Faire le Mort.

Posted by Barbanne on December 20, 2000 at 22:10:46:

Faire le Mort. (French): To sham dead.


The girl lay on her back.
The bed had been stripped down to its sheets and she lay on top of them on her back with her arms by her sides and her head in the valley between the pillows.
Her breathing was deep and steady and regular except that every ten or so times she would make a small snorting noise and catch her breath just for an instant. The glass stood on the bedside table and the residue of white grains showed, lining the rim, where the tablets had not completely dissolved.
The boy looked down at the girl. She was beautiful.
The woman looked across the bed at the boy.
"They say that it is beyond compare. Absolute bliss. Total and perfect sex," she looked at the boy from out of her dark slanting eyes in her overly made up face, "Its like necrophilia doing a bird when she is knocked out cold. And it is said to be absolutely the best sex possible."
She leaned forward and started undoing the buttons down the front of the girl's green and white checked uniform. From just below the white collar to where the hem finished a few centimetres below her knees. When the last button was undone she spread the dress open and lay it to the sides leaving the girl's thin white body exposed. She pushed the cotton bra up so that the small breasts were revealed. She slowly pulled the cotton panties down using the thumb and forefinger of each hand until they bunched at the girl's ankles. Her young slit was there, a surprisingly dense thatch of curls half covering it where it nestled in her groin.
"Well?" the woman said.
The girl snorted again. The boy found that his heart was pounding and his head was thumping and his face was sheened with sweat and his manhood was straining inside his pants.
"She wants it you know," the woman said, "she wouldn't have swallowed that otherwise," she indicated the empty glass.
The boy felt the heat in his face and became painfully aware of his erection.
The woman leaned over the girl playing with her tightly curled long brown hair and then her long sensitive fingers stroked down the throat of the sleeping figure. Her painted nails, blood coloured talons, caressed the hollow above the girl's collar bone and traced past the rucked bra over her smooth rounded shoulder and then slid up the slope of the small pointed breast to where the nipple lay inside its areole like a tiny pink bud waiting to blossom. As her fingers passed over it, barely touching the soft skin, the nipple wriggled upright, rising of its own accord as erotic messages penetrated the drugged brain of the girl. The nipple stood proud like a minute pillar, straining, stretched taut. The woman's hand wandered down between the breasts and over the rib cage and onto the soft tummy, covered in fine downy hair. She rimmed the indented umbilicus and on down over the flat curve of the bottom bulge of the girl's tummy and into the dense curly dark brown bush. She leaned further forward and her red painted lips touched the labial lips of the girl's pussy. She inhaled deeply and her tongue flickered against the soft flesh of the gateway to heaven. She looked up at the boy.
"She's waiting. She's yours."
The boy was mindless, consumed by lust, only aware of his throbbing cock. He had to have her.
The woman pushed the girl's knees apart and used her thumbs to spread the flesh, opening the pink glistening slit into the girl's intimacy.
The boy could take it no longer. As the woman had played with the sleeping body, he had unbuckled his trousers and let them drop freeing his rampaging cock. Now as the woman stepped aside, smiling knowingly, he fell upon the girl covering her and his insistent penis found the opening and jerking his hips he plunged his hard column of maleness inside the hot, wet pouch of the girl. His face met hers and his mouth sought her parted lips even as his hips began pumping. Lying stretched across the softly yielding body of the senseless girl he knew ecstasy that he had only thought it possible to dream of. His cock thickened even more and strained to bursting, his balls felt crammed with cum and then it all erupted, spurting streams of hot semen into her waiting helplessness.
The boy panted in the aftermath of his exertions. He slowly fastened his trousers as the woman waited, her hand out, for the money. He paid happily. On the bed, the girl snorted softly and her breasts bobbled. Her nipples had flattened back onto her chest.
He left.
The woman used cotton wool and tissues to clean his semen from the girl's vagina, spreading the wetly pink fleshiness and probing and wiping.
Tossing the sodden wads aside she called the next boy in.
The boy saw the three girls sitting on the bench beneath the tree, heads bent together as they talked and he heard their giggles and then he realised that the one on the left was the girl. Her pretty young face framed in a mass of shoulder length brown curls. The green and white uniform was neatly buttoned to the neck and he watched from a distance as she listened to her friends, a strange, haunting look of remoteness in her eyes. She felt his gaze on her and looked up at him and he saw the tears running unchecked down her face staining her cheeks and wetting her throat.
Days later the boy was walking home when he heard the siren.
The ambulance passed him by and pulled into the lane by the river.
Curious he walked down to where it had stopped.
He stood at the end of the lane above the waste land by the river's edge.
His heart quickened as he recognised the neatly folded green and white checked uniform. The clean white cotton panties and bra folded carefully and laid on top.
He looked to where the green clad ambulance woman was standing next to a police constable.
The body was caught in weeds by the river bank. It lay face down in the water, arms spread and hair floating in a sodden halo. The feet and legs were tangled in the weeds. The rounded curving buttocks looked like small islands breaking the surface of the scummy brown water that washed over the beautiful white skin of her back. Her shoulder blades broke water too.
The ambulance woman and the police constable had removed their shoes and rolled up their pants and waded into the water and wrestled the body to the bank of the river.
There was no hurry.
The boy knew it as much as the policeman and the medic did.
No hurry at all.
They rolled her onto her back.
Those lovely small breasts. That soft curvy tummy. The legs were spread lasciviously, almost obscenely and the pussy was exposed as it had been that other time, wet and pink and terribly vulnerable. Naked she looked even younger and smaller than he remembered. He felt so sad that she could be so young and yet so helpless and now so dead.
He looked at her face.
It looked peaceful and very beautiful, despite two brown streaks of mud near the forehead. Her mouth was open and her eyes were closed. She only looked to be sleeping. He wanted to run down and hold her, kiss her, waken her.
But it wouldn't be.
The ambulance driver had joined the woman bringing a stretcher.
The boy watched as they got the girl onto the stretcher and covered her with a blanket.
Then he turned and walked away.