Cooked chook

Posted by Barbanne on September 08, 2002 at 23:30:05:


I'm a westie chick and proud of it.
I root for the Bulldogs. I also root for twenny bucks a time and have done since I was in year seven. Not that schoolin' did much for me, I dropped out half way through year ten and got out of the whole effin' scene. I ain't no rocket scientist that's for sure. Me parents was always pissed and fightin' and they like hated me and me bruvvers and we all reckoned we'd be better off doin' anythink else. Me bruvvers went into a gang and they're doin' alright except for Timmy, he's doin' fifteen years for armed robbery.
I got this job workin' for a dude who takes pitchers. Actually I was blowin' him in the back of a cab when he asked me would I like to do some modellin'. Said he was watchin' me arse and reckoned a lot of other fellers would like to too.
So I do this here modellin'.
Truth be told its me pussy does most of the work. I sits there with me legs apart and uses me fingers to spread me lower lips and he gets in real close with his macro lens and photographs me cunt in super close up and max resolution. Our porno clienteel likes their cunts real magnified.
Jeez its a livin'. Not that I get much out of it. And I gotta work nood. Even when he's only takin' pitchers of me puss he insists I get totally nekkid, noody, whatever. And he feels me up, says its part of the atmosphere buildin'. Whatever.
Well this time he says to me, "Barbie, I gotta order for a speshul pitcher shoot and your just the chick to do this. Ya gotta be a cooked chook."
"Cooked chook!!...................Jeeezus!!, " I says.
Cooked chook it was.
I gotta get nood again and then for a starter I runs around with me arms tucked in and flappin' them like a chook would if it knewed it was gunna get the chop and this other guy called Jacko, he works with us and is like the tattooed man, he chases me around and grabs me ankle and I flap me arms like crazy and he drags me to him and then he comes up with a wood meat mallett and whacks me between the eyes with it.
I goes cross eyed and pokes me tongue out and like flops down dead.
He drags me over by the legs and hoicks me up and I'm like all limped out and cross eyed and playin' dead and he ties me ankles together with a strong leather strap and hangs me upside down from a hook in a beam in the ceilin' and I hangs there spread armed and rolled eyed. Like I'm auditioning for crucified.
I says, "Don't youse drop me on me head."
And they both says, "Wouldn't notice the difference Barbie, you bein' as dumb as shit and all."
That sorta hurt me feelin's. But then I am dumb and just have fuckin' as me only talent.
Anyway bein' as Jacko has his chook chick hangin' there, sorta bleedin' out, although I draws the line at actually bleedin', he sets in to washin' me. Using a hose he slooshes me nood body with water. I'm hangin' upside down and goin' red in the face and me eyes is still crossed and me tongue's hangin' way out and he uses the hose to flush me arsehole and me cunt and I feels the urge to pee so I says, "Ya want me to piss over youse or are ya goin' to let me down?"
They get me down and I fixes meself up and then Jacko drags me over by the hair (I got a mountain of hair) and gets me up and spread out on a big old wooden butcher's block. I'm layin' there on me back with me arms and legs dangling and he sets in to washin' me arse and me cunt again.
He's enjoyin' this.
He tips water out of a bottle into me and I reckon if he don't stop it'll come out me nose and mouth soon.
He does stop though and then he closes me eyelids over me crossed eyes and I can relax me eyeballs what have been givin' me a headache and he pokes me tongue back into me mouth and then sets in to oiling me all over with virgin olive oil.
Well, if I thought he was enjoyin' washin' me I now realise he's in seventh heaven oilin' me bod.
He's got me on me back and he's rubbin' oil all over me tummy and me tits and up and down me legs and me arms and like he takes forever over some bits especially me breasts and me nipples. They're poking out the way the little suckers do whenever a man gets ahold of them. Then he flips me over on the butcher block and does me arse and me back and the soles of me feet and that makes me tingle and shiver some. He flips me back and forth oilin' me all over and I reckon I'd have to be a bit of an A1 prime carcass that's for sure. He gets me on me back again and there I am sprawled out, arms outflung and legs dangling off of the edge of the block. Me eyes are shut and me mouth is gaping open. Jacko pulls on some thin plastic gloves and gets them well and truly oiled up and then he grabs me groin and his middle finger right hand buries itself in me pussy and I'm tight and hot and slick in there and he finds me clit and starts in stroking and rubbing it.
"Shoulda shaved her pubes," he says to the guy with the camera.
"Just slick them down with oil they're pretty fine," says that guy. Then he moves in with the camera to where Jacko is stimulating my clit. I'm all tingly and rapidly reaching orgasm and then I feel the oily gush as I cum.
"Boy look at that," says the guy.
"Squirtin' white stuff Barbie," says Jacko.
I stays like oiled up and dead.
"Gunna truss you up now Barb," says Jacko.
He slips a thin, flat, leather strap around me ankle and loops it on. Then he pulls me leg in and up and me arms down over me breasts and he loops the strap around me ankles and then around me other wrist and me legs are pulled up tight and held in place, me pussy's squeezed up bulgey and tight and I looks for all the world like a trussed up chook. I'm still playin' like as if I'm stonkered and carked out.
Jacko lifts me up bodily and the other guy slips a big tin tray like an outsize baking tray under me and Jacko plonks me down in it. He puts heaps of veggies in the tray around me naked and well oiled arse and he prises me gob open and sticks a big shiny red apple in between me teeth and says "Bite down on that Barbie." I do but the darn thing is so big me mouth's still like yawning wide.
"Now relax Barbie," he says.
Then he slides a thin, well oiled carrot with all its green top still attached into me arsehole and it feels like it's going right up into me bowels. I woulda gone "Erpp" but me mouth's full of apple.
"Think that was bad sweetie wait for this."
He gets a big curved cucumber also oiled up and slips it into me pussy and slides it up me love canal.
And down.
And up.
And up and down and up and down and up and down and..............................................................
I'd like to moan but the best I can manage is like "Ergrrmmergrrmmm."
He uses that cucumber like a dildo and I comes again.
Then he shoves it inside me and the guy with the camera puts a gold filter on and Jacko touches up me oilin' and then sprays me with a fine mist of water and the guy takes pitchers of me lookin' like a well done cooked chook.
When they're finished I make like mmmurmmph sounds wanting to be undone but the boys hasn't finished with me yet and they find that trussed up like that I'm primed for fuckin' I can't even spit the apple out and so just make ermphs while they take it in turns to screw me.
When that's all over they finally untie me and I totters off to get cleaned up.
I know I'm just a chick and not much on the morals and I know I'm thick as two planks but them boys should at least of asked me before fuckin' me.
Still they showed me them pitchers and I gotta tell you I was one cute cooked chook. Turned me on it did. I gotta be some sort of a prevert or somethin'.
Wonder what they got for me next.................