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Or in bed with Barbanne.

At Ranleigh College I was known as a swot, foureyes and little Miss Nose in Books, which explains why, when all of the other girls were out on the field or the courts sweating away, I was in my room, my head in a volume on economics and a chup-a-chup circling in my mouth.
I didn't even hear the three of them come in.
"Hey swottie."
I looked up peering at them and pushing my glasses up my nose.
"Whadda you lot want?" I said.
"You babe."
"Huh, in your dreams fatso, now fuck off outa here."
I went back to my book which is why I didn't see the bat until the swishing sound made me jerk my head up just as it connected sending my glasses flying and snapping my head sideways so hard and fast that it was a toss up whether scrambling my brains or breaking my neck was what killed me.
I lay sprawled on my back as one of them stripped off my singlet top and another ripped down my shorts and panties. Naked except for sneakers my still twitching corpse lay at their mercy and they proceeded to rape my dead cunt one after the other. When they were finally finished and my tits and mouth were ribboned with their cum, two of them took an arm each and dragged my cooling cadaver out to their car and dumped me in the boot for the short trip to Spirit Lake where the other missing girls were buried.

Oh.........., I rolled onto my side and snuffled into my pillow.

Mounted on her magnificent charger Penthesilia rode past me and in one gracefully fluid motion dismounted and flung her poison tipped spear at the vulnerable heel of Achilles.
It missed.
The man killer turned, clearly enraged but eerily silent and flexing his huge muscles hurled his own lance with inhuman force.
It clove through Pensethilea's left breast and out under her shoulder blade and into her war horse's chest killing them both instantly stone dead. She hung limp and unmoving, head slumped forward arms dangling, pinned to her dead charger like a butterfly to cardboard, suspended dead as a maggot from the deeply embedded lance.
"That'll teach you you dumb assed big boobed blonde bimbo bitch," I muttered (I hadn't had any great love for my queen) and then three Greeks grabbed me and took me down.
Damn and to think that just that morning I had thought how sexy we amazon ladies looked in our brief golden skirts (more of a thick belt actually) and our strappy sandals and cute winged helmets, all golden and gleaming and shiny. Of course we were all bare breasted and that had proven something of a mistake as my sisters with the exception of Bermagusa all now lay dead slain by arrow, sword or spear through those self same bouncy bare breasts. And now one of these shitty Greeks had a fistful of my skirt and used it to toss me to the ground sending my lovely winged helmet flying. His two smelly sweaty buddies sat one on each of my outspread arms and the rotten shit wrapped his hairy knuckled fingers around my slender throat.
Now he tightened those fingers crushing my neck, cutting off my air straining my ligaments and bruising my flesh. I couldn't move, my arms could barely wiggle my fingers but I could kick with my legs and I did. Kicked and kicked and kicked. That did nothing for me at all and his fingers only tightened on my straining neck popping out the veins in my forehead and turning my face an ever increasingly deeper shade of purple.
I erked and glurped and gurgled, pointlessly as it turned out as each urk, glurp or gurgle released a little more precious air which couldn't be replaced. My kicking had now become a drumming of the heels and the greek tightened and twisted his grip in one violent movement and my sorely tested neck gave out an awful tearing cracking noise and I exhaled the last of my air in one huge hot gust with a horrible groan mixed somewhere inside it and then the death rattle followed and my heels drummed furiously and then I went limp, only my thighs twitching uncontrollably. One last death shudder rippled through my body and then I was dead.
The greeks wasted no time stripping off my skirt and then the raping of my corpse began.
When everybody had had a go, some more than once, some heaps of times, my original slayer and his companions dragged my corpse from the field of battle, my head bobbing, mouth gaping open, drool spilling out, arms dangling helplessly, cum dribbling from my dead pussy.

I snorted and rolled onto my back.

Moira and I lay naked and entwined on the bed, pleasuring each other as only one woman can pleasure another woman. The fact that she was as tall, tanned, taut and terrific as I was short, pale and a trifle soft only served to heighten our love making with the spice of le difference.
I kissed her beautiful face and breasts and worked down to her shaved pussy and tongued at her, tasting her and inhaling her scents, my cheeks revelling in the prickly stubble of her smoothly shaven pubes.
Moira moaned and whispered, "Hey B your turn, want to play the the throttle game?"
"You bet," I said, "I'll get my neck protector."
"Don't bother with it this time B."
"But I always do, don't want tell tale bruises do I?"
"But this time B try it without, doubles the pleasure you know."
"Oh I dunno."
"Come on."
"OK I'll do it this time but be gentle with me."
"I always am."
"I know, my God how I know," I whispered, "God I love you Moira."
She got the silken cord and wrapped it around my neck and slowly tightened it. My hand crept down to my cunt and my middle finger slipped inside. Moira tightened and whispered dirty talk in my ear and my finger caressed and rubbed my clit.
Our lovemaking went on for what seemed like forever.
Grunting, moaning, oxygen starved, gasping for air and screeching obscenities I orgasmed noisily and messily.
Moira tightened the silken cord. I tried to catch my breath, failed and my lungs contracted and spasmed.
"Moira............, what are you do...........ing," I gasped.
She giggled and turned her hand in the cord. She had twisted it into a bunched knot and used that to tighten it even further. My hands flapped, fingers scrabbling at the cord.
Now Moira's free finger was inside my cunnie, finding me, making me come again and all the time she was twisting ever more tightly, the cord biting into my neck, strangling me.
"Hhheeeeeeeeerrrrrrr........hhheeeeeeeerrrrrrrrr............hhheeeeeeeeeeeerrrr..." I struggled to draw a breath.
She kept up the pressure inexorably and all the time her finger massaged me to fulfilment.I was coming and going at the same time. My orgasm spreading like nuclear powered summer heat radiating from my groin, my consciousness dwindling and shrinking, fading. I was DYING!
"Moira.............," I choked out.
She sniggered and twisted the cord ever tighter.
My cunt exploded in pleasure, pleasure, pleasure....total delight and my brain winked once and then again and then CLICK, it went out. All over.
All over Red Rover.
Blackness of the endless void.
Moira released the cord and stood bending over my body. She felt for a pulse. No faintest throb, nothing. She wagged her finger at my slackly swollen face, my fat pink tongue filling my mouth, my saggily splayed tits.
"If you only knew how much you disgust me B you grubby little dyke, then maybe you'd know why you're dead. Pawing me, fondling me, touching me, shit, I hated it, hated you. I want a lover, a real lover you sad little shit. I've got a man, a man you hear, a real man, real muscle meat to fill my cunt, you, you pathetic little slag you're nothing, nothing hear me..........nothing."
She poked me in the chest.
"No you don't hear me do you? You don't hear anything you pitiful dead creep."
She grabbed two fistfuls of my hair and visciously tugged my dead body off the bed. My heels thumped the floor and she dragged my naked corpse away. My bladder gave way and piss flooded my thighs.

I needed to piddle. My bladder was bursting. I staggered out of bed and into the loo and tinkled in a half dopey state.

Doctor Cagliari's tame giantess Helga carried my nude and quite dead body into the basement where the old leather lounge stood. Draped over her shoulder, ass up and winking, my arms dangling fingers tattooing her back and hair draped in an disheveled bunch.
I was the first.
She dumped me untidily onto the lounge, crumpled in a heap. When you're dead you don't arrange yourself neatly do you?
There I lay completely and utterly nude and quite, quite dead.
Very still.
Helga had gone for another.
Doctor Cagliari always did a few at a time. I was just the first you see, the deadest. Helga was back in a very few moments with a very naked, very dead Moira over her shoulder, poor Moira, ass up pussy on display. She was dumped next to me. I could smell her scents and female odours and her deadness. Helga shoved her next to me making room for the next one. Moira's open wet mouth slid down off my shoulder and then across my breast and snagged on my nipple.
Helga was back with Sheree and then with Cass and then Leeza. The lounge was getting crowded.
Helga looked at us dead girls and grabbing my armpit and hair dragged me onto the floor. She used me as a base to create a pile of Vicky, Roxxie, Joey and Lena. I lay dead as mutton inhaling the smells and listening to the belching, burping sounds of this mound of pulchritudinous, naked, really freshly dead flesh.
The giantess was back, leading the dwarves.
"There they are where do you want to start?"
The dwarves walked around the lounge and the pile on the floor. Someone kicked my bum.
"This one."
"Huh, don't think much of your choice," rumbled the giantess, "well if you want her roll her out."
They hauled me out from under the other dead babes and spread me open and then all seven took turns to screw me mercilessly.
Didn't I hear once an expression that went like, "Big man, big cock, little man ALL cock." Yeah seems to me that might be true.

I rolled onto my side.....ooooooh.
Bad wind.
Wish I could fart.....mmmmmmmmmnnnnnn.........

Lying stark naked next to my darling Rocco I thought how much I loved him. Loved his washboard tummy, his abs, pecs and dark Italian good looks. I used my long fingernails to play with his flaccid cock, poor darling I think I must have plumb worn it out.
He cracked an eyelid and looked at me.
"What babe?"
"Huh nothing with you is always something."
The two men suddenly appeared in the room guns in hand.
"Rocco," his voice was gravel, "Rocco you have upset your Godfather, Rocco this is bad."
I whimpered.
"Rocco, you have to come with us. Giovino is very annoyed."
I blubbered, blubbered and whimpered.
"Come on Rocco, get dressed."
"What about........?" Rocco nodded at me.
"Lose her."
I blubbered ever louder.
"Shut up." It was the other guy.
I sobbed and snivelled.
"Fuck!" The gun came up its black hole looking at me.
I said, "Eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk..........................!!"
The silenced bullet slammed into my forehead leaving a neat bloodless crater, Instantly dead I fell backward across the edge of the bed, eyes open but sightlessly white, tits pointing skywards, white belly, dark curls at the groin, pink lips wet and inviting. My feet were tangled in the sheets.
"OK Rocco now get dressed."
He did.
"What about her?" It was the shooter.
"Well, what about her?"
"Well shouldn't we.........................?"
"Shouldn't we what?"
"Well, you know, the maids."
"The maids, the maids find garbage like her dead in hotel beds every day. The maids won't give a stuff.
"Yeah, leave the slut, slut shits like her are a penny a dozen, nobody cares two hoots about a slaggy slut like that."
Still naked on my back, still dead as meat, blood trying to reach the rim of the crater, trying to ooze.
"Well if you say so."
"I do, she's nobody, no account, just leave her, you ready Rocco?"
"Yeah," he looked over at my sprawled corpse, "Maybe I should fuck her one last time, you know for old times sakes."
"Yeah maybe we all should, but Giovino don't like to be kept waiting."
"C'mon how long's it going to take?"
"Rocco, Rocco, you're amazing you know that."
"Rocco pleeeeeeeeeze.................."

I rolled onto my back and my snoring woke me. I lay in the dark trying to get with it, finally farted and flopped over and zonked out again.

Jack-knifed backwards, my wrists and ankles bound together, another leather thong attached to those and snaking up my back and encircling my throat, Tight everything was so tight. And hot it was so hot. Sweat popped out of my pores and coated my nudity and made every bit of me slippery and smelly. Smelly, fear popping out with the sweat and filling my nostrils, stinking, sharp and stinking, the stench of fear.
If I did nothing I was doomed.
If I struggled it would happen even sooner.
I had to struggle, had to hope I might maybe loosen something, had to hope this wasn't the end.
But it was so hot, so hot and my skin was slick with sweat.
I struggled.
Struggled and struggled.
Felt the thong biting into my neck, closing my windpipe, robbing me of breath but still I struggled, struggled and twisted and writhed and wriggled and ever tighter the thong bit into my soft flesh, strangling me. I saw pin points of light, little stars, flashes, lightning flashes.
And still I struggled.
Moira was there laughing at my feeble efforts.
Poking fun, making smart cracks and even as I redoubled my struggles she flipped me off and left.
I kept struggling.
The thong kept biting.
I no longer had any command over my jerking movements, my struggling had become a death dance and my body twitched uncontrollably.
My windpipe was closed completely now and my lungs had failed.
The lightning faded and the grey turned to black and the black deepened and I spiralled down into it.
Down and down and down and down and down and down and dow..................

I rolled over again, ending up on my back.

Stretched out on a steel slab.
A cold steel slab.
Frigidly freezing cold.
Dead as meat. Girl meat.
Laid out on my back, rigid and buck naked, slack jawed, glassy eyed and with fingers and toes curled waiting, waiting, waiting for...................what??
Dark, black, cold and lightless, the mortuary slab, the final resting place.
Dark, very dark.
Lights snap on and brightness floods the room. I lie unmoving and dead.
People move around, conversation and laughter fill the air. The death detectives have arrived. I am pushed, prodded, measured and photographed and then the stryker saw starts up. My corpse is to be opened up and peered at and weighed and dissected and death becomes just another workaday problem to be solved.
The saw whines and whines and whines......................

The alarm, the bloody alarm.
I reached over and turned it off.
I staggered out of bed and tottered into the bathroom and sat and tinkled endlessly.
I stood up, naked and washed my hands and looked in the mirror.
Just another ageing, single female growing flabby and droopy, a sometime shop assistant, sometime waitress, a real nobody.
Ah well.
Better shower and get dressed.
Moira will be waiting at the bus stop.
And Sheree, Cass, Leeza, Vicky, Roxxie, Joey and Lena will be waiting at work. I sorta like seeing them.
Ah well........................