El Asesinato 2

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He came in.
I let him in. Willingly.
"You know Senor Grimes," I said breathily, "I am not sure I should let you in when I am investigating a crime in which your employer might be involved."
He looked at me and smiled.
"Magnifichent!" He said.
I looked at him through what I hoped were hard eyes. "You are Russian Senor Grimes?"
He smiled, "You may call me Ivan, but don't you agree I make a splendid Mister Peter Grimes?"
His accent was almost flawless. And those eyes. Blue like a deep ice floe and the way they looked at me. I felt naked and wanted to be.
Hagame el amante, I thought, offer to take me Senor Ivan, Peter, whoever you are.
Instead I asked the obvious.
"Why is a Russian called Ivan pretending to be a, what? American, Englishman called Peter Grimes and why is either of them guarding Senor Skabon?"
"Englishman. And why you ask? If you are not aware, Russians are not very welcome here in South America, anywhere actually, so it is better to be English." he smiled devestatingly again and my nipples contracted and tingled. "As to why I am guarding the Senor Skabon, he needs security, I am good at security and he pays very well."
"And what are you doing here in my house?"
He took my arm and pulled me forward. His hand went under my tee shirt and I felt it hard and strong on my tummy and then it was closing over my breast, a living bra. My nipples stopped contracting and hardened into little nubs against his palm. He laughed feeling this evidence of my arousal.
"Isn't it obvious? I want you sergeant. You the woman behind that shield."
"Oh mi Dios," I gasped and his free hand slipped inside the front of my shorts and I felt his finger probing at my pussy. "Madre del Dios!" I whispered.
"Well little one?"
I was kissing him and he was kissing me. I think he kissed me first and I responded without thought. I groaned and he pushed me back onto my lounge. Inanity was still spewing from the television.
"El Dios tiene por favor sexo con mi!"
What little one?"
"Please God fuck me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
He lifted me in his arms. I felt as I had when I was a little child and my uncles carried me around throwing me in the air while I screamed my delight. He was so big and I was so small. He had me completely in his power and I knew it and revelled in it. I let him carry me into the bedroom and place me on the bed. Then when he started to remove my tee shirt I raised my arms to make it easy. With that gone, he lifted me up again and kissed me hard on the lips. I kissed back, fumbling with his shirt buttons. It was gone and his powerful pecs pressed against my breasts, my nipples squashed against his beautiful, hard, sweaty, male strength. He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of my shorts and pushed down and they fluttered to the floor. I fumbled with his trousers and my fingers flew and buttons popped and a zip unzipped and I shoved his trousers down taking his boxers with them. I fondled his cock, curved, upright, erect and leaking. I moaned very loudly. I am very vocal when aroused past the point of no return. He pressed me onto the bed. He was hungry for me and I was starving for a man. We made love or was it lust with little foreplay and without tenderness. It was hard and physical and he hurt me when he plunged into my swollen slit and I tried to draw him inside where he would never escape. His cock pounded at my womanhood and he fired off the glorious cum from his loaded balls and I sucked it in. I felt him shuddering above me and my hips drove furiously in a frenzy of release.
I lay under him cradling his body onto mine, both of us slick with sweat. I sniffed loudly inhaling the odour of his body, his emissions, his sex!
"You're nothing if not noisy sergeant."
"Save your breath for the second round my darling."
This time it was slower and even better. This time the rest of my body joined in. His smells, his sounds, the feel of him where we joined everything was imprinted on my so alive senses. I fitted against his huge muscular strength as if I had been moulded for that purpose and he was perfect. Too big maybe but I was prepared to stretch to fit!
He left after breakfast, which was the second thing we shared next morning.
I showered and dressed and walked into the office at eight.
Renaldo was waiting for me.
"Hey guys", he called to an office full of men, "catch the look of dopey satisfaction on my fellow sergeant's face. Chicky has spent the night doing the horizontal folk dancing."
He laughed and so did they. Big deal! Nothing could wipe the smirk off my face.
He grinned at me and then said, "We've got a match on the woman."
"We sent her prints through to the feebs in the yewess and they got a hit straight off. Name's Elle Mosser. She was going to be the biggest thing on the catwalk a couple of years back and then her habit got her and she dropped into the gutter. She's on file as a user and as a small time courier for the Columbians."
"So what's the tie with Skabon?"
"Drugs Chicky?"
"That's what I'm thinking."
The desk sergeant was calling to us from where he sat cradling a phone in his hands
"Renaldo, Chicky we've got another homicide. Double."
The bodies had been found in an apartemento in the Avenido Estdados Unidos.
When we walked in the patrol men who had first attended were setting up crime scene tape. The next door neighbour had called it in. She, a single lady of fifty called Maria Venetua had heard unusual noises through the night and had decided to check first thing in the morning. Her knock on the door produced no response and she found the door was unlatched and, fearing a burglary had taken place, had gone in. She had found the scene I was now looking at and was presently being comforted and counselled in her own apartment.
A chair had been turned over in the living room but the real stuff had occurred in the adjacent bedroom. A man in his forties, white, black hair, one point eight metres in height lay face down and naked by the opened window. He had multiple stab wounds in his back and around his head. One bloody hand gripped the drapes and blood had soaked the carpet all around where the body lay. The woman, the owner of the apartment, a dark haired Mulata called Suzi Gonzales lay on her back on the bed. She was a known prostitute and she looked, in death, like Goya's naked maja. She was sprawled on her back, arms flung wide as though at the moment of death she had collapsed in surrender. One leg was bent at the knee and the other was straight out and half off the bed. Her face looked surprised as if someone had just told her something unbelievable and the weapon used in both killings, or so I thought, was embedded in her chest. It was an ivory handled knife with a long serrated edged blade. The blade was somewhere inside Suzi's heart and only a centimetre or two plus the handle stuck out of the curve of her breast. The thrust must not have killed her outright because she had bled out. Sticky blood had run from every orifice in her body and had saturated the bed clothes. Her mouth was open in an O of shock and her teeth looked like they were floating in a mouthful of blood.
The crime scene techs were working the room and I asked if they had anything. One of them showed me a blood stained business card in a plastic bag. "Found this by the bedside," he said. I looked at it.
Skabon Enterprises. The address was a mail box and a telephone number and a mobile number were shown.
I decided it was time I met Senor Skabon.
I drove down the rural road and turned into the driveway. To my surprise this time the gates were open. I drove through and followed the drive through thick jungle to the hibiscus flowered garden clearing in which the house stood.
I parked my unmarked on the gravel standing in front of the house. I climbed out and walked up three steps to the long front verandah. I pressed the door bell beside the thick panelled wooden door. A girl dressed as a maid, who looked to be only about sixteen, opened it and I showed her my shield and she curtsied and ushered me in.
"I am Sargento..................," I began and a voice said, "We know who you are Sargento de Reyes. Please come in."
It was Senora Skabon. She was tall. I guessed about one point eight metres perhaps a little more. She was slender but had full hips and a very full bust. Nice headlamps too. I could tell because she was wearing an ice blue, floaty full length number by Gaultier or Yves St Laurent, someone like that. And it was transparent even though layered and her breasts and nipples and the vee of pelt at her groin were all clearly visible. She was about thirty and had a mane of titian hair and the colour was natural because it was repeated between her legs. Her heels would have given me nose bleed and she was stunningly beautiful. In my faded blue uniform with my own shoulder length hair whizzing every which way and about a plateau shorter than her I felt inferior with a capital I. First goal to you lady, I thought.
"What can we do for you Sargento?" She spoke good Spanish but with an obvious accent. German I registered.
"I would like to speak with Senor Skabon if I may."
"But of course. Come with me Sargento. I must tell you my husband is not well, so if you could be brief."
"I shall try Senora."
We crossed the vast hall. Through those french doors I remembered from the newspaper article, I could see the pool that went forever. About a dozen gorgeous girls, all quite nude were lounging about or frolicking in the water. R and R for the troops I thought. The picture of Ivan out there with those spectacular naked ladies flashed into my mind and red jealousy filmed my brain. We went on.
At the end of the room was a huge winding staircase and as we approached it, one of the girls appeared. She was naked and black haired and positively edible. As the Senora approached her she came forward and took her in an embrace. "Are you going to be long Heidi?"
Senora Skabon's hand covered the other girl's pussy and she leant and kissed her naked breast. "No time at all, Gloria, wait for me out there." Gloria rolled her head backward and moaned as her breast was kissed and she slid away.
"Do excuse us Sargento, she said, "always staff matters to be dealt with."
My mouth was gaping and I was gobsmacked.
We mounted the stairs and walked to the end of a corridor decorated in the French empire style. Double doors at the end opened into a room in which dim light filtered through drawn drapes. I blinked to accustom my eyes to the darkness.
Senora Skabon was standing talking to a figure in a chair.
"Sargento de Reyes wishes to speak to you Christopher darling."
She moved away and I was facing the man in the chair. He was huge! A mountain of flesh. He slumped in the chair, his arms in his lap and his head on one side. His brown hair was thinning and his face was half concealed by a breathing mask. Oxygen cylinders stood to one side. His body was more a succession of overlapping rolls of fat than a recognisable human torso. His breasts were pendulous and overhung a stomach of gargantuan proportions. His arms and legs were like tied salami. His eyes, small, mean, piggish looked out at me from folds of fat. He seemed to breathe with difficulty and when he spoke it was like a train wheezing at the station.
"Senor Skabon, I am Detective Sargento de Reyes of the Policia Nacional. We are investigating three murders and I would like your help."
"Go on."
I produced the photo of the dead Elle Mosser. "Do you know this woman?"
"Of course. Elle Mosser, she was going to be big in modelling, the next supermodel but she took to drugs."
"How do you know this Senor?"
"I read papers."
"You have not seen her recently?"
"I have never seen her."
"She was found dead recently Senor. Possible suicide. She had on her (in her, I thought) this bank draft in your name. How can this be so?"
"I have no idea. The bank draft has been cancelled. It was stolen from an employee of mine."
"Do you know Suzi Gonzales Senor?"
"Senor, why do you have so much security here?"
"I like to feel safe. Seargent. What exactly is it you are trying to say. Am I in some way of interest to your department?"
"We must make enquiries Senor."
"Well you have enquired now go."
I had drawn a blank. I wondered what I had hoped to achieve. I stood to go. When I looked around, Senora Skabon was gone from the room. The maid stood there.
"Esme, show the Sergeant out."
Esme led me wordlessly to the front door and I left.
I got into my car and started it. I flicked on the radio. There were reports of heavy rains in the north and the upper tributaries of the River Paraguay were flooding.
I drove back to where the driveway turned onto the rural road.
I froze.
The cold barrel of a gun was pressing into my neck. I looked into the rear mirror. One of the black clad ladies I had seen before was in the back seat of my car and she had an AK47 in her hands.
"Pull over a hundred metres up."
I drove to the spot indicated and pulled over.
"Turn off the motor."
I did.
"Get out."
I got out and as I did she got out of the back seat, the gun never wavering from where it was aimed between my breasts.
"Back over into those trees."
I walked slowly backward into the trees. A deep trench ran behind the trees. it had a few centimetres of water lying in it.
"Say your prayers."
"I'd rather say hello to my colleagues. Renaldo over here."
"Wha.............??" She looked around.
Estupida hembra!!!
I kicked her in the knee with all the force I could muster. She buckled and the gun wavered. I grabbed the barrel and tore it from her grip and swung it in an arc. The stock collided with the side of her head as she turned back toward me. She went down poleaxed! I tossed the gun into the back seat of the car. Then I stripped boots, pants and tee shirt off of the limp body. I would be back to see Senor Skabon again and this time I wanted to be invisible. I put them in with the gun. The girl lay out cold. Her breathing was steady and deep. It would be hours before she came around. Stripped of her clothes, she wore only a black panty thong and an uplift bra. I grabbed her under the arms and dragged her off the road. I rolled her over the edge and into the trench. She landed face down in the water. She had a mighty cute ass. I hoped she would be found before she drowned.
I got back into the car and drove away. As I drove I thought things over. Skabon was into this up to his fat ears. But what was this? I knew he had very powerful friends so I was going to have to handle this carefully. But shit, that girl had meant to kill me. I could just see it. Chicky's car would have turned up somewhere but she would have been disappeared. It happened all the time. What part did Peter Grimes, Ivan play in all this? Did he order me dead? "Madre del Dios!" I half loved the man. And he was very good at sex!
I drove on running things through my mind.
It started to rain.
Back in the office I was walking to my desk when Renaldo called me.
"Chicky, come look at this."
I crossed to where he sat in front of a computer screen.
"We asked the feebs to send us information on anyone associated with Elle Mosser and this guy appeared. Serioshka Ivanovski. Russian. Mafia. Known to have killed fifteen people, probably responsible for twice as many more. Hit man, fixer and general bad guy for hire."
The face looking out of the screen was Peter Grimes.