The Cleopatra Plot 10

Posted by Barbanne on November 19, 1999 at 00:00:40:


I heard my name called from afar. A hollow sounding voice. Welcome to hell.
Much closer. Oh, and my back stung like anything. Do you hurt even after you're dead? Guess you do in hell.
I decided to open my eyes and found I was looking at a stone floor. Mo-Ooki's face was a few centimetres from mine. I was lying on my tummy, head turned to one side and my back and ass were cold as my shift was pushed up around my shoulder blades. My back hurt like shit and someone was fiddling with it. I swivelled my eyes. It was Vickina.
"Hi Vickina, Hi Mo-Ooki, didn't expect to see you guys in hell."
"You're not dead you Celtic twit."
"Oh Hi Mitrius. What do you mean I'm not dead?"
"Mo-Ooki deflected the false Petra's thrust. You have a slice across your back and side and your left breast will be a talking point with a lovely scrape from rib to nipple."
"But I died."
"You fainted, you twit."
I thought that over.
"Does my breast still work?"
"Nipple still work, you know what I mean?"
"Oh then." I pushed myself to my knees and another fainting spell crossed over me. Vickina caught me and held me up. It passed and I struggled to sit up. I had a bandage around my ribs and my left titty was so covered in bandages it looked mummified. I hoicked my shift back down.
"You guys must be sick of looking at my ass."
"Oh no." Mo-Ooki grinned.
Mitrius looked at me hard. "You alright?"
"Think so."
"The false Petra has the real Petra in the temple. Thing is, she thinks you are dead so she doesn't know we can tell them apart. If you're up to it we'll confront her."
"Let's go."
We crossed to the temple door. I walked last, sore, stiff, half doubled over. The others concealed me behind them. Chrisinus had her bow. Vickina and Lisatia also had bows. The door was swung open. The temple room was covered in mosaics. Light came down from above. On a marble altar in the centre of the room lay the body of Petra. Behind her stood Petra. Behind this Petra a deep, blue sacred pool stretched to the rear wall.
"I have conquered the false Petra." said Petra.
I peeked under Mo-Ooki's arm. The black void shimmered around the upright Petra. I was pleased to see that the prone Petra's breasts rose and fell as she breathed the breath of life. I stepped out. I raised my arm and pointed. It hurt like shitto!!
"Evil, lying woman. Release Petra."
"You??? fucking bitch!!!! Why aren't you dead?"
twaang- twaang- twaang.................................. All three warrior women fired. An arrow took Petra in the left breast. Another took her in the sternum and the third punched into her tummy. Skewered through and through, she grunted and screamed an oath and fell backwards with a mighty splash into the pool. We rushed forward. Her body thrashed and rolled and then went still. She floated in the water arrows sticking out, ass breaking the surface. Blood ribboned away staining the purity of the water.
Mitrius raised Petra's head and dopily she came awake.
"Anyone get the number of that chariot that hit me?"
"Join the fainter's club." I smiled.

We were back in Unus Zim-Ba-Bwe.
The battle to drive evil from the earth would continue. Petra was Queen of Unus Zim-ba-Bwe and the search for a consort had begun. Mitrius had seen his hopes realised and Vickina, Lisatia and Chrisinus were the Unus Z's chiefs of staff. They were building a fearsomely strong army.
My back was healing which was surprising as I'd been spending plenty of time on it. Matter of fact I'd just gotten off it, after Mo-Ooki got off me.
He had asked me to go with him to Yoo Wessay. I had no idea where or what that was but I said YES in capitals straight off. Now he had brought a bundle of stuff which he said I'd need. I was looking at it, consumed with curiosity.
He said they were clothes. My clothes. I wasn't too sure but I was goofy in love. I'd do anything he asked.
"OK Barbanne," said Mo-Ooki, "you'd better try these clothes on for size. You'll need them where we are going."
I looked at the clothes he had produced. I picked them up and ran them through my fingers, the material was unlike anything I'd had before, but I sure liked it. I started putting them on. I held up a scrap of material.
"Are these for my bum? I'm going to have to ask you Mo-Ooki, because I don't fully recognise everything..........hmmmnnn, is this the way they go?"
Panties, they were panties, the material was like silk, but tougher and shinier. I slid them up and on.
There was no back to them, just a strap that vanished into the crack of my ass, leaving both cheeks exposed. I strained to turn my head and inspect my backside.
" like this?"
"Uh Huh."
There wasn't much front either. Just a teensy vee that covered my puss. I found a bra, not a good sensible busternhalter like I was used to, but a transparent wispy of the same material as the panties. I settled it on my tits but beyond that it was too complicated for me.
"Better help."
He came over and connected up some sort of catch and the whole thing sat very comfortably on my chest.
I pulled on short pants. Yikes, they were short and they were loose. I found a jerkin type thing that absolutely swam on my upper body. It had short sleeves and a rounded neckline and strange symbols on the front. F-U-C-A................U! What the fuck did that mean? Then there were things I didn't understand at all. Mo-Ooki showed me. They went on my feet. He called them socks. Then he gave me these wierd sandals. They covered my whole foot and had thick soles and little bits of cord that tied them together and they had symbols too.....N-I-K-E! I stood there looking amazingly wierd and he planted a cloth helmet with a high visor onto my head. It was NIKE too
"Jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzzzzz................" I muttered.
He held me in his arms and turned my face to him and kissed me. I melted like a pat of butter on a hot iron plate. I would have worn Caesar's robes if he'd asked me to. Then his hand slipped under the billowing leg of my "shorts" and fondled my ass which the panties neglected to cover.
"Yeah, I see why you like these clothes."

Petra and Vickina and Chrisinus and Mitrius and our Nubians and the population of Unus Zim-Ba-bwe came to bid us farewell. They busted not to wee themselves laughing at the spectacle I provided. I kissed everyone. Even Mitrius.
They all waved and said "Good luck," and "Goodbye Barbanne," and "Come back soon." I cried. Heaps. Mitrius said "Thank you for everything little Celt."
I blubbered again. I didn't want to go. Mo-Ooki came to me.
The way he looked at me. Oh I loved him so much. If we'd been going to Hades I would have been ready.
Mo-Ooki took my hand and led me to a door I'd never noticed before. I waved furiously to everybody and then he took my hand and opened the door.
A long road made from yellow bricks stretched way away in front of us.
We stepped through.