The Barbecue

Posted by Barbanne on August 09, 2001 at 16:05:35:


Missus Dee looked out of her picture windows onto her back yard.
It was the centre of their family entertaining.
The pool sparkled blue and inviting under the hot January sun and beside it was the barbecue! Ah, that barbecue was her pride and joy. The grille plate alone was a magnificent two metres by a metre. It was just beautiful, field stone and black plate and chrome. And Morrie had gotten it going before he left for the pub. He'd be back soon bringing her brother Jack and his wife Vi and the girls, Sandie and Jill.
Missus Dee chopped salad and dumped it in the big stainless steel bowl. A good barbecue always has lots of salad and slaw she thought.
"Hi Mum!"
It was David with his new girlfriend Barbanne.
Funny name that or so she had thought when he told her about this latest one.
She really wished David would go for girls with a bit more meat on them.
This girl, smiling shyly at her from under a mess of frizzy perm, was positively gaunt. No tits at all and skinny as a rake.
She was a scarecrow.
I don't know, these modern girls, thought Missus Dee.
She did seemed to have a nice firm little bum though, but that was it.
They said hullo and Missus Dee thought the girl seemed quite nice.
Cute and quiet and rather withdrawn but very sweet and polite.
"We're hitting the pool Mum," said David and Missus Dee sighed.
Of course they'd never help that would be too much to expect.
David came back in his trunks and the girl had changed into a tiny red and white bikini.
God she was thin.
You could see her ribs!
And her collar bones and stuff.
Not like Sandie and Jill. Sandie and Jill were good and chubby, fat actually.
David and Barbanne ran outside.
Missus Dee put the salad bowl in the fridge and started on the slaw.
She could hear the kids laughing and splashing outside.
The girl had a high giggle and she thought that could be annoying after a while.
Ah well.
Missus Dee chopped cabbage and carrots and looked at the glowing heat under the grille plate.
How she loved that barbecue.
She could hear Morrie's car.
She took a tablecloth and a pile of plates outside .
The redwood barbecue furniture was her pride and joy.
She loved making it look nice for her guests.
Oh that David!!
He had the girl Barbanne on her back on the lawn beside the pool and the girl's bikini was gone, tossed to one side. Nude, the girl lay stretched out as David sucked at her tiny breasts and his hand covered her soft little pussy, one finger curled inside her slit.
"DAVID!!!!!!!!!" Missus Dee shouted.
He looked up guiltily.
The girl Barbanne's blue eyes stared fixedly at Missus Dee.
Her little pink tongue drooled from the side of her mouth.
Dark bluish finger marks encircled her scrawny neck.
"David!!!" said Missus Dee, "how many times have I told you??"
She could hear Morrie calling and Jack and Vi and the two girls.
David looked up sheepishly.
"David," she said despairingly, "I must have told you a hundred times. Don't play with your food!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
He lurched up looking abashed.
She squatted and prodded the lifeless girl's breast with a stubby forefinger.
God she wished David would get a girl with a bit of fat to her.