Actress 7

Posted by Barbanne on November 30, 2000 at 14:00:30:


I really couldn't believe this!
Someone ringing on my front door bell. Of course when it happened I was parked on the toilet (does that happen to you too). I finished my abluting with untimely haste and screeched out, "Coming!"
"Isn't she always." I heard.
I sped out of the can hoicking my gear into place and peered through the little spy hole I have in my door. I mean you don't want to fling the door open and have the Boston strangler jump you do you? I mean a girl on her own has to have some common sense.
It was Vic!
Vic has NEVER come to my flat before.
This had to be something special. I cracked the door and there was Vic and Julie.
"Hi Barb. I bought Julie with me because I know you're going to love what I have to say to you so much you'll want the comfort of another female."
"Not another of your damned do 'em and screw 'em pictures."
"I told him you'd say that Barb," piped Julie, "and he said well you come with me and while you hold her down I'll belt some sense into her."
"Vic you're all class," said I.
"Now wait Barb you gotta hear this."
"Well you got me off of the can to hear it so make it good."
"Actually Barb," Julie piped up again, "I think this sounds really good and I reckon you'll go for it when you hear about it."
"OK, I'm listening."
Vic gave me his oiliest smile. I mean that man is the definition of unctuousness when he wants something.
"Barb, my new film," (talk about greasy charm) "is going to be a big budget (ahem) blockbuster international spy drama called......................
(Here he puffed himself up with self importance like he was David O Selznick announcing Gone With The Wind)
"Oh yeah," I gaped at him.
"Yeah babe and its about super kewl Brit spy James Bonk and his efforts to save the world and babe we'll need heaps of gals to play Bonk(ed) babes and who else would we turn to but you."
"Do I get snuffed and stuffed while the credits roll?"
"Sure babe if you want. But Barb I have in mind for you to play multiple roles in this one and of course die multiple deaths."
"And get multiply fucked eh?"
Julie was hopping around and looked like she needed to pee badly and she said, "Barb, Vic has given me the money to buy heaps of new special effect stuff. Barb say yes pleeeeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzz."
"Oh geez," I said. "Alright yes count me among the dead."
"Can I go back to the dunny now?"


Scene one before the credits roll.
I wasn't even in this bit. Vic had hired multiple bimbos for this flick and one of them a peaches and cream girl with big round tits who looked like Vic's idea of your English rose was sending code messages to the headquarters of British intelligence. (is that an oxymoron?) She had on an ultra mini so short that when she sat down you could see up to her navel and as she sent these real secret messages in came three black dudes (Vic didn't mind plagiarism) and one of them said "Scuse me ma'am." The gal (she was called Trudy Trulysweet in the picture) looks up out of her baby blues and said "Was there something I could do for you gentlemen?"
"Yeah babe. Die for us."
The silenced gun spat and kersplattt a little eruption of blood occured on Trudy's left tit (one of Julie's new toys) and Trudy went "Aaaaaggggghhhhhhhhhhh........" and slumped over her desk shot dead.
Two of the black guys grabbed Trudy under an armpit and a buttock each and hoisted her up and, (Trudy was good at this) her arms flopped and her head hung loose and her blonde hair danced around and blood (courtesy of Julie) coursed out from between the valley of her breasts and dripped onto the floor. More blood gooped out over her teeth (her mouth was gaping open) and joined it.
Drip Drip Drip..............
The black guys raced Trudy out and dumped her corpse in the back of a big old hearse and within seconds she had been stripped stark naked and they took turns fucking her dead body.
(Lots of great pics of her splayed feet wobbling to and fro.)
My turn to appear.
In this scene I was Lucy Loosemorals, a lesbian lady, (yes doctor, I'm not surprised you find that my vagina is in good condition, after all I do have a woman in twice a week) wearing a purple wig. As the camera panned across and zoomed in on their naked bodies, Lucy and James Bonk were lying on the bed, or at least I was lying on the bed, on my back and James Bonk was lying on top of me screwing me senseless for all he was worth. Well, you know super spies are also super studs and JB was not one to let the side down. He was going at it like a steam piston and I was jerking my hips up and down and saying stuff like, "Oooh" and "Ower" and "Aaaaaaaaaah" and uttering little squeals of delight.
(James Bonk was being played by one of Vic's hunkiest and best hung dudes and not all of that squealing was acting)
Finally James finished screwing Lucy and as I looked at him with adoringly misty eyes he kissed me meltingly and then announced that he was going out for some Havana cigars (something he learnt from Bill Clinton) and I wasn't to put so much as fresh lipstick on and he'd be back in an instant. Off he went and I lay there idly fingering myself and looking smug and self satisfied.
A knock on the door.
I skipped across and opened it and sighed "James..........."
I was punched once, hard and quick, right on the chin and went down and out like a felled ox. (maybe oxette) A guy in a raincoat grabbed my arms and dragged me across the room, ass sliding over the carpet, and tossed me onto the bed. I was limped right out and just flopped like a sack of spuds. Then he produced a can of paint and set to work coating my limp body with a three coat job.
Minutes later and back came James Bonk waving his cigars and he said, "Hey Lucy honey, now for some fun. This will have you smoking down there."
He stopped and horror filled his eyes and he came across to where I was sprawled on my back on the bed, arms outflung and legs spread and covered in white!
I had been WHITEWASHED to death!!
(and that whitewash would NOT come out of my pubics for weeks!!!!!)
Well James Bonk was not called Bonk for nothing and coming back with his cigars and a yen for sex and finding his partner spread out painted white and dead was not going to put this super stud off for one minute and so, despite that white paint being very messy, he climbed onto my barely cold corpse and had me twice. Him grunting and groaning, me doing nothing except a little dead body jiggling.
The plot was like, Doctor Boldfinger a crazed genius was going to ruin the world by stopping CNN from being broadcast (or something equally life threatening) and James Bonk had to stop him.
Not all that important really.
Next scene.
James Bonk was in the MI5 (or is it 6) morgue where Trudy Trulysweet and Lucy Loosemorals both lay stretched out on stainless steel slabs, naked and face up. The pathologist and James stood looking down at my naked, purple wigged and still heavily whitewashed body and the pathologist said, "Commander Bonk, Miss Loosemorals has died of a result of rises in her body temperature because the skin could not breathe and thus suffocated and well, basically she cooked herself from the inside out."
"I see."
The pathologist took my chin between his fingers and rolled my head from side to side. He lifted one limp arm and stroked the fingers and then dropping that, he rolled his palm over my upthrust breast.
"How do you like your girl flesh Commander, rare, medium or well done?"
"Well done, good, because essentially Miss Loosemorals is well and truly done. Done to death you might say." He laughed.
"Oh and Commander," he scooped a great gobbet of mixed whitewash and semen from my pussy, "it seems to me that Miss Loosemorals has been used as a sex receptacle after she died."
"My God doctor some people are so low. It's hard to believe that someone would do that."
"Yes, I suppose it is."
I next appeared sans wig and with my own wild and (steel) wooly hair flowing free and wearing a killer short leather mini skirt and a leather jacket over a ribbed tube top and fishnet stockings and teetering on high high heels and made up to look like a supertart with lipstick, eye shadow, mascara glumped on and false eyelashes a metre long and wearing a long gold chain looped twice as a necklet.
Now I was Pussy Poisonous, Doctor Boldfinger's faithful (hah what a laugh!) assistant and paid assassin.
(Julie had worked on my makeup and when she finished she stood back admiring it and said Barbanne, you really truly look like a slut!!!! I think I am finally bringing out the real you.....thanks Jules)
One of Vic's other bimbos, a pale dishwater blonde with a shoe size bigger than her IQ and a chest that would have left them both in the shade, in fact it would have left most things in the shade, was dressed in a tiny pink bikini and was sitting by the pool at some five star hotel. She was Felicity Fruitcake, a courier for the Ministry of defence. In her itsy bitsy purse she had the code and the map of the CNN secret satellite repeater station.
Enter Pussy Poisonous.
The bimbo playing Felicity preened and posed and pouted for Vic's camera which just loved every moment of her and then popping a flimsy see through top over her bikini and climbing onto platform wedgies she headed for the lifts. Felicity hadn't actually gone swimming whilst at the pool. Oh no! Her appearance poolside was strictly for being admired and perved on by anyone and everyone with a Y chromosome. In the lobby she met up with Pussy. Pussy and Felicity eyed each other off and then Pussy offered to show Felicity her etchings
(stuck for plot lines there was Vic. He asked me to think of something better but what the hell. The reason the gals got together was superfluous)
Felicity and Pussy are seen in Pussy's suite and after sharing a drink, (white wine for the bimbo, mineral water for me) they started to get into some action on the gigantic bed. The bimbo was soon naked and Pussy was down to her short skirt. We rolled around on the bed enjoying some nipple to nipple massage and some really long and sloppy tongue kissing. The bimbo wasn't all that fussed but I kept reminding her it would show what a great actress she was and anyway (without telling her) I was having the time of my life. I gave her a lingering kiss on one of her breasts and imagined what it would be like to suffocate with as much of it in my mouth as I could fit. Then I went to freshen the drinks. Of course in reality I slipped my little silver pistol out of my bag and carried it back hidden behind her highball glass. I put the drink on the bedside table and popped her between the eyes with a slug from my gun.
(Julie raced in and fixed up Felicity with a stick on bullet hole just above the bridge of her nose and right between her vacant blue eyes. Then she gave her just a nice little trickle of blood from her bullet hole and a rim of blood around her lips and staining her teeth.)
Vic and the camera man then organised Felicity so that she lay sprawled on her back as if thrown there by the force of the skull shattering bullet. Arms wide, fingers curled and long red fingernails clawed. Breasts, sagging apart splayed by their sheer weight and pendulousness. Legs spread, cunnie openly displayed she looked amazingly dead. (I was going to say life like but maybe that's not the right expression.) Her baby blues were wide and vacantly unfocussed and gazing ceilingward. In truth they were wide and vacant at the best of times but let's not niggle, Felicity made a delicious corpse.
I stood for a moment in my short skirt with the gun to my lips, blowing smoke away and squeezing my breasts together and looking down at poor dead Felicity. Then I dressed again and retrieved the code and the map from Felicity's purse and left hanging the "Do not disturb" sign on the door.
The Code and the map I took to the secret dungeon workshop of Doctor Boldfinger's chinese assistant Hoo Fuck, ( or was that Fuck Yoo) and he tattooed the information onto my butt. I was now the secret code carrier supreme.
James Bonk rocked up to Felicity's room and not finding her there he checked Pussy's room and there she was (Felicity I mean starkers and deaders) and James figured he may as well bonk her too, even though there was the slight disadvantage that she was stiff and cold.
(The only explanation in the plot for this sudden appearance by Vic's hero was that being a super stud he gets around to every woman eventually.)
After making good use of Felicity he phoned it in and another shot showed that MI5 morgue with now three nude deadies lying there. Felicity, Trudy and Lucy. This necessitated me getting naked and stretched out again for another appearance as Lucy. By now the plot said I (as Lucy) was washed and clean. (except for flakes of whitewash clinging stubbornly to my pussy pubes that was)
Next scene and James Bonk and Pussy Poisonous meet at the baccarrat tables. For this I had on my superbly slinky backless, almost topless, split skirted long satin dress which clung to my figure like high gloss paint and made it awfully obvious I had not another thing on except for ear rings and a necklace of pearls. (fake) Oh and heels I positively teetered on. Julie had made me up to look like a high class slut and had combed my hair up in a sort of French roll. I was showing a lot of skin but had high hopes of showing heaps more soon.
James and Pussy make smartass banter at the table and he picks her up with outrageous ease and she lets him. Welcomes it in fact.
They go upstairs to her room and get naked and I am all over him and I playfully stroked his cock which got very excited and hugely erect and I let it roll around in the valley of my breasts and held it so that the tip could just lightly kiss against my labia and then I started kissing him and sliding my tongue over his smooth muscular chest and nibbled at his abdominal ridges and licked his upper inner thighs and finally swallowed his, by now, rampaging cock and sucked it off into a huge orgasm.
Panting and dribbling sweat I watched in fascination as it recovered immediately and grew rampant yet again and then he took me forcefully and brutally, plunging his manhood into my dripping wet slit and pounding me into total submission.
(I still didn't allow actual unprotected penetration but you'd never know it watching the finished result.)
We fucked heroically and when he donned his dinner suit and kissed me goodbye I was left lying face down on the bed in a dreamy state of super satisfaction and weakened ennui. He lightly remarked on my cute tatt but I could only muster a sighing moan.
Did I say the five star suite in which James Bonk had BONKED me had a private open patio off it with a fountain and a swimming pool sized fish pond?
I should have because when James had departed two of Doctor Boldfinger's goons slipped into the room and grabbed me off the bed and despite my feeble protests, slugged me behind the ear and frog marched me, semi-conscious, feet dragging and ass sagging and limp body hanging between them out to the fish pond and held me under until with a lot of wriggling and writhing and a few glubby gloops I drowned.
(Good shots all around of my nude body floating in the pool, hair spread out and swaying on the water while the guppies nibbled at my mouth and nose and nipples and pubic hair.)
In came Doctor Boldfinger.
"Where is she?"
"In da pool Doc."
"What in the pool?"
The doctor walked through to where I was floating outspread amongst the gold fish, eyes wide open and staring at the pool ornaments on the sandy bottom.
"You've killed her?"
"You idiots she has the code and the map tattooed on her ass."
"So we cut her ass off."
"No, no, no. It's got to be stretched taut to be readable."
"Ooooh, we didn't think................"
"You never do. Damn! Well only one thing for it we will have to take her with us."
"But she's dead!"
"I know that you idiot."
"You dopey goons killed her so now you two have to cart her corpse everywhere. And don't let it go off."
The two goons who had killed me hauled my dripping, naked body out of the pool and carried it between them into the suite and dumped it on the bed.
(close up of my open mouth and a fishy tail waggling from between my parted lips. One of Julie's specialities.)
Looking slightly sicked off and pretty well peeved one of the goons caught the wiggling fish tail and pulled it out bringing my tongue to which it was attached by its little teeth with it. The guy prised the fish away from his meal and tucked my tongue back inside my gob.
(Julie was delighted with this effect)
The goons got me dressed in my slinky dress not bothering with underwear nor with the fact that my sodden body saturated the material. They jammed my shoes on and then all three of them, (and me) four of us altogether, left the hotel.
"She's very tired," they explained to anyone who asked why I was drooping between two big dudes with my expensive shoes dragging along on their toes and my eyes wide and unfocussed and my head rolling around helplessly on my neck.
I love this acting work I mean where else could I get paid for being dead again and absolutely loving it.
Two more of Vic's actresses, a couple of dark haired witchy bitches known in the film as Deborah Deadly and Becky Beastly were appointed by Doctor Boldfinger as the keepers of the code and from this point on pretty much whenever these chicks appeared they had the corpse of Pussy Poisonous with them.
So, as the goons left the hotel, they passed Pussy to Becky and Deborah and the girls got me under an armpit each and walk/dragged me out to a limo that was waiting at the kerb. The goons got in the front and Becky and Deborah took the back seat with a limp me between them. As they drove off, I slumped forward and half turned and buried my nose in Becky's breasts. She shoved me off and Deborah grabbed hold of a bunch of my hair and hauled me away and I fell back against her. She tried to prop me into place but I slid forward and sideways and ended up face down in her lap and sniffing her crotch.
"Randy little bitch," she muttered sotto voce.
The next scene was in a dungeon under Doctor Boldfinger's castle and here we were all back in Vic's warehouse studio which had been dressed up for the part.
Lisa Luscious, a very beautiful, very blonde, very breathtakingly built girl playing an agent of Fox News who had become entangled with James Bonk was hanging from chains on the dripping mouldy wall of the dungeon.
(You have to see Lisa and James' scenes together on and between the sheets for pure and utterly mind blowing porno action......although I reckon she had an unfair advantage over me as in most of my sex scenes with the super spy/super stud I am, unfortunately for me, dead and its hard to do a great blow job or fake a magical orgasm when you are just wobbling about playing a stiff)
Deborah and Becky were sitting together getting horny over the punishment being handed out to Lisa and Pussy (that's me remember) was lying face down on a green velvet lounge, one arm dangling on the floor and ass up and head turned sideways and sort of drooling onto the velvet. I was naked again by now so that they could check the information I had tattooed on my bare butt. The goons were watching the door and the Doctor was getting his pleasures from torturing Lisa. She had been wearing shorts and a blouse but by now the blouse was shredded and hanging in strips over her upper body, she had no bra and her shorts were bunched around her ankles and her see through panties looked soppy and well used. The Doctor had a pair of like kitchen tongs and he was nipping Lisa's nipples with those and giving her a bad time. When he didn't do that he had an electric probe and was slipping that down the front of her panties and shocking her something awful. Lisa was twisting and writhing her beautiful body and sweat was coursing down her tits and tummy (mostly thanks to a mist spray of Julie's) and she was squealing in a very feminine and appealing way. The Doctor was looking like a man who is really enjoying his work and was getting up close and personal with Lisa's various intimate body parts. Deborah and Becky were squealing and applauding every new move by the Doctor, the goons were watching but pretending not to and I was just lying there drooling and with my eyelids lowered and just a sliver of sightless eyeball showing and getting hot from the action I could hear going on and my mouth wasn't the only thing dribbling onto the green velvet.
Lisa Luscious gave an enormous moan and her bright red collagen assisted lips dropped open and her false eyelashes drifted down and she was out to it.
The door burst open and in sprang James Bonk with an uzi cradled in his arms. The two goons went for their shooters but ratatata, and they each took a couple of slugs in the forehead and went tumbling over. Deborah and Becky jumped to their feet and Deborah hauled out a pistol while Becky unsheathed a wickedly long knife. James dashed over to where poor dear Lisa was dangling unconscious but as he did he snapped two shots bang! bang! Deborah took a slug through the bridge of her nose and went down in a heap, legs kicking and arms flailing and lay there stretched out with her short skirt hoicked and her long naked legs and panties on view and Becky took a slug right through her left nipple and dropped her knife and did a really spectacular job of throwing arms and legs everywhere and pirouetting and crashing down dead.
(Julie was in and out, fixing up all of these guys with bullet holes and blood leaks and she brought one of those litre bottles and spread it around liberally.)
I stayed dead throughout.
James Bonk grabbed Lisa and started working on her chains and the Doctor dashed over and grabbed me around the upper chest, squeezing my tits up like ballons being infalted in a hurry and ran from the room dragging my body with him. (draped over his brawny arm, tits under my chin, arms dangling, hair swaying and legs dragging, bare feet bobbling over the floor.)
By the time James Bonk had freed Lisa who gratefully collapsed like a wet rag into his waiting arms, the Doctor had escaped with his map and code in the form of my very limped out corpse under his arm.
Another scene in the MI5 morgue where by now the body count was Trudy, Felicity, Lucy (another quick guest appearance by my naked body) two naked and well hung goons and Becky and Deborah, even more spectacular naked and on their backs than dressed and being nasty. The pathologist was making some inane comments to James Bonk and a now recovered Lisa Luscious and then when he and she had departed to screw each others brains out in the nearest five star hotel, the pathologist started in having necro sex with each of his customers in turn.

The big finale!
Doctor Boldfinger's secret underwater laboratory and broadcast centre from which his plans to ruin CNN and drive the television slaves of the world to distraction with endless reruns of Seinfeld was to be put into effect.
Vic's warehouse studio had been done up to look pretty spectacular and every bit of electronic stuff he had (old video recorders, PC's, microwaves etc) had been stacked together and were glowing with green numbers, looking like a high tech badguy's place should look.
(Julie had worked like a slave with every stage prop, every bit of makeup and costuming she could find, going completely over the top.)
Every actor and actress Vic could muster was in this scene dressed as the foot soldiers of the evil doctor. Both guys and girls wore sort of little bikinis made mostly of silver paper and other than that they wore belts and long and rather old fashioned boots. Helmets also of silver paper sat on their heads. Even Julie was there nearly naked except for her own crinkly silver creation and playing one of the doc's girlies. All of the corpses from previous scenes had been resucitated from the morgue and were assembled here playing extras.
In the middle of the room was an old vaulting horse that had been covered over with a red velvet curtain so that it looked like a vaulting horse hidden under red velvet. Draped over this with her arms, head and hair hanging down one side and her legs hanging down the other so that neither feet or hands touched the floor was Pussy Poisonous, one time villainess working for Doctor Boldfinger, now his pet corpse. The Doctor and his most trusted henchmen and hench woman were studying my ass and the code and map tattooed thereon.
I was the centre of attention.
In this scene at least nobody could avoid looking at my naked body.
Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh, what ecstasy.
Then James Bonk and Lisa Luscious came spiralling down some ropes uzi's chattering.
But the action was good. Julie went down first so she could get away and be the fake blood and bullet hole provider for the rest of us. A slug caught Julie in the tummy and she went down spitting bloody phlegm and with blood gushing from her navel into her bikini pants, (doing herself proud was Jules) She writhed and got up firing her weapon but Lisa ripped off a burst and Julie took one through the brain and one through the heart and went down kicking but not for long. Julie's blood covered body occupied the camera for a few seconds and then it moved to the rest of the fight.
Two more silver bikinied girls rushed at James Bonk and Lisa and one struggled with Lisa trying to wrest her gun away. James fired rat-tat and this girl caught both slugs in the chest and went reeling around (with Julie providing blood galore for her chest to leak all over her breasts) and she staggered upright and clawed at her gun but pow! James shot her again, this time through the throat and she went down hard and final. The other bird was ripping off shots and they were pinging off the masonry next to Lisa but she threw up her gun and bang! bang! The bad girl looked really wide eyed and surprised and then (with Julie's help) two nasty little bullet holes appeared in her skull just above her eyes and below her hairline and they started leaking blood from where her skin looked ruptured and she went Oooooooooooh and pitched sideways and her gun dropped and she kicked her legs feebly and then went very still.
As lots of the fight action was close up and personal and didn't show the whole room in panoramic shots, I was able to appear twice in a silver bikini playing foot soldiers of Doctor Boldfinger. The first time I came running down a ramp from a side entry firing my gun like rattattattattattaaaaaaaaaa! and James shot me with a single shot through my silver helmet and I kept running and then doubled over and my gun clattered away and I rolled and spun, legs scissoring, arms windmilling and hair flying and ass displayed until I skidded to a halt on my back and lay there quite dead.
(Julie raced over and gave me a bloody forehead and a gush of crimson gore from my mouth and nose) And then I stayed in shot for several seconds, twitching and bloody and finally very still.
In my second appearance I jumped Lisa and both of our guns went skittering away and we wrestled on the floor, struggling and straining to get the upper hand over each other. I gave a good account of myself and kneed and bit and scratched Lisa but she got me by the throat with both of her hands wrapped tightly around my neck and she squeezed and squeezed and my tongue waggled out like it had a life of its own and my eyes bugged and rolled inward and I jerked and jerked.
(Julie came over and fixed me up with frothy snot coming from my nostrils and mouth)
Lisa gave a final twisting squeeze and I aaaaaghed and jerked and kicked one final feeble time and I was finished, strangled dead.
James sprayed the room with bullets and boys and girls in their silver bikinis went down twitching and jerking and dying and dead until there was just a heap of limped out dead bodies in the crinkly silver livery of Doctor Boldfinger.
Two near naked and very well hung guys were trying to protect the Doctor but Lisa bang banged them and they folded up and slid down dead and then Lisa shot the doctor in the leg and he crawled over to where I was back and nude and being the long dead Pussy Poisonous, draped out over my red velvet covered vaulting horse. The Doctor dragged himself upright and with his arms wrapped around my thigh he was kissing my ass and saying, "Pussy, Pussy, all I ever wanted was Pussy."
"Dead Pussy?" Said James standing there with his uzi cradled in his arms.
"Dead Pussy's fine. In fact dead Pussy's excellent."
"Ah Doctor, you sick bastard. I think this is the right prescription for what ails you."
And then rattattattattattt!!! James shredded the Doctor's head and he fell down dead.
(Julie rushed over with a bucket of butcher's leavings and litres of faked blood and fixed up the guy playing the Doctor to look absolutely ruined)
Big shot of the late Doctor's lair with every girl and boy Vic had been able to get lying around dead and bloody and with the Doctor wrecked and dead and me (dead of course) draped over my red velvet prop and even Julie had had to strip and get dead again and the two girls who did Vic's typing were naked and dead, in fact every body available was showing lots of skin and flaked out dead. Except of course James and Lisa who were going around setting charges and then with the help of some friends Vic had first met over the internet, KABLOOOOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!
The whole place went sky high.
Fade in to a dinghy on the ocean. Well actually on blue cellophane paper looking like the ocean and James is chock a block up Lisa and giving her the old horizontal folk dancing treatment. When he is finished fucking her (and I told you for true porn you have to see these two together) she moaned and rolled over and started snoring and James sat looking at her for a bit and then he flicked aside a tarpaulin and there was I. Still in character as the late, dearly beloved Pussy Poisonous and of course still nude and still dead.
"Dead Pussy," said James (they don't call him Bonk for nothing) "yes dead Pussy is very acceptable for afters."
Very final scene.
James Bonk from behind, very hard inside the dead me whose feet are wobbling some as his hips pump and grind while Lisa dreams on in innocent bliss.
Vic's Blockbuster? Chockablockbuster!
You bet.