The Dream

Posted by Barbanne on July 28, 2005 at 01:18:45:


I dreamt my dream again last night.
Once more I was in the ornate, gaudy, tatty, smokey, rough and tough barroom of the Deadwood Gulch saloon. The floors were bare wooden planks sprinkled with sawdust and the faded curtains and furnishings reeked of cigar smoke and booze.
Again I was nude except for my black tooled leather boots and my black hat and my bullet filled gun belt and my six shooter.
The other denizens of the bar were equally naked. Hard muscled, lean framed, mean looking, extremely well hung men and big breasted, amazonian built gals. Like me they all sported foot wear, hats and big guns.
Only I, me, the flat chested shrimp, was a skinny wimp in this brawny company.
I looked down and smiled. My mound was shaven clean, only a stubble showing and my tits tingled, pink and excited.
Someone shouted "Draw you scum," and everyone was going for their guns.
"Yo Miz Barbanne!"
My head jerked up and there facing me, her hand flexing over the pearl handle of a giant colt was the heaviest, biggest breasted, thickest thighed, cutest big broad I had ever laid eyes on and her hand was going down.
"Draw bitch," she growled at me.
I said like "Eeeeek," and fumbled for my gun, finally getting my fingers around it's handle.
I saw heaps of cold blue gunmetal coming up and then I was staring open mouthed, wide eyed and gob smacked straight down a barrel with a huge black hole the size of an Alpine tunnel.
Flame and smoke spewed out of the gun and I saw a bullet spinning out of the blackness of the void and I said "Ee............" and the bullet punched into my forehead just above my nose and central between my eyes, my hat flew up and off and my lights went white and bright and then they went out.
I crashed to the floor my back thumping meatily onto the bare boards and my gun spinning away from my nerveless fingers. My head cracked against the floor, bounced and cracked down again. My mouth gaped open and my eyeballs rolled back, only the merest sliver of white showing beneath my heavily mascaraed lashes.
Once more I was dead in the grotty sawdust of the Deadwood Gulch Saloon.
My body relaxed and limp as befitted a newly fresh corpse.
A feeling of quietly excited sexual tension pervading every fibre of my being.
My nipples tightened and tingled.
My cunt grew warm and tingly and wet and I felt my clitoris prickle as it engorge with blood and the slimy whites started oozing into my love canal.
All around me a battle royal raged, huge naked men fighting with huge naked men, big women fighting with big women, hard men battling heavy women, guns drawn, shots flying, gunsmoke stinking the air with its acrid tang.
And in the middle of all this turmoil I lay sprawled out, nude and dead.
Bodies crashed to the floor to join me.
Big breasts splayed out over impressive chests.
Hard muscled thighs sprouting stiff, blue veined, tumescently aroused cocks.
I lay still, dead from the start and now the thick wetness from my cunt was slipping out sliding, crawling onto my inner thighs.
Wearing only a bloodless bullet hole, a belt and boots I lay stretched out on the floor, my mouth slackly agape, my tongue curled fat and pink against my prominent upper teeth and my sightless eyeballs glazed over and dull. All around me the brawling gunfight went on.
Blasting away the nude contestants fought back and forth across my dead body. Gunsmoke filled the air, the sharp acrid stench of it filling everyone's nostrils. Everyone alive that is. Men and women dropped to the floor knocked senseless or shot to death. As the first to die I lay still throughout, my pussy hot and aroused, cummy stuff drooling and dripping from inside it. Sawdust was stamped into my back and clung to my buttocks and the contents of a spittoon had been kicked across my tummy. Dirty, degraded and depraved, my humiliation was complete.
A flurry of gunshots and then silence descended like a pall over the saloon.
A deathly lull.
The fight was over and the clean up began.
I lay there my body tingling and prickling with the force of my fantasy. A feeling of overwhelming sexual excitement, shivery and controlled coursed through my veins and stiffened my nipples, heated my lower tummy and roiled in heated waves inside my pussy, hardening my clit and releasing a flood of orgiastic wetness.
They stood over me looking down.
My arousal went up a notch, maybe two...or three.
"Poor old Barbanne, poor dear, she was the first to go down you know."
One of the amazons was pontificating over my corpse.
"OK," a man's voice, "let's haul her ass out of here and over to the morgue."
Hands slipped under my armpits and other hands grasped my booted ankles and I was lifted up roughly, my limp body drooping and my head falling back with my crinkly hair trailing down almost to the floor.
I was carried outside and with a grunted, "One, two heave," I was dumped face down over the back of a big sweaty horse. Still speckled with sawdust and with the foul dregs of a spittoon drying on my tummy and my own cummy slime stiffening my inner thigh and with my ass up and the opening to my poop chute and my cunt on display, my utter debasement and humiliation was complete.
As they all stood around, even those killed in the shootout had miraculously recovered, men and women together, naked and aroused, my nudity was paraded for all to see as the horse was led around and around.
Roughened male hands dragged me from the horse and I was surrounded by big, hard, glistening, blue veined, throbbing cocks driven by packed scrotums filled to near bursting with cum. One drove into my engorged cunt and another filled my mouth with hot flesh and they pounded me fucking me, fucking me...................
I was in bed and it was my own finger inside my own cunt rubbing, rubbing, frantically, frantically and then I came.
"Oh geez," I moaned inside my head, "Oh geez, masturbating, yick, that's such a boy thing, yick."
Then I lay there grinning and feeling guilty as hell.
I gotta stop going to bed naked and I gotta stop watching the Lone Ranger and I GOTTA stop dreaming these dreams.
Don't I?
Like hell I do.