Actress 6

Posted by Barbanne on November 30, 2000 at 14:03:46:


"Hey Barb."
"Vic, is that you Vic? Gawd I never expected to hear from you again."
"Vic if you're going to ask me to do another film...."
"Barb, this one is special."
"There all bloody special according to you. I told you never again!"
"Barb, I'll triple your fee."
"A hundred and fifty bucks! You're offering me a hundred and fifty bucks?"
"That's right."
"Hah, what do you think I am? Some el cheapo tart you can buy with a lousy hundred and fifty bucks.................what's it about?"
"Barb, you're going to love this one, its about three wandering amazon type broads who slash and hack their way through the opposition..........'til they get killed of course."
"An amazon????? You want me to play an amazon????? You have seen me haven't you?"
"Barb, I have these other two girls, Carrie and Becky, they're going to be the other amazons. It's going to make you famous."
"Shit Vic, what do you take me for? Do you think I'm that stupid?"


I couldn't believe it.
Here I was on day one of shooting for another pic for Vic. I swore I'd never do another one as long as I lived. (around here that was about ten minutes) And I was to play an amazon. Me, big butt, little tits, slope shouldered, Miss puny me!
What a joke.
Julie was there and she had heaps of make up gear and, I noticed, about a dozen litre bottles of fake blood (this was going to get gory) I said "Hi Jules," and she high fived me and I went to check my costume. Sheesh, it was a sort of chamois mini skirt that was about ok for washing a push bike and a tiny chamois top that had one shoulder strap and left one breast bare and only just covered the other and left scads of tummy flesh displayed and those roman sandals with a sole and a heap of strap work that came to mid calf. Talk about near nude warrior woman!!!
I met Carrie and Becky, the other two gals Vic had roped in and they were both fabulously nice people and just absolutely gorgeous. I felt like Miss ugly pill. Becky had a leather skirt and jerkin and Carrie had a metal outfit like a real Roman soldier type. They were both good at doing this amazon stuff and had heaps of experience.
Julie made us all up to look like sex bombs, well, as best she could in my case but we had like bright lippy and plenty of alluring eye make up and so forth.
Vic had also roped in three hunky guys who looked like they were on leave from the Chippendales and each of them was outfitted in a loin cloth thing and a big belt with a sword hanging from it. We girls had swords too, did I mention that? Those loin cloth things totally failed to hide that those guys were hung like wheeeeeeeeeeeee, horses. (bloody clydesdales too) This was maybe going to be fun.
Scene one and Carrie, Becky and Barb come rocking along, three swords for hire.
(The whole thing was being shot in Vic's warehouse studio which was made up to look like ancient Gaul or some such.)
One of the guys (all gorgeous muscles and baby oil and loin cloth and BULGE!!!) was waiting along the path and challenged these dames.
He whipped out his sword and Carrie and Becky took him on. Barb (that's me) was sort of dancing around just outside of sword reach urging the other two girls on but being careful not to get too close. Carrie and Becky pressed their advantage. The guy fought back. Blades flashed in the sunlight, (well, studio lights with yellow filters actually)
(Julie raced in and applied some scratchy cuts to the guy's chest) so that blood mingled with his baby oil. He was bigger and way stronger than the girls but one against three wasn't going well for him and slowly they drove him backward and, attacking from two sides at once, Becky and Carrie had him looking in two directions and that was hard but harder still was seeing sneaky me who came up behind him and skewered him with a stabby thrust into his back. He groaned and rolled his eyes upward and sank down slowly and measured his length on the ground.
(floor in reality but with very convincing false grass and while he lay there Julie trotted over and gave him some goopy blood leaking from his mouth)
The girls posed triumphant over their fallen foe. Becky struck a 'foot in the middle of his chest' pose and Carrie stood beside her with her hand on Becky's shoulder and they both looked triumphant. I lurked in the background with a wicked look on my face. Carrie and Becky went to one side and wiped the blood from their swords and I snuck over to the fallen warrior guy and sat beside him and ran my fingers over his chest and down the rippling muscles of his abdomen and with my other hand I stroked his face and then that hand that was making its way down his abdomen slipped inside his loincloth and found that he had died with a lovely big erection!
Actually I think the slow progress of my fingers over his body and down his tummy and inside his loin cloth (which I now whipped off and discarded) might have been the real reason for his being upright but whatever the reason I brought my face down and ran my tongue up and down the soft skin underneath his rampant cock. This only made it even more rampant and while Vic's camera moved into maximum closeup, I reversed my position so that my ass and pussy were in the "dead" guy's face and started sucking on his cock. It was really straining and the skin had gone almost translucent, glistening with arousal, and I settled my painted lips over it and by sucking and pulling managed to slip the skin so that you could see it being pulled and released.
Too much for the poor guy and he came almightily and I hoped his bodily fluids were safe.
Scene over, that guy staggered off to recover (these guys in Vic's film were recyclable) and the three lady amazons set off yet again.
Vic wanted a bit of lesbian action here but both Carrie and Becky were much too nice girls to do that with any enthusiasm and after some rather stiff and not very convincing embraces Vic had to settle with shots of one amazon pleasuring herself and of course you know who that was.
(I'll do anything for money although for a fee of $150 you might think I was a bit cheap. That's $Aus so that represented about $75 US)
The guys were back to three (the dead guy had taken a quick cold shower and was back on deck) and now Vic's film moved to its big climax.
Carrie, Becky and Barb came out of the forest and onto the plains. There the massed armies of whoever were waiting for them (our three guys) and the battle lines were drawn. A big fight ensued with the three guys attacking the three amazon chicks and Vic shot this as some scenes where everyone was getting in everyone else's way and some individual scenes where each girl was seen engaged in battle on her own.
(editing would turn it into a smooth action scene)
Carrie and Becky cut and thrust and grimaced and showed their teeth and generally looked great. I danced around and tried my hardest to look like a fiercesome warrior but anyone who could take a weed like me seriously in this part had to be truly good at suspending belief.
(Julie dashed in and out of the action fixing us with slices and scratches and generally bloodying us up to look convincingly battered as the fight went on.)
At first we three girls gave as good as we got but as the fight scene went on it was starting to be obvious to anyone who has seen one of Vic's pics before that we were being bested albeit slowly.
Then the guys got into a corner with Becky and Carrie fighting back to back. I was having a hard time of it off on my own against my foe who was the guy who had died in that first scene and he was a bit p.o.-ed with me for that blow job I gave him and so he wasn't holding back. One guy slipped under Becky's guard and his sword sank into her chest right between her breasts and just down a bit. She aaarked and staggered back and Julie raced in and gave her blood flowing from her wound and some more dribbling from between her clenched teeth and she tottered around and her hands clenched and unclenched and then she stiffened and stood up very straight and crasho! over she went onto her back where she writhed and twitched for a while and then went all limp and starey eyed. Carrie called out to her and that was a mistake because her opponent took the opportunity of her glancing away to deliver a fatal blow to her neck and with Julie's help Carrie, spraying blood from a severed carotid and dribbling blood from her mouth, slipped to her knees and fell face down, her sword dropping from her nerveless fingers and then she twitched her ass once, twice, three times and it was all over for her.
All three guys now turned to me and although I battled bravely for a minute or so, Julie raced over and fitted me with enough blood to make a medium sized abbatoir happy as two guys stabbed me, one through the left breast, one through the tummy and the other guy got me from behind, right between the shoulder blades. I staggered sideways and then the other way and my eyeballs rolled up and crossed over and my sword fell from my clutching fingers and I doubled over and then straightened up again and then clutched at my wounds and then twisting my legs one inside the other I buckled up and went down in a swan dive and hit the ground and rolled onto my back and had a violent shuddering fit and then rolled onto my side and pushed myself a few centimetres off the ground and then went completely limp and collapsed dead as a doornail.
(Of course all these swords slipping into soft female flesh was faked by using cut off swords and side shots and one collapsible sword and clever angles. For $150 not even I was going to get stabbed with a real sword)
Laughing together the three guys stripped the bloody clothes from the even more bloody bodies of us three girls and bringing on a cart, (a prop of Vic's that he had borrowed specially for this drama) the guys tossed Carrie's corpse into the tray of the cart. She was fantastic at being limp and corpsed but they were a bit too enthusiastic and her head hit the boards like kerackkk and her ass smacked the wood like scherluppp and she cried out "yeeowch" and sat up cursing and Vic had to edit that part out. A little bit more carefully Becky was flipped in to land beside and partly across Carrie and then I was dragged over by the hair and chucked in too. I landed on the other two girls so that was ok. (for me)
(that dragging by the hair is a bitch because even though they do it very carefully your scalp still feels like Geronimo has had his way with it)
So there we three dead amazon girls were in a heap in the cart.
I found that my hand was resting against some very soft skin and sliding my fingers along that skin I felt some curly hair and even softer skin in a lovely fold. Becky went "Oooowooowoooowoooo" and I knew whose softness and where it was that I had stroked. Of course I was very careful not to betray any signs of life while playing with other girls and just as Becky hissed, "Barb!" I realised my mouth was near a breast and I opened my lips and sucked in a nipple (also very surreptitiously) but Carrie said "BARB!"
Us corpses were carted off and dumped around the campfire and there the guys were going to use these amazonian dead stiffs for fun and games. Carrie and Becky reluctantly agreed to let themselves be fondled but drew the line at being penetrated as in screwed while playing dead. In the finished film you will see all three victims being handled and fondled and then having their legs spread and being well and truly fucked. Look hard and you may notice that the actual fucking scenes all look somewhat alike. That's because only one gal would agree to her pussy being penetrated (yes Miss $75US) although why it was necessary for me to be done over by all three guys I wasn't sure. I mean why couldn't Vic just use the different camera shots with the one guy to tell his story. Beats me but all three guys insisted that for artistic integrity they had to screw me individually as I lay there flaked out and playing dead girl.
After it was over and the three dead amazons had been used as befits a dead girl in one of Vic's sagas I spent some time and talked to Carrie and Becky and they told me they were experts at getting dead in an amazonian context. Once was going to be enough for me as I could hardly walk anyway and this time I thought is definitely the last time ever for getting killed at bargain rates.
Do you hear me Vic.
Never again!
Oh well I suppose one should NEVER say NEVER again.