First to Last

Posted by Barbanne on December 29, 1999 at 15:17:47:


Five minutes to midnight on December 31 1999.
"There won't be any great problems with the Y2K bug." Announced Chairman Bill.
"This bug thing is highly over rated." Pronounced the Minister for the Millenium.
"Our banks are prepared." Said banker Ruthlesschild.
The clock ticked over to the first second of the year 2000.
"Shit," said Alvin. "Shit, shit, shit."
"Forgot that one!"
He watched in horror as the time lock on the cabinet, failing to recognise those two zeros, stopped, the lock unwound and the multiple sealed door popped open.
The doomsday bug, made in an earlier era as the ultimate biological weapon, oozed out of its confining capsule.
Alvin died within a nanosecond, the first to go.
An hour later, the last human being alive on earth, Amy Doomdead, a scientist with the Australian Antarctic Expedition, died.