Dream Date

Posted by Barbanne on January 24, 2002 at 20:55:36:

Another one of those sexy ones I told you about.


The cold stainless steel mortuary slab chilled the bare skin of my back.
Really quite uncomfortable.
But then I am dead.

I should never have married Carlos.
Oh I know that now. Please don't tell me again.
He was smooth and dark, impossibly handsome and sophisticated and seemed caring and generous and wonderful. I was not much more than a kid with dreams. Plain, yearning for romance and love, hot for, but anxious about sex, my head filled with silly dreams of marriage and children and the happiness of blissful domesticity. The totally impossible dreams of many young girls. I had some money left to me by Auntie and when Carlos showed interest in me I was hugely flattered and absolutely bowled over.
We wed that weekend when we met.
For the first month it was frighteningly wonderful.
He clung to me as though I was the very centre of his universe. We made love all the time. He was a fabulous lover and I was in a state of constant arousal. He used my money to move us into a glorious apartment with a fabulous view over the ocean and vast rooms and even a spa.
He bought me presents every day and I felt it would be churlishly ungrateful to complain about his going out at nights gambling when he was so very, very good to me. The gambling started in the second month. By the third month some of the excitement seemed to be wearing off but I tried so hard to please him. He became shortish with me and worse still he dismissed me without listening. When he had been out to his club or the casino I sometimes thought I could smell perfume on his clothes.
But I knew it couldn't be so.
I wouldn't let it be so.
I said to him why don't we leave this awfully expensive apartment and move into something cheaper and further out. I could look after him, I would cook and clean and be his little love slave.
He would laugh and for a while it would be alright again.
Then at the end of the third month he came home with a bottle of champagne and chocolates. He knew I didn't drink or eat chocolates but he insisted and I sipped one glass and then he took my hand and slowly, oh so slowly undressed me and then I helped him undress and we got into the spa and he kissed me and fondled my breasts and then held me under and drowned me.

He was way stronger than me and I stood no chance at all.
He just took my shoulders and held me under.
I kicked and thrashed a bit but I was dead within minutes.
Before leaving to flee overseas he rang and sold my corpse to Hot Dates Incorporated.
Their resurrection techs arrived before the cops.
I was lying in the water just below the surface and they dragged me out and connected me to a revival rebirther and after drying me off they emptied my lungs of water and stabilised my body.
When the police had conducted their scene inspection they released my body to Hot Dates Inc. and I was transported back to their body shop labs for reconfiguring.
They stabilised me and fitted nano neurals and an internal life supporter system and retinal implants and a plug in facility. Then they re-gened my body so that my vaginal structure was highly enhanced, my mouth was upgraded, my Bartholin's glands were supercharged, as were my nipples and my other erogenous zones were magnified and my nerve system was realigned to only feel emotions of arousal, excitement, eroticism and lust.
I was reborn as a MORTMS Model. My code number was YWF-A-0237.
Let me explain what had been done to me.
I was and am still dead let there be no mistake about that.
I can't walk or talk or do anything like that. I never grow any older or change in any way. I don't need food or toilet breaks. My eyes can be open or closed. When they are open they stare fixedly like any other dead person's. But I can see what happens around me. My vaginal improvements allow me to grip and hold and pulsate in a way ordinary girls can only dream about. I can maintain an orgasm for forty eight hours. My supercharged Bartholin's glands secrete wetness continuously. My pussy is constantly engorged with blood and swollen into a tight, hot, wet slickness. My plug in facility allows me to enter the minds of my customers so that I can experience our love making from both their view point as well as my own, simultaneously.
I have a room of my own and when not in use I lie here on this stainless steel mortuary slab waiting and aware and growing in arousal by the moment.
Hot Dates Inc make me available as part of their Fantasy Programme and I am one of their Necrophiliac Dream Dates.

My body is cared for by a FEMINAID Robot.
She, I always think of it as she washes me, perfumes me and cleans the jism from me after I have had a customer. Sometimes I am left covered in it although usually it is more a matter of douching my pussy.
Today I had been used by a tough customer whose fantasy always involves cruelty and brutality and I sort of hate it because he slaps me around a lot and bites and pinches my flesh and when he finally has sex he is totally beastly, it is always horridly coarse, crude rape. The worst part is looking inside his head. It is filled with hatred, hatred for everyone but really horrible hatred for women. I know he is married and weep for his wife.
Then two teenaged boys hired me.
Normally two at once isn't allowed but these two were well connected and paid plenty (most of it under the counter) for their pleasure. I didn't mind because I could read in their minds that this was pretty much of a lark for them. So I went along with their fun. One wanted to work on my tits and then fuck my mouth while his mate was doing me down below. They thought they had their ultimate pleasure kick when one was straddling my hips with his cock buried inside me and the other was straddling my chest with his cock in my open mouth. I used my enhanced vagina and jaw muscles to trap both of them and prolong their arousal. I loved it too and of course when they found they had shot their loads but the MORTMS wouldn't release them, well then I had my revenge too. Both boys finally staggered out of my morgue with a renewed respect for us dead girls. I must say they almost gave as good as they got and I was covered in cum and saliva when they left and was pleased to see my FEMINAID Robot when she arrived and cleaned me up.
My next customer was Dave and she knows how much I really like him so she made my face up beautifully and drenched me in a cloud of "Joy" by Jean Patou and covered me lightly in a clean white shroud.
My enhaced tits quivered in anticipation.
My pussy was even wetter than usual.
Dave is really gorgeous and a lovely man and when the door opened and he came in I made the leap into his mind immediately.

Through Dave's eyes I saw my draped MORTMS corpse lying on the stainless steel table.
From beneath the shroud I experienced his approach.
He was very aroused, excited, animated and electrified. His cock stirred in his trousers. This was an amazing feeling for me to experience never having had one. I could feel the primitive urges flowing into it and making it grow hot and lengthen. Almost reverently he rolled the shroud down and off and stood looking down at me.
Inside his head I looked too.
My eyes were open and unfocussed and I realised this worried him. I saw his fingers move out and gently close my eyelids. My view of him bending over me disappeared.
He looked at my nakedness and his arousal grew.
I am no great beauty, my nose is a bit bulbous and my features are, (being kind but honest) plain. My FEMINAID Robot had however made me up very expertly and the expensive perfume wafted up from my warm body crevices and Dave looked with something like love I guess at my peaceful face and my spread, washed hair and my smooth neck and the little folds in my flesh where my arms joined my shoulders. The hollows in my neck, the line of my collar bone, the soft, round, splayed mounds of my breasts. The deep crease where they folded onto my chest and the big brown nipples. His eyes rested for a while on my nipples, noting that the tiny bumps in my aureole were much more pronounced on the left side of my right nipple than anywhere else. He saw the tiny stretch marks appearing across my breasts as age and gravity had started to work on my body. "Don't worry Dave," I thought, "it will never change from now on.
He looked at my rib lines and my tummy, round, soft and vulnerable, but hollowed by lying stretched out on my back like this. My umbilicus a deep dark little indentation, the crease lines across my lower tummy and the thick bush of pubic hair above my pussy.
By now he was very aroused and his cock was pressing painfully at his trousers.
Sighing he went over to the dresser and disrobed.
He looked down.
We both looked down.
His cock was curving upward, rampant, glistening, confident and aggressive.
Did I do that?????
Lust now clouded his mind and he spread my legs and taking my dark brown labia in one hand he squeezed it and then spread the wet lips apart and in one swift, smooth movement he mounted me and his cock slid easily inside my lubriciously slippery pouch and he started pumping.
My enhanced vaginal walls gripped him and prolonged his climax.
My Bartholin's glands poured forth secretions.
His cock rode in the perfect cunt.
As he pumped and pumped I used my control to hold back and increase his orgasm.
Through his eyes I saw my innocently peaceful face and my quivering breasts.
My own climax was building and skilfully I used my re-engineered erogenous flesh to bring him to a huge climax.
His wildly spasming cock pumped every last drop of his semen inside me.
The perfect fuck.

It is an incredible experience to both fuck and be fucked.
Afterwards Dave sat beside me looking at my body lying peacefully at rest on my mortuary boudoir.
He leaned over and kissed me.
"Why couldn't it be different," he said.
"Why couldn't we have met when you were still alive?"
"We could have been, would have been lovers forever."
He sighed and his eyes misted.
"I could have loved you and lived with you and heard your voice and, oh it would have been wonderful."
"We would have married of course. My family would have loved you."
He kissed me again.
"At least I can come and be with you like this."
Slowly, like a man years older than he was he got up and left.

The FEMINAID Robot came in and cleaned away the cum and washed and reperfumed me.
She admired her handiwork and clucking bent forward to where two watery streams were leaking from my eyes and wiped them away.