The Cleopatra Plot 3

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We travelled up the Nile.
What a fascinating river! It flowed, deep and clear between banks rich with agriculture, nurtured by the annual flooding of this mighty waterway. A few hundred metres back lay the desert. Harsh, unyielding, unliveable. Only the life giving waters of the Nile nourished the fabulously rich civilisation of Egypt. And what a civilisation! I marvelled at the great temples and tombs and artifacts of this ancient race. They were sprinkled liberally all along the river banks. For a girl from a stone hut it was mind boggling. My companions didn't share my awe of these wonders as they had grown up amongst them and for them it had ever been thus.
My companions.
I spent a lot of time with Chrisinus. She was super fun to be with and loved shopping and haggling and we gave the bazaars along the river a hiding whenever an opportunity to stop came along. She also talked to me of her search through life. Me, I'm a pretty shallow chick, always with an eye for the main chance and definitely only pushing number one's barrow. Talking to Chrisinus made me uncomfortable, while at the same time fascinating me. Her outlook on life was exciting but it challenged my narrow, selfish, beliefs and that disturbed me more than I liked to admit.
Vickina and Lisatia were older and far wiser than I and, despite they were good fun and I loved their company, I suspect they saw into my soul and realised there was nothing there. They rarely sought me out. Petra was as always Petra. Aloof, wise, highly intellectual and gorgeous beyond what any woman should hope for, she remained my idol and my occasional lover.
For a Celtic prostitute it was a wonderful experience. I ached to have Mitrius talk to me as his wisdom and experience represented all that I yearned for in an older male whom I could admire, but he dismissed me as the idiot celt or that dolt and I couldn't get near him. My gut ached with a hole of wanting and needing and many nights I wept bitterly until sleep overcame me.
Our journey was fast coming to another crisis point as we had to pass Luxor, the city of the arena of fighting women. Whether we would be allowed to pass in peace we didn't know and so it was with fearful trepidation that we approached the bend in the river beyond which lay Luxor.
The answer became obvious when as we approached we found our way barred by vessels of the Luxorian fleet. We hove to and two warrior women came aboard. My tummy did real flip flops when I saw how huge they were. And gorgeous. These were formidable women and either of them was double my size. They would be almost unbeatable in the arena but, (my wicked brain kept thinking) what a way to go. Slain by one of these amazonian dollies, my small, white Celtic corpse would lie helplessy dead while they (hopefully) defiled me mercilessly. I tried to put these lustful thoughts out of my head completely but they nagged at the edges of my consciousness.
The women parlayed for a while and then said that our only way forward would depend on three of our warriors meeting three of theirs in the arena at noon on the next day. Depending on their showing we might be allowed to continue. I profferred myself to Petra as one of our warriors, but, when she had stopped guffawing, she announced that she herself, together with Lisatia and Vickina would carry our colours.
Chrisinus was distraught that she was not to fight but I was delighted that my friend would be safe. I hugged her to show how relieved I was and that only made her despise me. I couldn't win.

The next day dawned bright and sunny and by noon, the heat was oppressive.
They came for us at eleven and my heart flipped with pride when I saw Vickina, Lisatia and Petra emerge clad in their fighting gear. They looked so brave and splendid that I thought, "Kill me ladies. Use me for practice. I would gladly lie dead at your delicious feet." I didn't express my thoughts however as that wouldn't have been well received at all, and they led us to the arena. Mitrius, Chrisinus and I took positions in the stands amongst twenty thousand citizens of Luxor. The Praesidium of the city, a triumvirate of three elderly warrior women signalled for the contest to begin.
Three large Luxorian ladies emerged. One was a blonde called Fatima, another a brunette called Helvira and the third a redhead called Almira. All three were utterly spectacular both as regards their muscular, athletic bodies and their hawk like beauty. Their costumes comprised a minutely brief skirt of chain mail and silver breast plates that were more like cones resting on their pouting breasts, A cradle of fine chainwork kept these in place and they wore metal shin guards and sandals and high helmets. Their breast plates had embossed silver nipples of amazing size and design. Evidently these represented an insult of great significance to their foes.
Petra led out Vickina and Lisatia.
They looked great. A bit outmatched but great.
I wondered what would happen to us, to me, if the Luxorians prevailed.
I shuddered at the thought. Was it with fear or delight.
The battle began.
The ladies circled each other working in teams. All were armed with short, sharp swords. Fatima, Helvira and Almira moved in a crescent and seemed to be trying to outflank Petra, Vickina and Lisatia. Like a snake striking Petra led Vickina and Lisatia in a lightning thrust. All six ladies clashed in a blindingly fast melee and swords flashed and slashed. They broke free and I saw that Petra seemed to be bleeding from a wound to the upper arm, while Fatima had a cut to her left shoulder. Then I saw Almira stumble and realised that blood was gushing from a tummy wound. She staggered sideways and was momentarily disengaged from her two companions. Like a whirlwind, Petra spun toward the wounded redhead whose hair shone coppery in the sunlight, her sword slashed and Almira's weapon went spinning onto the sand, Petra corrected in an instant and in a blur of movement her sword arm jabbed forward and her blade speared under the silver breast cup of Almira's protector and sank to the hilt into her soft breast piercing and dissecting her heart. Almira's arms dropped to her sides and her head arched back. Her eyes went opaque and sightlessly rolled upward and blood dribbled down her tummy from beneath her breast plate and gushed in scarlet gouts from her mouth and nose. She swayed for what seemed an eternity and then crashed backwards onto the sand of the arena, flooding it with her blood.
Fatima and Helvira counter attacked and pressed Vickina. I saw a blade sink into her thigh and then Petra and Lisatia were with her. Fatima was pressing her attack on Vickina with such force that she was exposed to Lisatia. A vicious upthrust and Lisatia's blade slipped between Fatima's ribs and butchered her organs. She fell to her knees and Lisatia slashed her throat from behind. Spouting blood and gore and muck Fatima fell to the sand and twitched violently and convulsively before shuddering and rattling noisily in a bloody froth from her mouth, she died. Her blonde corpse gleamed in the sunlight and her skirt had hoicked up at the rear exposing the twin globes of her ass to all. A sigh rippled through the crowd.
Helvira alone stood standing and with bravery that brought tears to my eyes and a lump to my throat, she attacked my three friends. Despite the savagery of her rush, they stood their ground and cut her down. Helvira, bleeding from a dozen deep wounds stood waving her sword at her adversaries, somewhat feebly I must confess and then all three ladies stabbed her at the one time. She bellowed and then blew bloody sputum out in a stream and crashed to earth at their feet.
Not a movement. Not a twitch.
All three were stone cold dead.
It was over.
I jumped excitedly to my feet and whistled and yahooed and gave the thumbs up and mooned the crowd. Stoney silence greeted my display. It was a moment of great solemnity. Maidens came and dragged out the corpses of Fatima, Helvira and Almira. Their limp bodies jiggled and scored bloody furrows in the sand. The crowd sat in total silence. I whoopeed.
Mitrius muttered. "Idiotic Celt."
The maidens, there were four of them for each of the slain women, all dressed in light chiffon tunics through which every bit of their lush, ripe bodies could be clearly seen, dragged the corpses over to the stands in front of the Praesidium. I had sat down and shut up as Mitrius was looking at me like he wished I would vanish and others in the crowd were regarding my outburst as unfriendly to say the least. I sat quietly and watched the last act of the drama play itself out. The maidens stripped the bodies of the dead Luxorians until all three lay naked and bloody in the stained sand of the arena. Then at a nod from one of the elders, they laid Almira's redheaded corpse on her back, stretching her out, arms and legs spread. Helvira they lay across Almira, also on her back, also sprawled out. Finally they lay Fatima over the other two so that the three dead women looked like the spokes of a circular wheel. Then the thinly clad maidens formed a circle around the pile of dead warrior women. The elders rose and walked down from their seats and walking inside the circle of young women they passed around the piled corpses and spat on each in turn. Then great numbers of the audience followed suit, spitting on, kicking and otherwise defiling the dead. Some men and even a few women urinated on the corpses.
I'd had enough and so had my friends. Talk about sore losers.

We returned to our boat and found we were free to leave, the blockade had been lifted. We sailed forthwith and I busied myself attending to Petra's wounded arm and Vickina's thigh. Both cuts were clean although deep and I cleansed them further and applied a soothing balm and bandaged them tightly.
As I was finishing up with Petra, I felt her fingers graze my breasts and the tips of her fingers danced lightly over my nipples and even as they responded vigorously she said, "Stay a moment Barbanne."
I stayed after the others left.
Petra gazed into my yes and I felt myself drowning in those big brown orbs.
"Kiss me."
Who was I to refuse a royal command.
I let my lips brush Petra's and as they did I let them drift open. She pressed her mouth to mine and her tongue flickered into my wet mouth and my tongue received hers and I tasted the sweetness of her as she explored me. She had pulled me onto her and delightful shivers raced through me as I felt my breasts meet hers and my nipples touched hers. We both have large nipples and they were equally excited for both of us. Feeling this most sensitive part of me rubbing and bending across her like a rubbery little nub and feeling her hard erect nubs against mine was fantastic. As if that was not enough, she moved her lips to the hollows of my throat and started licking and blowing gently at me and my brain started to say orgasm. Her fingers found my pussy and as she slipped her hand inside me, my pouch began to swell with blood rushing in and engorging the tissue as my love juices began to flow freely inside me, lubricating my pleasure. Petra had brought me to the brink of delight in a few short moments as she used her expert knowledge to find and stimulate my most sensitive trigger points. My body was tingling and singing orgasm and my senses were smelling and tasting perfumed flesh. Somehow without quite knowing how, I was naked and she was naked and we writhed together in an increasing crescendo of animal heat.
Then I burst and she did too, I think.
I lay weakly in her arms.
I was her slave.
As I drifted into ziz land I thought, this boat needs some fellers.......quick, before I start to forget what they're like........................................but then again girls ARE nice.....