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This story was written off of the log of a chat "catfight" I had with Debs (Whoever she was) way back in the early days. I was a total submitter in chat sessions.



A story of lust, passion and death.
By Barbara. (Helped by Debbie.)

That day dawned hot and sunny. Clear blue skies added to the perfection of a summer’s day of unparalleled beauty.
Debbie and Barbara lived in the same apartment building, on the same upper floor in identical one bedroom units.
Debbie was a pretty girl, fit, quite strong and with a sculpted athletic body. She worked out regularly and jogged most mornings and evenings. She ate sensibly and treated her body as the temple of her spirit which it was.
Barbara was a quieter, more introspective girl who read a lot and lived in something of a dreamworld. She didn’t consider herself beautiful or even very pretty although boys called her cute. Smaller and lighter than Debbie, she was naturally slender and did little in the way of exercise to improve herself.
Debbie had been watching Barbara for a while and was fairly sure that the other girl was hardly aware of her. Nonetheless she represented a threat and Debbie had decided that today she was going to have it out, settle it once and for all.
She ran that morning as usual, came home, had breakfast, showered and then dressed for work in a black lace bra and panties, sheer black panty-hose, her short black skirt that zipped at the back and a white satin blouse. She put on high heeled black shoes. ‘Very co-ordinated’, she thought. She left the top two buttons of the blouse undone, exposing quite a bit of skin and the tops of her creamy breasts and allowing a glimpse of the sexy black lace that encased them. She applied make up and combed her hair. She knew she looked striking and a glance in the mirror confirmed this.
She set out for Barbara’s place.
Barbara was in the shower. She ran her hands through her thick mane of hair, rubbing shampoo into it and working it into a lather. While she waited for that to work, she soaped herself, working up a rich creamy lather and caressing her breasts with her soapy fingers. She could feel the tissue of her nipples starting to tingle and draw the little devils erect, she moved on, her creamy, soapy hands down lower, one moving in between her legs, slipping into her slit, finding her clit. She was beginning to get the familiar aching sensation of desire.
‘I’m one of those sex addicts I’ve heard about ‘, she thought. ‘Damn it, I can’t get it out of my mind’. She rinsed off the soap and grabbing a towel, wrapped herself in it, turned off the water and stepped out of the shower.
She rubbed herself vigorously, towelled off her hair and then taking a dry towel wrapped it around tucking the ends in between her breasts. She blow dried her hair and combed it roughly into shape. She went into the bedroom and slipped on skin toned bikini briefs. She had a matching bra, but decided not to wear it today. She pulled on her lycra skirt. It had a bold flower pattern showing roses in shades of pink on a light pink background colour and it reached to just above her knees. She pulled on her pink nylon lycra top. It had a scooped neckline and was plain down to just below her breasts with open crotcheted pattern work for the bottom one hundred and fifty millimetres or so. Her top ended about fifty millimetres above the waist band of her skirt exposing that amount of the skin of her tum. She looked at herself in the mirror. If you looked hard enough, her breasts were plainly visible through the material of her top and the shadows of her nipples were clearly displayed.
“OK!!”, she thought.
She went back into the bathroom and tugged her hair into shape. She put on a light makeup, concentrating her efforts on dark eyeshadow and a soft pink shade of lipstick that really looked great with her outfit. Then she sprayed her neck and shoulders with Obsession summer spray. She rubbed it down between her breasts. She loved Obsession and the fragrance assailed her nostrils, bringing back thoughts of sexiness.
There was a knock at the door.
“Mmmm!” she thought.
She went to the door and opened it. It was the girl she knew lived on her floor, she knew her name was Debbie but apart from that she didn’t know her well at all.
Debbie smiled winningly at her. “May I come in?”
Barbara took in Debbie’s smart appearance, her black skirt finishing mid thigh, her sheer hint of black sheathing on her legs. Very nice!. Her high heeled black shoes and the crisp white satin shirt, unbuttoned at the neck to reveal that this girl was very lovely. She saw that Debbie had on a black bra, it showed through the white material of her blouse and for a moment she thought ‘heck that’s sexier than showing it all like I am’.
Barbara led the way into her lounge and Debbie followed, appraising the pink vision in front of her and thinking ‘Yeah, I approve’.
Barbara held out her hand, pink painted nails, and said. “How are you, nice to meet, I’m Barbara.”
“I hope you don’t mind me coming over like this, I don’t usually drop in unannounced. I’m Debbie by the way, but call me Debs.”
“Barb, and that’s OK.” Looks at her interestedly. “How are you?”
“I’m great.” Takes Barbara’s hand.
They shake hands tentatively and Barbara looking into Deb’s eyes sees something deep inside there that she doesn’t understand. There’s friendliness, on the surface, but there’s something else.
Suddenly Debbie tightened her grip on Barb’s hand and without warning twisted her arm up behind her back, relentlessly and brutally applying pressure.
“Ow, what is this?” cried Barbara, as she futiley tried to break free from Debbie’s hammer lock grasp. Still forcing her arm up behind her back, Debbie pushed Barb forward. As she did, she tightened her grip and twisting painfully shoved her, hissing through clenched teeth, “MOVE BITCH!!!!!!!!!”
Barbara was stunned, this sudden attack had confused her and she was desperately trying to come to grips with her situation. The pain in her arm was excruciating and she rammed her elbow backward trying to break Debbie’s grip. More by good luck than good planning her elbow caught Debbie unawares sinking into her tummy. Debbie stumbled, losing her grip on Barb’s arm and doubled over clutching at her bruised tummy, “OW!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Barb spun around and balling her little hands into fists lashed out at Debbie striking blindly. Debbie however, had recovered herself quickly and put up her hands blocking most of Barb’s assault, whilst at the same time her shapely leg flashed out landing a well placed foot to Barb’s tummy. Barb grunted and doubled over. Dazed and in pain she cried out “Why me?”
Debbie’s eyes flash hatred and venom. “Because I’m so sick and tired of people falling for you when it should be me!!!!!!!!!!!, I’m gonna make sure it never happens again.”
Stung, in a fury, Barb grabs at Deb’s shirt, catching it in her hands and pulls hard, satin rips, tearing away in her hands, she makes claws of her pink nails and flies at Deb in blind rage. Much the better athlete, Debbie sidesteps Barb’s attack as she flies forward and grabs hold of her hair. Tears of rage and frustration and hurt spring from Barb’s eyes, streaking mascara and she screams “Bitch, Bitch!” Water is streaming from her eyes and she is snivelling and sobbing, her fight gone.
Debbie spins Barb around and balling up her own fists she starts punching Barb in the stomach, hard, relentless, hurtful blows. Barb claws at Deb’s face, blind lunges driven by fury and pain and frustration at not knowing what has provoked this attack. Her nails strike home, cutting the skin of Debbie’s face and drawing blood from a long pair of parallel scratches. Debbie screams in pain.
She resumes her punching, pounding hard hurtful blows into Barb’s mid section. Harder and harder she punches Barb’s stomach, forcing her breath out with each blow. It is all Barb can do to stay upright, everything hurts and she sees only red pain, her hands are caught in Debbie’s shirt and she pulls at it, ripping it apart, the rags hang down each side of Debbie’s sweating torso. Debbie’s black lace bra barely controls her heaving breast as she strikes Barb again and again. She grabs Barb by the throat, her long fingers wrap around the other girl’s slender white vulnerable neck and she starts to strangle her!
Barb goes to her knees sobbing with pain, she lunges forward in desperation grabbing Debbie around the legs, trying to upset her. Debbie struggles, she kicks and knees Barbara trying to get her off her legs.
Barb’s face is buried in Debbie’s groin. Through the mists of pain she can smell the muskiness of Debbie’s sex and despite everything, the pain, the hurt, her state of near unconsciousness, she starts to feel lustful, aroused, erotically drawn to her tormentor.
Debbie’s foot lashes out catching Barb full in the face raising a red welt on her cheek. Barb goes down, stunned badly, nearly out to it. She sees her scissors on the coffee table where she left them last night. Debbie follows her gaze, sees the scissors, panics, goes for them herself. With the last of her strength, Barb leaps forward, beats Debs to it, clutches the scissors and turns.
Debbie is trembling with fear.
Barb has the scissors, clutching them in her hand, but somehow she can’t bring herself to use them. She hesitates. She looks at Debbie, she can’t bring herself to strike.
For her it will prove a fatal mistake.
Debbie sees Barb hesitate and jumps her, trying to grab the scissors from her hand. Barb is still undecided, she can’t bring herself to stab Debbie although she knows she should. She stands there unable to act, dishevelled, her pretty top torn and twisted on her body, her hair disarrayed. She looks at Debs pleading with her eyes. Debbie grabs the business end of the scissors, cutting her hand as she does and tries to pull them away from Barb. She wrestles them away but drops them in the process, suddenly galvanised, Barb grabs Deb’s hair and pulls it hard.
Debs squeals in pain and grabs at Barb’s hands trying to free them from her hair, “OW!!!!!!!!”. She lashes out with her foot, kicking Barb in the kneecap. Barb grabs at her knee, the pain is excruciating, Deb’s shoe has caught her flush on the kneecap and her nerve ends are screaming. The intensity of her pain occupies everything, she leaves herself completely exposed.
Debbie takes Barb’s hair in both hands and pushing her backward starts bashing her head against the wall!! Barb sees stars, her vision blackens, she feels she is going out to it, she fights against it, struggling to clear her head, but she is badly weakened, vulnerable, her white slender throat unprotected. Debbie grabs Barb around the waist and throws her to the ground, she jumps on top of her pinning her to the floor with a press hold that would make a wrestler proud. Barb tries to twist away, but Debs is far too strong.
Barb is wrecked, her face bruised and blood is running from her nose following the pounding her head took against the wall, her once pretty top is all but demolished, her skirt torn. Debbie rips away the tattered remnants of Barb’s top and casts it away. She pauses to admire Barb’s shape, suddenly revealed, then places her hands around Barb’s throat, slowly, deliberately. “I’m gonna kill you!! YOU BITCH!!!”
Barb looks up at Debs. She is terrified and it shows in her wide open eyes. but there is something else there, something in the back of her eyes. Despite the awful beating she has taken from Debs, there is naked lust showing through for this strong domineering woman. Debbie starts to squeeze, increasing the pressure on Barb’s throat, trying to crush her windpipe. Barb makes croaking noises, spittle drools from her mouth, she grasps Deb’s wrists trying to force them away, but her feeble efforts are no match for the other girl’s strength.
Debbie’s eyes are full of rage, she increases her pressure, squeezing the life out of Barb, her body pressed sensually against Barb’s naked torso. Barb’s tongue, pink and enticing is forced out between her lips, her eyes are glazing over, her heels drum the floor.
Debs reduces her grip on Barb’s throat just fractionally, but still pinning her helplessly beneath her own body, moves her lips towards Barbs so that they are just brushing her. Barb is turned on by the intimacy of the closeness of Debbie, she feels her soft pouting lips and smells her sweet breath, she feels wetness down below. If only it could have been different. But now Barb’s mind is wandering, starved of oxygen she is half hallucinating.
Debbie stops the pressure of her hands on Barb’s neck, presses her lips against Barbs, slowly slides her tongue into the other girl’s open mouth. Barb is awash in sexiness, she responds, trying to get her arms around Deb, to crush her breast against Deb’s bra clad chest. She moves beneath Deb, grinding her groin against her. Deb kisses Barb deeply, her tongue exploring her mouth, she slides her hands down over Barb’s naked breasts, stroking fondling, finding her nipples quite erect. Barb shudders with pleasure. “If I must die let it be at the hands of this beautiful woman.” The thought is unspoken.
Debs breaks off the kiss, her hand strays for the pair of scissors she sees lying on the floor where they fell earlier.
Barb looks at her, says nothing projecting her thoughts to her lover and her killer. “Not the scissors, don’t mutilate me with the scissors. Crush my life out with your lovely hands.”
Deb looks at Barb lying there beneath her, a strange expression in her eyes, puts down the scissors, wraps her long gentle fingers around Barb’s soft, sweet, vulnerable neck. Barb is wet, her love juices flow, she looks at Debs with adoration and lust and total submission.
“Now.” She whispers.
Debs starts to apply steadily increasing pressure, crushing Barb’s windpipe, straddling her, pinning her down, keeping her immobile, unable to move. Barb’s vision is darkening inward steadily from the edges, her mouth forms the outline of a kiss.
Debbie leans in, still keeping up the relentless pressure, places her lips close to Barbs, blows gently on her face.
Barb’s mouth sags open, her eyes roll back in their sockets looking at nothing, her body quivers in Deb’s embrace and she slumps limp and lifeless, helpless in her arms.
Debbie holds Barb’s limp soft body, moves in and kisses her deeply and lingeringly on the lips. She takes her hands from her neck and feels her naked breast for a heart beat. Barb’s breast is bloody from the cut on Deb’s hand.
Debbie sits a moment exhausted. For a little chick, Barb had put up a real fight, but now it was over, now Barb’s lovely, limp, helpless body is Deb’s to do as she wishes with. Debbie lifts Barb, cradles her still form in her lap and the tears come. She sobs uncontrollably. What might have been!!
Barb’s mouth hangs open,her glazed eyes stare from half lidded slits into nothingness. Debbie gently closes her eyes, the feathery lashes drifting down over freckled cheeks.
Debbie admires Barb’s half naked body, the round globes of her small bare breasts. The darker mounds of her nipples, standing erect in death as if two little pillars. Debbie feels herself getting frisky, turned on by the lovely corpse she holds in her arms.
She stands, letting Barb fall to the floor with a thump. Taking each ankle in one of her hands, she drags Barb into the bedroom. Barb bumps over every unevenness. Debbie lifts her into a half sitting position, Barb lolls, flopping in Deb’s arms. Deb gets her hands under Barb’s armpits and lifts her up and rolls her onto the bed. She undoes Barb’s sandals and takes them off. She unzips Barb’s wrecked skirt and pulls it down her legs and off. Putting her fingers inside the waistband of Barb’s panties she slides them down and over her feet and off. She climbs onto the bed next to the dead girl and cuddles her.
Friskier and friskier.
Deb gets up and takes off her own ruined shirt, unclasps her bra and drops it off, kicks off her shoes, slides her short black skirt down and off, removes her panty-hose and slips out of her panties. Nude, she lays down on he bed again next to Barb.
Poor dead Barb.
Naked, exciting Barb.
Debbie bends over Barb and licks her face, her closed eyes, her lips, her neck, her breasts. She sucks on her nipples and moves down her tummy, tonguing her skin, loving the smell of her. She plants wet sucking kisses on the insides of her thighs, loving her feminine taste, seeing her pussy juices and the traces of urine on her legs. Debs begins to suckle on Barb’s soft clit, teasing it with her tongue, feeling that her pussy is still warm and oh so moist.
Barb has succumbed to the far superior woman.
Deb crawls along Barb’s body, her legs spread, her own vulva rubbing on Barb’s face, her breasts, her soft, flat tummy, then vulva to vulva. She shivers at the touch of Barb’s scratchy bush. She lies next to Barb again and rolls her onto her side. Barb’s arms flop and her head hangs limp on her neck, caressing the bed. Her eyes are closed, mouth agape, freckles visible.
She sure is cute.
The swell of her hips entices Debs, she smacks Barb’s rump.
“Big bum girl!”
Lying next to Barb, she takes Barb’s hand with its nice pink nails. She pulls it over and in between her legs, she strokes herself with Barb’s dead hand until the soft touch of the little fingers brings her to climax.
“Oh Barb!” She says. “Oh Barb!”