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I awoke to find him leaning over me.
The bedclothes were pulled down and he had my bare arm in his hand. I only sleep in a pair of panties and my whole body was exposed. I opened my mouth to scream and then I saw the needle slip into my flesh. The plunger depressed and the scream died in my throat.
I was lying there on the bed.
I couldn't move anything. Not the merest muscle twitch.
I tried blinking my eyes.
I tried moving my eyeballs, scanning away from the one patch of ceiling I was gazing at.
Nothing, not the slightest movement. My mouth was open, I tried shutting it. I couldn't. It was fixed open, gaping. I tried moving my tongue, just to lick something. It remained rooted where it lay.
I was totally paralysed.
I mean I must have been breathing somehow because my brain was racing. But I couldn't lift a finger. Couldn't even twitch my nose or look sideways. What would people think when they saw me, and see me they would because I was lying fully exposed and all but buck naked.
I knew what they would think.
They would think I was dead!
Maryanne found me early the next morning.
She called my name and then she said, "Aren't you cold?" Then her face hovered in view and she shook me. I wasn't stiff, I was quite limp but I couldn't move, my body just wobbled when she shook it.
Then she screamed.
The room filled with people.
Police, ambulance paramedics, and finally the coroner's medical examiner.
She rolled me back and forth and pulled down my panties and took a rectal temperature reading with a hard and cold thermometer and I heard her say "She's dead. Declared at nine oh five."
"When did she actually die?" One of the policeman.
"I'll tell you more accurately when we do the autopsy but let's say tentatively, about five hours ago".
"The autopsy?" I screamed inside my head, "not the autopsy. Oh no, aaaagghh........., aaaaaaaaaaaaaagggghhhhh................................"
The medical examiner spoke again. She had a lovely low sweet voice and I knew I would like her if we could have met in normal circumstances. "I'll have to call this a suspicious death for now. When we know more I'll be able to confirm or deny, but for now I'd have to say I can see no reason this young and otherwise healthy looking girl is dead."
She pulled down my eyelids and gently closed my eyes.
"Sad when they die so young."
"Yeah," said one of the policemen.
I felt cold hands covered in plastic gloves lift my body and pull a body bag over my feet and up to my head. The zipped it up. Ziiiiiiiiiiippppppppppppp....
Everything went dark.
I screamed and screamed again and again.
I rode in the back of the ambulance to the city morgue.
I was offloaded onto a gurney and wheeled into the mortuary chamber.
I felt myself lifted off of the gurney and onto a table. The bag was unzipped and light penetrated behind my eyelids. I tried to open them but they remained firmly shut. The bag was stripped away and I could feel the cold stainless steel of an autopsy table pressing into my bare back. Someone with plastic gloved hands, a tech I suppose, slid my panties down and off and then arranged my body, draping my head back and over a neck block so that my chin pointed upwards. My legs were straightened and my arms were laid by my sides.
I was left alone. The room was freezing cold but of course no-one thought to cover me. Why should they? I was dead and like my fellow corpses in this cold sterile place I felt nothing, I was nobody, I was just another dead body. I was bitterly cold, but I couldn't even shiver. Whatever I had been injected with had paralysed me completely. In a little while I would be carved open and then there would be no doubting I was dead.
I would have cried but couldn't make tears.
I heard the morticians talking quietly amongst themselves. I heard the unmistakable sounds of an autopsy. The swooshing sound of a knife slicing through dead flesh. The sloshy sounds of hands amingst organs. The acrid stench of stomach contents released, steaming into the frigid conditioned air.
"Looks like that's what killed her."
"Mmmmnnn, that's huge."
"Must have been awfully painful."
"I'd say so."
Then the scraping noise of blade on bone as her face was being parted from her skull. The high whine and clatter of a stryker saw and the stench of spraying blood and burning bone. They were taking her skull apart to examine her brain pan.
Would I still be alive when that happened. I shuddered but only in my imagination. My body remained frozen.
"Look at this guy."
"Wow she blew a hole in him you could drive a truck through."
They were autopsying a man now. Domestic shooting from what I could make out.
It was horrible.
What about her, where do you want to start?"
They were standing over me. I was screaming "No, no, no, no.................," but of course no-one could hear, nothing was coming out.
"Yeah," a gloved hand stroked my tummy, running upward from my pubis to my sternum and then across each breast in turn, tracing the line of the Y incision that would peel me open in reverse.
The doors to the mortuary banged open and rubber wheels ribbled across the vinyl flooring.
"Rush case. Congressman's daughter found dead. Up at City Hall they are hot to find out what happened. All sorts of pressures being applied."
"Look at the colour of her face. OD'd on drugs I'll wager. OK, we'll do it."
His hand slapped my thigh with a meaty whack.
"We'll leave her. Do her first thing in the morning."
A sheet was draped over me.
I listened while they diced the other girl into mincemeat.
Then cleaning sounds and finally lights were snapped off and darkness descended.
I don't know how long I lay there.
I heard the door swoosh open and footsteps to where I lay.
The sheet was pulled down.
A hand gripped my arm and a needle slipped into a vein and something pumped in.
I started to feel warmth in my extremeties.
I heard the person leave.
I tried moving things but nothing happened for a long time and then at last I managed to force my eyelids apart. I found I could wiggle my toes and then my fingers but it was slow. I regained some movement in one arm and then the other and my legs twitched and flexed. I heard the morticians return.
"Let's do this chick now."
They were standing around me.
I made a supreme effort and said "Eeeerrrggghhhhh," and rolled sideways and wrapped in the sheet, fell heavily to the floor. I lay there twitching and jerking and moaning.
Silence and then someone said.
I recovered quickly after that.
One of the death doctors checked me over and said he could find nothing wrong.
"I usually don't do live bodies dear," he said, "and I'm glad we didn't get around to you last night or you wouldn't have been. Alive that is." He laughed. A graveyard laugh.
They loaned me one of those dumb gowns that tie up down the back and one of the docs drove me home. Maryanne passed out cold when I breezed in, but the docs brought her around. "Never attended so many warm girls," he grinned. The next day a policeman came and took details of what had happened to me. He looked puzzled.
A couple of days later I got a note.
It read:
"Good one eh babe! Bet that had you going."
It was signed with a smiley. I checked the envelope it came in. It didn't reveal too many clues but I did find a name on the back, well, part of a name.
R.(something indistinguishable) pper.
If I ever work out who that bastard was........................................