The Cleopatra Plot 1

Posted by Barbanne on November 17, 1999 at 23:45:43:


My name is Barbanne and I am a Celt. My heritage has made me a small, dark haired girl with a nice, curvy figure, pleasing features and an accepting disposition. I also have a filthy temper when aroused, which isn't very often and a good thing too, as I can become a spitting, scratching, fighting she-bitch at such times and that would get me in heaps of trouble. See, I was captured by Roman legionnaires and taken from my wet, misty homeland to become a slave of the greatest empire on earth. I serve my new masters as a soldiers' whore and have screwed my way, so to speak, across Brittania, Gaul and Rome to my present home in Egypt. My acceptance of my fate has stood me in good stead with the masters of the world and my diligent application to my bedroom skills has elevated me to the status of mistress to the Generals of Rome and Egypt. I accept a very sore twat and pressure sores on my back in exchange for a life of relative ease and comfort. (Long hours atop the sheets and under my conquerors the only drawback)
At the time of which I tell you I was, on alternate nights, the bedmate of Gracchus, a Roman General in Mark Antony's army, and Vashtarius, Queen Cleopatra's leading General. On occasional nights Antony himself made use of me and the daughter of Isis, the living goddess, Cleopatra herself has had me in her bed when she has felt the need of a little alternative sexual pleasure. On odd nights both Antony and Cleopatra have had me make up a threesome and that's fun I can assure you.
Well, much as I missed my green, cool and cloudy homeland, I have to confess being a sex object for these people, the rulers of half the world, was mostly good fun.
Then came the battle of Actium and things started looking bad for us folks who depended on the Queen of the Nile and her hubby Antony and the protection of Alexandria. I wasn't that worried really as I was quite prepared to change sides whenever necessary and I felt sure there would be plenty amongst the army of Octavius who would remember me as a most willing and pleasurable mount upon whom they had, and would, ride furiously into the realms of orgasmic delight.
After Actium, Antony, who had been most grievously wounded, became morose and gloomy and not even my wings of a seagull position could bring him any joy. Then came the day when Octavius's army was at the gates of the city and Antony, in a fit of utter depression, came screaming into Cleopatra's bed chamber and noisily and most messily, fell on his sword. Poor Cleo was distraught and went a bit bananas and ordered the priests of the temple of the sun to bring her the sacred viper so that its deadly bite would hasten her to nirvana where she and Antony would be reunited in eternal love. I have to tell you I had seen Antony after he died and he looked pretty damned dead to me, and I didn't see he was off to anywhere special except maybe one of those cold smelly Egyptian tombs. But Cleo insisted and her hand maidens Cissius and Julia rushed off to fetch the snake.
Mitrius, the court vizier, found me peeking into the bed chamber where Cleo was going ballistic and grabbing my shoulder he said, "Barbanne. Quickly. Come!, do only what I tell you and ask no questions."
Well, I followed him into a second chamber where to my amazement I saw Cleopatra bound hand and foot and gagged.
"Believe not your eyes." He rasped. "Take this. Give it to her majesty." He thrust a vial of thick green liquid at me.
"Yeah right, but I'll have to remove the gag."
"Fool!! She's in the other room."
"Right. Ok. If you say so Mitrius."
"Go you idiot Celt."
I went. He was getting annoyed and I had seen what he was capable of when he was annoyed. I returned to the bed chamber. Cleopatra was there alright and she was highly agitated. Did I tell you, Cleopatra was about a head taller than me and as brown as I was white. She had gloriously black, silky hair and huge brown eyes. As brown as mine were blue. She was the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen. At that time she was thirty nine years old and looked every bit as good, if not better, than I did at twenty three.
She was dressed in her golden robes and looked up at me with annoyance which changed to anxiety. "Barbanne, have you the viper. Where are those girls?"
"Majesty. drink this." I bowed and profferred my vial.
"What is it?"
I had no idea. "Something to calm you for your ordeal your highness."
"Give it here then." She took it from me, removed the stopper, and upending it drank the contents in one swallow. It was like she had been thunderstruck. She went instantly and completely limp, her eyes rolled up and backwards and she collapsed on the floor like she was made of jello.
"Strip her. Now girl. Immediately."
Mitrius was in the room and flapping his hands at me. I stooped and rolling the inert body on the floor back and forth, I removed every last garment from Cleopatra until she was naked as the day she was born. I tried to avert my eyes from the royal nipples and pussy but I saw plenty and easily recalled why this woman had conquered the hearts and cocks of two very powerful Romans. Mitrius grabbed her ankles.
"Help me. Get her in next door."
I grabbed her under the armpits and we carried her into the room where her look alike was and deposited her on the floor.
"She'll be out for hours," Mitrius informed me, "here, help me with this one."
We carried the bound and gagged girl into the bedchamber just as Cissius and Julia returned with a basket containing the snake. Their eyes went wide but before they could say or do anything, Mitrius, showing speed for an old guy (he was at least forty) crossed to where they stood goggle eyed and dispatched them both with clean dagger thrusts to the breast. He brought over the snake and removing it carefully from its basket forced its mouth onto the look alike's breasts. It bit hard and Mitrius thrust it back into its basket. The girl looked at us in wide eyed horror and then started to jitter. Her eyes rolled wildly and her breasts heaved and she frothed behind her gag and her whole body went rigid and then shook and she was dead.
"Strip her. Dress her in those."
I stripped the girl of her bonds, her gag and her simple shift and underwear and dressed her in Cleopatra's finery. Then Mitrius and I laid her dead body out on the bed and placed the staff of royal office in her hands. Then we dragged the corpses of Cissius and Julia over and draped them at the "queen's" feet. One last look at our tableau and we hurried next door. Mitrius draped Cleopatra's naked and limp body across my shoulder and hissed "Come on." and we set off, me staggering under the Queen of Egypt's dead weight. Down darkened passages we rushed even as the troops of Octavius entered the royal bed chamber.

We reached a chamber far under the royal palace and I gratefully laid Cleopatra's body on a couch in one corner of this room. She was a fair bit bigger than me and in her present drugged state, she was no lightweight. Mitrius handed me a rough woollen jellaba and I got the Queen of the Nile into it. I was getting used to manhandling the unconscious body of the most powerful woman in Egypt, a living goddess, and my intimate contact with her womanhood was something I was coming to accept. I felt sorry I had no undies for her and that the homespun gown was far removed from her usual royal regalia, but needs must when the devil drives. After a moment or so rest, Mitrius helped me get Cleopatra over my shoulder again and we made our way to some stairs at the rear of the palace which led down to a landing in the waters of the Nile. A fellucca waited there and I carried the comatose queen aboard and flopped her onto a bunk in the small cabin. The crew got underway and we headed out bound upstream into Upper Egypt. I knew not where our journey would take us but Mitrius told me we were heading for a new and better land where Cleopatra would again be revered as the daughter of Isis and a queen and goddess.
"For the time being Barbanne," he said, "best we not refer to Her Majesty by the name by which she is known throughout the eastern world, but let us call her by the Roman name Petra. Cleopatra, Petra....only you and I shall know."
I nodded and looked out to where the sun was reddening the eastern sky and lighting up the golden waters of the Nile.