Posted by Barbanne on July 07, 2001 at 17:45:36:

Sometimes ideas just come to me and I have to write them down.
This is one such.
A VERY short story.
Writing time, 20 minutes tops.


I'm petite, blonde and stacked!
And I'm made up to kill with my face blushed and my mouth a gash of red lipstick, red varnished nails and eye shadow and mascara piled on to make me look the essence of seduction.
I'm wearing a stop light red, satin dress, displaying cleavage to the top of my tummy. It's strapless and short, with the hemline only reaching mid thigh and splits up both sides to my hips. I have matching red satin above the elbow gloves and matching red satin shoes with nose bleed high heels. Elastic topped stockings leave a good deal of creamy thigh on view between those splits and I have accessorised with pearl ear rings and pearls around my neck and wrist in the form of a choker and bracelet and a small silver derringer in a holster strapped to my right thigh. I'm also wearing a gold ankle chain and a bullet hole between my eyes. My cornflower blue eyes are wide open and staring at the ceiling.
I'm sprawled on my back on the shag pile carpet and I'm dead.
***(see under)
The mob guys are standing around looking at my me.
"Hey that Blondie makes a good lookin' corpse," says one.
"Dat's true," says Louie.
"Da little bitch wuz a good PI and done some great hits for us but she got greedy like all dem bitches do."
They all nod and contemplate the evilness of greed in a babe while ogling my spread legs. The bright overhead lights reveal the fact that Blondie didn't (ever) wear no underpants and the shadow of a woman's secret place can be seen if you look at the right angle.
"She wuz a looker," says Louie.
Despite the little bloodless black hole in a pucker of flesh in my forehead I am otherwise unmarked and indeed a "good looking" corpse.
"Sure wuz!" The dudes nod sagely.
"OK," says Louie, "Joe, strip her and torch her duds in the incinerator. That's why I put that thing in and its been good, gotten rid of a heap of unwanted stuff that could have caused us grief. Hank you deep six her shooter and Frank and Jack you get rid of the body."
"OK chief."
"Sure boss."
"You bet Louie."
All of those beautiful clothes disappear into a plastic garbage bag and head for the incinerator. The pearls Louie keeps for some other dame. Hank heads for the deepest part of the river with my lovely little derringer. I lay stark naked and stretched out like the letter X on the carpet.
Frank and Jack take my arms and legs and hoick me off the floor and carry me out to the limo and deposit me in the boot. (trunk)
A short ride later and Frank and Jack reach the state forest and opening the boot they take my arms and legs again and take me for another ride into the forest.
They dig a nice deep grave.
Frank and Jack are both hunks and they decide Blondie don't deserve to go into the ground wasted and so they take turns to screw my poor dead pussy. Being as how they are hunks my corpse appreciates my last good fuck.
Fucks plural actually!
Then they dump me in the grave and cover me over with dirt and pine needles.
So died and disappeared poor Blondie.
RIP Blondie!

*** Actually I'm not blonde but mousey brown and there is no way I am stacked. I am petite and blue eyed but I have absolutely no cleavage to display and my thighs are somewhat bigger than I'd like them to be. I can't afford any of Blondie's outfit and having the gun would cause me to faint and my eyes are not wide open but squinting through wire framed specs.
But then again I'm not dead.