You probably can at that............................,well girl I'm in too."
Ms Kowalski was a pro when I was in junior school and despite being older now her unfading beauty and lasciviously lush, white skinned body and thick honey blonde hair made her far sexier and more classically beautiful than most of us girls who worked for her.
"You're the boss."
"I'll get Al here so you can pitch to him."
"Do that."
"Oh and Barbanne, better make sure you fuck his brains out first, make sure he's receptive to the idea."
"I can do that."

Al has been the big guy in town for years.
He's Italian, Sicilian I think, and he is dark, good looking in a Valentino sort of way and fortyish and fit.
Fucking him was a pleasure.
I gave him head and then we fucked each other stupid.
Afterwards we lay together naked and with the sweat of lust cooling on our bodies and I said, "Hey Al, ever had a lady partner?"
"How'd ya mean baby?"
"You know, a dame to share with."
"Share what baby?"
"The City Bank millions Al, be sad if the cops knew about that."
Al lit a cigar and looked at me through the first puff of smoke.
"That's dangerous thinking babe."
"Yeah well Ms Kowalski and me would like to share your good fortune Al."
Just for a moment I thought Al was going to hit me and then he smiled showing a lot of teeth and said, "My favourite babes, well whadda ya know?"
I giggled and we fucked some more.

Monday moning I went to the sauna at the Hilton.
All the other ladies went to work and stuff and I always had it to myself.
I stripped naked and stretched out on the slatted bench to enjoy the cleansing heat of the fragrantly perfumed coals. I dumped water over it and used my towel to lie on so I wouldn't get those red marks from the baltic pine benches.
My towelling robe was hanging inside the door.
I drifted into dreamland thinking of the money I was going to have.

Monday morning Ms Kowalski always did her books before the girls started arriving at eleven.
She was concentrating hard when the men burst in.
She didn't stand a chance.
The rich velvet curtains of the House of Love had thick, golden, tie back cords.
Cords that were easily capable of bearing a lot of weight.
Ms Kowalski's body hung from the noose formed in the cord, the knot digging into her fleshy throat. Her skirt was rucked around her waist and her panties dangled around her ankles.
Ms Kowalski had been raped while hanging there.
Not exactly usual for a suicide.

I was in the sauna and I was nude and sweating the way you do in that really dry heat.
Lying on my back, eyes closed, completely relaxed.
The towelling robe cord was around my throat before I realised what was happening.
Suddenly I had an iron band around my windpipe and was fighting for breath.
My hands waved about and I fell off of the slatted bench. My wet ass slapped on the damp tiled floor and whumped up and down. My legs kicked and scissored and my naked back slapped meatily onto that cold, wet, hard surface. My heels were pummelling the wet, slippery tiles and then, as I tried to lever myself up, they slipped and slid across the glassy floor. I was grunting and flopping and twisting and turning but all to no avail.
The cord bit into my flesh, cracking my hyoid, which snapped like a dried twig, and the endlessly relentless pressure crushed my thyroid and cricoid cartilages causing massive localised bruising. My eyeballs bugged out between my eyelids like glass marbles trying to pop free. My tongue unravelled and discoloured, turning slowly black and blue. The blood drained from my brain and rushed to my extremities popping tiny capilliary veins and causing pettechiae to break out across my face. My vulva swelled up and bulged from between my thighs. My nipples stiffened and stood upright, ridiculously aroused even as they were dying. My body was screaming for relief, my lungs laboured for a breath that never came, my brain whitened behind my protuberant eyes and spiralled into the void. I garked and thrashed at the sauna floor with hands and feet.
The cord bit into my throat compressing my flesh to nothingness.
My fingers curled inward.
My toes curled backward.
My ass thumped the tiles and my buttocks spread and slithered.
White lightning burst inside my head and then there was only the black void.

My nude body lay sprawled on the tiled floor.
Arms outflung, fingers stiffening into claws.
Legs spread, swollen vulva pressing upward and outward, honey coloured pee dribbling from my slit. Tongue blackened and drooling from my gaping mouth. Eyeballs bulging out from between hooded lids, pupils rolled backward and out of sight. White, blood veined, sightless orbs gazing at nothing. Sweat drying on cold, white flesh, marbled and bleached in death so that every freckle across my face and chest stood out like a dark dot. Big erect nipples thrusting from dark aureoles.
Naked, helpless, submitting to the inevitability of death.
Heart stopped, blood pooling and sinking, muscles stiffening and flesh cooling.
The sad corpse of a greedy girl lying on the wet flooring of a steamy sauna room.

My killer looked down at my naked corpse.
I was definitely not a pretty sight.
Face faintly blue and spotted with tiny haemorrhages, tongue lolling and blackening, flesh whitely marbellised, hair dank and stringy, sightless, buggy, white protruding eyeballs.
"What the hell," he thought, "it's a freebie with a babe who used to cost heaps."
He dropped his trousers revealing a hugely tumescent cock.
He crouched over me and then it was inside my puffily engorged cunt, driving, thrusting, ramming, grunting, jerking. My body skidded across the glassily slick floor, ass and shoulders leaving a snail trail behind.
An explosion of cum and it was over.
He stood zipping his fly and looking at my white deadness, my face still brutally messy from the violence of my death, my pussy lips now dribbling cum and pee.
He had had Ms Kowalski too.
Hard to say which was better.
Two greedy bitches who played with fire and got badly burnt.
Two stiffening female corpses.
These dumb ass bitches, they never learn. They should stick to what they do best.
Fucking, that's what they are good at.
As for trying to play ball with Tony and Al,.............Huh! strike out!

Bad ending babe.