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Posted by Barbanne on February 04, 2004 at 22:29:37:



I gazed adoringly at the Empress Sherylina.
I worshipped her.
A smallish woman, not much taller than me and a dozen years older, she had thick, raven black hair and and dark brown eyes. Her eyebrows were thick and plucked to perfection. She had rather a large nose, almost bulbous at its tip and a generous mouth. Her teeth were even and only slightly discoloured and her features were set in a face that was evenly balanced with a strong chin and a slender neck, beautiful shoulders and tear drop breasts with the largest and most prominent nipples I knew of, apart from my own. She was all woman with shapely limbs and long delicate fingers and well formed feet. Her tummy bulged only slightly, no more than my own and any fat she carried was that which gives we females our soft, inviting curves. Her royal purple gown was loose and folded so that any movement caused it to billow and reveal the soft white flesh of her perfect breasts. Her feet were encased in golden slippers.
I looked at her through a gauzey mist of heroine worship and to me she was the most beautiful and glorious woman in the world.
I was smitten with a slave's crush on the unattainable.
I waited with my wine jug to be called to service.
Sherylina lounged on her divan, the giant Domitian standing, as always, protectively behind her. Her eyes roamed over the crowd, taking in the drinkers, the feasting and the orgiastic pleasuring of this typical Imperial banquet. She watched the two near nude, gleamingly oiled gladiatrix, Lucinata and Noninius as the wrestled in the tiled space formed between the horseshoe table arrangement.
Her eyes crossed mine and lingered.
"Girl, you there, bring wine for the Emperor."
I scurried forward with my wine jug filled to overflowing with the rich, red, highly alchoholic grape nectar. So intent was I in doing the right thing for my beloved Empress that I didn't see the out thrust slippered foot until my own bare feet tripped over it and I stumbled forward. Wine slopped into the fruit bowl before the royal couple and some drops of scarlet splashed onto His Majesty's toga.
"Ah clumsy stupid girl," roared the Emperor.
"Sorree, sorree, sorree," I shrieked.
"Shall I slay her Majesty?" Said the praetorian to his left.
"Nay, she is but a stupid serving girl," said Sherylina, "Domitian take her to Lucinata," she caressed the Emperor's arm, "let her provide us with a brief amusement.
Domitian's huge hand gripped the back of my tunic and screwed it tight. Held thus I was propelled down from the dais to the tiled floor and thrust in between Lucinata and Noninius.
Sherylina stared down at us.
"Lucinata, teach this witless, graceless wine girl that she must not sully His Majesty's toga with her messiness."
Domitian ripped his hand down my back and my tunic split from neck to hem and fell uselessly to the floor. I wore no underclothes as I had not the money for these and so stood naked between the two superbly fit gladiatrix.
"So little one, I am to educate you," said Lucinata.
I started blubbering.
"Be silent girl and defend yourself."
I blubbered more.
Lucinata lunged forward and gripped my wrist and pulled me to her and her arms encircled my chest as she pulled me to her in a fearsome bear hug. Our breasts squashed together, slippery with sweat. She banded her arms and I felt my ribs creak and my organs being crushed inside me.
"Help," I squeaked.
"Fight back girl," said Lucinata. I flailed feebly landing a few cream puff slaps to her shoulders.
I was squeaking and blubbering in equal amounts. The crowd watched in boredom.
Lucinata looked up at Sherylina and the Empress nodded.
"Goodbye little one," she hissed at me and then her arms became steel and my ribs really creaked and my lungs were crushed and I fell back in her grasp, my arms dangling, fingers curled inward, my chin pointed up and my mouth gaped open as though trying to catch flies and my eyelids fluttered and my eyeballs skittered back and forth. I hadn't thought it could hurt more but Lucinata increased the pressure and I could not breathe at all. My eyes rolled wildly and I gasped for breath.
"Oh-aaark, oh-uurk, oh-uurk, ah-ah-ah-ah-ah, aaaaaagleeeeeeeeeeek."
And that was it.
All over red rover.
A black velvet curtain descended onto my struggling brain and I collapsed senseless in her hold. She released me and Domitian scooped up my unconscious body and tossed me over his shoulder so that my bum and underside displaying my anus and vagina were presented to the mob. I was out cold and cared nothing for my humiliation but had I been awake I'd have had nothing to fear as the crowd had gone back to their gluttony and a naked serving female's intimacies held no appeal.

I came back to awareness to find myself lying on my back on a large wooden table, spread out like the figure X, my arms above my head, my wrists lashed to eye bolts and my legs wide apart, my ankles lashed to other eye bolts. I was still nude and had been coated all over with perfumed oil which dripped onto the wooden surface of the table.
My eyelids fluttered open and my eyes took a few seconds to focus.
Sherylina, just as naked as I was stood beside me looking down.
"Ah my little kitten you're back. Now we can play."
"Forgive me Empress, forgive me. I am sorry, truly sorry that I spilt the wine, oh please forgive me." I whined.
"Silly little kitten, ah you are the perfect victim."
"Pleeeeease forgive me," I pleaded unashamedly.
"Don't be so stupid. Whose foot do you think caused you to stumble?"
"I don't know, I don't know, forgive me."
"Silly girl. I tripped you."
"You Empress, but, but, why?"
"So that I could engineer getting you just where you are now."
"Where I am?"
"Where you are stupid, stark naked, oiled up and tied to my table of pleasure."
She came forward and gripping my long crinkly hair in her fingers pulled my head up. The roots of my hair stung.
"Ow indeed, do you know what this is?"
She shoved an object in front of my eyes."
"It looks like a, like a............................" My eyes saucered into two fried eggs.
"Say it girl."
"Like a phallus Highness."
This magnificently crafted object is the finest dildo in the Empire. fashioned from a substance abtained from the sap of trees found at the farthest reaches of our empire it is both rigid and yet yielding and the master casters who made it have shaped it to mimic the mightiest cock ever known and see, it has been cunningly moulded with small bumps to maximise a woman's pleasure. It has been oiled and polished to the highest shine using exotic perfumed oils and the emissions of the hundreds, nay tens of hundreds of women who have used it."
"Oooooh," I said.
"And little one it is double ended."
"But first I shall pleasure myself by pleasuring you."
She slid it inside my willing slit. I gasped and cried out.
"No one can hear you poppet not down here. You may express yourself fully."
And I did. groaning, moaning and finally screaming in a transport of delight.
"See little serving wench it helps you to multiple orgasms."
"Ooooooow," I was stuffed.
"Now this is rather tricky but well worthwhile."
She straddled me and leaned back on her bent legs, carefully mounting her end of the dildo which was still buried inside me. Then she rode us both to another plane.
Transported to a world of such eroticism that I feel certain that I passed out several times only to awake to find myself being stimulated yet again to another explosive orgasm.
At last Sherylina was satisfied and she freed me from my bonds. I could do nothing but lie in the stew of the oils with which I had been coated and my own copious sweat. She helped me up and half carried me to the lavarium where we bathed together and she dressed me in a brand new, low cut, purple and gold tunic.
"Now little kitten you are my personal servant and wine girl."
"Oh Empress," I said and, falling to my knees, kissed the hem of her robe.
"Get up kitten and oh, by the way."
"Yes mistress."
"What is your name?"
"I am called Barbanne Empress."
"Good. Barbanne you and I shall visit here again."
"Yes please mistress."

Wearing my new tunic I reported bright and early to Sherylina the next morning.
I was told she would see me soon.
I waited.
And waited................and waited.
I was called in mid morning to find her sitting nude on a stool by the loggia whilst her hairdresser worked on her thick, black hair. I walked over in some trepidation.
"Girl for goodness sake stop scratching yourself. When I gave you that short tunic it was so that I and others could admire your legs not for you to stick your hand up there and scratch at your treasure."
"Sorry my mistress, my conqueror," I cooed, blushing, "sorry but I am itching dreadfully and I'm also very tender...........and I've never had underpants before."
"So you should be girl, and as for the underpants there is hardly enough of them to matter."
I went red to my very roots.
"See what a sweetly innocent little kitten she is," Sherylina told the hairdresser who laughed pleasantly.
"Now come here Barbanne. Enough," she said to the hairdresser, "that will do. Now Barbanne help me dress."
I helped her clothe herself in her beautifully fine silk underwear and her long rich toga.
"Barbanne you are not only to be my personal attendant and companion but I want you also to be my eyes and ears in those parts of the palace where I cannot go."
"Anything you ask mistress," I simpered, bowing.
"You're a dill, but I guess you're my dill, now come along we have something you must see."
She hurried me down long corridors, across spacious courts and around many corners until we came to the Emperor's quarters and then into a vast bedroom. The walls were hung with the richest tapestries and the floor was scattered with fine woolen rugs and tapers burned in wall sconces and water splish splashed in a fountain made up of naked marble bodies in explicitly erotic poses.
The bed was a great long, wide divan and the fine bedclothes were rumpled and in the middle of this lay the naked body of a young woman.
She was stone cold dead.
I gasped and my hand flew to my mouth.
"Don't be squeamish Barbanne, look at her."
I looked. She was very young, late teens at most. She lay on her back with her arms stretched out by her sides and slightly away from her body. Her hands rested palms up on the bedclothes and her fingers curled in the rictus of death. Her legs were bent at the knees which had been pushed wide apart opening her up for all to see. Her dark curly bush had been shaved smooth leaving a shiny shadow and her really large pussy was stretched wide, both sets of labia pinkly crinkled and yawning open revealing the opening into her love passage. Her long dark hair fanned around her head, her face was heavily made up, bright blue eyeliner surrounded her eyes and covered her eyelids which were slitted open exposing a sliver of totally white eyeball flecked with little crimson blood spots. Her lips were painted red and parted and her tongue had swollen and filled her mouth. Death had drained her of colour and her makeup failed to conceal the adolescent pimples dotting her chin. She had been brutally and viciously garrotted. The instrument of her death had gone but going by the deep, narrow, raw indents bruising and mottling her throat, she had been strangled with some fine, steel strong cord, the favourite of professional assassins.
"Who is she?" I mumbled.
"Sofia, a favourite of his Majesty's," she said.
I looked at Sherylina surprised that she mentioned her husband's affairs so easily but then I thought of how she and I had performed the evening before and realised her business was not mine to question.
"She's dead," I said somewhat superfluosly.
"Indeed she is Barbanne and we must determine why."
"What do I do?"
"Keep alert little kitten and let us see what evolves. For now though you can help me dispose of poor dear, dead Sofia."
"Dispose of her??"
"Barbanne, whoever killed this girl means to somehow embarrass my husband the Emperor. For now however we can keep it quiet. Now I shall take her shoulders you bring up the rear with the legs."
I grasped Sofia around her lower calves and the Empress took her under the armpits. We hoisted her up and carried her (sort of staggering) out of the bedroom and back into the servant quarters and down a long stone stairway to the palace slaughter rooms. Here in the frigid cold and among a slew of suspended beef carcasses we deposited Sofia's carcass well out of sight at the back on a sloping, drained rock shelf. I helped lay her out, nude and going bluish, stretched out on her back and in this arctically chilled space I realised she could stay undetected for months.

Two days later I was at work in the kitchens during the early evening when a palace guard came for me and led me back into the bed chambers. He left me at a doorway and I knocked quietly.
"Enter," there was no mistaking Sherylina's voice.
I slipped inside. A room smaller than the other but equally richly furnished. Sherylina was waiting for me beside the bed. Again the smell of death underlay the scent from the tapers sputtering along the walls. On the bed a bundle wrapped in one of the black bed sheets lay crosswise over the remainder of the crumpled bedclothes. At one end of this bundle there emerged creamy white shoulders sprinkled with freckles and a limply dragging arm and a face surrounded by a mass of red hair dangling from a long slender neck. The woman's face was made up in the same colours as had been Sofia's only this woman's eyes were closed, long fine lashes draping the freckled cheeks and a stringy wet drool tinged with crimson trailed from her gaping mouth. As I came closer I saw that she must have been rolled into the sheet, trapping her and forestalling her resistance, and then a long thin dagger had been driven with unerring accuracy through the sheet and through her left breast and on into her heart, stilling it instantly so that she had died with almost no blood loss.
"Oooooh," I said, "another."
"Veda. Something of a favourite I suspect her going missing may be remarked upon."
"Wow, bad luck Veda."
"Indeed. You can take the top this time Barbanne and I shall follow with the legs."
We left Veda wrapped in her sheeted shroud and staggered down into the slaughter rooms once more. I unwrapped her and removed the knife from her breast and then with Sherylina's help we stashed her nude corpse on top of Sofia. I disposed of the bloodied sheet and hid the knife where I could find it again if needs be.

The third one turned up a week later.
Piagea. A blonde of some twenty six summers who was discovered stretched out completely nude on her bed in the courtesan's quarters. A girl with long straight blonde hair and amazingly balloon like breasts and an unremarkable face, although passingly pretty. When I laid eyes on her her prettiness was marred by her mottled distended tongue which flopped from one corner of her parted lips and the fixed and cloudy, sightless stare with which she greeted me. She lay in that lax and boneless way that only the truly dead can achieve. Like Sofia she had been strangled with a fine cord and as with Sofia I got to carry the legs end of her corpse. Down in the slaughter house it took me some arranging to get all three dead girls onto the shelf.
I began to wonder what I had let myself in for agreeing to be Sherylina's personal servant.

Three days later, on the weekend, I found a note lying under my pillow when I retired to my bed chamber.
(Absolutely nothing like the bedrooms inhabited by the courtesans, actually more of a large closet.)
"If you want the answers your mistress seeks come to the eastern catacombs at nine tonight."
I started off at a run to show it to Sherylina. But then I stopped. What if it were a hoax? Some silly prank. No, I would go alone and find out what my mysterious correspondent had to say and then I would involve the Empress.
I thought about that. Yes, I decided that was the right way to go. I didn't want to risk my relationship with the Empress by doing something stupid.
At eight that evening I set out for the catacombs. I ducked along back alleys and byways, running a lot of the time and taking care to avoid roaming gangs of youths bent on mischief and the many drunks who lurched from tavern doorways.
When I arrived at the catacombs the light had gone and the overgrown ground leading to the entrance was cloaked in almost pitch blackness. I hurried down the stair that led to the "city of the dead" and emerged into the main corridor. Flares burning in wall brackets spaced far apart gave out pools of light bleeding into gloomy stretches of dank, smelly corridors.
I hastened along heading for the eastern catacombs.
Noises from the darkness beyond the outer edges of the light caused me to stop frequently and to start involuntarily. I figured it was just the scurrying of mice or the stirring of bats and tried to keep my courage up although there were many occasions when I had to choke down the urge to scream.
When I arrived at the eastern catacombs I stood in the pool of light and looked around for some sign of my mysterious correspondent.
Summoning my courage I called out.
"Its me. Barbanne. Where are you? Show yourself."
"Hello," I called out.
I waited but apart from faint stirrings there was nothing to indicate I was anything but alone.
"Show yourself. It is nine o'clock and I am here."
I waited.
Then suddenly from nowhere and from everywhere a sepulchral voice boomed out.
"Little spy of the evil Empress, like the Emperor's bitches before you prepare yourself for death."
"Show yourself," I screeched.
"You are already dead Barbanne."
Then I heard feet running. Booted feet pounding on the stone floor.
A dozen corridors led off from the chamber in which I stood. The sounds seemed to come from all of them. I couldn't stay here waiting to be slaughtered like some sacrificial lamb. My eyes flicked from opening to opening. I strained to try and hear from which the running feet would emerge.
I had no idea.
I made my decision and picked a corridor opening and ran into it praying to the goddess Diana that I had chosen well and was not running straight into the arms of my murderer.
I plunged down the gloomy passage and behind me I heard the footsteps ringing in the chamber I had just left. They paused and then they started down the way I had just come. My heart skipped a beat and I raced along as fast as I could. The corridor I had selected was becoming increasingly dark and I pushed myself as hard as I could. I flew past dark shadowed recesses and then from nowhere a hand flashed out beside me and gripped the front of my tunic bunching it painfully and I was lifted off of my feet in full stride and dragged into the shadows. I opened my mouth to scream for help when a leather gauntleted hand clamped itself over my nose and mouth.