Courtesan Killings 2

Posted by Barbanne on February 11, 2004 at 22:34:50:



I was held in the grip of someone infinitely stronger than me.
From behind the hand that covered my mouth I mumbled, "Don't kill me. Please don't kill me."
A man's voice next to my ear hissed, "Shut up."
The running footsteps went past only a metre or two away.
The hand stayed clamped over my mouth. The other hand encircling me moved and covered my left breast. My heart thumped against it.
"Don't be frightened little kitten, we have to get you away from here."
"Who are you?" I muffled through steel strong fingers.
"No questions and do only what I tell you."
I nodded my agreement. The hands loosened and I staggered some and felt faint. Such adrenalin pounding excitement was not my normal fare.
"Don't you dare bloody well faint now girl," hissed my saviour's voice.
"Trying not to."
"Good, come on."
He dragged me by the wrist backward through yet another corridor and then with the ease of someone who knew exactly where he was, or could see in the dark, he led me through a labyrinth of winding corridors until after some twenty minutes we climbed an ascending passageway and emerged into starlight.
"Where are we?"
"Not far from where you entered the catacombs."
"Who are you?"
"My name is Alexander, I'm a royal guardsman."
"How did you know to be there when I needed you?"
"The Empress values her little kitten and wants no harm to come to her."
"But how'd you know to be there in the catacombs?"
"The Empress knows everything," then he laughed, "you were not hard to follow Barbanne."
"You know my name."
"I know everything about you."
I flushed pink and my skin pricked. From the way he spoke I imagined that this man was familiar with my every intimacy. I studied him in the dim light. He was tall and powerfully built, incredibly handsome, bearded and hair as red as the late poor Veda's. I glanced at his short skirt, as we servant girls do, and registered the impressive bulge at his groin and his shapely legs.
"Who was that chasing me?" I asked him.
"That I don't know but it is my first business, and yours, to find that out."
"And how shall I reward you?"
"My service to my Empress is all the reward I need."
"Maybe here's a little extra, sort of a serving girl bonus," and standing on tippytoe I cupped his cheeks and pulled his face down into a long slow kiss with just a little tongue to follow.
Alexander accompanied me back to the palace, lest I run into someone else who wanted to do me harm and I invited him into my tiny cell so that I could truly express my gratitude. He hesitated for a second or two and then gave in.
Inside I talked him out of his clothes in no time flat and got myself bare assed in record time. Uncovered I found that his cock lived up to my every expectation and showed great promise even though seemingly slack and disinterested.
That would have to change and I stooped over him and kissed my way around his lovely manliness, occasionally interspersing licking and a few lip smacks until I was delighted to see it rise manfully to its duties and I crouched over him and swallowed it to just not quite choking me. I used my mouth as an oral vagina, releasing heaps of saliva, until he could hold back no longer and I fed greedily on his protein.
He pulled me onto my tiny cot with him and his tongue explored my groin while I used my hand to stimulate him and when both his cock and my clitoris had achieved iron rigidity I guided him inside me and he humped me furiously. My ooohs, aahhhs and other assorted moans (to say nothing of squealing and the odd scream) must have woken some of the other girls, but who cares and then he really drilled me good.
I orgasmed ecstatically and, as with Sherylina and her phallus, I realised I must have passed out once or twice and I scolded myself for doing this and told myself I had to overcome this weirdness. I knew that my little faints occurred right at the peak of ecstatic erotic orgasma but who knew, maybe I was missing something great by going out just then.
Finally, despite my desire to fuck endlessly, it all got the better of me and I snored out.
When I woke it was dawn and Alexander was gone and I lay there thinking I had to see him again.
My hand crept down and touched myself where he had driven me crazy last night.

I joined the Empress mid morning and found her talking to a woman I had not previously seen.
Not tall, slightly built and with a massive amount of black hair and hugely globular breasts she was pretty in a sly, foxy way. She wore a simple black shift trimmed in gold and her feet were encased in gold sandals. She had super legs. I studied her surreptitiously but critically.
She had to be considered a babe!
"Barbanne," said Sherylina, "meet Lissana."
We smiled at each other. Her smile was wolfish and she looked as though she could easily, and happily, eat me.
"Lissana is going to help with my protection. She comes from the family Gracchus and is highly recommended."
"Oh that's nice," I said, then to Lissana, "what's your specialty?"
"I am gladiatrix trained to the laurel leaf level. I can beat anyone in combat."
"Maybe not top level gladiators," said Sherylina, "but you can see Barbanne that Lissana is a valuable ally."
"Perhaps Barbanne would like to test me Empress?" Lissana said to Sherylina.
"Not me," I said defensively, "I'm no fighter."
Lissana laughed dismissively.
I spent the day working with other girls preparing the banquet hall for the feast of Aides.
When all had been prepared I bathed with the others who would be serving and dressed in my short tunic and we took up our positions as the guests started arriving, our wine flasks filled and ready in our hands. Once again I was to serve the main table where both the Empress and Emperor entertained their most valued friends. The princess Flavia from Merchantia and her attendants were there and among those was the lissome beauty Salema a long, thin, dark haired stunner whom it was rumoured was the most skilled courtesan in the Empire. Her tall, slender body was clad in a diaphonous gown that fixed to a choker arond her neck and then fell in two parts, front and back, over her nakedness which constantly revealed itself to all and sundry as she moved on her divan.
Behind the Empress stood Domitian and beside him was Lissana.
The banquet hall quickly filled and the feast got going with the usual gluttony and incredible over indulgence in wine.
I was kept very busy and had little chance to observe although I did see that Flavia and the Emperor were getting on very well. She left the room giving him the most seductive invitation, using only her eyes, that I had ever seen.
People called for wine and I ran back and forth.
Then I realised it must have been twenty minues since I had noticed Flavia leave. The Empress looked concerned and watched her husband closely. Then I saw her whisper to Lissana and Lissana left going in the same direction as had Flavia.
She was back in a few minutes and another hasty whispered conversation took place between Lissana, Sherylina and Domitian.
Sherylina looked over to where I stood and beckoned me over.
I trotted across watching carefully for jutting feet.
"Barbanne come with me," said the Empress and she rose and swept out regally with me trotting along behind.
"What is it my Empress?"
"You'll see. You should know by now."
We entered a bedchamber in the Imperator wing. Once again a nude woman decorated the bed with her dead body.
I crossed the room, fascinated and yet repelled at the same time. Her face showed all the grotesqueries of having been violently strangled and the deep indents around her otherwise smooth white neck told of the same cord having been used to end her life. Her tongue poked out, hey that must be the result of these babes struggling in their last seconds to make as big an opening for air to get in as they possibly can. Lot of good it does them. Her eyes bugged out like two of the glass marbles the children play with. I suppose that happens when the pressure of having your head cut off from the rest of your body builds up and everything just sort of goes pop. Her skin was greying with a sickly undertinge of green and she was sure dead. Her nipples were thrusting up like little studs and when I surreptitiously touched one it was really hard and erect. I used my finges to spread her puss and sneak a look down there and her clit was so erect it was visible.
Hmmm, maybe this dying was a turn on for these girls.
Sadly the effect would have to be truly fabulous because there was no repeat performance.
"Flavia's dead ma'am."
"I can see that Barbanne."
"Just like the others."
"That had occurred to me."
"This will cause problems ma'am."
"As if I need you to tell me that."
"Er, what happened ma'am?"
"Don't bloody well call me ma'am, call me Sherylina."
"Ooooh I'm only a slave girl ma'am that would be disrespectful."
"And you think sharing a dildo and cunnilingus wasn't?"
"Erm, OK Sherylina."
"Which do you want, head or feet?"
"Won't she be missed Sherylina?"
"Of course she'll be missed but I'll lie my way out of it..........again."
"What happened to her?" I asked.
"Who knows. She left the banquet to come back here and when I missed her I sent Lissana to find out what had happened and she found her like this."
"Looks Like she was having her own party," I pointed to an empty wine carafe and another half full one and a dirty glass with ruby dregs drying in the bottom.
"Well the party trick turned out bad then didn't it?"
"Sure did."
We hefted Flavia down to our very crowded rock ledge and then came back to the feast. Sherylina told an unlikely story about Flavia deciding to stay and leaving for the Imperial villa to spend two or three days bathing. People seemed to accept that.

I wondered what was going on, it was all too hard for me to figure out and so I resumed my duties. At nights, when I could I met with Alexander and he and I found that apart from our sexual athleticism we had something else going on. I, I realised, was falling for him big time and he seemed to like me.
I was in love.
I still had occasional trysts with Sherylina and she and I made full use of her room of pleasure. If she hadn't been the Imperiatorix and I hadn't been so sort of shit scared of offending her I think we too could have been lovers. As it was we were just very enthusiastic "lovers." (ie fuckers)
One day when I was working in the kitchens I had to make a decision concerning that night's banquet menu and I had no-one to ask. I had never approached Sherylina unless summoned and knew that if I found her in a bad mood my chances of hanging by my heels from the front gates were excellent. Still I had to have guidance. I snuck up to the royal bedroom and after standing outside the door shaking in my tunic for some moments, finally grew bold enough to knock. My hand was poised centimetres from the surface of the door when I heard a noise.
A noise from inside the room.
A scuffling.
Gasps and the hiss of breath.
Then small muffled cries for help.
I didn't know what to do.
I looked around for help.
Nothing. No-one.
I carefully tried the handle.
It turned and I pushed the door open.
Sherylina was on the floor beside the bed naked. She was rolled on one side with her left arm straight out above her head. Her hips were turned and her legs were bent at the knee. Her head was flung backward and her mouth was open gasping like a dying fish and her eyes were closed and her hair fanned out in a curtain of black silk around her head. Her right hand was beating feebly at her assailant. Her nipples strained erect.
Lissana was crouched across Sherylina's hips and her strangler's cord was looped around Sherylina's throat and pulled tight. She was breathing heavily and Sherylina was making the gagging noises of one in extremis.
I had entered unnoticed behind Lissana and I sprinted across the bedroom and even as she turned to meet me I sprang onto her back, my hands clawing at her eyes. She cursed and slammed her elbow into my diaphragm.
"Eeeeeerrrkkkk," I went and doubled over.
Lissana let up strangling Sherylina and turned toward me. I heard my Empress sucking in great gusts of wind. Lissana balled her fist and even though I saw it coming I could do nothing (I'm crap at any sort of fight) and her fist crashed into my jaw and I went backward already ninety percent unconscious. I crashed onto the carpet and lay there almost out of it and through a watery haze I saw Sherylina stagger up behind Lissana who was standing triumphntly over me and bring a very expensive Greek urn crashing down onto Lissana's black locks.
I was aware of someone, no not someone, Alexander, grappling with a falling Lissana and then I passed out cold.