El Asesinato 3

Posted by Barbanne on July 29, 2000 at 16:01:32:


I sat with my head in my hands.
A mug of coffee with the legend "Girls are best" on it sat untouched on my desk.
I hate coffee as it always gives me a headache and stirs up my hiatus hernia something awful. But I was considering gutsing it in the hope of achieving a caffeine high. I needed something. I almost wished I was a drinker so that I could drown in a bottle of hooch.
Ivan a mafia killer!
I didn't want to believe it but the evidence looked overwhelming.
And what was I to do about Skabond? I had talked over with the Commandante about seeking a warrant to search his place and had been told that "people" would be very upset if the senor was disturbed by a Sargento of the Policia Nacional without an iron clad reason. I had a great case in circumstantial evidence and links in the form of swallowed bank drafts and bloody business cards but I had little else in the way of hard evidence. Even the attempt to kill me had been defused by Skabond's people contacting my superiors direct to say an unknown assailant had broken into their compound and they believed that this person had attacked me as I left. As an excuse it was piss weak and pitiful but it was possible.
I was stuck as to where next.
In the back of my mind I sort of knew I had to take matters into my own hands and gather the evidence I needed myself but if I stuffed up I was toast. Burnt toast at that.
I lifted my head and looked out the window. It was still raining. The river was still rising and the upstream flooding was getting worse.
I sighed loudly and let my head fall onto the desk with a bang.
Estella, she's like the secretary for the whole detective branch said to Renaldo in a loud whisper, "Its that time of the month."
I decided to go home early.
I stopped at a supermercado and collected some stuff for dinner. Enchiladas were called for, hot as hell! Then a bath and crash out and hope I had an inspiration whilst unconscious.
I dumped the unmarked in the driveway and walked to the door with my parcels. I had gotten soaked going in and out of the store and couldn't care less if I was soaking wet or dripping wet.
I opened the door and went in. I dumped my parcels in my little kitchen and went through to the bathroom and stripped off my wet clothes and tossed them into the laundry basket.
I dried myself with a towel and wrapped it around my waist and walked into the living room.
He was sitting on the lounge.
"Hello Isabella."
"Shit!" I vainly tried to cover my breasts.
"Don't worry, you are beautiful in your towel."
My anger mounted like a volcano rumbling inside.
"Ivan! Or is it Peter, or maybe I should say Serioshka."
"You're angry."
"Too fucking right I'm angry. I have been fucking a serial killer, an assassin, a bloody murderer!" I stood there topless and red faced (if we mulata can be said to get red faced) and with my hands on my hips and glared at him."
"Everything is not always as it seems."
"What is that meant to mean?"
"I never killed anyone who didn't deserve to die."
"Oh great. And what about me? Do I deserve to die?"
"I mean you no harm Isabella."
"Fuck you! Fuck you................, what IS your name?"
"Serioshka. Call me Serioshka."
I could feel tears gathering behind my eyes and my nose started running. My heart was a lump in my chest and my tummy was knotted tight. I swiped at my nose with the back of my hand and my towel fell down. I grabbed it, caught a corner and tried to hold it in front of my groin. The dam walls broke and my tears started coursing down my cheeks. He made a move towards me and I held up my hand, "Don't touch me!" I screamed and my tears fell faster and I sobbed, a great shoulder heaving sob.
He gathered me into his arms and I slumped against him, a victim of my emotions. He lifted me off of my feet and carried me into the bedroom. He sat on the bed and cradled me in his arms while I let the tears run free. For maybe five minutes I allowed myself to vent everything in a good old cry. As it finally ran dry, I angrily sniffed and slapped at my runny nose. He pushed me down and kissed me. I had lost the towel and my naked body betrayed me, erectile flesh stiffening top and bottom and heat spreading in my groin while my brain clouded over and my eyes misted. This is stupid I thought, I'm at the mercy of a multiple murderer and I'm getting hot for sex.
He was naked and he was beside me on the bed. His mouth covered mine and then slipped down my neck and over my breasts, licking, sucking, kissing. My nipples felt as if they wanted to burst free of my chest and thrust out and up, hard and tingling. His face was between my legs, kissing the soft skin of my inner thighs. I spread my legs involuntarily and his tongue invaded my hot, wet slit. My clitoris responded. Already swollen it almost needed strapping down. I was lost. I was adrift on a sea of wanting, abandoned to waves of lust.
I moaned loudly and noisily and I clawed at his back with my nails, wanting to hurt him and have him hurt me. His hands cupped my face and I opened my eyes dreamily. He kissed me and I felt his cock, erect, engorged, tumescent, pushing inside me. I groaned, half in ecstasy, half in pain as it crammed into my cunnie. He started to move and I moved with him. His fleshy sword slid inside my fleshy sheath and its movement stimulated my clitoris and flamed up my passion. I surrendered all self will and allowed my body to luxuriate in joining with this hard man. Everything within me sang and my only conscious thought was to receive the electrical sparks that flew from my nipples and my cunt to my brain. The symphony rose and rose and then crashed against me in a crescendo of release and I jerked and jerked with the aftermath of the explosion of my orgasm.
I lay bathed in sweat and limp with exhaustion and he lay with me.
He kissed me slowly and tenderly.
"I love you Isabella. I would never hurt you my darling."
I knew everything about this man was wrong for me. End it now I told myself. End it now or it will destroy you as surely as night follows day. I turned my face to him.
"I love you too Serioshka. Serioshka, what a beautiful name. I don't care who or what you are I only know I love you and want you."
We got up and I made my enchiladas and shared them with him. He wouldn't let me dress and so I cooked and we ate together like a nudist camp for two. Like Adam and Eve in the warm Paraguayan night.
The warm, wet Paraguayan night.
I arrived late the next morning.
"Told you it was a bad time," Estella stage whispered to Renaldo.
"This is not fucking PMS!" I screamed at Estella.
That proved in their minds that it was indeed my bad time and no-one came near me all morning.
I sat at my desk and reviewed all that had happened since Elle Mosser's corpse was first found. I needed a break and it wasn't coming. I thought of Serioshka and my feelings were a mixture af love, lust and fear.
I was chewing on my pencil when Renaldo suddenly was there in front of me.
"What's the matter Chicky?"
"Ah shit Renaldo, where do I go with this investigation?"
"I can't tell you that babe but in the meantime we have another corpse."
It was the girl I had tangled with on the road out of Skabon's place. She still had the bruise where I had clobbered her with the butt of her gun. She was naked and she had been crucified, nailed onto the door of a derelict warehouse on the east side. Her throat had been cut with something that looked like a machete. Rain was falling steadily now and the girl's body was drenched, her hair hanging stringily wet down over her breasts, her body speckled with droplets, the blood from her throat and the nail holes in her hands and feet dribbling pinkly down her waxen, white skin and pooling at her feet.
Ella era muerta!!
I knew when I saw her that she was a warning.
A warning to me.
The girl was unable to be identified.
Naked, dead, she offered nothing in the way of clues.
I knew who she was of course. Not her name or identity, just that she was one of the anonymous females that surrounded Skabon, part of his private army the army that Serioshka commanded.
I decided that tonight I would go to the estate out there by the river and I would find the evidence I needed to force my superiors to act.
I left the office at the normal time and went home and ate cold food and then lay down to rest and wait. The drumming of the rain on the roof and on the window casements lulled me into a stupour. I must have drifted off to sleep because I suddenly became aware of someone knocking on my front door.
It was Serioshka and he took me in his arms as soon as I opened the front door.
I don't know what it was, what made me do it, probably it was the knowledge of the danger I was going to put myself in. I was hungry for him, ravenous. We didn't even make the bedroom. I dragged him down onto the floor and made him fuck me hard and hurtful, without any foreplay without love. It was a need for sexual release that was all. A driving need for release.
I watched lazily while he gathered up his clothes.
Then I saw the two guns. A Ruger .22 pistol with a silencer and a Makarov nine millimetre. They sat in holsters inside his jacket.
I grabbed his arm and pulled him to me. He was wearing only his boxer shorts and I had on my gown which was gaping open all down the front and was hanging down my back and arms. I pulled him to me, fiercely, proprietorierly.
"What are the guns for? Who are you going to kill tonight?"
"Isabella. My darling. I don't feel dressed without these."
I crushed myself against him, grinding my breasts against his chest, humping his leg like a table dancer humps her pole.
"Serioshka. Come away with me. Come away with me. I have one thing to finish here and then we'll go away together. Please. Don't go back to Skabon. Stay here and tomorrow we go away together for good. Just you and me. I'll cook for you, make house for you, just the two of us together. And you can have me whenever you want. I'm yours to fuck whenever you want. Please. Please."
"Isabella. Isabella, I love you. I love you. But I too have things to attend to. Then we can go away. Together."
"Please Serioshka," I whispered, "please don't go back there tonight."
He was gone.
He had promised me that he would come back to me. Come back soon. I had given him a key. Told him to let himself in if I wasn't there. He had to do what I wanted. He had to.
I dressed in the black clothes I had taken from the girl who was now dead.
The rain was pelting down now and roads out of the city were being cut. Local flooding was already occurring in low lying parts of Ascunsion.
Storms raged in amongst the rain.
I strapped on my Browning high powered nine millimetre. I put extra speed loaders in my pockets.
I locked the door and ran to my car.
It was ten pm and the streets were dark and the gutters were awash.
I drove out and got onto the rural road within forty minutes of leaving home.
I pulled over and used my mobile phone to call Renaldo and tell him what I was doing. He shouted at me, told me I was a fool. Ordered me back. I turned off the phone and dumped it into the glove box.
By eleven pm, I was at the gates of Skabon's house.
I pulled in under the trees and climbed the gate and made my way on foot up the dark, wet driveway.