The Barn

Posted by Barbanne on February 12, 2002 at 15:23:27:


Goddamit, time to get up.
Four am.
Shit and I just know its freezing outside and I'm warm as toast in this bed.
God I can see the snow flaking down past the window.
But if I don't get up and start getting breakfast ready they'll kill me.
Sutter's Inn, that's my place here, is the last stop before the gold fields and everyone passes by us and most of them stay the night and want to be fed starting six am on the dot.
And I'm it. Proprietoress, cook, cleaner, bed maker, maid and washer up.
So I gotta get up.
But I hate it and lay there snuggled up and counting down from ten. Has to happen and so without thinking about it I slid out of the bed clothes and ran naked and gasping across the floor and climbed into undies and dress as quickly as I could and pulled on my boots. Into the privy and pee away a night's accumulation and then I washed my hands and face in the wash basin on the dresser.
I tramped downstairs to the kitchen and got the stove loaded with wood and alight and started laying things out for their breakfasts.
Dammit I needed fresh eggs. Nothing for it but a trip to the barn.
I put on a heavy jacket and wrapped a muffler around my face and opened the door.
The air hit me like a physical blow.
Struth it was cold!
I raced over to the barn and wrestled with the door.
Inside and the smell of hay and animals greeted me and it was fractionally less freezing.
I headed for the chook pens.
It was dark as anything and so I fumbled around and found the lantern that hangs inside the door and lit it.
Its yellow glow slowly lit up the interior of the barn.
And that's when I saw the body!

Lying on its back, partly clothed in my barn. The chooks were scratching around beside it.
I went over and peered closely at this person lying here on my floor, damn but I wished I had worn my specs to come out here.
It was a man. Youngish, slim, dark hair worn long and he was lying sprawled out on the straw with his checked shirt open and spread so that his chest and torso were bare and his jeans had been unzipped and laid open and pulled down and his underpants were scrunched down around his knees. The legs of his pants were rucked over his boots and he had a single bullet hole in his forehead and he was dead and his cock was fully erect, sticking up out of the thick curly pubic hair at his groin.
I'd heard that could happen, an erection outlasting death, but I thought it was a myth dreamed up by horny girls like me.
Whew, it was huge and shiny and glistening.
I touched it just lightly and it was rock hard.
I realised I was licking my lips and getting randy.
"Get ahold of yourself Barb!"
What to do. Tell the sheriff. Then my place would become known as murder Inn and my trade would dry up. Nope, that would be bad. I had to get rid of this body. I peered at him again, leaning over and studying his face. No-one I knew, probably a stranger from some far off place. If I didn't know him chances were neither did anyone else.
That erection was prodding at my groin and even inside my dress and winter undies I could feel myself getting wet.
"Get a grip girl."
I got around behind his head and got my hands under his shoulders and hoicked him up.
Jeez but he was heavy.
But by really straining my puny muscles I could just move him, hauling his dead ass out of there. So that's what I did. Me puffing and dragging, him all limp, well not all limp! and his heels scoring twin furrows in the ground. I dragged him out of the barn. Thank goodness we were out of sight of the Inn here as I dragged him across to my ice house and meat freezer.
As I hauled him along I was looking down over his length and found myself mesmerised by the way his rigid cock was bouncing up and down and round and round.
I got to the ice house and opened the door. A row of butchered beeves hung from a central rail and shelves on the side contained blocks of ice cut for future use. I dragged my guy and his bobbing stiffy down to the rear. Down there behind a hessian curtain were a rack of shelves.
I stripped his clothes off altogether and when he was buck naked I hoisted him, with great difficulty, onto one of the shelves and folding his clothes and stuff into a neat bundle, tied it together with his belt and placed it at his feet.
I couldn't believe that boner!!
Hadn't weakened a tad. I touched it again using both hands and then kissed it too.
Rock hard!!!

I went back to the barn, collected my eggs and went inside and made breakfast.
When the mob descended and devoured my vittles I listened for any mention of someone missing but no-one said a thing.
As I washed up afterwards I wondered who it was lay inside my ice house and decided to say nothing.
The day went off like normal and mid afternoon when things were quietest I snuck over to the ice house to check on my guest.
He was still there.
Still nekkid and now pretty well frozen stiff.
That icy cock was incredible. I found I could lick it like a popsicle. Amazing!!
Fun too................
There was a crowd in for dinner and after that was finished and I had cleaned up I crashed in bed as I did every other evening.

I woke warm and comfy the next morning and dragged myself out into the cold dark to start in on breakfast.
Damn it, yesterday I forgot to stock up on eggs and anyway I had to collect the fresh ones. I trudged over to the barn.
Soon as I lit the lantern I saw it.
Another one!
This time it was a girl, no mistaking those big round drooping breasts as she was bare from the waist up, her denim jacket lying beside her. Her jeans were tucked into her boots and had been pulled down and rucked around her lower legs. Her panties, apricot coloured french satin ones and pretty sexy too, were pulled down as far as they would go. Her pussy was pulled open and yawning at me as her knees were spread wide apart and she had a mess of curly brown pubics which matched her long, straight brown hair.
She was awful pretty and had big brown eyes which were wide open and a long straight nose and open, gaping, kissable lips painted bright red.
Like that bloke yesterday she had a neat almost bloodless bullet hole in her forehead.
Well, what's good for the gander is good for the goose so I hoisted her up by her armpits and dragged her over to the ice house. She was way lighter than he had been, although she'd have been a bit taller than me, if she could stand up that was. Inside the ice house I dragged her down to the back and got her stripped and laid out on the shelf above the dead guy.
That boner hadn't given an inch!!!!!!
"Miz Unknown," I said, "meet Mister Unknown," and I giggled.

The next morning I was up early as always and after zipping through my ablutions set off for the barn. Had to collect the eggs ostensibly but in reality I was churning in the tummy as to what would be waiting there.
Sure enough, another one.
A redheaded girl with milk white skin.
Long, curly vivid red hair.
On her back as the other two had been, bullet hole between the eyes as the other two had had and pants and panties rucked down around her ankles although her thick woollen knitted shirt was in place on her upper body.
Well, what's good for one goose is certainly good for another so, getting her by the armpits, I lugged her over to the icehouse. For some reason when we hit the freezing air outside her pubic bush stood up as though electrified and wouldn't go back down. Inside the icehouse I undressed her and found that she had absolutely magnificent breasts, big, round, fleshy and soft. I envied her her assets. Those lovely orbs flopped askew when I poked her into her slot on the shelves and their big strawberry nipples looked accusingly at me. I bundled up her clothes and placed them at her feet.
Three dead bodies, human carcasses, in amongst my other meat!

Getting through my chores was difficult although they were always quite onerous and I certainly didn't have time to slacken off.
While I was milking the cows I could think of nothing else but the big womanly teats on my two lady guests lying on their backs in the icehouse.
Needless to say the following morning I was up way ahead of the sparrows, those little fellers hadn't had time to think about farting before I was up and almost racing to the barn.
I wasn't disappointed.
Another feller and laid out like the first one had been.
That's nice, I thought, makes for two couples.
(I'm something of a romantic)
I hauled him over to the icehouse and got him stashed like the three already there. I was sorry to notice that unlike my first feller this one's cock wasn't doing anything but drooping across his thigh. I looked into the wide open, surprised looking eyes of my redheaded gal and said, "Company for ya honey."

The next morning there was another feller again.
Like the first one four days ago this one was wearing an enormous erection and try as I might (which wasn't much) I couldn't get it to go down or tuck back into his trousers.
Never mind.
As I dragged him, puffing and panting over to the icehouse I was once again mesmerised by that bobbling,bouncing pillar of male flesh. Talk about a hard on!
I got him stripped and stashed and stood back to admire my five guests.
All stark naked and all resting horizontal.
Lovely folks.
One feller too many for parity though.
That was OK, I figured I could make up the numbers.
After that third feller, fifth dead person, there were no more. I took to sneaking out late at night and getting naked and lying with my dead friends. I played some with them, sometimes the gals and often the boys and I used my fingers to help myself achieve a deep need for sexual satisfaction when I was there.
Sometimes I just lay there naked too and pretending we were all dead together.
Six corpses, three couples.
Wierd eh?
Sick even?
But I found it awfully exciting.
Lying there, nude, cold and (in my mind) just as dead as they were, as dead as dead could be.
I orgasmed a lot and was constantly aroused.
I played lots with those guys bodies and also occasionally with the girls.
I loved my little playing dead sex toys. Except they weren't playing. I was though and it was an extremely powerful and erotic fantasy.

Then one day the stage coach brought, along with a heap of guests, a flier from the sheriff down in Dodge City showing pictures of the Clanden gang.
$5000 REWARD, it said.
And there was the pictures, Ike, Marty, Jack, Belle and Louise.
My guests!!!
I gazed gobswoggled at the flier.
My guests, my nude playmates, the Clanden gang and all five of them out in my icehouse.
Belle, I thought, that's a nice name, she was the one with brown hair. Louise, nice name too, specially for a redhead. Ike, he was the first one the one whose erection still hadn't subsided and Marty and Jack, yep they were all there.
I could hardly bear the thought of parting with them.
But $5000.................Wow!!!!
I could buy myself one of them fancy vibrators from back east for that sort of money and have a heap of change for other stuff as well, including French knickers and a nice dress and a train ticket to Cimarron City where some feller would rip them French knickers right off of me.
Right off!!!!!
I sent Jamie down to Dodge City, he's the sixteen year old kid what does chores for me and before you ask, yes he does occasionally service me and he's damn good and at sixteen he's quite old enough thank you. I wrote out a message saying if you want the Clandens come up to Sutter's Inn and see me and signed it.

Two days later the sheriff arrived with three of his guys.
After we all drank tea I took them out back behind the icehouse and there in the snow lay the five nude corpses of the Clandens. Sprawled out across the yard all dead from single head shots and all kinda frozen. Their clothes lay scattered around.
"Gawd damn!" said the sherrif.
"Found 'em like that," I said.
"Wal I guess seeing as how whoever done for 'em aint showing you get the reward darlin'."
"That'd be nice."
He turned to his guys.
"Did ya ever see such a thing."

So here I am, with my five thousand dollars, getting ready for Cimarron City, crotchless French panties and all. Jamie's looking after the Inn until I return. I've told him to be real careful around the barn.
Still had to get up sparrow fart early cause the train leaves at nine and I gotta get to the rail station down the mountain by then.
I can't help wondering who in hell kilt those Clanden boys and gals and delivered them to my barn. Its plumb strange and mighty intriguing. Oh well, guess I'll never know, but whoever you were thanks for the five grand.
There's that funny noise again.
Sorta like someone singin' something.
There it is again.
.........High ho Silver.............away.
Now what in hell could that be???