Actress 5

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Seeing as Sam's got a place in the archives for my corpse in this one I'd better give it to him.
Here it is Sam, I'm giving it to you.
You have been sneaking over to the other place and spying on me eh?


This time I was determined that I would not work for Vic again.
I had moved in with Dave, you remember Dave the hunky guy who played the officer when I was executed by the firing squad. He was my main squeeze now and living with him I was well fixed in regards to sex and I was also making a big effort to find a decent job. You know, a respectable one. Not that playing raped corpses in Vic's movies wasn't fun but what guy wants to introduce his girlfriend to his mum as that girl who lies around playing dead while men use her body for sexual release.
See what I mean?
Anyway I had just come back from an unsuccessful day applying for jobs and was thinking about ringing Tony and getting my old job as a waitress back when the phone rang and it was Vic.
"I got this great part for ya Barb."
"Oh yeah?"
"Yeah, you get to play an evil woman."
"Uh huh."
"And to punish ya this guy kills ya."
"Uh huh and then he uses my body for sex?"
"How didya know?"
"Clairvoyant Vic."
"But Barb its different from the others, its got costumes, Jules is working on those and its got water."
"Yeah water."
"OK Vic, send the script over, but no promises."
The story, when I got the script, was about an evil sorceress, known as the Black Sorceress, and that was me. She desires a handsome Prince, Prince Mookie but he is betrothed to the beautiful Desiree, that part was for Julie. The Black Sorceress suffocates the beautiful Desiree and hides her body in the crypt. Prince Mookie, furious and grief stricken confronts the Black Sorceress in her grim fortress hideout and murders her in a hopefully horrible way. Then he has sex with her body and when he does, like in the sleeping beauty, Desiree awakens from her death like state and they live happily ever after except for the Black Sorceress who stays as dead as meat.
I liked it.
It was romantic like a fairy tale and that night as I lay in bed with Dave, naked and cuddling together under a sheet only, I pulled the script out from under the pillow where I had put it and said, "What do you think of this darls?"
"What's this," he said and then he looked at it and said, "thought you wanted to finish with Vic.?"
"I do, but I love this, its a fairy story and it might be lovely to do."
He read it and then looked at me as I clung to him and said, "Which part's you?"
"The sorceress."
"I knew it. Who's this Prince Mookie?"
"Just one of Vic's guys I suppose."
"Do I get a part?"
"Only in bed with me."
"Only here in bed with me. You get my legs apart that's your a part."
He laughed and we made love and afterwards he agreed I could do it, "But this is the last," he said.
"Of course Mon Capitan," I saluted him bare breasted.
I showed up on the Monday for the start of shooting.
When I met the guy who was to play Prince Mookie, I realised with a bump of my tummy that I knew him!
Mookie the ninja.
Yeah we went back a long way.
I gave him a little kiss and said, "Now I know why this movie's got water in it."
"I'm Still fond of floating butts Barb."
We both laughed.
Julie made me up with really dark eye shadow tinged with red and my lips she painted crimson and my hair she combed out into a huge bush of crackly crinkles and my costume was a long, tight, black velvet dress with loose sleeves and splits up both legs that went nearly to my armpits and a plunging neckline that revealed my belly button and I wore a corded sash loose around my waist that held it all together. I did get to wear a g-string underneath this particular dress for once.
Herself she had dressed in virginal white and her dishwater blonde hair had grown to where it reached halfway down her back and she had lightly bluish eye shadow and pale pink, almost white lippy on. Definitely the princess look as opposed to my total witchiness.
We went down stairs to where Vic had made two rooms in the warehouse into mock mediaeval castle rooms. In the first Prince Mookie and Desiree (The virginal looking Jules) were canoodling on a couch. This got pretty intensive after a while and the Prince and Princess got slowly and erotically naked and then they made gentle and langorous love.
I sat nearby watching and getting myself excited. And wet.
Mookie bade Julie farewell and off he went to his own palace to do whatever Princes do in their palaces overnight.
Scene change to the other room, a dark and dismal looking affair, wherein the Black Sorceress is sitting hunched over her toad's warts and skulls and potions and stuff cackling and giving me the opportunity to have the time of my life.
Enter Julie looking pale and nervous and seeking her fortune from the BS so that she can know whether Prince Mookie loves her or not.
(The way he was riding her pussy just moments before was a better indication that he thought her a good fuck than eye of warts I reckoned but my part called for me to act Sorceress like.)
I sat opposite Desiree (Julie) and we both looked into my crystal ball. (A red glass thing with little lightning streaks zapping around inside and all held up on a dessicated dead hand)
She thought we were going to see her future but I, true rotter that I was, managed to cast a spell over her and zombie like her head slumped forward and she was hypnotised and under my control.
Like a sleep walker Julie stripped down to naked and then she and I moved onto my claw footed lounge for some heavy petting.
I stayed dressed in my black velvet number for this but poor Jules was stark bollocky naked. I fondled her breasts and stroked her nipples and they rewarded my efforts by stiffening into hard little nubs. I kissed her breasts and sucked her nipples and then slid my wet tongue down over her tummy and in and around her umbilicus and then I explored her inner thighs with my lips and tongue and parted her labia with my fingers and sucked at her pussy.
She had to pretend to be bewitched and semi conscious, but when I got down and dirty, she failed as an actress and started panting and, although it's hard to tell when you're eyes are only about three centimetres away from another girl's pussy, I guessed she had had an orgasm.
I know my own g-string was pretty well saturated.
So after the evil Black Sorceress had had her way, Desiree was lying there naked, non compos and panting and wet and the BS (that's me) took a silken pillow and placed it over Desiree's face and pressed down hard. Desiree struggled and bucked and her shapely naked legs kicked and scissored and her breast heaved and her tummy rippled and her mouth mmmfffddd and her eyes crossed and then she went limp and she was smothered, presumably to death.
(Jules fixed herself up with some blue stuff that gave her a cyanosed appearance and then lay back down and out on the couch)
I dragged her floppy body up off the couch and got her over my shoulder and the camera closed in on Jules's bottom and got up close and personal with her ass and her cunnie where it was upthrust over my shoulder. I carried her down into the dungeon.
(This was the room that had been the cell where my bandido girl had been tossed down dead before being used by Dave in that other epic. For this picture it had been dressed up with cobwebs and grime and drippy candles and stuff)
I laid Julie out, sprawled on her back on a slablike table and then after touching her "dead" body up once more off I went cackling and evil.
(Julie had become a big fan of playing dead and she was marvellously realistically loose and limp and corpse like.)
With Desiree (Jules) safely tucked away, naked and dead down below, I now made my moves on Prince Mookie.
(For this scene Vic had comandeered a friend's indoor swimming pool. It was in a big glass conservatory thing and with a bit of dressing up looked convincingly like Prince Mookie's palace.)
In I swept in my black velvet gown and I slipped up behind Mookie and grabbed him and slid into an embrace with a lot of tongue in mouth action.
He was appalled that I would move in on him like this while his beloved betrothed was back in her own palace, (not so, dead in my dungeon actually) but being a bloke he didn't resist for too long and I got him down onto the floor on some satin sheets and I stripped his clothes off, item by item until he was nude and then I got nude myself.
(I noticed Mookie looking intrigued when I peeled off my rather soggy damp panties)
"Been enjoying yourself Black Sorceress?" he inquired.
"None of your business," I muttered.
"And with my fiancee," he grinned.
By-play aside I was all over him and my lips locked onto his and then I scraped my way down his tall, lean muscular torso until I reached his groin where I commenced giving him the blow job to end all blow jobs. I swallowed, sucked, licked, hummed and slobbered until he could stand it no longer and he shot his load inside my mouth and I made a big production of swallowing it noisily down.
We both lay on the sheets puffed and recovering. Then I dressed in my black velvet number and those dripping panties and Mookie put on his undies, which looked like and actually were, shiny green swimmers.
"My darling Prince Mookie," I said, "now you are mine."
"My heart is with Desiree," said he.
"Desiree is dead. Poor Desiree."
"What! Evil woman! what are you saying!"
"Desiree is no more. I have suffocated her. Even as we speak she lies cold and stiff in my dungeon."
"Evil bitch! What have you done?"
"She was a milk sop. Prince Mookie you need me. Have I not just shown you I am the woman for you! A real woman. That's what you deserve and need. I am that woman."
(Vic's dialogue- sheesh!)
"Monstrous she devil!"
(Not getting any better)
With that Mookie leapt at me and we toppled into the pool.
My sash came off and my black velvet dress floated up and out and my pale body wearing only those g-string panties appeared below it and Mookie, almost naked, grabbed me by the throat and shoved me under.
We struggled and jack knifed in the water but his strength and righteousness were far too strong for the evil sorceress and gradually he prevailed, little by little, pushing me under time and again until finally with a huge glub of bubbles I succumbed and floated face down. Mookie tore the velvet dress from me and naked except for the string between my buttocks I floated in the dead man's (woman's) position, ass breaking the surface and hair spread in a fan.
Mookie scrambled out of the pool but the Black Sorceress, now well and truly dead, continued to bob around in the water, arms outstretched, heels breaking the surface, ass upthrust, wet and gleaming in the reflected light.
I have to tell you that apart from as something to drink, I loathe water.
So when you see my bare assed body floating peacefully, face down in the water in these scenes, that I have to tell you was a series of short grab shots between a lot of spluttering and thrashing about and one particularly spectacular episode where I put my feet down and found no bottom and realised I was out of my depth and panicked and floundered and beat the water with my fists and kept going under until finally Mookie jumped in and towed me to the side.
In the next bit of action, The Prince, now naked, swims over to where the Black Sorceress is floating and dragging her to him, grabs her arms, strips off her g-string, and pulls her sort of upright and then uses her body there in the water. This bit I liked because with Mookie suspending me with both of his arms and another member under the surface, I felt safe and was able to limp right out and my head fell right back and my face gazed sightlessly upwards and while he was doing me I just floated free and let my body flop about with him doing all of the work that required any energy. My hair hung in sodden streamers in the water and my head bobbed about as my body was jerked back and forth by his hip movements while screwing me and water drooled out of my mouth and I sure looked dead.
Soon as he let me go I sank again and started in spluttering and sinking and thrashing the water and drowning.
Vic decided he couldn't waste film on this fiasco so he devised a scene where Mookie, Prince Mookie that is, drags the floating body of the Black Sorceress to the side of the pool and turns her over and then hooks her arms through the pool ladder railings, (don't ask me how a mediaeval palace has stainless steel pool ladders, just accept it) and then throughout a longish scene where Prince Mookie firstly gets dressed and then has a discussion about Desiree's fate with his henchmen, the Black Sorceress floats on her back with her arms hooked into the railings and her hands trailing in the water and her head is tipped forward and up against the pool edge with her straggly wet hair framing her face and her eyes closed and her mouth open and small wavelets slop in and out of her lower lip. Her tits are splayed to either side of her chest and shimmer in the wetness and her tummy is just awash and her hairy pubic bush waves back and forth like sea kelp and her knobbly knees break water and her feet poke upward with all ten toes curled over like "she has turned up her toes" to coin a phrase.
Prince Mookie decided that if he was to have any hope of saving Desiree (his beloved) he had to take the Sorceress's body back and by using her, abusing her and defiling her corpse in the room where Desiree lay his beloved would be restored.
Suited me!
Used, abused and defiled. What fun!
All of the time while this scene was playing out I was floating in the water dead and in shot most of the time. The water, the very deadness of my pose and my head telling me that I was doing what I loved best combined to start my body playing up. My nipples were sticking out of my breast tissue like they had been glued on and my groin was hot and slippery and it wasn't just pool water that was getting drippy down there. I contemplated playing with myself but when Vic saw me with my fingers in there and in shot all the time, well, I couldn't bear to think what he would say.
"A masturbating corpse!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Barb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what bloody dead shiela would be masturbating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
"This one Vic."
Nah it wasn't worth the hassle.
I was relaxed and drifting both in reality in the water and inside my head where I was just beautifully dead when over came Prince Mookie and untangled my arms and dragged me wet and dripping and nude onto the tiled pool surround. I was totally limped out and let my head roll around and my arms and legs dragged and my body sagged. Mookie laid me out where he had room to move and using the corded sash from my (by now ruined) velvet dress, he tied my wrists together and doubled me over and tied my hands to my ankles and then his henchmen (Vic's guys) came in and using a pole they slid it through the rope and lifted the dead Sorceress up like a slab of beef and carried her out.
They carried her back in to the dungeon where Desiree lay dead.
Still suspended from hands and feet by that pole I looked like someone's trophy kill.
Prince Mookie's
He had them lower me to the floor and untied me and laid me out on my back.
Then he and his henchmen took turns at using my corpse. Julie being equally as dead as me, they had to fit their own condoms. As each one jerked to orgasm on my flopping body, Julie, or should I say Desiree showed signs of slowly coming around until as Mookie finally finished fucking me she staggered upright and said, "What happened?"
Then she saw me dead and fucked and stretched out covered in cum and she said, "Oh Mookie, my hero, you have slain the wicked Sorceress."
(Vic's dialogue!!)
Prince Mookie and Princess Desiree then consumated their love with a sweaty, grunty coupling on the dungeon floor while the Black Sorceress lay beside them measuring her length on the floor and starting to grow cold and stiff now. At least that's how the plot went, in fact the Sorceress, I, was getting very hot and prickly, tingly once more as these other two screwed each other's brains out. When they came in a grunting, moaning orgasm, I accompanied them on a personal basis.
Showered, dressed in street clothes and paid, Julie and I returned to Dave's flat where we were determined to treat him to a replay of the best salient parts of the film we had just done.
We did!!!!!!
And he loved it!
"Told you you'd get your a'part," I said at the appropriate time when his and my faces were opposing and touching.
(My legs were indeed WIDE apart at the time. God what was this, the sixth time today? Maybe the seventh? A lot that was for sure. I am a glutton for it.)
Good thing I'm nymphomaniacal don't you agree dear reader?