Bad Girl

Posted by Barbanne on August 10, 2003 at 14:18:36:


by Barbanne

The car was one of them RV's. Sorta like a little truck and the babe driving it was young, mid twenties and had on black jeans and a black singlet top with a really scooped neckline that revealed a lot of white cleavage when she leaned across to open the door.

"Want a ride?" She asked.

"Thanks a heap." I tossed my bag onto the back seat and using the seat belt as a handle, swung myself into the front passenger seat.

"Going far?"

"Far as I can." I smiled as sweet as sweet can be.

She had a pretty oval shaped face with black hair that swung down to level with her chin in two bangs and she had sparkling grey eyes full of mischief. She looked me over. What she saw was a girl a year or two younger than herself with a pale prison complexion, freckles, unruly reddish brown hair, shoulder length, and blue eyes. I don't think she picked that my pallor came from time spent inside. She looked over my open cotton shirt and the tee shirt I had on under it and my raggedy denim shorts and battered sneakers. I could see she figured me for poor trash.

"Getting away from it all?"


We talked some and she said she would drop me at the bus terminal. I said that would be fine and she swung out into traffic and rejoined the freeway. We chatted as she drove along and I just knew she was trying to find out about me but I wasn't telling. Well, only so much as I thought she should know.

After a bit I told her I felt sorta sick and could she pull over onto the verge. She said "You going to be okay?"

"I think I'm going to puke."

"Geez! not in the car."

I put my hand over my mouth. She pulled onto the grass verge. I had my hand wrapped around the needle in my pocket. I sorta slumped down as though I had passed out and she leaned over me. "Hey, hey girl. You alright?" She grabbed my chin and shook my face. I whipped my hand out and plunged the needle into her swelling breast and pushed down hard.

"Oh Christ!," she said, "what did you do?" Then she said, "Oh Jeezus!" and she started to jitter and she frothed at the lips and she looked at me like I was mad and then her eyes lost focus and rolled right back until only whites showed and she collapsed in a heap across my lap. I struggled out from under her and went around the other side. I got into the back seat and grabbing a bunch of her top, pulled her through between the seats and dumped her onto the floor in front of the back seat. She was really limp and when I got her down there, I felt for a pulse. It was weak and thready and died right then and there. So did she.

No bastard even slowed down on the freeway, fat lot they cared, and I hopped into the driver's seat, pumped my fist like Wow! and started up the vehicle and away we went.

Melanie. That was her name. Not the gal lying dead behind me but the one had shared my cell. Melanie was tall, taller than me by five centimetres and she had super model looks. Body by Rolls Royce, I mean that girl was built. She was slender with long shapely legs and long slim arms and had wide flaring hips, flat tummy and beautiful tear drop shaped breasts. Her face was angelic with long coppery hair and sparkling green eyes and she had a full sensuous mouth. She had soft feathery eyelashes to die for and she was cute but tough. We got dumped into the same cell and that first night when I went in, she waited until I was stripped for bed and then she went down on me. I couldn't do nothing, didn't want to do nothing, just lay there stark naked and quivering while she worked me over with her fingers and her tongue. When she licked her way inside my upper thighs and then sank her tongue inside my pussy, I called out in delirium. My arousal was huge and I orgasmed like I had never orgasmed before. I had had men and I had been with women but Melanie was something else.

She was smart as paint too. She was in for some sort of corporate fraud involving millions and a dumbass waitress who couldn't keep her hands out of the till like me was just not in Melanie's class. But she took to me and after that first night I was hers. She protected me from the other slags and the screws and no-one dared touch me 'cause I was Melanie's woman. She let 'em come and watch when she was doing me and the screws treated us like royalty 'cause of that. At first I couldn't peform when I knew a half dozen other shielas were watching through the bars of our cell while Melanie and me, both completely nude, were doing it. But after a while I liked it and anyway I was the passive one and just lay there stretched out naked while she made my body play like a violin or something. Then after a while the screws would bring the fellers around and both men and women warders would watch. They got pretty randy at the show me and Melanie provided and they'd muck with each other as a sort of accompaniment.

But Melanie, she treated me like shit except when she was doing me and then she got out before me and I had a hard time from the screws until I got released a month after she did. Those warders were big women and I'm a little skinny girl so I couldn't protect myself and they raped me night after night. With anything they could lay their hands on, sometimes with their fingers and sometimes they'd bring one of the blokes but mostly it was with objects.

Now I'm out and I got a rendezvous with Melanie. She doesn't know about it, but she will find out soon enough. First thing though I gotta get rid of this dead gal's body.

I found her purse, the dead gal's that is, and its got like a picture of a couple kids in it. I sorta hope I haven't orphaned them, but I suspect I may have. There was money in there too. A couple a hundred, so now I have wheels and cash.

And a fresh corpse!

That was a problem and she had to go. I pulled over into a strip mall and parked the RV outside a hardware shop. The dead gal was sorta slumped down half on the back seat and mostly in the well between the front and back seats. She looked sorta like she had nosedived while searching for something. She didn't look particularly dead and hey, this was the nineties, who gives a stuff about anyone right!

I went in and bought a shovel, little green painted sharp nosed number that I figured I could handle OK. When I came out the car was still there and the gal was still dead and no-one had noticed. Knew it!

I tossed my shovel in and drove away. I stopped for gas and although it was self serve, lots of people walked past, but no-one remarked on my dead gal. Yep, the nineties is definitely the world of me first. I drove on down the highway until I got in amongst a state forest and then I pulled onto a side track and kept driving until I found a road, probably more a fire trail, going deep into the forest. I drove along this until I reckoned I was somewhere nobody else was and pulled the RV in under some pine trees and got out. I grabbed my shovel and cleared a heap of pine litter away and then set to digging. I sure as hell worked up a sweat and found I had muscles I knew nothing about. Eventually however, there was a hole about two metres by a metre by about a metre deep.

Pretty good grave.

I put down my shovel and went back to the car. I opened the back door and got the gal under the arms. Her singlet top just had a couple of spaghetti straps holding it up and when I got hold of her I was grabbing bare flesh. She was coldish and clammy and I reckoned that must be how dead folks get. I heaved and dragged and she moved a bit. I got a better grip and heaved again and her singlet top rode up under her armpits and I could see she had a grey sports bra on. I resettled my grip and turned her more or less onto her back and heaved again. This time she started sliding towards me, but her ass got sorta hooked on the well at the bottom of the door. I kept pulling and she started coming and her jeans seemed to be hooked onto something and they slid down her hips, revealing a matching grey cotton pair of panties. They were labelled Kalvin Klein and I cursed cause she was maybe a fourteen and I'm a ten. Otherwise I would have stolen that gal's clothes for sure. I dragged her some more, she was coming good now and out she came until flooop! her heels hit the ground. By now her jeans were around her thighs and I could see her KK panties were wet at the crotch. Guess she peed when I done her. I took a spell and then grabbing her arms I dragged her over to the hole I had dug. Her heels left twin tracks in the pine litter on the forest floor. I lined her up alongside the long length of my hole and sitting next to her I went through her pockets and checked by running my hand inside her bra and slipping it into and around inside her panties. I found some loose change but that was all. She had a nice watch and I took that, and I took the three rings on her fingers and her ear rings. They were pretty nice, studs so they'd fit me and her rings, well they took some getting off because her fingers weren't very flexible and one of them, I noticed, looked like a wedding ring so I reckoned I had offed a mum.

I got my hands under her ass and a voice said, "Is she daid?"

Well I damned near pooped myself.

I looked up. A rat faced, acned, teenage girl with stringy brown hair was watching me. She had on a red cotton tank top and a very short green denim skirt and flat black shoes. She looked spacey, like she was on drugs and she had a small silver revolver that was pointed shakily at me. Her makeup, of which she wore even more than me, was of the blackish vampy look and combined well with the dark rings under her eyes. She'd of been a natural as a heroin chic model.

I could see no point in lying.


"D'you kill her?"

"Nah. She died of old age."

"Bullshit. You gunna bury her there?" She had edged forward and was looking sideways at my hole in the ground.

"I was thinking of it."

She went closer and the gun wavered away. She peered into the hole. "Taint very deep."

"Deep enough." I got hold of the handle of my shovel.

"Nowhere near." She was peering into the hole and half turned away from me.


The flat blade of my shovel smashed into the back of her head.


The gun went flying into the hole and she flopped face down next to it.

I scrambled over to her. She was breathing raggedly and the dent where I had clobbered her was leaking blood, sticky like, into her filthy hair. I rolled her onto her back and went through her pockets. I got maybe twenty some dollars in crumpled notes and a wallet with some credit cards in it. There were a half dozen all in different names. I felt inside her clothes and fingered inside her bra and panties but she didn't have no hidden stash. I scrambled into the hole and recovered the gun.

I hauled myself out and putting the gun on the ground next to my shovel, I grabbed my dead mum by her panties and bra and hauled her over and flopped her into the hole. She landed side on, sorta kissing the dirt, and with her jeans down below her ass she looked ruined. The teen was moaning and I got the shovel and hit her a couple of good whacks and she went quiet. I got a grip on her tank top and her short skirt and hauled her up and plomped her on top of the other girl. Then I got my shovel and filled in the hole. Finally, I scraped the pine litter back and scuffed it with my feet so it didn't look too disturbed.

Taking my loot and my gun I got in the RV and started it up. I checked the revolver. It was loaded. I drove back out onto the side road and rejoined the freeway.

I needed more cash. I had gotten some dough from the sub-terranean ladies back there, but it wouldn't last long at all. I needed real cash. I had never been much good at earning money and I reckoned now would be no improvement. I had few talents of my own to tell the truth. Guys said I was very fuckable and I gotta confess its the one thing I do OK.

But that wasn't going to net me much cash.

I pulled off into some ritzy looking suburbs up north and cruised around until I saw a joint that looked promising. It was a two storey Cape Cod, with a football field of manicured grass out front, a three car garage and it had a Beamer, a Porsche and a Range Rover parked on the sweeping gravel driveway. I drove up and plunked the RV in behind the Beamer. I peeked in the front door by the side panes and the place looked rich! It also looked empty and I figured why that was, was because I could hear splishy splashy and voices out back.

I walked around the side and came onto a backyard scene from House and Garden. There were four babes having a girls pool soiree under a canvas awninged patio and around an olympic sized pool with water so blue it had to be dyed. A couple of tables were groaning under all manner of goodies and bottles of bubbly swam in enough ice to rival the Klondike.

One chick was blonde and brown and Scandinavian looking and almost dressed in a white bikini made from a half a hanky and she was in the pool. A brunette in a string bikini was sitting on a li-lo guzzling champagne. A redhead in a black one piece with sides cut so high they were like under her armpits was lying stretched out on a towel on another li-lo chatting to the brunette and another blonde with giganormous breasts and a silk throw over was at the table filling a tray with hors douvres. The silk item was gaping open and she obviously had nothing on underneath as flashes of skin, curves and nipples showed every time she moved. All four oozed money and they were all gorgeous. These babes were priviledged!!

The blonde at the table looked up as I walked into view and she gazed at me as if someone had dumped a load of fish heads where I was standing.

"And you are..................?" she said.

I walked over smiling sweetly until I was about three metres away and said, ".........your worst nightmare." I hauled out the revolver and shot her through the side of the head. The bullet buried itself in her brain and goop flew out of her nose and she spun sideways and one knee buckled and the other leg followed and she went down with a crash, dragging the contents of the table with her. She landed on her side all twisted around and gazing intently at the tiled floor two centimetres from her nose. Blood leaked out of her ear and nose.

The other ladies looked up amazed, then terrified. The brunette stood up and I shot her through her left breast making a nasty hole in the string material of her bra. Her arms flopped to her sides and she looked up as if suddenly interested in the clouds and then she stiffened right up and fell back ploppo over the li-lo, her long legs spread wide and splayed right out on my side and her arms outflung and her head hanging down over the far side. The redhead screamed and just shrank back where she was lying on her li-lo. Her mouth was as wide open as it could be and I could see two rows of expensively perfect teeth and a pink glottis and her tongue waggling like crazy. I sent a bullet down her throat and she flopped and started shaking and twitching and her mouth filled with blood.

The Scandinavian blonde was swimming down the pool like she was going for gold and I walked alongside. When she reached the far end, she started scrambling out slapping at the wet tiles. I shot her just under the left shoulder blade and she fell back into the water and started thrashing. That didn't last long. Either the bullet got her or she drowned. Anyway she was floating in lazy circles, face down and ass up.

I went back to where the three ladies were bleeding all over their furniture and checked them out. I stripped off their jewellery and then I searched the silk gown and ran my fingers inside bras and panties checking for secret caches. Nothing. But it was fun and I made sure there were no hidden treasures in pussies or asses.

I went through the house and collected a fortune in jewellery and about ten grand in cash most of which was in a badly concealed wall safe.

I went back outdoors. The ladies were where they had dropped and the rivulets of blood were dry now and the flies had moved in. The white bikini blonde had sunk to the bottom of the pool. I blew them a kiss and went back and hopped into my RV and drove off.

I drove on some, it was getting dark and so I stopped for the night at a little bayside town. I checked into a crummy motel and took a room. I sat watching the tube and saw that my little effort of snuffing the four society chicks was big news. They had names like Felicity and Amber and shit and I reckoned I'd just wiped four mega drones out of the equation.

After I settled I went out for some food and found a diner where I got a fish salad and some juice. The town had like zilch nightlife and after I ate I cruised the streets looking for something, anything. There was a bar that called itself a nightclub, but it was a bar. I went inside and ordered a mineral water in a short glass so maybe people would think I was drinking stolly or such.

A girl who might have been twenty one, but if she was it was tops, came over and hit on me. She was very drunk and it was all I could do to understand her. She was slender, with a pretty face and short dark hair hanging down on either side in bangs that reached her chin. She had brown soft eyes and way too much makeup and she was wearing a short black skirt and a white shirt. She was smashed.

I let her make the running and after a while she said we should go outside on account of it was such a nice night. Once we were outside she was all over me and she dragged me down to a little beach by the pier and suggested a swim. I was in a mood to be up for anything and we both stripped off to our undies and stashed our clothes on the pier. Then we slid into the water and she started making moves on me, holding and stroking and pashing and soon we were rolling around in the water both soaking wet. Her black panties and bra had gone quite transparent when they became soaked and my stuff probably had too. She had fingers inside my bra and inside my panties and she was trying to touch everything and I found my nipples were hard and I was aroused. She told me her name was Narelle in between bouts of tongue kissing. She closed her eyes and was breathing hard making little grunting noises and I guessed she was getting worked right up. I hit her very hard in the throat and she gagged and gasped and clutched at her throat and made ghastly noises and I pushed her under. She fought back, surprising me with her strength but I had gotten the first hit in and she never quite recovered from that. We scratched and clawed and pulled each other's hair and then I hit her again really hard under the chin. She went sort of limp and was groaning and gasping for breath. I pushed her head under and held her down. She struggled a bit and then she struggled really violently and then she blooped out heaps of air and sucked in heaps of water and went very quiet and very limp. I checked for a pulse at her neck but nothing. Zilcho!

I dragged her sodden body out onto the beach, but under the pier, and played with her some. She looked damned sexy lying there dead, I reckoned it was the way her soggy black, see through panties moulded themselves over her mons veneris and round and into her pussy. It sure turned me on and I mucked around with her, running hands inside her wet bra and those skimpy panties. I found damp, cold, girlie flesh and managed to come to climax. Then I stripped her watch and stuff and cleaned out her pockets and putting my clothes on over my own soaking underwear, went back to my room and had a good night's sleep.

I left early the next morning.

I drove along the coast road and stopped in a small town mid morning for a spot of shopping. I bought tuna fish and lettuce snadwiches on Bergen bread and I stocked up on ammo for the pistol. I filled the tank of the RV and bought some new duds for myself. Clean undies, tops, a dress or two, jeans, shorts and khaki twill pants with lots of pockets. I got changed in the service station toilet and emerged in a russet sleeveless crop top a size too small and a pair of khaki pants with a dawstring waist and tan loafers. I had raked through my hair and slapped on lipstick, eyeshadow, mascara, the whole paint job. I loaded up the gun and slipped on some new wrap around sunnies I had bought in the dress shop and off I went.

I stopped for lunch on a headland overlooking a small cove with a white sand beach. There was a hatchback parked beside me and its occupants seemed to be a young dude in an abbreviated pair of speedos and a gal who was sunning herself topless. That was it. Not another soul for kilometres. I ate my sandwiches and washed them down with Dr Pepper. The young folks were lying in a cuddle on a towel in the middle of the beach. The guy got up and walked over to a dilapidated public toilet and I sauntered down that way too. He went into the mens and I followed him in. He was standing in front of a urinal with his speedos down around his ass peeing as I walked in.

"Hey lady.............." he said.

I shot him in the chest. He went like "uuuuuuuurrgghh." and slid down and rolled with his face in the trough. Just then it flushed and water sort of washed over his hair and stuff. He had a nice ass, bare and all as it was.

I went outside and the gal was running over, forgetting she was bare breasted in her hurry. She had big sunnies and a pink crocheted bikini bottom that was almost nothing. I couldn't see her eyes but knew she was agitated.

"Did you hear a shot?" she asked me.

"Like this." I said and Kerpow! I shot her between the eyes.

"Aaaark!!!!" she went and a black hole appeared above the bridge of her sunnies and she teetered on her heels, arms outstretched like she was demonstrating the meaning of crucified. Then Kaflooooop! she went over flat on her back, demonstrating crucified while lying flat out. Thick, red blood slid out of her nostrils and snaked down her cheek. More thick, red blood welled up into her mouth and overflowed to join the stuff coming from her nose.

I searched her good. Nothing inside those panties but her wet pussy. I found her big pink floral patterned beach bag and found cash, two watches and her rings. The car keys were there too and I pocketed the lot.

I went up and opened up the hatch and stole anything worth having. I hopped into the RV and cranked over the engine and away I went again.

That night I stopped outside town in a motel that looked like it wouldn't attract much attention. I crashed and woke up the next morning feeling thick headed and fuzzy. I crawled out of bed and went to the shower and stood there letting water run over me, warm and relaxing. It did no good. My breasts felt heavy and swollen, my nipples were tender, I had intermittent cramping in the abdomen and I felt irritable, nervous, depressed and headachy.

Bad day.

God help anyone who got in my way today.

I ate some breakfast and gathered up my stuff and paid my bill and left. I drove along and the feelings got no better. I knew what was coming and I wasn't looking forward to it. I was driving, feeling alternately miserable and highly irritable. A honk and I nearly pulled the car off the road. An open topped old Ford Mustang went past me with four semi-naked chicks crammed into it and the driver flipped me the finger as they tootled away. The gal driving was wearing a bikini top and shorts and had the worst blonde rinse I'd seen in years. As well as her there were a couple of brunettes who looked like sisters and a thin girl with long, lank dishwater blonde hair. They were dressed in bikinis, shorts and the thin babe had a tiny skirt over the bottom of her bikini. They all turned and mouthed off at me and away they burbled, out for a day at the beach and hungry for sex. I should know, I have been there myself plenty of times. They pissed me right off and my irritability level reached like eleven on a scale of one to ten. Then my depression grabbed me and tears ran down my face, dissolving mascara as they did. Partly it was because I had been frightened and felt miserable, partly it was because there were four of them and I was alone. Mostly it was PMT.

I drove along down the road feeling sorry for myself.

Joy of joys!

There was the Mustang sitting on the side of the road, steam pouring out from under the bonnet which was raised. And there were the bitches. The driver was looking under the hood, the sisters were standing nearby and the dishwater blonde was sitting in the car. I slowed and pulled in in front of them. I took the gun from the glove box and shoved it into the waisband of my pants. I got out and walked back. There is a god mother of fairness I thought. I'm not the only one having a shitty day. And mine just got better and yours got a lot worse bitches.

"Got trouble?" I asked unnecessarily.

"Broken fanbelt."


"Can you give us a ride?"

"Sure.........straight to hell." I pulled out the gun.

BANG! The bullet took Miss bad blonde job straight between her silicon implants. She flew backwards arms and legs flailing and crashed into the fender of the car and bounced and crumpled by the roadside. The other gals started in to screaming.


The first bullet slammed right between the eyes of one of the brunettes and she went down hard. The second took off the top of her sister's head and she flooped backwards, sprawled out wide, and gushing blood.

I walked up to the car. The thin babe looked at me with saucered eyes.



I blew out her left nipple and she slammed across the seat and sat there jittering and bleeding and her mouth opened and blood poured out and her eyes crossed and disappeared backwards into her skull and she peed herself in a flood and slid sideways and died.

I felt good.

I shoved the gun back into my waistband and it was so damned hot it melted my panties and scorched my ass. Cursing, I got back in the RV and drove off, leaving the slaughtered babes spread out, around and in their car.


That night I stopped in some no account little town and found another anonymous motel. I was using the id's and credit cards that the junkie I had taken the gun from, back there in the forest, had provided. I wondered about her and the owner of the RV. Last time I'd seen them, before dirt covered them, little Miss Junkie was on top of the other gal in a very intimate embrace. Oh well, whooeee.

After dinner in a greasy spoon diner, I went out on the town looking for another Janelle. I found Janice! She had a knockout figure, brown hair and brown eyes, and she stood 180 centimetres tall. I'm 168 centimetres in heels and so she towered over me. I have always fantasised about big dominant women and so Janice was my dream date. Wet dream that is. I bought her back to my room. It was a stupid and rash thing to do and I knew it was a mistake but I wasn't thinking right and just wanted to let it happen. When we got there I poured her a vodka from the mini bar, it was what she wanted, and I sipped an orange juice. We sat on the bed and chatted and then we sort of got entwined and she started taking my clothes off and I helped her with hers and then, when I was down to panties and bra, she pushed me down by the shoulders and covered me with her own, large, scented, female smelling body and next thing she was tongue kissing me and I was a goner. She could have basically done what she wanted to me, I had melted into butter, but what she did do was she put her hands around my throat and started squeezing. I struggled some and breathed deep but she wouldn't let up and kept squeezing and squeezing and I heard bells ringing and saw fireworks you wouldn't believe and then I went out cold.

When I came too and I was probably only out for a few minutes, I found I was naked and she had used my own underwear and tights to tie my hands to the bedhead and she was naked too and lying on top of me. My body still ached with my approaching period but it was alive with arousal. She worked over me from head to toe. She kissed my feet, my legs, my tummy, my breasts, my tender nipples and my face. She ran her long slender fingers all over me and buried her face in my crotch and tongue whipped my inside thighs and my pussy and found my clit and lapped it up. I orgasmed more that night than I had in the previous year and by the time she tired of me I was totally fucked over and was having difficulty even bending my fingers. Then when I thought I must maybe die of sexual exhaustion, she produced a vibrator and used it on me until I couldn't even twitch. Inside my mushy brain I thought maybe I should somehow get the gun and kill her but it wasn't much of a thought and died away real soon. She untied my left hand and kissed me one more time, long, slow and luscious and then left me, turning out the lights as she went. I lay there for a bit and thought about freeing myself but was too weak to barely move and, rolling onto my side, crashed into unconsciousness.

The next morning I awoke feeling fabulous. I worked away at the knot she had tied and freed my right hand and showered and dressed. By the time I had paid my bill and had breakfast and was climbing into the RV, I realised that I was madly in love with Janice and would have done anything for her. I searched around town some but didn't find her and have never seen her since.

I drove on.

I got worse as the day advanced and knew I needed to lie down somewhere with a hot water bottle on my abdomen. I found a little backwoods motel where the rooms were in clusters of threes in a sort of cabin style. I checked in and took to the bed. I didn't have a hot water bottle but covered myself with bedclothes and carked out. I stayed for two miserable days. I felt really rotten and just lay like the dead until the worst of it passed.

On the third day I settled up and hit the road again. The day was clear and warm and the further I went the better I felt. By lunch time I was feeling good. More like my old self and keen to get back into it. I was wearing a long cotton granny dress with big print flowers and Doc Marten lace up ankle boots and a hip length vinyl jacket. It was my "I am woman, hear me roar" outfit and guaranteed to kill passion faster than a proposal of marriage.

I knew I was getting nearer to where I was heading but decided to check out a sign that said Bottle Nose Bay which pointed down a side dirt road. I mean, even when you are on a mission you have to catch the scenic spots.

I drove along the road and it was pretty much rutty and jouncy and my ass was getting sore from the pounding. When I reached Bottle Nose Bay, it consisted of a store and about six holiday cabins and a camping ground. It looked out over the Pacific Ocean and was sure beautiful, but then all of the coast was fabulous here. I pulled into a spot and parked overlooking the bay. I got out of the car and for some reason I can't explain decided to stick the gun inside the waistband of my panties. I went over and was looking at the way the waves broke on the rocks at the headland and then curled into the long white sandy beach and dreaming of how maybe life could have been different, when I heard a sound. I turned and was faced with three gals and a guy. The guy was a skinny, nasty looking dude with a pony tail and bad skin. He was standing by the car. The gals looked like feral beach babes. One was fair and blue eyed and had a shirt tied at the waist and filthy denim shorts and tattered sneakers, another was plump and brunette and had on a swimsuit that looked like she hadn't changed out of it for a week, the third was a nondescript girl with lank brown hair and a bad complexion and she had on a short black jacket with a lot of silver buttons and chains and spandex bike shorts in vivid blue and long socks and gym boots and she had a tree branch and was going to bash my skull in if I hadn't turned around right then.

"Give us the keys to the car." said the guy.

"Get stuffed." I told him.

"The gels'll bash shit outta you lady, so just give 'em and save yourself a lotta trouble."

"Fuck you."

"Git 'er gels."

The ferals started circling in on me and I watched them close. Then, without taking my eyes off of any of them, I stooped down and lifting the hem of my granny dress, pulled it up and tucked it into the waistband of my panties. They all watched this little display open mouthed. Not what they had expected I'm sure. The guy grabbed his crotch over his filthy blue jeans and the gals looked pop eyed except the bitch with the tree branch, she started licking her lips.

I stood there, hand on hip, nearly all of my legs and my panties on show. I closed my hand over the gun.

"Very cute," said the branch wielder, "git 'er gels."

They rushed forward and I hauled out the gun. The gal with the branch was maybe only a metre away and the gal in the swimsuit was closing fast on my left and the fair haired, blue eyed one was bringing up the rear. The guy was watching......brave!


The bullet took the branch wielder right in the chest between her tits and her body exploded in a spray of blood, skin and bone chips. I swivelled and by now the bitch in the swimsuit was right by me.


She developed a third eye and pitched forward. The fair haired blue eyed gal had stopped and was looking at the other two where they lay twitching, dead and bleeding on the grass. The horrible realisation that she was to die spread into her eyes and she opened her mouth and screamed.


I shot her in the tummy and she grabbed herself and fell sideways. The guy was running and I pulled up the other side of my dress and took off after him. I was running fast but he was running like a shit startled rabbit. I stopped, God knows what I looked like, bare legs, dress hauled up and tucked in, red satin panties in full view, gun in hand. I lined him up and fired.


The bullet hit him somewhere and he sort of stumbled and kept running, no, sort of stumbling, crawling. Slow and staggery. I ran after him and he turned and cursed at me and I stopped and shot him again. This time I saw it hit high on the right shoulder and he squealed and fell down. I walked over to where he was writhing on the ground.

"Jesus! Jesus! I'm hurt. Help me, help me......bitch! BITCH!"

I looked into his piggy eyes. "Didn't your mother tell you its wrong to steal."



I shot most of his face off.

I walked back to where the shielas lay. The tubby one in the swimsuit was dead as meat. So was the one who'd had the branch. I unbuttoned her jacket and opened it out. She was bare breasted underneath and had a hole like a crater in her chest. The fair haired one was moaning and clutching her tum where I had shot her and I looked at her. She was hurting bad and looking at me with eyes from which all the mean hatred had gone and now only female pain showed through. I went back to the RV and reloaded my gun. I came back and squatted beside her and put the barrel to her ear.


I drilled a hole through her brain.

I searched the bodies and went through pockets and stuff and felt the girl's corpses up but found nothing worthwhile.

I could see some activity down by the store and reckoned maybe they had heard some shooting. Time to go. I cranked up the car and drove away.

That night on telly I found I was famous. My string of shot up victims were mounting up and I found I was the "coastal killer" I thought that was pretty cool and tried to remember how many I had offed. Too hard. I kipped off.

Next morning I rose early, bathed, breakfasted and checked out.

It was time for Melanie.

I drove on up the coast to Beluga Bay.

Listening to the radio I was pleased to hear I got heaps of coverage. The coastal killer was big news and as the victims kept turning up the local coppers were going apeshit trying to work out where to look. Patrol cars kept zooming past me, sirens blaring and lights flashing and nobody thought anything about the little chick in the dirty RV. I had changed the plates the first night for a set I stole so that was too hard for them.

Beluga Bay was cute and super scenic and the rich folks loved it. Big houses set back on remote blocks of land. It was where Melanie had her place, the one that she had gotten with the dough she pinched and she had hung onto it after the trial. I knew she'd be there.

I arrived about mid afternoon of the next day and drove on up to the house. It was ultra modern and perched on a cliff, all white concrete and glass and curves. There were lots of cars parked in the drive and I stopped in behind them. Sounded like a party was in full swing. I loaded my gun and stashed extra ammo and went in.

A maid in a short black dress with a white apron stopped me and looked at my granny dress and my jacket and Doc Martens and sneered, "Have you an invitation, Ma'am?"

I shot her through the bib of her apron.

She skittered backwards and tumbled over a table and showed all her knickers before coming to rest on her back with her legs sticking straight up in the air. I went on in.

There were about twenty guests and more maids. They were having canapes. And champagne. Melanie in a stunning red and gold long skirt with a one piece wrap over top which covered her breasts in two slips of chiffon and tied behind her neck and left her lean tummy exposed and sexy, was holding court at one end. I walked up to her.

"Barb..................??" she queried, raising one eyebrow.

I shot her in the heart. It ruined her top and she just bled like a bucket full all down her front. She slammed back into the drinks trolley and went down in a heap of ice cubes, frothing bottles and lemon slices and tongs and stuff. She lay there, eyes wide open and staring into infinity, and blood positively pumped out, ruining her chiffon and dribbling into her belly button. Blood, thick, red and shiny oozed from between her lips and slid out of her nostrils.

The guests started screaming.

And running.

I shot a blonde vogue model type in the back and she tumbled face down and somersaulted and showed a nice ass and a tiny thong before coming to rest on her side. I shot two maids, one in the face and the other in the belly. The face shot one flumped straight down and the other crumpled and started moaning. I shot two guys through their expensive shirts and blood blossomed and they dropped. I walked over to where two brunettes were hiding under a table and peered under and said, "Hi!" and shot them both in their breasts.

I reloaded my gun and started walking. People were going everywhere.

I shot a teenager in a party frock through the neck and shot her date in the belly. An older dame was just standing there screaming and I shot her in the mouth.

Most everyone was gone now and I decided I'd best go too.

I mean if only Melanie had been nicer to me. She knew I liked her. I walked past the dead maid with her legs in the air and out the front door.


An alarm must have been sounded while I was inside having fun and when I walked outside, there were four cop cars and about twenty cops with rifles, all aimed at me. Guests were hunkered down with the cops and pointing and saying like "Thats her, she's the one," stuff like that. Sirens were screaming and more cop cars were coming and it seemed like a hell of a show of force for one little shiela.

I fired into the tyre of one of the cars and a rifle cracked and a bullet ripped through the fleshy part of my thigh, ripping my dress. My leg buckled and I went down and rolled down the steps. I dropped my gun and it bounced away. My leg hurt and I rolled over and clutched it and looked up and I was looking into the muzzles of twenty some guns. I raised my hands and wiggled my fingers.

"You got me guys."

A cop slammed his gun butt into my face and my nose gushered blood. Many hands roughed me up and I was turned and my hands were cuffed at the wrists behind my back. I was hauled to my feet and held there, shot leg just sort of dangling and blood dripping from my nose down my dress. Someone punched me hard in the kidneys. I yelped and they shoved me across the gravel drive and into a car. Two female cops got in, one either side and we drove off siren blaring. Those ladies laid into me all the way.

Police brutality? I suppose so, but to them I was a proper little shit. Big time.

When I came before the magistrate the next morning I had a black eye and a split lip and my nose was a mess and I had bruises on every inch of my body including my breasts and inside my pussy. The night sticks did that. The cops had told me not to complain or I'd get a proper beating. I didn't. Anyway the magistrate and everyone just sorta pretended there was nothing wrong with my appearance. Even the media played it down. I was the most hated person in the country.

I was committed for trial.

I'm in gaol now. For life by three.

There was a lot of call for the death penalty to be re-introduced.

I try to look cute and act misunderstood but a lot of people say I'm a psychopath.

Probably am.

One of the warders is a big butch and she fucks me stupid every night. She brings a couple of the male warders with her and after she has played her games with me she lets them do what they want. Then she finishes me off with her toys.

Its OK.

One day she'll make a mistake and I'm outta here..............