The Cleopatra Plot 7

Posted by Barbanne on November 18, 1999 at 23:51:11:


We camped in the foothills.
The evening meal was simple but good and I thanked the Nubian girls who had cooked it. Two of these girls had turned out to be marvellous cooks and the food they prepared was always great.
We had settled into a group, bound together by our adversity into friendship and from Petra and Mitrius, through Vickina, Chrisinus, Lisatia, Mo-Ooki and I, down to the twelve Nubians we had bought as slaves, we had become as one. A tribe, a family, friends. All more or less mucked in together and on occasion I had cooked meals and served them with Chrisinus's help and our Nubian girls had giggled and the men had looked stern to find their roles reversed in this way.
After my day in the Taureg arena when I had killed the tall, lovely girl whose name I didn't even know, I had been good to my vow to Petra and would not carry a weapon or wear any protective clothing or in any way assume the trappings of a warrior. Peace and love were my watch words and I banished all thoughts of killing or hurting another from my head. I knew we were in a dangerous land and I knew I might find myself threatened. In the event I would rely on my three brave warrior women or Mo-Ooki to protect me and if they failed I would have to die. Had I been the prisoner of the thugs who had killed Sarita now, I would have let them have their way and would have allowed myself to be raped and killed, so powerful was my aversion to battle and killing.
My Love for Mo-Ooki was growing with each passing day. Like a tree it grew stronger and more alive with each sunrise and sunset. I loved Mo-Ooki as I had never loved before but I still found myself drawn to Petra from time to time with an attraction so incredibly magnetic that, at such times, I would do anything she asked or desired of me. I was filled with my love for these two incredible people and my life was happiness itself. I marched each day oblivious to the dirt and grime and aching muscles and hurting feet. At nights when we had stopped for that day, I spent time washing and brushing my hair and preparing my face and body so that I would be appealing to my two lovers.
I still behaved like a harlot, but only on demand from Mo-Ooki or Petra.

We were now in the high mountains and travelled amongst lush jungle of such a greenness that it was like a painted world. Huge trees festooned with vines towered above us and flowers, riotous in colour peeked out from the undergrowth. Animals and birds in profusion peopled the trees and the ground. Each morning and evening a soft, white, warm mist curled over the landscape and caressed us with its damp fingers. By mid morning it was gone and we journeyed ever deeper into the mountain fastness.
We followed ill defined trails and all decisions as to which way to go were made by Mitrius. He seemed to know where he wanted us to go.
One morning, just as lightness was dispelling the mist, our way was barred by a dozen or so white men and women with golden hair and sparkling blue eyes. All were tall and exceedingly beautiful and clad in dark purple tunics with light and very strong leather armour. They carried spears and short swords and despite their warlike appearance seemed very friendly. The women, there were five of them walked through our ranks until they faced Petra when they dropped to their knees and cried out, "Oh great Queen. Now we are one." The men bowed toward Petra from the waist and then they took up position amongst us and said, "Follow us to your kingdom Queen."
Mitrius looked happy in a beatific way which was most unlike him and he murmured, "We are there."
We travelled for another kilometre or two along the path, accompanied by our new found companions and then we broke free of the jungle into a vast clearing wherein stood a number of interconnected buildings of richly ornamented grey stone with symbols of a mighty falcon everywhere. The area between the buildings was paved in smooth red stone blocks and crops grew in abundance beyond the boundaries of the buildings.
"This is Unus Zim-Ba-Bwe." Said Mitrius, quietly and almost reverentially.
"You knew this was here?" Someone always has to state the obvious.
"Oh yes Barbanne. We are home."
We entered the buildings. If I had thought Quadi el Timbookoo richly furnished, it was as a hovel compared to this city in which we found ourselves. Marble, tiled mosaics, rich soft carpets and gilt facings covered every surface and the whole place was cool but comfortable. We were taken to rooms which were obviously to be our lodgings. I shared a room with Chrisinus. Two large divans occupied one end. Both were covered in rich tapestries and soft cool white linen sheets. Feather soft pillows and cushions were spread liberally across them. A table and benches occupied another part of the room and couches filled with cushions and covered in tapestries were liberally scattered every where. Soft muslin curtains pulled across to divide off the sleeping areas from each other and from the rest of the room. In one corner was the surprise of surprises. A large tiled recess more than enough for two, and tumbling down from above was a continuous stream of warmed, clear, sparkling water. Here one could bathe in delicious luxury. Outside this bathing area was a pool, also tiled and filled with deep green water where having bathed we could relax and.....hmmmnn, maybe play? This pool was surrounded by an assortment of the most beautiful greenery and the wildest profusion of flowers I had seen.
"Oh Chrisinus," I grasped her hands in the fullness of my joy, "I'm so glad I have determined to be a lover and not a fighter." I laughed and she laughed with me.
"Perhaps I am close to what I have for so long sought." She whispered.

Young girls came in, they seemed to be little more than children. I looked at their beautiful innocent faces and their budding young bodies and I thought how I too, had once looked like that. Like all here they were blue eyed blondes and their wide blue eyes and their cascading silky blonde hair gave them the appearance of life itself. They were dressed in short diaphonous shifts and their emerging womanhood was clearly displayed beneath this skimpy attire. There were six of them and they took hold of Chrisinus and I and laughing merrily, they stripped our travel stained clothing off and led us to the bathing area. Totally unashamed and without the false modesty that we later learn, they cast aside their own clothing and joined us in the warm, scented downpour. I stood there and three of the maidens rubbed and scoured my body clean. I cannot describe how erotic this was. The touch of their little hands all over my body, carressing my most secret places, it was wonderful. They chattered about me and to me, unworried that I might be offended by what they said as they discussed my poor old worn carcass amongst themselves even as their fingers danced attendance on me. I found it charming and I also found myself becoming powerfully aroused. I feared that Chrisinus didn't take to the whole thing quite as easily as did I, but she bore up stoically and said nothing as our delightful hand maidens went about their task.
They led us from the water and rubbed us vigourously until we were quite dry. Then they helped us into clean clothing similar to their own. When we were done they dried themselves and dressed and taking us by the hands showed us through into a room where a meal that was by any standards a magnificent repast was set upon low tables.I knew that I might as well have been naked such was the skimpiness of my dress but I consoled myself that I would not be alone. Nor was I. Petra, Vickina, Lisatia and our Nubian girls were all likewise half dressed. The men had managed to be provided with thicker, more concealing garments and I was disappointed that I would not be able to ogle Mo-Ooki semi-naked. But still, I had a bevy of gorgeous women whom I could feast my eyes on with little brake on my imagination.
Men and women of Unus Zim-ba-bwe joined us and acted as our hosts. Like us, the women were scantily dressed and the men, like our men, while not revealing as much were dressed in body flattering light tunics.
The meal was wonderful.
Afterwards we lounged on the divans on which we had sat or lain to dine. The food that had not been eaten, and there was plenty, was left on the tables and I noticed people snacked on these delicious leftovers. I had had quite enough. The young girls sat at one end of the room and sang. It was delightful. Then, at a sign from one of our hosts, the girls left and young men, all extrememely fair of face and figure entered and, pairing off, they wrestled. I gazed enraptured. Their lithe young bodies, grappling, wrapped around each other and gleaming with sweat and rippling with muscles corded on flat, lean bellies and strong young backs. Made me quiver at the knees and flutter in the groin.
One young guy seemed to be the best. At a sign from our hosts, the other young men left and this Adonis remained. One of our hosts rose and walking over she took Mo-Ooki by the hands and led him over to where the young man stood.
"Perhaps you would like to test your skill against Garth." She smiled at Mo-Ooki.
"Oh I don't know."
"Come, we demand." The other female Unus Zim-Ba-Bweans all giggled and waggled their fingers at Mo-Ooki. I boiled. One of the young women came over and took Mo-Ooki to a screening curtain from which he emerged in a few moments clad, as were the other young men, in an extremely brief breech clout which made no secret of what it concealed. The young woman who had assisted him looked red faced and short of breath. I contemplated strangling her then and there. Mo-Ooki and Garth faced off to each other and grappled. Mo-Ooki's near naked body rippled with exertion and his pecs stood out. the muscles in his back corded like whips and his flat lean tummy sucked in and out as he drew breath. I forgot the other girl and watched fascinated, perving openly on these two gorgeous males. Mo-Ooki occupied most of my time and I caught myself leering unabashedly. I tried to look demure but gave up as a bad job. Mo-Ooki's legs planted as he strained for purchase and his calves and thighs quivered with muscular strength. I found I had dribbled onto the front of my tunic. Long, slender fingers entwined, the two beautiful men grappled, their buttocks stretched taut with exertion. The bulge in the front of Mo-Ooki's breech clout rivetted my attention and I openly drooled from my wet mouth. I was wet elsewhere too. My pussy had given up fluttering and was now seriously lubricious. I felt totally aroused and found myself coming to climax as I watched. The two sweat polished males pirouetted straining and then Mo-Ooki forced Garth to the floor and it was over. I felt cheated. Quivering on the cusp of an orgasm.
Our hosts laughed and clapped and I noticed the women were red faced and sheened with sweat and several large bosoms were heaving somewhat forcibly.
Mo-ooki and Garth retired and resumed their seats and the lady who had first approached Mo-Ooki returned to our table, holding the hand of a young and gorgeously fit girl.
"Now one of the ladies might test her strength against Alana."
We sat gobsmacked.
"You my dear." Before I could open my mouth she had taken my hand and pulled me from my seat.
"No argument. Its all in fun."
I thought, I have renounced fighting, then I thought this is more like play and it would be ungracious of me to spurn our kind hosts. I decided to go along with it.
Alana stripped to a small skirt and the young woman who had aided Mo-Ooki took me to the screened area from where I emerged similarly clad in the briefest, most nothingness skirt I could have imagined. Ah well, good thing my companions had seen me naked plenty of times and in fact I had no real fear of being seen au natural.
Alana and I circled each other and then she grasped my fingers and tried to topple me. I planted my feet and pushed against her. We rocked back and forth and then she pulled me forward. My breasts mashed against hers and my tummy and hers slid sweatily across each other. She slipped a leg in between mine and I found my pussy pressed against hers with only that diaphonous skirt separating us. She slipped an arm around my waist and pulled me in. With her other arm she pressed against my throat and I found my body, now quite saturated with perspiration, bent backwards like a bow in her grip. My head was forced backward and my hair trailed down and my breasts were pushed upward, pointing cheekily at the ceiling. I am no great fighter and when she hooked a foot behind one of mine and pressed forward with her full weight, down I went and she had me pinned and triumphantly raised her hand in a signal of victory. I was vanquished and found it rather arousing and when, as the audience politely clapped, she bent forward and kissed me long, wet and lingering on the lips, I surrendered totally. Her tongue probed into me and my mouth admitted it. So for several seconds we lay together on the floor, Alana covering me, our lips locked together.
Our hosts clapped appreciatively.
Alana let me up and Mo-Ooki, carrying my clothes and his said "Let's freshen up." He walked me through to my room and stripping off his breech clout turned to me and pulled my skirt down around my knees.
"Wash time." He smiled.
I kicked off the skirt and joined him under the stream of water. We rubbed each other over, rinsing away the perspiration from our bodies. Then he pulled me to him and, tilting up my chin, kissed me long and hard. I felt his erection pressing against my thigh and dropping to my knees took it into my mouth while we both stood under that drenching curtain of water. I started to stroke my head back and forth along his shaft, my mouth sucking and sucking at his fullness. He moaned. I kept at it.
"Ah Barbanne." He cried.
My mouth, lips wet and full, enclosed his erection and shunted back and forth. I felt his cock grow bigger and then I felt it quiver and then it exploded inside my greedily awaiting throat. "Best course of the night." I smiled swallowing his essence down.
He pulled me to my feet and his hands played up and down my water drenched body. He thumbed my nipples and they grew huge. He slipped his finger inside my petals and caressed my clitoris. It burst forth like a bud in spring. I wanted him badly and clutching him, kissing him, I moaned "Now, now, now Mo-Ooki........oh now." He pushed me back down and, mounting me, his cock probed my lips and then forced itself inside. We fornicated. Like a rutting stag, he rode me in that wet place. My arousal was great and my climax, when it joined his, was volcanic.
Spent, I lay there for several minutes before weakly I allowed myself to be led outside and dried and dressed once more.
We rejoined the others.

The evening was winding down and I found my wrestling bout had knocked me right out and I was heavy lidded and bone weary tired. Not my little run in with Alana so much, more my watery struggle with Mo-Ooki.
I yearned for bed and was pleased when things broke up and I could head back to my room. I was naked and under the sheets before Chrisinus had undressed and was saying goodnight when my head hit the pillow and I was out for the count. I dreamt of wrestling men and wrestling women and was having a very close encounter with a naked Mo-Ooki when suddenly I jerked awake. What had woken me? Then I saw Chrisinus up and running from the room. I shucked on my shift and followed her, wondering what was so urgent. Everything was dark, although moonlight lit the rooms with an eerie glow. I ran into the banquet room and found Chrisinus stooped over three prone shapes. I hurried to her side and saw that it was three of the young girls who had attended us earlier. Their clothes, what they had of them, were ripped apart and their breasts were bloodied as though from knife wounds and blood curled from gaping mouths. Two of them were dead and their wide open eyes stared sightlessly into nothingness. The third shuddered and died as I watched her. I felt a draft and saw a curtain billowing where the room opened outside into a garden space. I ran over and looked out. Running away from me, not twenty metres away, a bloodstained dagger in her hands, was Petra.
I couldn't believe what I saw.
But then the moon emerged from behind clouds and at that very moment she looked back. There was no mistake.
It was Petra. Her face filled with such evil and such hatred as I could never have imagined possible.