Posted by Barbanne on April 27, 2004 at 00:53:47:


"So 10034689, known as Barbanne you wish to access your death day?"
The guardazon gazed at me from icily blue eyes. Despite the mildness of the ecoatmosphere I shivered in my light shift and wished that in this year of 2502 we still wore underclothes as had people in pasthistory.
"Yes please," I whispered.
"I'm just interested. Death fascinates me."
She considered me as though I were some distasteful thing that had somehow appeared before her, although what I had asked was every citizen's right or so we are told.
"Watch the screen girl."
A plasmo screen appeared on the far wall and I found myself looking into a bare room I didn't know. A door in one wall opened and I came through. I looked much as I do now but then few people now show signs of ageing until they grow older than a hundred of our years. Still I am twenty one and I was a little surprised to find that I would retain that youthfulness until I died. I even seemed to be wearing the same micro shift and could clearly see my breasts and nipples and pubic thatch beneath the gossamer thin material.
A tall guardazon appeared from my right and ripped my shift off in one surprisingly brutal movement.
A hand appeared in the foreground holding a pulsing nerve jammer and my mouth opened in a silent scream. The nerve jammer pulsed and my body locked up instantly, heart, lungs, circulation and brain switched off forever and from that second I was dead. My body was arched and stiffened, my face was frozen in a rictus of fear, my eyeballs had rolled backwards and my tongue pressed against my teeth. The nerve jammer was deactivated and my body went limp and slid to the floor.
The tall guardazon was joined by another and taking an arm each they dragged my nude corpse from the room.
"Do you wish to see more?"
I nodded, enthralled by the images in front of me.
The scene changed, the guardazons dragged my dead body into a pleasure pod and laid me out on my back on a plushly padded couch like table. One made up my face, closing my eyelids and pushing my tongue into my mouth. The other pushed my legs apart and used a spray to lubricate my pussy. The tall guardazon opened another door to where a line of guardman cadets waited and beckoned the first man in.
The screen flickered and went blank.
"Thank you." I made to leave.
"Not the way you came. Through there." She indicated another door on my left.
I opened it and walked into a bare room. A guardazon stood inside. Another appeared from my right and ripped my shift off in one brutal movement. The other pointed a pulsing nerve jammer at me and I saw the twin barrels glow. I heard my scream begin. From the other room I heard the guardazon say, "Let those who would know their death day know that it is now."
I screa.........................................................