Actress 9

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His name was Julian.
He was a graduate student from film school and he and some friend were making a film with zilch money, unrealistic optimism and high hopes.
He met me, well maybe I should put that another way, he picked me up in a coffee bar in the East End. When I say he picked me up it wasn't exactly hard. I was sitting there feeling morose and depressive after a so so day at work and in came this young guy, maybe a couple of years younger than me and good looking in a dark, starving, long hair in a ponytail, student sort of way. I made all sorts of body language signs that said "Here I am and I am available." He bought his coffee over and we made small talk and he told me he was making this movie and I said that was nice and then he asked me back to his rooms to see stuff he had done at film school and when we went back there he poured himself a glass of rough old red and five minutes later we were naked and on his bed and he was shagging me senseless.
I don't know how he was as a film maker but as a fuck he was sensational!
Afterwards as we mooshed in post coital drowsiness, I told him I had worked as an actress of sorts. When he found out I had been in that TV thing, (I didn't make a lot of my work experience in Vic's films) he got really excited and wanted me in his film. I said yeah on the understanding that he fuck me again and then take me for a curry.
He had no budget so I signed up over a Tandoori chicken for a share of the profits.
Profits!! Who was he kidding!
Anyway I liked him and I saw it as a way to have regular good sex for a while and as for the acting well it couldn't be worse than Vic.
The picture was all meaningful and sincere the way student efforts often are and Julian's team were mostly girls from the student body and they all took everything really seriously. These kids (although a lot of them were older than me) were impressed that I had appeared on telly even though my part was less than Oscar stuff. (unless they have an Oscar for about ten minutes on screen, minimal dialogue and best scenes lying on either my face or my ass dead!) These kids were dedicated but not particularly good. The makeup girl could have learnt heaps from Julie and the girl operating the camera was (well I don't want to be rude but..........) fairly unimaginative.
The story, which Julian had written, was about a guy obsessed with a girl who, unknown to him, is an identical twin. He is a mobster and she is a moll and he kills her on the orders of the mob. Then he meets her sister (who is looking for her sister...complicated eh!) and falls for her but finally is ordered to kill her too.
I got to play the sisters and that meant I got to die twice. (Great!)
I also got to have more of a speaking part than ever before.
I was looking forward to it.
Julian directed and also played the male lead. (one thing the boy wasn't, he wasn't scared of his own abilities although maybe he should have been.) He and I rehearsed for the camera and then rehearsed some more at his place, but that was fairly futile because we always ended up on his bed fucking each other's brains out.
I loved those rehearsals but don't think I picked much up in an acting sense.
Finally the kids were ready and we started to film.
I won't bore you with a detailed description of the dialogue and stuff, if you want to catch it you'll probably find it at some really small and super exclusive film festival. Its called "Twins of the Mob."
My first decent scene was in bed with Julian.
He came to the door of his flat fresh from a bath and naked except for a towel around his waist. I was on the doorstep and I had on a knitted top and a cotton skirt. When he let me in and I saw he was almost nude, I started to get a really hungry look in my eyes and he saw it and he swept me up off of my feet and carried me into the bedroom and laid me on the bed and started taking my clothes off a piece at a time. I didn't say much but just watched everything he did with my tongue flickering over my lips in absolute lust!
First he took off one shoe and then the other and then he moved to my top and I reached up and said, "Let me help."
"No," he said, "don't move, do nothing."
Then he rolled my top up from the waist and eased it up and off over my head and shoulders, moving my arms as he needed to and all the time I just watched, my eyeballs following his every move and my lips licking and my tongue flickering.
I had on a lacy bra.
He unclipped my skirt and unzipped it and eased it down over my hips and away it went. My panties matched my bra.
He put his hand behind my back and lifted me and popped my bra and pulled it down my arms and off. My nipples grew huge. He rolled my panties at the waist and turned them into a little scrunched string and pulled them off of my ass and down my thighs and legs and over my feet and off.
I was buck naked.
He dropped his towel and so was he.
His erection was huge.
He was at my feet having just discarded my redundant panties. He started kissing his way back up my legs and as he passed my knees and worked inside my thighs I rolled them apart and moaned and my nipples stretched painfully and my pussy started working on its own. He kissed my furry cunt and I jerked back and forth whimpering and moaning. He started kissing my tummy and the ecstasy didn't diminish. Then he was sucking my breasts and I cried out aloud and then his body was stretched along mine and our mouths met, tongues questing and wetness everywhere and while he was kissing me I felt his cock slip past my labial lips and enter me and then it was inside me filling me up and I rolled my head from side to side, sweat splashing from my saturated hair and dampening the pillow and he was hard inside me and I felt his maleness filling me and throbbing with urgency inside me and I surrendered to pleasure as he started it moving and friction, incredibly lubricated by my wetness, raised my clitoris and I gave in completely to utter pleasure as he drove and drove and my cunt exploded in electric orgasming and then he started gasping "Yes, oh yes," and I knew he was coming and I knew I was coming and then we ascended the pinnacle and the big fireworks burst my mind asunder and I started drifting slowly downward light as a feather and fucked to perfection.
Some more dialogue and stuff and then the mob order my execution.
Julian's character said no, but they said yes and they are always right.
In this scene I was at a health club and you see me stripping naked and then carrying a towel I go into a steam cubicle. It was a small glass fronted rectangle with a slatted seat and tossing my towel aside I sat on the seat and hung my head and let the steam raise a sweat, speckling my naked skin with droplets.
Julian entered the room and slipped a wooden spoon from a sauna bucket through the door catch locking it closed. Then he crossed to where the controls were and changed them from medium to high to danger! He glanced inside to where I sat unaware of him and blew a kiss at the top of my head and slipped out.
I sat there and the camera watched me from outside the door. Steam started to rise inside the cubicle. I phewed and rubbed the back of my wrist over my forehead and then picked up my towel and rubbed it over my body.
The heat grew and by now I was sweating freely, the droplets gathering together and running off my shoulders and between my breasts and springing forth from my tummy and pooling between my thighs. My hair was saturated and my pubic bush was sodden. I rubbed the towel over myself again and looked uncomfortable.
Steam curled up.
I got to my feet and a waterfall of sweat coursed down my body.
I staggered over to the door and turned the handle.
I turned it again and pushed.
I shook the handle and twisted and turned it.
Panic crept into my eyes and I started shaking the door handle.
The temperature climbed and my body was awash with sweat. I shook the door handle and jerked on it.
Locked tight.
I bashed against the glass with my fisted hands and called out, shouting for help, screaming and crying in desperation and frustration.
The heat overcame me and I tottered backward and collapsed on the seat. I grasped the towel and feebly swiped it across my face. The towel was wringing wet now and totally useless.
I staggered like a drunken woman back to the glass and battered it with my fists. My hair hung down in strings and my body was running water. The steam was rising and I threw myself against the glass. My face was distorted where it was pressed against the glass. My nose was squashed to one side and my lips were flattened against the steamy glass. My breasts were pancaked where they crushed against the clear hard surface and my nipples were turned into big pink fifty cent pieces. The dark brown vee of hair at the bottom of my tummy was flattened like a brillo pad against the glass as the steam kept inexorably rising. I was pressed onto the glass as though flung there and then my eyeballs rolled upwards and disappeared under my lowered lids as though seeking some secret inside my brain and I started to slide down the glass, my knees buckling and then giving way and I reached the bottom leaving a long wet smear down the glass and I tumbled onto my ass and toppled backwards to lie stretched out on the wet floor, body wet and sodden, lips moving in my last gasps and I quivered along my whole length and then it was over.
Lifeless, cooked, I lay sprawled out in the cublicle quite quite dead!
In a Vic movie everyone else in the cast would have come in and screwed me at this point, but in Julian's movie, the camera looked down from directly above where I lay gradually circling like a very slow overhead fan.
I next appeared as my own twin sister.
(The sodden first me had been carted off to the morgue. Off screen)
I had one fantastic sex scene with Julian in which he and I were in a swimming pool late at night and as we came together for the first kiss we started removing each other's swimming costumes and then nude we consumated in the water. Real art house stuff here as slow curls of semen trail up to the surface as the lovers lay exhausted in each other's arms.
The mob orders my execution as it did my sister's.
Julian came with strict orders to kill me.
Finish me off.
But as his character is sympathetic to the dames he has been ordered to slay, he decides to make my end one that I will enjoy.
We were seen here having a meal and a slow seduction where each item of food is consumed as a bit of erotic foreplay. My mouth is seen in closeup with my lips sucking in pieces of food and my tongue lapping at everything in a parody of fellatio. (as you know from reading of my films with Vic, fellatio is something I am the celluloid queen of.)
The meal over I pushed my chair back and Julian slid off of his chair and came across under the table and his head disappeared under my short skirt and I started writhing and twisting with post prandial delight at what was going on under my hemline. Closeups of my face showed heightened erotic abandon and even as Julian continued eating my muff, I shucked off my top and popped off my bra and was fondling my own tits rubbing them and fingering my nipples and tugging on their tips, pulling them taut. My head was thrown back in ecstasy, my nostrils and the underside of my chin pointing at the ceiling so that I didn't see Julian emerge from between my legs with a small high velocity point two two pistol in his hand.
My hands fell from the breasts they had been fondling as the bullet went into the crevice between those breasts and then fell away lifelessly to hang down limply by my sides. My head stayed hanging backward and my mouth dropped open and my eyes went from heavy lidded pleasuring to wide open fixedly glassy. Blood pumped out of my wound and pooled on the platform formed by my backward leaning breasts so that I sat slumped in the chair looking like a spare rib with sweet chillie sauce slopped over it.
I was well and truly dead!
Julian looked at me naked except for a short skirt and platform slides on my outstretched feet. My short skirt was bunched up around my waist and my panties were at half mast.
He blew my corpse a kiss and the camera crawled over me exploring my deadness and revealing my body in minute detail. Cellulite thighs, splayed breasts, frizzed out hair and a slight tummy bulge. I am not sure it is my finest moment but I sure look real and I sure look dead.
End of "Twins of the Mob." A film which didn't enjoy more than about three sessions in its only run although as I said earlier you might catch it at an art house cinema. (probably after midnight)
I got my pittance and my certificate giving me shares in the takings and my love affair with Julian ended as did my appearance in small student independent features.
Back to slinging hash.
Vic, Vic where are you Vic....................................