Deadwood Funeral Parlour 2.

Posted by Barbanne. on March 16, 1999 at 15:03:51:

OK here's the lowdown on the dead schoolmarm and the necro mortician gal.
Jane. Hope this tickles your fantasy.
Anyone. Give me another lady who wants to die out west and maybe DFP3 may yet occur.
:) Hope youse all enjoy it.

By Barbanne.

The bullets tore into me. Breast. Tummy. Breast.
I fell down into the mud of the street and my shirt flapped open.
The three bullet holes punched like evil, black dots into my soft white flesh.
Blood oozed and my eyelids fluttered.
I saw the posse coming. Big strong, hard men. I sagged backward into the mud, limp and dead. Those big hard men (how I hoped they'd be hard) would strip my body and ravish me unmercilessly............................

"Barbanne..........wake up girl."
"Wake up girl, wake up."
My dream faded. The posse dissolved into the mist. I bobbed awake and sat up, my body naked from the waist up.
He stood there looking at me, his tongue circling his wet lips.
"Things to be doing girl. Another customer. That there schoolmarm."
I hated the way he just stood there gazing at me. My hands tried to conceal my breasts and pull the sheet up at the same time, failed in both tasks, and left me blushing crimson and flustered and confused.
"Paw leave me get out of bed."
"Uh Huh." He rubbed his whiskery chin and made no move to leave.
I hopped from the bed and turning my back, grabbed my tattered gown and pulled it on. When I turned back, Paw was standing there, mouth open and a damned bulge pushing at his breeches. I hated him. Dirty old pervert.
I headed for the washroom.
"Come downstairs when you're ready girlie."
"I will."
"Uhn OK. Got everything you want in there?"
"YES!" I slammed the door and he walked away.

I came downstairs dressed in my grey cotton frock. The one with the white polka dots. He was waiting, dressed in his frayed and ancient black suit.
We went outside.
In the dusty dawn, the sheriff and two of his guys were standing in the middle of main street. A small mound lay at their feet. I blushed and got quite hot and damp and itched down there as I wondered if the sheriff and his guys realised they had shot me down and had me at their mercy only an hour before. In my wet dreams.
"Hello Rufe. Hello gal."
"She's all your'n."
I looked at the figure on the ground.
She lay half face down, resting on one shoulder. One arm was by her side, hand downward, palm up, fingers curled. The other arm was arched over and her hand rested on the dirt, fingers curled into a c shape. One leg was thrust straight out and I was looking at the sole of her foot. The other was sort of bent at the knee and pressed into the dirt by the thrust of her hips. Her ass was up. She was bare naked.
It was Miss Jane, the schoolmarm.
She was mighty purty and she was bareassed nekkid and she was mighty dead.
Her body was all covered in dust and dirt and her purty hair was tangled and dirty. There was a filthy rag round her neck.
"OK Barbanne. You take care of her. Rufe."
The sheriff nodded and he and his boys moseyed off.
I rolled Miss Jane onto her back. She was really smeared with dirt. That there filthy rag had been used to strangle her and it was almighty tight around her throat. Digging right into the soft flesh of her neck. Her eyelids were part way down like half lowered blinds and her eyeballs was white and starey. Them pupils of her'n were rolled way back so that all I saw under them eyelids were her white eyes. Kinda bloodshot too. Her mouth was open and her spittle had mixed with the dirt and made like mud in her mouth. Her tongue was sort of unrolled and dangling from one side of her parted lips. Her pussy hair was matted and filled with dirt too and there was dirt mixed in with dried jism, I reckoned it was, on her upper thighs. Her killer musta screwed her I guessed.
I sort of couldn't stop gazing at her. Dirty and all like she was and dead and all, she was heaps purty and I envied her lying in the dusty main street, totally nekkid and daid. I could sorta sense that the good citizens of Deadwood was watching her from half open windows and I thought how goddamned sexy it must be to be a'lying there nekkid and dead as dead could be.
Miss Jane was about twenty eight year old and she was quite a bit taller than me, well woulda been if'n she could stand up. Her figure was divine and I kinda lusted for her there, out in that street in the early morning sun.
Paw spat.
The spit just missed Miss Jane's bosoms and I hated that man.
"OK Barbanne get her inside."
I lifted Miss Jane by the shoulders and got her kinda sitting up. Her head flopped forwards and her dirty hair swung around her poor dead face.
"Gimme a hand." I said.
"Naw you kin do it."
But he was sauntering off to the boozer already. Waal, leastways I wouldn't have to worry about him any more today.
But how was I gunna get Miss Jane into the parlour. I stood and sort of struggled with her until I got her up. She was wobbling everywhere and I was puffing some. I'm only a kid you know. I got a hand in between Miss Jane's legs and grabbed her around her butt and I let the top of her flop over my shoulders and hoisted her off the ground. Her arms swung around beating a tattoo against me and her head lolled against my breasts and her hair tumbled downwards.
It was all I could do to get moving and I tottered off up the street with Miss Jane, all nekkid and daid as a mullet, slung over my shoulders. I thought I'd drop her for sure several times but I didn't and despite she sort of flopped around all flaccid and limber and lifeless and didn't help at all being sort of limpity dead and all, at last I plonked her onto my laying out table, that one I told you about before.
I was knackered and just leaned against the table admiring Miss Jane and puffing like a walrus.
Time to get her cleaned up.
Time for fun.

I had dumped her sort of half side on and all, being as how I was really stuffed by the time I had carried her from the street to the parlour, and so, after I had rested up some, I rolled her onto her back and straightened out her legs and arms.
She was messy alright and had like heaps of dust and twigs and other detritus stuff in her hair and stuck to her body and she sure enough needed a good clean up.
I pulled the big bits off first. Twigs, leaves and a couple of crappy bits of unidentified stuff I found in her pussy.
Now it was time to get my bucket of warm water and my soap bar. I put an empty bucket under the drain hole and then I splooshed Miss Jane with water and slopped off all of the dirt and stuff. I was wearing my big rubber apron and still I was getting my frock wet. I knew I wouldn't see Paw again until he rolled home looking for his supper and he'd be drunker 'n a skunk and mean nasty like he always got. If I fed him good he'd maybe snore off and leave me be, but if he stayed awake and started drinking again he'd be after me. Heck he always did and, if he caught up with me, he'd either belt me until I was near senseless or he'd want to get mooshy with his li'l dotter and then he'd do stuff to me like he had before and then he'd beat me near senseless. It wuz allus the same and then he'd go to church and everyone would say what a fine man he was and how he was raising that little girl of his all alone.
F**k I hated that man. Bloody hypocrite.
But I'm getting off the track.
Knowing Paw wouldn't be back all day and having the place to myself, I locked the door good and tight and then I stripped off my dress and put that big old apron on over just me and my knickers. Didn't even have shoes on. Nope. Bare foot girl.
Miss Jane still looked awful dirty and her hair looked like half the birds in the county had been nesting in it. I sort of lifted her head up and wet her hair heaps and lathered it up until it was all white and foaming. I got my little fingers in and under and didn't miss anything. Then I rinsed it all out and she looked great. Lovely shiny hair.
Well, sadly she herself was still daid but her body was starting to look good.
I lathered up her pubics and soon had them shining too.
I washed her body one more time and scrubbed until her skin was, well I was gunna say pink, but truth to tell it stayed white and waxy all through, but it was sure clean. I cleaned all her toes and fingers until them little pinkies wuz just perfect.
Well, she looked pretty good now. I had slopped around with water and my hand inside her mouth and had managed to get her tongue to go back inside. Then I closed her eyelids and she looked just peaceful and sweet.
I loved her heaps.
After I had cleaned her mouth out and rinsed it I started in on the inside of her pussy. After my first wash it had come really clean and I don't think it needed another doing out but, well, I was sort of pleasuring myself by this time. I slipped my first two fingers of my right hand into Miss Jane and it was still warm and very moist in there although the rest of her wuz getting purty cold. I found her little clitoris thing, I knew it was that because I played with my own heaps of times and knew it when I found it. I felt it and fiddled with it and wondered how many times it had pleasured Miss Jane and whether she had felt any pleasure as she was going under when whoever it was, had strangled her. I allus figure I'd get really horny if I wuz being strangled and done. I dunno, it just turns me right on thinking about it.
Miss Jane looked super lying there. The table was clean and she was spotless. I emptied the slop bucket and came back and looked at Miss Jane.
Heck, she wuz purty.
I got some baby oil and I rubbed her with it and kneaded it into her skin. I worked and worked and soon she wuz just gleaming. Her hair shone and her body gleamed like polished alabaster. She wuz awful white and cold. But shiny. Her eyes were shut and her mouth was just open a teeny weensy bit and her nipples looked big and brown on her upthrust breasts.
It was time for me to get myself cleaned up and get naked and lie with poor dead Miss Jane and I did and I played with her some and I played with myself some and I kissed her heaps and slid my fingers inside myself and kissed Miss Jane and then I came, all panty and messy.
I did that a couple of times.

Sort of reluctantly I dressed and made Miss Jane's face up and put her in one of our best coffins, all creamy, lacy inside.
I kissed her again.
She looked gorgeous. Daid, but purty as a field of flowers on a June morning.
I unlocked and went up and put Paw and my supper on.
If he came home drunk and went to touch me, I'd kill him daid.
Then the place would be mine and I could start keeping people I loved, keeping 'em for myself.
People like Miss Jane, the schoolmarm.
She taught me did I tell ya. She said I was a smart clever little girl and should go on to college. But I ended up here. In the mortuary with the stiffs.
So did she.
Its a laugh in a way.
I'd love to keep her. Would have loved to keep Shy Anne and Belle Carter. And all the others haven't arrived yet.
Here's Paw..............if he's drunk!
Hey maybe.............????.................just maybe??
Then it would be all mine.