El Asesinato 4

Posted by Barbanne on July 30, 2000 at 00:42:42:


I ran through driving rain up a dark and scary tunnel between the walls of jungle.
I crossed in the shadows of the trees to the front porch.
The rain was pelting down hard, wind blown and stinging. The trees whipped back and forth and the shadows were dancing pools of deeper darkness against the overall gloom.
I slipped up against the wall of the house. Light spilled weakly out through the shrouded windows, swallowed up as soon as it reached the outside by the blackness of the night.
A shadow detached itself a few metres away and a girl spoke.
"Es esa usted Maria?"
"Ningun es Isabella." I replied.
"Que es el Isabella?"
"Esto es estupido."
I slammed the butt of the Browning against the back of her neck. She went down like a sack of spuds. I dragged her into the shadows behind two enormous potted plants. I used her belt to tie her hands and feet together. I stuffed part of her tee shirt in her mouth and used the rest to hold it in place. I searched through her pockets and came up with a bunch of keys. I left her there, semi-topless and stretched out, out cold.
I ran around the side of the house. I saw another figure standing against the wall.
"Aqui." I called.
She trotted over and I slugged her just as hard as I could and stripped her and used her clothes to truss her up and gag her.
I found a side door and after fumbling with the keys I had taken from sleeping beauty I found one that fitted and eased the door open.
I slipped inside. The lights were on but I couldn't see anybody. I was in a small room to one side of the house. It looked like a store room. I saw the bundles as soon as I scanned the room. I crossed to them and prised one open and pulled the neatly plastic wrapped parcels out of the torn packaging. I didn't have to be a genius to guess what the white stuff I was looking at was. I did a quick calculation. There must have been a half a tonne of the stuff. I stuffed one of the packets into my back pocket.
I crossed to the door. I cracked it gently and peered out.
I was looking into the main hall.
There were three girls in those black outfits standing to one side. They were well armed. I didn't really want a showdown now that I had the bag of drugs. Surely that would be enough evidence to convince someone we needed a search warrant for this guy. I decided to go back the way I came in. I snuck back to the door and cracked it just a centimetre or so. There were a heap of girls standing around outside and they were all babbling together.
Shit! This didn't look good.
I crossed back to the door to the hall and eased it open.
There was a ruckus at the front door and it burst open and four more sheilas came in, (how many were there for God's sake) carrying the comatose form of the first girl I had slugged. Still all bound up and still in dreamland. They threw her on the floor. "Ouch!" I thought as her head whacked the marble.
Voices were raised and the next thing I saw Heidi Skabon on the balcony above. She still had on that see through floaty blue number I had seen her in before. They were shouting, she was shouting back and then I heard another shout behind me. The gals had found that the door where I had come in had been opened. Someone started pulling it and I thought "Here goes nothing," and pushed the inner door open and made a dive for the space beside the stairs where I hoped I would have some cover.
Guns barked and the door behind me splintered.
I am not much of a shot, never having starred on the range but the girls were bunched together and as I slammed against the wall, I let fly and saw one fling her arms up and go down hard. Another turned slowly toward me and then her mouth dropped open and blood poured out and her eyes rolled out of sight and she slid to the floor. A third sat down suddenly and stayed there rocking back and forth and clutching her tummy. I sprinted across the room and dived behind a bronze statue of Stroessner, Paraguay's hero, complete with horse. From here I could see up the stairs and that's where I wanted to go. Bullets pinged off the statue and I peeked between the horse's legs and slammed off two more rounds and saw another black clad girl go down in a heap.
Heidi Skabon had disappeared but now she reappeared, still in her full length see through and cradling an AK47 in her arms. She let fly and a hail of lead ripped the wall above me to shreds. Chunks of plaster sprayed onto me and an avalanche of dust floated down. I lined up Heidi and just then she fired again. Bullets rang a tune on the statue and I squinted along the barrel of my gun. She was tracking down, lowering her aim and the stream of bullets was sounding a lot closer.
I fired. Two quick rounds.
The first flowered in blood between her breasts and the second ripped into her forehead.
She reeled back and the gun sprayed bullets up into the ceiling. Then she dropped it clattering to the floor. It stopped firing and in the silence that followed she stumbled forward, hit the railing, her upper body jack knifed over it, she over balanced and came hurtling down to land with a crash on her back on a grand piano. She slid slowly down the grand piano's shattered lid. Her gown stayed where it was and so, as she slid, her nude body emerged bit by bit out of the cloud of chiffon. First her feet in those ludicrously high heels, then her long shapely legs and the coppery thatch between her thighs. Her legs spread and her glistening pussy emerged, then her long, lean tummy and her high, full breasts. She stopped sliding and lay there with her gown all bunched up around her throat and her body exposed, nude and dead.
Another girl fired at me from the top of the stairs and I shot back wildly and had the good fortune to see her double over and tumble down the stairs. Something in her body broke with a loud crack as she pitched off of the last step and she lay face down, eyes wide and staring accusingly at me.
I looked around and couldn't see anybody and so I sprinted for the staircase.
Bullets ripped chips off of the marble and I dived beneath the baluster. The girl shooting at me was over by the front door. I scrambled up the stairs and found Heidi's Ak47. I grabbed it and rolled onto the upper landing. I was looking down at the shooter and just then the four girls who had followed me into the drug room broke from cover and ran up the stairs. I let fly with the machine gun and the lethal hail tore the front girl's chest open and as she pitched backward the bullets cut a swathe through her companions. For good measure I shredded the girl by the door.
The machine gun jammed and I dumped it.
I rabbited down the corridor and kicked open the door to Skabon's room.
There he sat like a fat ugly toad. I was reminded of Jabba the Hut. I walked over to him. He was redfaced and nearly apoplectic.
"This is for Elle," I said and shot him in the belly.
He grunted and jerked.
"And this is for Suzi," I shot his fat gut again.
"And this is for the poor nameless bitch you had crucified and for all of the people of Australia." I shot him twice in the head.
He snuffled and his eyes rolled away, up and over, and his monstrous body, already dead I was sure, quivered and jerked and the mask tore from his face and he shuddered and sagged like a pile of dead blubber.
"You've put me out of a job."
I turned and there was Serioshka.
"Proper little army aren't you?"
"I told you to stay away." I screamed at him.
"Sorry babe."
I started to bring my gun up and he disappeared out the door. I ran after him but he had vanished. The front door opened and I turned to blast a few more but it was Renaldo and the Policia Nacional. They were herding captured girls ahead of them.
One of the guys crossed himself and said. "Madre di Dios." They all gazed at the piles of dead women.
"Can't stop," I called out. "Skabon's up here but he's not going anywhere. That's Senora Skabon." I pointed at the mostly nude Heidi. From up here she was looking straight at me with a rather puzzled expression on her bloodied, dead face as if all of this was a major embarrassment to her.
I sprinted down the landing. I found the small stair where he had gone.
I clattered down it slamming a speed loader into my gun. I found the door at the bottom and kicked it open.
I was in the kitchen of the house and there was a back door and it was open.
I sprinted between the cookers and the tables and headed for the door.
I ran out of the house and through a formal garden courtyard toward the river.
I could hear gunshots back inside and then suddenly they stopped.
I could see him ahead of me half concealed by the sheets of rain that were falling in waves. I dashed out of the courtyard and there, ten metres away, was the bank of the river. The water was rushing along only about a metre below the bank. It would breech within the next couple of hours if the rain kept up.
A brown, swirling, turbulent river of raging mud and water. Trees and branches of trees and dead farm animals and debris were being swept along in the grip of the cataract. God knows how deep it was, but it must have been travelling faster than a runaway train.
A cauldron of death.
Serioshka had stopped running, his back to the river and now he watched me as I walked toward him. I stopped when we were about six metres apart. I pointed the Browning at him.
"It's over." I said.
"Will you shoot me Isabella?"
Those ice blue eyes, sparkling, alive, and yet soft and tender looked at me through the curtain of rain.
"You must surrender to me Serioshka."
"I think not my darling."
I looked at him and knew I couldn't do it. I threw the Browning onto the ground. I heard Renaldo cry out, "Stand where you are." I heard the Policia splashing towards us. I walked forward.
"Serioshka come with me now."
"I think not Isabella."
I saw the Makarov in his hand and the boom of the gun was muffled in the sound of the storm. I saw flame shoot from the muzzle and I felt as if I had been kicked in the tummy by a rabid mule. I sank to my knees suddenly very tired.
"Sorry babe."
A rattle of gunfire came from behind me and I saw Serioshka stagger and then he turned and dived into the raging torrent of water that was the river.
Renaldo said, "Chicky, Chicky are you all right Chicky?"
I slid face down onto the wet earth.
Here I am standing with the other girls on the corner waiting for the punters to cruise by.
Prostitute duty.
I am a guardia again now. My rank of Sargento was taken from me.
My short skirt barely covers my floral panties and my crop top exposes the angry red marks on my tummy where the nine millimetre round ripped through a flap of skin missing anything vital. I have big hair and I can only walk with difficulty on my high heeled platform shoes and wobbling along as I do, I think I make a rotten ho.
There were enormous quantities of drugs in Skabon's house. There were also enough weapons to arm half of the terrorist groups in South America. The FBI turned up and were very very pleased. It seems that in closing down Skabon, the Policia Nacional had severed a major drug supply line into the US. Other countries, notably Brazil, Peru and Venezuala were delighted with the stoppage of arms to groups who were causing them a lot of pain. The Paraguayan Government took full credit. Everybody was very pleased.
Unfortunately the destruction of Skabon's little enclave had a very adverse effect on the bank balances of some of our leading officials. Especially their Swiss accounts.
So I was awarded the Policia medal and busted from Sargento to Guardia.
And so here I am with my girlfriends.
They found no sign of Serioshka.
I wonder if he got away.
I wouldn't put it past him.
I know when it came down to it, that he shot me rather than face prison. I guess he had to. I don't blame him and I know he had no choice.
I still love him very much and I miss him badly.
When I think of him, I think of danger and perfect sex.
God I wish it could have been different. I love him so much.
Ah well, what do you know, I have a customer.
Poor bugger must be desperate.....................................